Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Episode 69: Feverish Pit

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Amanda, Luther, Giselle, Jolene, Mark, Dr. Patricia Fox, Laurel
Word Count: 4,689
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya pays a visit with a local doctor to determine without a doubt the results of her pregnancy test.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Kaya sat in the Women’s Health & Family Planning clinic in the small town of Mystic Springs beneath Shadowvale waiting to be called back. Each time the heavy wooden door opened, she found herself turning towards it and sighing as more people filled the waiting room. One woman after the other, each with swollen bellies, checked in at reception and took seats around her. The women were happy and excited towards the promise of being new Moms. It was evident in the way they casually exchanged stories and freely touched each other’s tummies. 

Kaya felt completely out of place here. While the women rambled over their baby’s possible diseases and fear of development, she had no worries about her offspring’s health. Most of her anxieties centered around the dangers of being what she was and keeping her family safe not only from the normal threats but supernatural ones as well. Hunters, witches, other wolves and the possibility of them not shifting or shifting at the wrong times were her main concerns. Kaya looked up in time as a nurse popped a new CD into the player before rearranging the magazines on the tables.

The only family planning clinic in the city was connected to a music store and book shop in the tiny strip mall, making Kaya nervous about being discovered by some random fan or media hound at the news of a rocker baby. Rocker baby, she thought, adding a grumble at the idea. She wondered how that would work. Charlie had talked about her giving up the band with the duties of being an Alpha but Kaya never once considered it. She wanted to have it all, family and a career. Yet, logically she knew something would have to be flexible. Could she really take her babies on tours with her? Traveling from state to state, country to country for concerts or interviews? And then of course there would be times where she would be expected to attend parties and promote sales, leaving her children at home. No matter how much she wanted to have it all, her lifestyle would be a huge hurdle. 

Several special reports on pregnancy and women’s health came up on the televisions placed strategically around the room. One of the mothers asked the reception for the remote and she changed the channel to Entertainment News and Kaya dreaded seeing her face pop up on the screen. She avoided all eye contact, shifted in her seat and kept her head down. That is until the door opened once again and a young couple entered and took the seats directly across from her. Perfect! She groaned beneath her breath. Her eyes moved over the woman’s belly and she absently touched her own trying to imagine what it must have felt like having a belly that size and being able to feel the baby move. Grabbing a magazine from the table beside her, she tried to engage herself in reading, finding it just as difficult when she realized the page was about Night Shift.

The article entitled “Delayed Tour a sign of trouble in paradise?” made her fidget uncomfortably and she sighed as yet another issue niggled in the back of her mind. Suddenly aware of the couples’ scrutiny, she noticed the woman elbow her husband and then point at her. With a silent gasp he nodded and they began laughing together. Kaya again shifted in her seat, pretending not to notice but their whispering became too loud not to look up. “It really is you!” the woman replied, looking around the room as she realized her voice was louder than she’d thought. Slipping out of her seat, she moved beside Kaya and flipped the magazine closed in her hand.

Kaya’s eyes widened in shock and she looked from the woman to the man and back down at the book in her hands. “Please, I don’t want to publicize being here…”

“No I completely understand! I won’t say anything,” she whispered before making a zipper motion across her mouth. “I’ve just never met a famous person before and here in my hometown of all places! Is this your first time?” she smiled warmly as she asked the question.

“Hmm? Oh, uh, yeah. I’m not even really sure if I am or not which is why I’m here. I was going to do one of those at-home tests but it just seemed like a huge hassle and I’d probably still want to confirm it anyway, so here I am.”

“Oh I know what you mean, when Mark and I had our first we were the exact same way. And at first I hadn’t felt any changes yet you know? No vomiting, no nausea, absolutely zero morning sickness, so at week 18 I went in to see my doctor. I thought I was just gaining weight because there really were no other indicators; I was even still having regular cycles. I learned that some women can have their periods for the entire 9 months of pregnancy! Can you believe that?”

“No, I can’t,” Kaya smiled indulgently as she listened. She relaxed a little, happy over the fact that the woman was not asking her a million questions about the band and her plans and the business but more concentrated on the miracle of birth.

“I’m Jolene by the way and that’s my husband Mark. We’ll be married for 4 years this November 18th and we have 2 babies so far. This will be our 2nd boy though. Samantha Michelle who turned 3 in April and David Jacob is 2 years old since March. This one here, Jonathan Robert, will be an October baby,” she grinned as she rubbed her tummy.


