Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Episode 67: Like Father, Like Pup

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Lobo, Eli, Sophie, Vaughn, Karri, Amanda, Emily, Brooke
Word Count: 6,064
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The surprises never end! Kaya finds out why she's been so moody lately, Lobo receives a few phone calls that leave him reeling, and a surprise return of someone thought dead throws the Savage Clan off course.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity - I was going through something as I wrote this, please excuse the crap writing!

“So how was your date last night? Xander seemed in quite a hurry to leave,” Connor whistled happily as he entered the kitchen. He grabbed an apple from the countertop and bit into it, smiling as Karri turned to meet his gaze.

“That was you?” she asked, dropping her knife into the sink in a huff.

“What was me?” he asked innocently and continued devouring his fruit.

She scowled, narrowing her eyes in his direction and the cocky smirk on his face. “What gives you the right to spy on me?”

“Ah, for your information, I wasn’t spying. I was on the way back when I heard the two of you arguing. Maybe if you weren’t so loud, you wouldn’t have awakened half the fucking pack!”

“Bite me Connor!”

“Just say where!”

“Whatever,” Karri sighed, rolling her eyes as she turned back to what she was doing. She finished cutting the veggies and placed them in a bowl beside the fridge and started washing the fruits Sophie had left out for the pack’s dinner. “You got in late last night.”

“Oh yeah? I wasn’t aware you were keeping tabs.”

“I wasn’t!” she quickly asserted as she stood upright near the counter. “I…I was just looking for you. I was hoping we could finish our talk from yesterday.”

“You mean the one where you were telling me about your fiancé and I explained how it was none of my business and couldn’t care less? That talk? I’m cool with it, Karri. I get why you were so secretive now when we first met. You didn’t want anyone finding out about him.”

“It’s not just that. My Dad is…”

“Like I said, it’s cool,” he interrupted and snatched another apple from the bowl. “You don’t owe me an explanation and to be honest I don’t really want to hear one. When I tried to get to know you, you wanted to play coy and push me away; now I see why,” he paused briefly, juggling the apple in his hand. “Anyway, I gotta jet. I hope you and your fiancé have a great life together,” he turned swiftly, rushing out the door and nearly running down Sophie in his haste.

“Connor! Connor wait!”

“Do I even want to know?” Sophie asked pointing at Connor’s disappearing back as she joined Karri in the kitchen.

“It’s a long story,” Karri sighed exasperatedly. “Where are the others?”

“Emily ran to the store for some last minute items, she wants to bake a cake for some reason but we didn’t have the stuff she needed for this grand idea.  Amanda is…well Amanda and Rosette is on the way.”

“So if we’re having cake for dessert, do I need to keep cutting this fruit?”

“Um, actually, I don’t know.”

“Ok,” Karri replied minimally before diving back into prep work.

“Come on Eli, hurry up!” Brooke giggled as she ducked beneath the wooden railing of the horse stable pulling the eager wolf behind her. Amanda was reading in the hayloft above the stalls, one of the only places she could hide from her Mother and the demanding tasks of chores.

Hearing the voices beneath her, she pulled her headphones from her ears and quietly slid to the edge of the loft. A couple emerged from one of the stalls and she quickly recognized Eli’s lustrous mane of white hair being tugged behind a girl who appeared to have had a rainbow explode on her head. “This really isn’t a good idea. The rest of the guys are practicing not too far from here, we might get caught.”

She pulled him into her arms, her mouth fell open just inches away from his before she whispered, “Mmm and doesn’t that just make this even more fun?” Before he realized it, she was kissing him and he was leaning into it, surrounding her and pressing her into the wall post as he lowered his head and thrashed his tongue with hers. Her lips were so soft and pliant on his that this brief kiss turned into a long, deep one. 

For a few minutes he didn’t think about anything else, just how wonderful it felt to have her here, her body against his, her lips pressed against his, his tongue diving into her mouth to taste her. When they pulled away, Brooke giggled, giving a little hop that made her tits bounce beneath the thin cotton shirt she wore. Eli eyed them crudely, his intentions markedly etched on his face. She smiled, noticing the desirous glimmer and pushed her large, supple twins closer.

