Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Episode 60: Bad Moon Rising

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Charlie, Connor, Eli, Lobo, Sophie, Luther, Giselle, Byron, Dexter, Julius, Phoenix, Sonja, Alex, Rosette, Emily, Amanda, Karri, Malena
Word Count: 5,158
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: The night of the Emergence has arrived and the entire pack is excited to reign in the new Alpha and Luna. But the festivities aren't all joyous as Kaya finds there are some within her new pack who would not like to see her in charge. But a few unexpected visits and a bloody battle are not all of the surprises awaiting the new Luna.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity.

“Good evening Madame Luna. I trust the night has found you well?” Alex asked as he extended his arm for her to take once she exited the Alpha’s quarters and entered the hallway leading to the other side of the manor and her bedroom.

“It has indeed Alex. How about yourself? I hope you found a way to keep busy.” She responded thinking about him standing outside Caleb’s bedroom door while they were in bed together.

“I did in fact; last minute touches to the event here and there. The Alpha informed me that you were ready to start the ceremony and I returned to escort you to the gardens. I hope that’s fine.”

“Of course. Trust me Alex, I really actually enjoy your company. You’re one of the few people around here I’ve come to know a little and trust.” He smiled as they rounded the corner towards the East wing and found Connor standing outside his bedroom door speaking to Eli.

“Madame, I hope I’m not overstepping but I feel it’s my place to inform you when there’s possible dissention in the ranks. Now far be it from me to throw stones as I’m not 100% myself very comfortable with change,” he glanced towards Connor and Kaya followed his gaze, “But I am doing my best to handle it as admirably as I can.”

“What’s the problem Alex? And why don’t you like Connor?”

“It’s not that I don’t like him, Luna. I respect him as both my Beta and your friend. He’s just not representing himself truthfully around here and I think a lot of the others may take offense to that.” Kaya gave him a watery laugh as she tried to decipher what Alex was saying but nodded her head for him to continue. “It’s just, he’s more like us than he’s willing to admit or embrace and several of our pack mates see his ignorance of that as a slap in the face.”

“I’m not really sure what it is you’re referring to Alex but I promise you if Connor knew, he’d do everything he could to fix the situation. Since you seem comfortable speaking for these other members, maybe you can talk to them and have them confront Connor themselves rather than speak ill of my friend behind his back.” Her tone strengthened as she came to Connor’s defense and Alex understood perfectly that her request was not an option. He bowed his head in accord and she took a step towards her friend but Alex gripped her arm, tugging her gently back towards him.

“There’s also another matter in question. I understand that you had a rather candid conversation with Amanda. Think of her like our town drunk although she doesn’t need alcohol to blither on like a ninny. I want you to know that the other women she mentioned are not all bad or hateful towards your union with Caleb. But there are some you may want to keep an eye out for. Three in particular spring to mind and I’d be more than willing to point them out for you if you’d like.”

“Thank you Alex, I’d appreciate that.”

“It is my duty to serve, Madame.” Together they started again towards Connor, Eli had long since exited the hallway, but Connor remained, moving equipment from his bedroom towards the top of the stairs. “Are you nervous about tonight Madame Luna?”

“Nervous is not really the term I’d use. I don’t get nervous anymore. I guess that’s because I’m used to performing now.”

“Ah right, Night Shift. I understand you’re to grace us with a performance. Feel free to tease the old man about not knowing today’s music but I’m nonetheless looking forward to seeing you up on stage.”

“We’re gonna bring the house down!” Connor replied as he turned towards them in the atrium. “I just took a look at the place and the acoustics are crazy Ky! I can’t wait.”

“Sounds perfect! It should be a night to remember.”

“You can say that again,” Connor grinned inwardly and locked eyes with Alex who bowed to him in respect. “Not a fan?” he asked noticing the change in demeanor of the Elder wolf.

“I’m…old. I like my classical and jazz compositions. I’m not so much uh ‘hip’, as the kids say, to rock and roll.”