“I hope so,” Mark chimed in from across the room and Jolene laughed and waved him off.

“I don’t think he will be. The date so far is the 27th but as you’ve heard my dear husband is holding out hope for a Boo Baby.”

“Sounds exciting!”

“Oh yes. The best part about pregnancy is when it’s all over. But then again, having children can be pretty expensive and very stressful. There are moments when you will seriously start to question your sanity. I was sorry to hear about Bane.”

“Yeah…that was tragic,” Kaya replied, a little whiplashed from the sudden change in topic. “Police are still investigating but it appears to have been an animal attack.”

“Gosh that’s horrible!” The woman became silent a moment and nibbled on her bottom lip as she thought over her next question. Kaya could see it in her eyes; she was curious about the child’s father and probably had assumed it was someone in the band. Finally deciding to make her move she pointed towards the magazine in Kaya’s hand and leaned closer to her ear. “Which one is it?”

“Which one is what?” she asked coyly, her nerves dancing within her and making her fidget. 

“The baby’s father. Is it Connor? I’ve always thought the two of you were really close. Plus he’s always seemed like the dodgy father type, which would explain why you’re here alone. Or it could be that new bassist, Rafe. He’s such a hottie. I’ve always had a thing for guitarists. Mark played one in a band he started in high school. The Baseheads, don’t ask,” Jolene frowned and rolled her eyes. “I’m right though aren’t I? It’s Rafe?”

“Mrs. Trent?” a nurse dressed in dark red scrubs called with a smile. “Is there a Mrs. Trent here?” she asked again.

“That’s me!” Kaya jumped up finally realizing it was the name she’d used. “It was nice meeting you both,” she smiled at both Mark and Jolene and hurried inside the door.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Trent, I’m Laurel. I’m going to take your vital signs. Open up, thank you.” She placed a thermometer under Kaya’s tongue and waited for the machine to beep. “105.7? Do you have a fever?”

“No, I feel fine. I just usually run hot.”

“Ok,” Laurel responded curiously. “Blood pressure is 121/84, pulse 57. What was the date of your last period?”

“October 5th.”

“Ok. The restroom is right down the hallway. On the shelf inside you will find specimen cups. Go ahead and give us a urine sample and leave it here on the sink when you get back and the doctor will be right in to see you.”

“Thank you.” Kaya did as instructed and placed the cup on the sink before sliding back onto the bed.

Moments later the door opened and a middle-aged woman, dressed in a white lab coat stepped inside. “Mrs. Trent? Hi I’m Dr. Patricia Fox. I understand you’re here today to verify your suspicions about pregnancy?” The nurse stepped back inside the room momentarily to retrieve the specimen from the sink.

“That’s right. I’m late by a few weeks and yesterday I woke up feeling really nauseated. I didn’t vomit or anything but I just felt sick.”

“Alright, we’ll know in a moment if you are positive or not. In the meantime, can you tell me if you’ve eaten anything lately that might have also contributed to the nausea? Shellfish, under cooked meat, or contaminated canned goods left sitting out?”

“No, none of that.”

“Do you feel any pain here?” Dr. Fox asked and pressed her hand against Kaya’s belly to which she nodded no. “Any allergies or recent medical emergencies?” 

“No, nothing.” Laurel knocked on the door and informed the doctor of the results and she turned with a smile towards Kaya.

“Congratulations Mrs. Trent, you are pregnant.”

“Wow. That’s…wow. Ok. So where do we go from here?”

“Uh, well, that all depends, are you planning on keeping the baby or did you have alternative ideas?”

“Alternative ideas?”

“Abortion or adoption.”

“Oh no, no, I’m definitely keeping my baby!”

“That’s great to hear!” Dr. Fox pulled her stool closer to the bed and began addressing Kaya’s many questions as well as informing her of her options and the course of treatment she would like to administer.

“So?” Amanda jumped Kaya as soon as she walked into the manor door. “How was your ‘outing?’”

“Um, fine, I suppose,” she replied eyeing the girl cautiously. “Where is everyone?”

“Oh out back doing stuff,” she responded, waving her hand indifferently over her shoulder. “What did the doctor say? Are we going to be throwing a shower soon?” she smiled widely as she whispered the last part.



“You—I—things um…” Kaya tried finding the right words but the eagerness of the blonde standing in front of her only shared her contagious excitement once again and Kaya found herself nodding her head in response.