Impatiently, Eli tore Brooke’s shirt from her chest, ripping buttons in different directions before swiftly lowering his mouth and sucking her nipple between his lips. “Mmm,” she moaned, giving no concern over her ruined blouse. “I love it when you lick me like that.” He mumbled something in return that made Brooke laugh and the motion of her giggles shoved her breast deeper into Eli’s mouth.

His fingers closed around her other and he gave it a firm squeeze. Brooke’s head fell back and she let out a satisfied purr. “Wait, Baby, wait,” she sighed and Eli reluctantly pulled away from her saliva-slickened chest. “It’s been a while since I saw you, and I want to do what I’ve been dying to since you drove down to get me.”

“Which is?”

“I want to suck your cock,” she answered with a naughty smirk, dragging her hand along the outside of his jeans. Amanda watched Eli’s face change with a surprised grin, and the young rainbow-haired girl quickly fell to her knees in front of him. Eli removed his shirt and Amanda’s eyes enlarged as she drank in his naked body. His slender frame stood tall over the girl on her knees giving Amanda the perfect view of his entire frame. The Night Shift drummer was unexpectedly muscular and she hungrily licked her lips, longing for a taste of her own. 

Brooke undid the zipper before he had a chance to protest and liberated his dick from his boxers. She wasted no time shoving her face forward into his crotch, cramming a good three or four inches of his seven inch length into her mouth. It was almost as warm as it was hard, and its girth fit her mouth like a glove. Brooke tightened her lips and created a firm seal before she began flicking the head with her tongue. Eli moaned and fell back against the wall, floating in blowjob heaven.

“Brooke,” Eli groaned as her mouth slipped around his cock.

Brooke, Amanda thought, wasn’t fit to be a wolf’s mate. Looking down at the half nude girl, she could see what Eli saw in her, but it took more than a pair of Double D’s and a mouth made for sucking to handle a lycan. “Mmm, that feels so good,” he groaned, placing his hand on the back of her head and pushing her down firmer. Her tongue licked out and she dragged it along his balls on the upstrokes and he jerked violently beneath her.

“Mmphf,” was the only response he got and the vibration of her muffled words sent shudders searing through his shaft. Brooke bobbed her mouth up and down on his erect pole at a steady rhythm, occasionally teasing the tip with a quick flick of her tongue. On the next downward stroke, she swallowed his entire length, reveling in the feeling of having his seven inches buried in her throat. The short, fuzzy hairs of his balls rubbed against her chin, lightly tickling her.

Eli struggled to get his pants down as he felt her mouth wrap around his balls. She inhaled them into her mouth and rolled them around. The cool air washed over the moistened areas making him shuddered when she moved her mouth back to his dick. Her tongue lapped at the underside of his shaft as she pulled back and then slid back down and Eli grunted and clasped his hands in her hair.

“Fuck,” Eli cussed through clenched teeth. The salty taste of him filled her mouth and she flared her nostrils in sync with her breathing as she pushed him down onto the hay bale behind him and climbed over into his lap. Sucking hard, she again took him deep into her throat, marveling at the agonized sounds escaping his mouth and the feel of his hands on the back of her head, pushing her down further.  

She pushed him onto her back and he gripped her by the hair, pulling her to him. Bristles of hay stabbed at his ass and legs as he positioned his aching head at her lips and looked down into her eyes. Eli watched as Brooke deep-throated him. Encouraging her to continue with her sucking motions, he pumped in and out of her and listened at her gag slightly as she went down all the way. Eli shuddered when he felt the dragging sensation of her teeth as they ascended up the full length of his dick and back down again. 

He leaned up and slid to the edge of the bale and Amanda also repositioned for a better view. Eli grabbed Brooke’s head hard and slammed back into her. He felt Brooke’s nails dig into his skin trying to hold off on his forceful face fucking. But he relentlessly pumped in and out of her, controlling the action until Brooke groaned for a breath of air and pulled off, leaving just the tip was in his mouth. Her hot breath surrounded him again as she began licking down, making sure she slicked his whole shaft with her tongue.

“Fuck…” he muttered as he gazed down at her plump lips devouring his cock. He watched her lick the full length over and again and she winked at him playfully. It took less than a second for him to realize why she’d winked when Brooke sped up her ministrations, sucking and licking quicker. “Fuck,” Eli cried again. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Every time he breathed that nasty four-letter word, it was punctuated by his cock further impaling Brooke’s mouth brutally. “Babe, you gotta stop or I’m gonna blow my wad all over your pretty face.”