“Not using words like that you’re not,” Connor laughed and lightly patted Alex’s shoulder. “Come on you gotta loosen up a bit. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks,” he winked.

“Where did Eli get off to?”

“He’s around somewhere. He was just chewing my ear off about performing for the first time with the band and how honored he is to join us on stage and some other stuff. I tuned him out when he started asking the same question over and over again about the songs. I think he’s a little nervous. I tried to convince him that he’ll be fine but I don’t think he was biting. Maybe you’d have better luck.”

“I’ll find him a little later I guess before we go on.” Kaya removed her arm from Alex’s hold and picked up the foot pad beside Connor’s leg. “Need help with this stuff?”

“What and make you wrinkle your pretty outfit? I can handle it Baby K.”

“Alright well I guess I’ll go and see what everyone else is up to. Alex if you will?”

“It would be my pleasure Madame Luna,” Alex bowed again at Connor and with a smile towards Kaya led her off towards the garden.

All at once her eyes took in the large expanse of the area and the care the pack took in decorating it perfectly with candles, crystal stemware, balloons and elegantly draped tablecloths. It looked like a page out of a magazine for a royal’s wedding reception and Kaya couldn’t help but glow knowing that this was Caleb’s doing and it was all for her.

She stopped at a buffet table near the pool and found Caleb near the bar speaking with Charlie. Smiling in his direction he winked at her and Charlie turned with a wave. “This is incredible!” Kaya exclaimed as Alex let go of her arm. “And they did all of this under my nose?”

“Well I admit I was tasked with keeping you busy so that the surprise wasn’t ruined. It’s nice to see their hard work has paid off, Madame.” He watched her take in the event with a large smile and one formed on his face as well. She turned towards the maze they’d entered when the scent of something familiar struck her nose.

“Daddy?” Kaya yelled and rushed towards Lobo as he entered the gardens. “Daddy what are you doing here?” She threw her arms around his neck and clung to him tightly. Lobo’s eyes closed as he held his little girl in his arms and he smiled against her cheek feeling her lips brush against his skin in a gentle peck.

“What do you mean? My daughter is becoming the Luna of her own pack; did you really think I would miss seeing that?”

“Uh yes to be honest. I expected this would be the last place I’d ever see you.”

“Well to be honest it took a lot of talking myself into it before I could even attempt to make the drive. And once I got here I drove in circles trying to find the strength to come up. I turned around a few times Kaya but this night isn’t about me, it’s about you and I missed one of your major moments before; I was not about to do it again. Besides your new family has been…welcoming.” 

She looked around and noticed the glares directed at her father many of whom didn’t bother trying to hide their contempt. The faint whispers were not far off either as some curious new bloods asked about Lobo’s significance and those that were around back then were all too eager to fill in the blanks. Gently he pulled her eyes back towards his with a finger beneath her chin and shrugged it off. “By that I mean they’ve not approached me which is for the best.”

“Oh Daddy, just knowing you wanted to come was more than enough for me really. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable being here and I don’t think you’re going to enjoy yourself very much either.”

“I’ll be fine. I know the Luna and her Beta; that’s all that’s needed right?”

“Yeah I’m not so sure. A lot of people here still haven’t accepted Connor and I’m sure they feel the same about me. It’s why I think Caleb is doing this whole ceremony thing in the first place.”

Lobo looked up and caught sight of her mate standing beside the refreshments table with Connor and Charlie. Their eyes locked and the grip he had on Kaya’s hand tightened as he struggled to control himself. It had been a while since the two laid eyes on one another, nearly three centuries to be exact. And all at once the memories of the night his life was forever shattered came rushing through in one fell swoop. “Maybe this was a bad idea after all.” Kaya turned to see what had caught his attention and froze. “I thought I was ready but seeing him standing there…I should go.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t want to make a scene and I feel if I stay…”

“You don’t have to explain Daddy I know how it feels too. Looking into the eyes of Mom’s killer and seeing my mate; it’s a lot to deal with. And you don’t have the relief of a bond that helps reduce your anger towards him. If it’s too much you can go and I promise I’ll understand. It’s just not the same for me. I can’t be the Luna of a pack I don’t live with. For me there is no alternative solution. I don’t get to go home and shut myself off from my feelings. I have to face them head on and you taught me that I need to be strong as a leader to do that. I couldn’t…I wouldn’t be standing here now if it weren’t for you. I wouldn’t have had the strength to.”