“YES!” Amanda shrieked. Wrapping her arm around Kaya’s, she pulled her Luna up the stairs to the Alpha’s quarters and quickly shut the door. “I knew it! Oh this is just too much! Too much! Oh man, there’s so much to do. Parties to plan, gifts to buy, rooms to decorate! YAY! This will like totally be the best time ever for the entire pack!”

“Mandy, Mandy calm down. First things first I have to tell the father of my baby about this you know. He’ll be a little disappointed not being the first to hear it so can you try and be cool about it?”

“Oh totally, Ky, I can do cool! In fact, I don’t even know what you’re talking about,” she giggled and danced again where she stood.

“Yeah I can see that.”  Kaya fell back onto the bed and Mandy swiftly jumped onto the other side, lying beside her. “I’m starting to wonder about him or her.”

“Or them.” Kaya looked over at Mandy with a raised brow and she shrugged and rolled closer towards her Luna. “What? We ARE animals. It’s not uncommon to have an actual litter you know? Oh wow, wouldn’t it be so awesome if you were carrying like sextuplets?”

“Uh, no, bite your tongue! I absolutely veto that and you can thank me for not kicking your ass by never saying it again! I don’t need you jinxing me!”

“Roger! No talk of sextuplets. Although, you didn’t say anything about quintuplets!” she giggled. Kaya reached behind her and grabbed a pillow, pelting her hard before pretending to smother her with it.

Mandy grabbed a pillow of her own and began giving the Luna her own brand of justice. The door opened up as the girls really started getting into it and Connor leaned against the dresser as he took in the show. “Wow. Usually a guy would have to pay to watch two hotties going at it head-to-head in a pillow fight. Only thing that would make this better is if…uh…um…Caleb’s looking for you, Ky,” he straightened up and cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment. “Says it’s important.”

“Alright, I’ll be down in a moment.” Connor exited the room and Kaya rushed to the bathroom with Mandy following after her.

“Are you ok?” Amanda asked, stepping into the doorway.

“Yeah, just peachy,” she snarled, hanging on to the porcelain bowl as she released the contents of her stomach down the drain.

“Well if there was ever any doubt,” Amanda began with a smile, “I guess this puts it to rest.”

“Oh yeah. I’m looking forward to bringing up every meal I try to eat. Should be fun,” Kaya replied sarcastically. “Did you smell that too or was it my imagination?”

“Smell what?”





“No,” she laughed lightly and flushed the toilet.

“Huggable man funk?”

“What? No, his cologne.”

“That’s what I said. He smelled huggable.”

“Oh…ok,” Kaya gave the girl a perplexed look. “I think it’s the one I bought him last year for his birthday.” She sighed and pulled herself from the floor. She gargled a cupful of mouthwash and washed her face under the cold spigot. “Don’t tell him his cologne made me puke. I hope it’s just the whole baby thing and not how it really smells you know?”

“Don’t worry, Luna. It’ll be our little secret!”

“What the hell is this?” Giselle growled, storming into the room to find Luther with a girl bent over his desk. Pushing him off, she grabbed the woman by the hair and tossed her into the other corner of the room. Luther smirked and took a step back watching his mate lose all control.

Giselle jumped the girl before she had a chance to stand, ripping, clawing, scratching and slapping her as blood and hair flew in every direction around her. The woman screamed for help, begging for Giselle to stop or for Luther to pull her off. Instead he took a seat behind his desk and continued watching the melee.

When she was finally satisfied and the girl was out cold, Giselle stood above her and gazed down at her handiwork. Kicking her three times in the gut, she listened as her ribs cracked in her sternum and turned towards the man chuckling behind her. “She’s out, Giselle, give it a rest.”

“You son of a bitch! You think this shit is funny? You have some nerve bringing that bitch in here!” she hissed and threw herself across the desk at him. Luther didn’t bother trying to defend against her attacks. Instead he let her get in a few good slaps before standing and throwing her on top of his desk. Instantly she took the place of the girl. Ripping her skirt down her thighs, Giselle wrapped her legs around his hips as she felt him thrust into her. She quickly pulled her shirt over head and leaned back, preparing herself for his next push. Luther grunted when her nails pierced into the flesh of his shoulders and held her legs firmer as he pumped himself between her legs faster. “If I ever catch you with another bitch,” she moaned amid words. “I’ll rip you a new one.”

“Mmm, is that a promise?” Luther laughed as Giselle pushed him to the floor and straddled him. He leaned up and watched her tease her clit as she rolled her hips quicker. Her muscles tightened around him and her head fell back as she started orgasming on top of him.