Brooke laughed again and pulled away. Eli smiled as he pulled her to her feet. Removing her cut off shorts, he pushed her down to the bale of hay behind her. Slowly, he lowered himself between her thighs and rested her legs on his shoulders. Wiggling his eyebrows as a quick smirk turned his lips up he delved inside the slick lips of her labia with his tongue and went to work.

Amanda became aware of her hand caressing her own breast as she watched in unwavering awe at the onslaught launched by Eli’s tongue. He was skilled; something she’d never encountered by any of the guys she’d dated. They usually all fumbled around down there like inexperienced teenage boys seeing a pussy for the first time. She could only imagine what Eli’s attention would feel like.

Brooke’s moaning became louder as Eli’s mouth worked faster and Amanda felt a sensation building between her legs. Her hand moved towards her sundress and she pinched her nipple through the thin material feeling it instantly shrivel and harden beneath her grasp. She moaned and ducked her head, realizing they might hear her. But luckily for her, the sigh was hidden under Brooke’s wanton sounds of passion. 

Eli readjusted on the hay strewn floor and Amanda took the opportunity to get comfy against the bales stacked neatly atop the loft. Lowering her dress down her hips, she laid back against the wall of hay, exposing her fleshy insides to the cool air. The prickly straw dug into her spread thighs but she was beyond caring. Imagining Eli’s steely grip clutching her naked body, her eyes closed shut and she promptly found her pleasure button and frigged herself quickly. She was building a five-star porno in her head and Eli was its star.

She imagined him sinking to his knees in front of her and pushing her back against the hay stack, yanking her dress over her head and spreading the bare lips of her snatch apart for his dancing tongue. He would look up at her with those dazzling aqua-blue eyes, seeking permission to continue and she would melt as he snaked his long tongue inside her nicely trimmed pussy and flicked it over her sensitive clit. 

Eli’s tongue circled Brooke’s swollen clit, plunging into her hole. Brooke’s head fell against the wooden support post behind her and her hands mindlessly pinched her nipples. Eli’s sloppy tongue licked downward and lightly flicked her asshole and she squealed and pushed her heels into his shoulders, moving away. Gripping her tightly, he yanked her dripping body back towards his mouth and gently shoved one and then two fingers into her pussy. His thumb rubbed her clit again in steady circles of pressure.

Brooke gasped and Amanda began fingering herself with the same slow rhythm, picturing Eli sensuously loving on the sensitive parts of her body. Three fingers were in Brooke now, pushing in and out. The squishy wet noise of her cunt sucking his fingers became painfully amplified and Eli closed his hand around his swollen shaft and stroked himself.

The head of his cock was angry red and dripping with its own slippery juice and he was ready to get to the real reason he let her drag him into the stables in the first place. But he wanted to hear her moan with his tongue plunged deep inside her pussy. Brooke started whimpering to the rhythm of his hand. And as he pushed his fingers further into her, Eli placed his hot mouth over her clit. He sucked and licked her, drilling her with his tongue and finally he could feel her orgasm erupt.

Brooke began crying and shuddering and her hand grasped for Eli’s hair. His tongue traced a line up the center of her slit and he lightly flicked the stiff, pink bud at the top. She arched beneath him, moaning loudly. Her hips pushed up into his face drowning him more in her taste and scent. Her body quivered against his mouth and she let out a yell as her orgasm hit with full force. Eli held her steady as he drove his tongue deeper inside her gushing hole and she noisily grunted her objection. 

Amanda watched wide-eyed and horny and felt shivers chase up her spine. Again her mind wandered to the talents of the white haired wolf down below and the magic he’d work on her clit. Circling it repeatedly and each time eliciting louder and louder moans from deep within her. He would slide two fingers inside her, driving them back and forth as she bucked against him, groaning loudly, telling him how much she loved it and begging for more. Eli! Amanda used her thumb to massage her clit. She sighed softly, her hips bucking wildly beneath her fingers’ assault as she too came, like fireworks exploding in her groin, in a series of shudders and moans.

Eli stood up, pulling his fingers out of her sopping body. As quickly as his shaking fingers could, he rolled a condom onto his shaft and guided his thick, aching cock towards her warm opening. He rubbed the head against her slippery lips, and Brooke mewled softly as he slid his cock into her. “Fuck me, E,” she begged breathlessly.