Caleb took a step forward and Connor quickly placed a hand on his shoulder stopping him where he stood. Living at Greymane, he was very familiar with the Alpha’s many faces and knew this to be one to steer clear of. “At some point tonight, I will need to borrow your courage so I can extend my best wishes to your mate.”

She took his hands and squeezed them gently as her fingers lightly brushed his cheek in affection. “We can be strong together Daddy, like always.”

He leaned forward and kissed her forehead; swallowing hard to choke down his tears and Kaya did the same. “So I hear you’ll be performing tonight.”

“What? Who told you that? You were only here for five minutes.”

Eli waved towards them and started over to the pair with a drink in hand and huge smile on his face. “I hope you don’t mind that I spilled the beans. I figured if everyone else knew my old Alpha should as well. Gives him something to look forward to tonight right? We’re so gonna rock this place!”

“I have no doubts about that,” Lobo smiled and looked again in Caleb’s direction who nodded in a show of deference to the Alpha. “It’s nice to see Connor’s already getting along here.” Kaya turned towards her friend and smiled watching a small group of women surrounding him. “I guess it’s starting to feel like home.”

“I guess,” Kaya responded as she kept watch. One girl in particular seemed interested by Connor and what he was saying about the band but she wasn’t swooning like the others which didn’t go unnoticed by the redhead. “So Daddy I unfortunately have a bit of business to take care of on stage. We’re opening the ceremony with a song but afterwards if you’d like I could maybe show you around?”

“Sounds like a plan.” Eli rushed from Lobo’s side towards the stage and Kaya gave her father one last hug before starting on behind him. She took the microphone in hand and everyone in attendance surrounded the stage and for the first time Kaya could see that the small pack of Savages was much bigger than she’d first thought. Wild wolves from all over who’d had contact with Caleb way back when had come to attend and watch him take his rightful place in front of his pack. 

Several others who wanted no pack affiliation still came out to show their support for Caleb out of respect, or fear, Kaya thought as she looked over their faces. Many of those in attendance she’d never even spoken to and she didn’t expect she ever would. After she and Caleb were crowned in as Alpha and Luna most would go back to their neck of the woods only to return if needed. It was much different than her old pack. With Greymane she knew everyone and knew what to expect. They all looked towards her and her father for answers and came to them when there was a problem. She had a lot of work ahead of her with these Savages.

“Good evening everyone, I’m so happy to see such a huge turnout. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. The idea of wild wolves brings to mind slobbering, rabid animals ripping bodies to shreds in the woods which is why I went with a two piece outfit. I figured I’d get a head start on the shredding,” she smiled and the pack laughed with her, easing her concerns but only slightly. “I know a lot of you are thinking ‘who is this chick and what does she want here?’ and rightfully so. We’ve never officially met for the most part and I know several of you know of me and my family from our pasts crossing many years ago.” She looked down at her father who shifted uncomfortably as eyes again fell on him.

“But tonight is about new beginnings and fresh starts. I’m hoping that we can try and work through the bitterness and the anger…and the losses,” she spoke in a softer tone as she thought about her Mother. “And strive together towards harmony. Yeah, very hippie idea I know but I don’t want anyone to have to worry about looking over their shoulders wondering if something’s gonna happen. If we’re all honest upfront I think it’ll help tremendously with our future together.”

“So to get the ball rolling, I’d like to introduce my band Night Shift with a few minor but amazing tweaks. First off on keyboard we have Connor Morvant, my best friend and your new Co-Beta. Replacing Bane Lockhart on drums is Eli Frazier; surfer and extreme sports extraordinaire, careful ladies, he’s taken. And joining us also for the first time on bass guitar, my mate and your Alpha, Caleb Savage; I just hope he knows how to play and doesn’t embarrass me too much.” Again laughter washed over the audience and Caleb smirked and winked at his mate who blew him a kiss for good luck before turning back to face the crowds.