“You’re an asshole.”

“And you knew that when you came sniffing around me like a bitch in heat.”

“Yeah. But you’re my asshole. I mean it, Luther. Fuck around on me again and you’ll lose a nut to match that lame eye!” Giselle shuddered with her release and Luther tried pulling her against him but she pushed him hard in the chest and climbed higher until her dripping snatch was leveled with his face.

She didn’t have to speak before she felt his tongue push inside her and instantly her head lolled as a blaze burned up her spine and she was rubbing her pussy quicker against his face. “Ahh! Ohh! Yes! Yes!” she moaned loudly, jerking her pelvis in swift circles. “Fuck that feels good!” Luther ran his tongue through the furrow of her dripping sex, lapping up her juices as he created more with his thumb on her clit.

Leaning back, Giselle took Luther’s cock into her hand and gave it a firm squeeze. He growled and caught her swollen nub gently between his teeth. Giselle groaned and rotated her pelvis so that she was facing her mate’s rigid shaft. Teasing him with her tongue, she slowly licked its length up and down. Luther’s grip tightened around her waist and he hungrily shoved his face between her thighs, licking and sucking greedily. “Oh. My. God!” she shouted emphatically and easily slid her pussy across his mouth and face, moaning as his lips clamped to her wet pussy.

“Ooh Luther!” She humped, twisting her hips, her cunt grinding against her mate’s face. “Harder! Lick me harder!” she was out of her mind with pleasure. Luther sucked on her clit, using his tongue to lap up the cream squirting from her hole. She tasted sweet and it drove him crazy. His hands slipped around her hips, pulling her closer. Warm cum flowed over his face and Giselle squealed in delight.

He sucked harder, wanting to feel an orgasm rip through the muscles of her slit. “Yes!” Giselle cried, sensing Luther’s motives in his quickly delving tongue. “I’m so close, baby. Suck my clit! Make me cum!” She was delirious. Her body quaked and swirled against his mouth, needing him to take her over the edge. Luther latched onto Giselle’s clit, lashing his tongue over the ultra-sensitive bud. Cream gushed from her pussy and Giselle wrenched her body, stiffened and then went into wild, frantic convulsions. 

When he felt her about to explode in a forceful orgasm, he brutally shoved her head onto his cock and felt her fiercely inhale, sucking his throbbing dick down her throat and moaned. Giselle’s head bobbed considerably on his prick from the motion of her undulating body as a surge of heat rippled through her. “FUCK! OH GOD! I’M COMING!” she wailed, grinding her snatch along his dancing tongue. “Luther! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Another glorious orgasm had her clawing at his thighs and Luther lifted his hips, pumping himself between her lips faster.

Giselle’s lips clamped over his hard, throbbing cock and she glided them up and down his long, hot meat, drenching it in spit. Her tongue flicked out, caressing his shaft as her head moved up and down. “Oh yeah,” he rasped, driving his hips forward, feeling her mouth snake around every inch. “Suck it!” She slobbered all over his fat prick, slapping her tongue over the head and coating it with her drool. 

Giselle shoved her face forward and his cockhead speared her throat. With eyes bulging and breath straining, she forced more of his prick into her throat until his firm, dangling ball sac touched her lips. With her mouth filled with his cock, Luther jerked up, fucking her eager mouth with short, jerky stabs. He groaned as her teeth scraped lightly over his shaft, screwed his hips as her slick tongue whisked over the underside of his cock, and thrust up every time she hungrily sucked on his head.

The feel of her warm mouth was too much for him and he gripped her ass cheeks harder, burying his head into her pussy, his mouth devouring her as he ran his tongue around every inch. Giselle’s orgasm seemed to go on forever as Luther’s probing tongue sent jolt after jolt of pleasure through her. She continued sucking his cock, holding him firmer between her soft lips as her tongue worked over his head. She felt him jerk beneath her as she frantically licked the throbbing veins of his shaft.

“I’m ready, Giselle!” Luther growled in a frenzy. “Keep sucking!” He lunged forward, driving his prick in and out of her greedy mouth. His balls swelled, ready to explode. His fingers tightened on her ass, his body settled into a fast, rhythmic pace. “Jesus Christ! Harder!” Giselle sucked harder, taking him deeper into her throat.  One deep suck had her mate’s growling voice filling the room.