Her legs wrapped around his back and he pulled her up, leaning her against the wooden post as she climbed up his body. He roughly grabbed her tits with one hand while the other held onto her slim waist pulling her closer. “Oh!” she grunted as he filled her deeper. “Yes!” she moaned the faster his hips pistoned inside her. “Oh god, I missed you, E!” she growled feeling her body tumbling over the edge. 

Brooke’s eyes screwed shut, her orgasm coming in waves as Eli pounded her deeper. Amanda’s teeth closed over her bottom lip, muffling her moans as she listened to the couple fucking beneath her. She toyed with her nipple and fingered herself faster and faster in time with Eli’s thrusting hips. God how she wanted to feel his friction between her legs. Her fingers were covered in her body’s lubrication and she used it to massage her clit, enjoying the pinprick of jolts that immersed her core. The heat travelled quickly, spreading from her pussy to her now tingling clit. It spread like wild fire through her entire labia, generating sparks of energy down her legs to the tips of her toes and upwards into her stomach. 

“Fuck yes!” Brooke howled in pleasure, bucking against Eli as he rammed deeper into her soaking wet body. He felt her come again, her pussy spasming around his cock like a satin vice. Her large breasts bounced in his face as he fucked her harder, enjoying the lewd words spewing out of her beautiful mouth. The wet smack of their colliding bodies filled the empty stalls around them. The only other sounds were from the whinny of the few horses housed in the stables. Eli’s hand shifted from clamping her breasts to tightly fisting her creamy thighs. He yanked her head back and on cue Brooke came screaming in a long, tortuous wave of expletives.

With a firm grip on her hips, Eli continued fucking Brooke with deliberately slow and hard strokes, each one sending searing licks of flame through her body. His powerful thrusts drawing involuntary grunts and moans of pleasure as he moved against her. Brooke had no control over the pace or intensity of his movements in this position with her arms pinned above her and her back pressed against the wall and Eli between her legs.

He let go of her wrists and wrapped his hand around the back of Brooke’s head, cushioning it from the wall as he slammed into her, grunting and gritting his teeth with the effort of holding back his own climax. He began thrusting, rhythmically, plunging the length of his cock deep into Brooke. Eli jerked his hips upwards, sheathing his cock right up to the base until she began thrashing beneath him, thrusting forward to meet his movements.

Yes! God, yes! Amanda’s fingers probed her wet sex deeper as the grunting and moaning below gained speed. Her fingers were moving faster against her clit and the wave broke, flooding her body with an extended flame of heat as her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth fell open in a silent cry. She didn’t let up speed or pressure, prolonging her climax until she was trembling all over. “Oh fuck! E!” Brooke squealed, destroying the illusion swimming around Amanda’s head, but she never stopped stroking herself as she came down. 

As soon as she opened her eyes he locked her gaze with his and plunged himself ball’s deep inside her, taking her completely by surprise. This time she cried out loud as he stroked her deep, sliding his cock’s full length swiftly and roughly into her well fucked hole. He groaned and she whipped herself around his lap, moving with a fluid motion that sent jolts of pleasure tearing through his shaft. He squeezed her ass, debating on testing her anal bud again as he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back in and rubbing the sensitive flesh inside. 

Brooke kept her eyes on his, unable to look away from the sight of him watching her. Her breasts bounced dramatically around her chest, a sight he couldn’t turn from. Eli’s eyes narrowed to glittering blue slits and devoured her, raking over her face so intently she could almost feel it. His mouth had fallen open and she could feel his hot breath coming fast on her face as he swung his index between her ass cheeks and rubbed tiny circles over her asshole, shooting her to the edge of another orgasm.

Amanda felt the tension in her body also as she allowed her fingers to slide vigorously over her sensitive bud. The softest of moans escaped her lips as she explored her soaking wet snatch. To her, it was Eli’s lips nuzzling against her pussy, the warmth of his breath blowing against her skin and his tongue flickering, tasting the sweet heaven of her thighs. Amanda felt the building heat in her tummy and the tightening of her muscles that indicated another gush of her juices. Her body tensed and she firmly squeezed her nipple between her fingers, easing up once the tingles subsided. Gradually, she became aware of her labored, almost panting, breathing and couldn’t be sure if she had remained quiet during her last orgasm. Her mouth was agape and she shut it as the endorphin rush that swamped her senses started fading and her hearing returned to normal as she listened for her climax’s inspiration.

Moving back to the stack of hay against the wall, Eli felt his balls tighten and that old familiar tingle started along his shaft. He sped up and fucked Brooke even harder. She opened her eyes, looking straight into his. In that moment, pinioned by Eli’s merciless cock, the lustful little nymph he’d come to know and love was awake and hopping up and down against him fanatically. He grunted in feral bliss, rolling his ass with every thrust as her pussy swallowed his dick with obscene fluidity. Eli ravished her with barbaric fervor. He could feel the head of his dick pressing against her cervix.

With her eyes still locked on his, Brooke licked her lips and that one lascivious gesture pushed him over the edge. He clutched her naked body tightly against him as he pounded her. The intensity of her last orgasm was just abating when he came with a flood. Trapped in the wake of her pleasure, Eli’s cock swelled and erupted semen in frenzied spurts. He powered through his climax, hurtling her into one final, immense orgasm. She yelled loudly as he hammered her pussy, his exploding cock continuously shooting jet after jet of hot spunk inside her, filling the rubber full of seed. 

Amanda bucked again on top of the hay bales and her breathing became erratic. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as her entire body seized with the suffocating orgasm that tore through her. Her brain short circuited and she temporarily lost feeling in her lower limbs as the loose hay became soaked beneath her. Amanda was breathing heavily by the time she came down. Her skin held a light sheen of cold sweat and she laughed to herself before peering over the railing towards the couple.

Brooke rocked against him and Eli buried his face in her shoulder, grunting and lightly nipping her as he continued pounding her pussy. Her body squeezed and milked him and Eli’s cock gave up every last drop as he landed on top of her on the hay bale. They stayed locked together for a moment and, with a smile, Amanda wondered just how she would get down if they decided for an encore.

“Excuse me, my dear,” Kaya turned to look at the man who’d accidentally brushed her arm as she exited the small corner shop. He smiled warmly as he was met with her gaze and watched her expression narrow as she tried to make sense of him. “I don’t mean to sound distasteful but, you smell like someone I know.”

“I—I do?” she asked, pulling and straightening at her clothing as though her appearance would make a difference of how she smelled.

“Yes. You wouldn’t happen to know a man about my height, dark hair, gray eyes and an impossible temper, would you?” His blue eyes shimmered as he spoke. And even though he was smiling, there was something hidden in his face that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.

“Actually you’ve described quite a few people I might know,” she smiled solemnly before crossing her arms into her chest. “Who are you and what do you want?”

“Excuse me, I apologize for my rudeness. My name is Vaughn Davis Trent and I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Trent? As in Caleb and Charlie?”

“Ah so you do know my two sons! I thought I smelled my eldest upon you.”

“Sons? You’re C-Caleb’s father? But I thought…”

“That I was dead? Yes, I suppose that’s what the witches wanted everyone to believe. But I’m afraid, my dear, like all the others you have been misinformed. I’ve been locked in limbo with their magics and just recently find myself liberated. I’d returned home in search of my family, yet found neither sight nor smell of them. That is until you breezed into my path. Tell me please, where may I seek out my kin?”

“I…uh…,” Kaya fidgeted with the bag in her hands as she felt her mouth go dry. This stranger, this tall, menacing stranger was actually expecting her to lead him to her home? “I’m not sure we should—that is to say I should…uh, I don’t know you so I don’t think it would be wise.”

“You and I are not exactly strangers, although it is better to air on the side of caution. I wager my son would expect nothing less of his mate.” Kaya swallowed hard as the man stepped closer. She could hear his nostrils take in a deep whiff and she felt her muscles tense at the intrusion of space. “I know you,” he whispered near her ear and the way he formed those words sent her heart beating a mile a minute. “And there is something else there; something familiar.” Everything about him screamed intimidation; from his dark sinisterly curved eyebrows to the wickedly pronounced smirk on his lips. And though every fiber of her being screamed for her to run away, she found herself frozen within his gaze unable to do much but stare. “Please, do not fear me, sweet child. I would never hurt family, especially one carrying my blood.”