The largest wave hit her when Luther stuck his tongue deeply into her spasming cunt and Giselle’s muffled scream on his dick sent him over the edge and he erupted in her mouth, filling it with a thick, creamy load of his warm, salty cum. “Fuck yes!” he groaned. Giselle choked as the first thick, creamy wad of Luther’s cum spurted into her mouth. She swallowed, gulping at his spewing cock. More cum shot from his cock, filling her cheeks before slipping down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could as jet after jet sprayed into her mouth, “Keep sucking,” Luther bellowed, feeling his body flood with warmth, “Don’t stop, Baby.” His balls continued to drain and his dick jabbed her throat. Slowly she came down from the euphoria of climactic bliss but felt the slow build of another as his mouth remained on her pussy. 

Giselle moaned against his semi-erect cock. And as her pelvis gently glided back and forth over his mouth, she lowered her head and began once again sucking him off, causing his dick to swell back to its full glory. Luther moaned into her pussy as her mouth bobbed insatiably on his dick. She jerked again, her body spasming, filling his mouth once more with her juices. Dragging herself forward, Giselle straddled Luther, positioning her moist pussy directly over his cock. Balancing herself above him, she reached down and slowly inserted him inside her.

Gradually, she pushed an inch or so inside her, feeling her muscles relax to accept the girth of his dick. Taking a breath, she slowly lowered herself onto his shaft. Luther grunted. Annoyed and horny, he grabbed her hips tightly between his fingers and shoved himself the rest of the way into her slick channel. Giselle’s closed eyes popped open and she screamed. Breathing deeply, her hands splayed over his stomach and she bit down hard on her bottom lip as she tried to work through the pain. 

His hardness was completely inside her now and she savored the sensations of being impaled and the pleasant fullness of his cock. Giselle looked angrily at Luther, and he smirked as if to show her who’s boss. She began moving her hips against his and moaned as a tremor of pleasure rippled through her when his huge prick roughly slipped into her and slowly pulled out again.

She began to push and rock against Luther with rhythmic intensity. Closing her eyes, her breathing quickened as she began to apply more pressure against him. His hands closed over her ass and he gripped both cheeks, pushing her forward as he coordinated his movements to thrust into her. Shudders of pure, enraptured joy surged through her. She moved against him more urgently, crying out as she crested for the first time on top of him. 

Giselle groaned as he powerfully pounded his dick into her steadily rocking hips. Her body briefly froze in a pleasurable spasm against his. Groaning and gasping, Luther thrust himself upwards and felt the tight muscles of her pussy grip tightly around his cock as her orgasm seized her entire body. She spun around again until she faced him.

Luther reached up, gently caressing her breasts and stroking her nipples. She moaned as the delightful feelings became almost too intense. Her breasts felt good, her pussy was buzzing and she sensed Luther was rapidly approaching another orgasm. Giselle continued rocking and grinding until she clenched for another spasm, squeezing his cock tightly, as her climax spread in a warm wave through her entire body. 

Pulling his back off the floor, Luther held Giselle’s weight above him and forcefully pumped himself inside her. She screamed as she continued jerking atop his hot body, the aftershock tremors of her climax rushing through her senses. Leaning back, Giselle swayed her hips into his, smashing their bodies together as his cock buried deeper insider her. Luther jerked his hips, twisting his long, fat prick inside her cunt. His teeth clenched and his jaw tightened as the sensations filled his balls and he felt the delightful tingles fill his groin.

His cock throbbed inside her tight, steamy pussy and Giselle trembled against him. “Oh yeah, oh Baby,” she moaned, hot spasms rippling through her each time her mate plunged himself deeper into her sopping hole. Using her cunt muscles every time he eased back, she quivered with the sensation of his dick dragging in and out of her. “Faster, Luther! I’m so fucking close!”

Luther flattened himself beneath her and rammed his cock back inside her velvety hole. He felt her gripping muscles squeeze his probing shaft and pounded upwards as she slammed her hips to meet his every thrust. “Oh fuck! I feel so full!” His cock ground against her clit, and she whimpered as his driving plunges triggered her orgasm. Giselle began to shake, the muscles in her legs weakening as she held herself above him. “I’m coming!” she yelled frantically, bathing her mate beneath her in the release of her climax. Her pussy pulsed rapidly, eager for the load of cum buried in her mate’s balls to fill her.