Kaya slid her hand over her belly and gazed at the man in total surprise. How did he know? She had only caught notion of the suspected pregnancy that morning, prompting her to purchase the test she now held in the bag. And yet a complete stranger could sense the change in her body without ever having met before? “Please, I—I haven’t told…I—I wasn’t sure. How did you…”

“That’s my little secret. And as for your situation, that too can be our little secret; for now.” Extending his hand for her to take, he pulled Kaya from the curb to his side. “Please, allow me to escort you home. I understand things can get quite hairy around here after dark. I wouldn’t want you to fall into the wrong hands.”

Strangely, Kaya felt taken by the man. Her feet moved when he said, though in complete opposition with every nerve in her body begging her to keep her distance. As they walked, she kept her eyes on him, too afraid of turning from him. Vaughn sensed her distress and presented her with a warm smile that only provoked more fear. Stopping just before the trail leading into the shadow lands she pulled away from him and took a deep breath. He turned to look at her and motioned her closer, she complied.

“How are you doing that?”

“Doing what?” he asked with a cool evenness to his voice that again prickled the hairs on her neck.

“How are you making me do what you want?”

Vaughn’s face curved up in surprise. Turning his back to her briefly, he blinked a few times to clear his vision before regarding her again. “I hadn’t realized I was. It has been too long since I’ve been in civilized company. I’ve had to grow accustomed to persuasive means to escape my enemy’s clutches.”

“But you’re a wolf. We can’t control what others do.”

“When you’ve been where I have, you’d be amazed what you could learn.” He started walking again but stopped as he realized Kaya was not moving. “Are you ok?”

“No. Even less than before I knew you were compelling me! I know you said you know the guys and I do sorta believe you because you have Charlie’s eyes, or more accurately he has your eyes. But that doesn’t mean anything. For all I know they could have helped those witches trap you in whatever hell hole you were stuck in because you’re a really bad person. I’ve heard stories about the ‘Wolf Killer’ Vaughn Savage and he seemed fairly at ease killing his kind. Plus the sniffing, the ominous smiling and cryptic words are kinda weird so excuse me for saying but, you are really creeping me out!”

Vaughn took a step away from Kaya as her breathing became a bit erratic, hoping the space would calm her nerves a little more. The last thing he needed was for her to send out a distress signal to her pack and have them erroneously send out a kill raid to their location. “My dear, I cannot apologize enough for that. Back when I was at my best, wolves everywhere held me in the highest esteem for my work. Yes I killed our kind, but only the ones who threatened our way of living. The carelessly reckless who believed raping women and killing innocent children was a good time.”

“I am not the monster I’m sure your parents made me out to be. I am not the boogeyman sleeping under your bed, waiting with bated breath to catch your misdeeds and punish you for them. I am a family man, a husband, a father and a man who holds the sanctity of life as most precious. And please, you mustn’t hold my behavior against me. I’m afraid I’ve been away for quite some time. My etiquette may be a little rusty. If it would ease your concerns at all, I will not impose myself upon you any further. I will instead ask that you inform my sons of my return and I shall wait here for them to greet me.”

Vaughn smiled again, but this time Kaya took it as the warm sentiment he meant it to be and smiled back. He was right. The stories she’d heard about him painted him in a much different light. They made him out to be a stone cold, heartless monster that killed without concern. Kaya breathed in deeply. She felt her muscles relax a bit and extended her hand to Vaughn. “My name is Kaya, and I’d be happy to take you to see your family.”

When they returned to the manor, they found the guys exercising in the front yard. Charlie, Braedan and Connor were running drills with the younger wolves, helping prepare them for their transitions. And Caleb, Kendrick, and Joey were going over recent hunter activity near the property. It was Charlie who spotted them first. His gaze went from Kaya’s to the man in her company and he slowly moved forward. Narrowing his eyes on the man, Kaya watched as they grew in size from recognition and his mouth dropped open in shock. “Caleb!” he shouted as he stumbled forward. “CALEB LOOK!” he rushed over towards the two just as his older brother turned to face the commotion.

Charlie wrapped his arms around the man as Kaya took a few steps away and her bottom lip trembled watching the poignant reunion. Caleb rushed down to where they stood and just as Charlie backed off of Vaughn, he seized his position and once again Vaughn found himself entangled in a warm embrace. “I-I can’t believe it! Is it really you?” Charlie spoke softly as a few tears rolled down his cheeks.

“Who is that?” Connor whispered to Kaya as he watched the brothers greeting the stranger.

“Do you remember when we ran away to Auvergne and our parents came to find us? How they were both yelling and screaming about the Wolf Killer waiting for unsuspecting fledglings to eat?”

“Haha yeah. My Mom gave me nightmares about this fictionalized beast that stalked his victims in the cold, dead of night and preyed upon them while they slept. She would use that fairy tale every time I did something she didn’t like, adding gorier details each time. It sorta became this thing of hers. Why?”

“Meet the man the legend was based upon.”

Connor’s eyes opened in surprise and he choked on his next words as he pulled Kaya further away from the three. “You mean to tell me that’s THE Wolf Killer? I thought he was just a myth!”

“Apparently he’s Caleb and Charlie’s father,” she replied, smiling ruefully as she remembered the first time she encountered any real information about the man. “Unfortunately, I think he knows mine too and not in a good way.”

“Did you ask him?”

“No,” she shook her head negatively and glanced over at Vaughn who was now staring in her direction. “Do me a favor, don’t mention his name out loud. I need to find out more before this turns into one explosive family reunion.”

“Of course, Peaches.” She started for the porch and was stopped as Caleb’s arms wrapped around her waist, hugging her tightly. 

“You continue bringing me nothing but happiness, Kaya. First rekindling our lost love, and then reuniting me with my brother and now my father! What’s next?” he shouted happily and leaned over to kiss her.

“Yeah,” she laughed nervously and touched her belly. Vaughn smiled at the act and watched her scoop the bag up from the ground and clutch it tightly.

“Come on, I want to properly introduce the two of you.”

“I, uh…can I have a moment? I just need to use the bathroom.”

“Alright but hurry up. I think my father will totally flip when he realizes who you are.”

“Yeah…flip,” she smiled weakly and backed out of his arms. “I’ll be right back.” Rushing into her bedroom, Kaya tossed the bag onto her dresser and reached for her phone. Quickly she dialed her dad’s number and waited on the line for him to answer. “Come on, come on.”



Kaya! I’m glad you called, I just received some disturbing information from the Wolf Council.

“Can it wait Dad? I have to ask you something and it’s REALLY important so please none of that ‘it’s for your own good stuff’ ok?”


“Do you remember when Rafe and I broke that Egyptian display in your library and found the hidden room beneath?”

Yes, of course. It led to him taking you into some very dangerous territory that I…

“Dad, focus. Do you remember those notes you made about his parents, the um, the need to remove them from the town?”

Yes, Kaya, what are you getting at?

“I think I may have met Caleb’s father.”

That’s impossible, Kaya. Vaughn Savage is dead.

“No, he’s not. He was never killed. He was just locked away in some limbo thing. He’s back and he’s standing in my front yard right now.”

Kaya, I need you to listen to me very carefully. That man is dangerous you cannot trust anything he says. Get out of that house before…

“Who are you talking to?” Caleb asked, stepping into the room behind his mate.

“Uh, no one I just um, I was just checking to see if I’d missed any calls while I was out. I’d forgotten my phone,” she replied and hit the power button, turning it off.

“Again?” he smiled and rested himself against her, taking in her scent and softly kissing the hollow of her neck. “I’m serious as much as you lose that thing you should consider chaining it to your hip or something.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” she moaned as his lips trailed down her chest and his hands caressed up her sides.

“Well if you’re done in here, I want to take you back outside. Charlie’s introduced Sophie and Dad is just glowing. I want to one up him,” he laughed lightly and gave her a slow, sexy wink.

“Mmm always in competition huh? Alright. Let’s go make the others jealous!”



  1. wel...ok then. Amanda getting off on Eli and Brooke having sex. I wonder if Eli suspected she was there. I mean I know he was focused on the task at hand, but they are wolves and extra sense of smell and hearing and all...

    Karri and Connor. She fucked up and Connor is hurt and trying to act like he's not. :( She can't expect him to just listen now considering she had plenty of time to tell the truth before. She better not try to make Connor out to be the bad guy here considering she's the lying one.

    Wow...I feel really bad for Lobo. He's lost everything to the Savages and there's nothing he can do about it. Caleb killed his mate, now has his daughter and his grandchild will be raised there. Ky is lying to Caleb about who she was on the phone with, none of that is good. As much as I love Caleb I can't help but think he's getting his cake and eating it too even after all the destruction he caused. I could be forgetting, but has he ever apologized to Lobo? I mean I know it won't bring back his mate, but still the gesture would be nice. Yes Ky lost her mom, but from how this whole mate thing works, it seems like Lobo lost the most when his true mate was taken from him.