The momentum of his thrusting carried him over the edge. He saw her face twist into an expression of lust and felt the orgasms in her pussy attack his cock and it blew his mind. He fucked her harder, making her scream. With his next stabbing thrust, Luther’s balls erupted. Hot, thick cum surged up through his pounding dick, shooting deep inside her awaiting body. He groaned low, a loud howl piercing his lips and Giselle arched her back, taking him as far inside her as she could.

The boiling squirts of sperm sent her screaming into another series of incredible orgasms. Hot, sticky cum poured between them each time he rammed his cock into her wiggling body and she felt herself grow weaker with every thrust. Giselle fell forward, collapsing on Luther’s chest. They could both feel the rapid pounding of their heartbeats as they slowly wound down. His gradually waning cock slipped out of her, and a trickle of their mixed cum followed. Neither spoke for a few moments. Giselle rested her head on Luther’s chest, her eyes closed, feeling the warmth of his body on her face as she lie there motionless and he gently stroked his hand through her hair.

The idea of having a mate finally hit him as he watched her. He never had someone he needed to protect; that he wanted to protect. But looking down onto the softened expression of her face as she rested against him, Luther realized he would go to the ends of the earth to keep her safe. Strangely, he felt a calming presence wash over him when Giselle’s fingers softly traced over his chest. Yeah. He needed to kill. Any and everything that moved or presented a threat to what he’d worked so hard for. The war was coming alright. And he was going to be its mastermind…starting with Byron.



  1. Well congrats to Ky and Caleb although he's not aware of anything. Can't they smell the change in her body or what not? I would think there would be some sort of 6th sense about these things, but who knows maybe not. Either way I'm sure Caleb will be thrilled. :)

    Giselle and Luther...those two...I don't even know what to say. I personally wouldn't want his dick anywhere near me since it was just inside someone else, no condom. Nope. He would have gotten his ass kicked not laid. But awww Luther has a soft side it seems. Wow, who'd a thunk it

    1. He'll know soon enough :) They can detect change, but it's not instant. Caleb has noticed she's different but he hasn't narrowed it to her being pregnant. He has noticed the mood swings, the heated temperatures and he'll mention that when she tells him she's pregnant. But they have had their hands full lately so it's understandable why he's missed it.

      Lol they are really made for one another. It's scary to think Luther can be so sweet but, he can when it matters I guess. Mates are bonded to feel one another's emotions and I'd like to think that Giselle isn't exactly as heartless as Luther so perhaps it was her warmth and happiness he was feeling.

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. This is exciting, and scary. I can see how Kaya would feel both. Caleb is going to be ecstatic I think. Love Connor! ... Luther and Giselle are quite a pair, a frightening pair. Their disregard for life is shameful. Bad bad dogs need some behavior modification. Shock collars and muzzles might work. hahahaha! ...

    1. Caleb will be over the moon. But we should hope they don't have a girl. I can already see a lot of headaches for her when she starts dating.

      Connor was just asking for trouble LOL!

      Luther and Giselle, I think they are the perfect match made in hell. They don't care about anyone or anything but themselves and it's just scary. The things they do together *shivers* LOL I think they might enjoy shock collars a little more than they should :P

      Thank you for reading!

  3. Oh my God, I thought I commented on this. Bad Karri, bad!

    So Kaya is pregnant! This pleases me. I feel bad for her nausea though. I was SO sensitive to smell my first trimester, and poor Kaya has a way more developed sense of smell than me! Just out of curiosity, once the cat is out of the proverbial bag, will she continue to go to a regular doctor, or will she go to the pack doctor? My mind goes weird places.

    Luther and Giselle...always nice to see a loving couple. Well, loving in a completely bloodthirsty way.

    I'm scared for Byron!

    1. It's ok :) I'm worse. My email isn't working like it should so I don't see the notifications for comments anymore :(

      *Best Mr. Burns' impersonation* Excellent! Kaya is going to be a great Mom and I think Caleb will be the best Dad! It should be fun! It's gonna be rough. She might just opt to lock herself in her room with a face mask on until the end of the morning sickness! Once she knows for certain, she'll look for a doctor that knows more about her anatomy and like all wolves, she'll have a home delivery.

      Haha loving :P They are though, just in their own way. And Luther has come to the realization that he'd kill for Giselle. Nothing says "love" like the gift of several human heads!

      Byron has no idea what he's done turning his back on Luther. And if he expects the Savages to protect him, then he'd better start listening to them! Or else, they'll most certainly tie him up and hand him over to Luther!

      Thank you for reading :)