    I'm glad Ky and Caleb have found a way to work that out and all, I get it's what their wolves want/need, but I'm left a little pissed off for Lobo's sake.

    1. Lol yeah, Eli was a little preoccupied. Plus they were in a stable of horses. Not saying its impossible, but he'd have had to been looking for it in order to find it. But...who knows? Anything is possible :D

      Very true! Connor's trying to pretend as though everything is hunky dory but the truth is, he's really hurting over what Karri did. While she was trying to keep herself from becoming attached to anything and everyone there, she could have been way more upfront about why when Connor came sniffing around :(

      It's really sad. He tries to smile for Kaya but his face starts to hurt from the pretending. It's better to keep his distance. What really sucks though is that he'll have a grandchild soon that he may not get to see much :( Kaya only lied because she didn't want Caleb knowing she has suspicions about his Dad. Plus, she doesn't want Caleb's father finding out who she really is (note the way she became antsy when Caleb wanted to 'officially' introduce the two). She's afraid of like she said "an explosive family reunion".

      Caleb is definitely getting the better end of this whole thing. He has his mate, his father, his brother and soon an offspring. While Lobo is left alone in Willow Reed with the ghost of his murdered love, an impending war and the faint memories of his only daughter who no longer roams his halls. Very sad. Caleb tried apologizing to Lobo, but Lobo didn't want to hear it. He feels there's no amicable way of "making up" for the shit he's done and he's right. The words "I'm sorry" won't bring Kaelani back. You're right Lobo lost more. When a true mate is killed, it takes away a certain power that comes with bonding. Lobo has been forever weakened by what Caleb did which is why he keeps to himself inside his protected walls and why when we see him fight, he's so easily injured. He doesn't have the same strength as mated wolves and even if he did mate again, he'd never regain it.

      Yes, this was something the new Alphas needed to get over in order to survive. There is still a part of Kaya that is saddened and hurts but for the sake of her family, her pack and her friends, common ground needed to be found. Lobo, on the other hand, doesn't have to forgive or forget and it gets even harder when that family continues stealing from his. :(

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Still can't hate on Karri, and not just because she's my simself :P. She handled the situation badly, that is very true. But again, I don't think she was expecting to have anyone develop an attraction to her, let alone become attracted to them. She may have been afraid to be up front, perhaps she's hiding something that she's afraid will change perception of her?

    AMANDA! Cheeky monkey! I have a feeling Ms. Brooke is going to have some competition very soon!

    Mica is very perceptive about Lobo. I can't help but feel so terribly sorry for him and all he's lost. He seems to be a good man with a strong sense of duty and honor and the fact that the Savages have taken so much away, with very little remorse (at least directed towards him) has got to haunt him daily.
    And now he'll be having a grandchild that he likely won't see much.

    Judging how Vaughn acted when the seers brought him back, I can very well understand why Lobo would be very very concerned. Not trusting this dude, nope.

    Great update! It's been awesome having them back on schedule! Kudos!

    1. Karri was placed in a very bad situation that only got worse when Connor set his sights on her. She was doing her best to keep herself closed off from those around her and stay hidden but unfortunately that's no longer an option. Her past has come back in a big way and it's hurting the one person who was trying to learn more about her. There is more, so much more to the story of why she ran that, as you said, could possibly change Connor's perception of her and do more harm than good!

      Haha Amanda's aiming to claim that white-haired wolf for herself, that's for sure!

      Lobo did get the bad end of the stick, and things are just constantly piling on :( He has lost so much and no one seems to be able to give him even the smallest relief from the pain he feels daily. He is a good man and deserves so much more than life has handed him.

      It would be really sad if he was kept away from his grandchild. But I'm sure Kaya would never let that happen. If there's a way, she'll find it!

      Vaughn's been locked away for what the elders believed served a greater purpose. But he did not go quietly, and it is his desire to make his return unforgettable as well!

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. DOn't have much time to comment, but loved the update, great to see these guys back up again and catching my attention to read on and keep reading :D

    I hope Kaya is ok with meeting Vaughan... something tells me to be worried for her...

    1. Kaya's a little taken aback by Vaughn's reappearance. And she's definitely keeping her guard up and her suspicions about him to herself.

      Thank you for reading :)