“If you’re a fan of Night Shift, you’ll know this one. For those of you hearing us for the first time, I hope you enjoy,” she smiled in Alex’s direction. Taking her place beneath the bright glow of the strobe lights, Kaya positioned her fingers on the strings of her Fender as Eli counted them down for Wolf Man off their self-titled debut album. 

The song went on without a hitch and the crowd seemed to react positively to their sound. Although the Savages knew she and Connor were members of the world famous band, she had her doubts that any of them ever really heard their music before tonight. One thing was certain however, after tonight, they’d all be fans. She smiled over her shoulder at Caleb and watched as his fingers slid over the strings on his guitar effortlessly producing an entrancing melody that quickly fused into a rush of high electric sounds and sharp notes. During practice he didn’t seem as animated as he did now but wherever he was getting his energy, she was thoroughly enjoying it.

Caleb’s eyes locked onto Kaya as the song reached the chorus and it was like he saw her for the first time. Her face lit up as note after note of their harmony passed through her lips to the microphone, making every person in the audience dance along to the sound of her voice. It was unlike anything he’d ever known. This was Kaya’s heaven; her personal happy place that no one could ever touch. Now he understood what Connor meant when he said Kaya gets lost when she’s with her music. For her it’s a world untarnished by all the bad; a place where she can be herself and bend anything to her will.

Once the song ended, Caleb tapped his microphone to address the audience. “At this time, I would like to have a moment of silence in appreciation for our new Luna.” She smiled at him over her shoulder before starting off the selection the band had written for the next three minutes. Honestly she didn’t understand the reason for an instrumental break during the ceremony but Caleb insisted, getting Connor and Eli on his side to convince her this was what needed to be done and she relented.

“I told you I was hurt
Bleeding on the inside
I told you I was lost
In the middle of my life.” Kaya turned as she heard Caleb’s husky voice break the moment of silence and she stood in shock as he started walking towards her, taking center stage at her microphone.

“There’s times I stayed alive for you
There’s times I would’ve died for you
There’s times it didn’t matter at all.” 

“Will you help me find the right way up
Or let me take the wrong way down
Will you straighten me out
Or make me take the long way around
I took the low road in
I’ll take the high road out
I’ll do whatever it takes
To be the mistake you can’t live without.” When Connor and Eli joined in on the chorus, Kaya knew she’d been played. A brilliant smile started over her lips and Caleb gazed into her eyes as he played for her; seeing no one else. 

“Standing in the dark
I can see your shadow
You’re the only light (you’re the only light)
That’s breaking through the window.”

“There’s times I stayed alive for you
There’s times I would’ve died for you
There’s times it didn’t matter at all.” His voice was like liquid chocolate pouring over her nerves so deliciously coating her and soothing her to the bone. It wasn’t hard to imagine his singing voice would be this sexy considering he has the power to melt her like butter every time he whispers in her ear.

“Will you help me find the right way up
Or let me take the wrong way down
Will you straighten me out
Or make me take the long way around
I took the low road in
I’ll take the high road out
I’ll do whatever it takes
To be the mistake you can’t live without.”

“We’ll I’m not gonna give it away
Not gonna let it go, just to wake up someday gone! Gone!
The worst part is looking back
And knowing that I was wrong.” Caleb leaned forward, his cheek brushing Kaya’s as he neared her ear. “I’m sorry,” he whispered to her and instantly the tears she was holding back fell from her eyes. His bottom lip went between his teeth and he swallowed hard as the chorus started up again trying best to ignore the emotions he felt so he could finish the song.

“Help me find the right way up
Or let me take the wrong way down
Will you straighten me out
Or make me take the long way around
I took the low road in
I’ll take the high road out
I’ll do whatever it takes
To be the mistake you can’t live without.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes
To be the mistake you can’t live without.”

The music died down and Kaya straightened herself as she stood with a glow on her face; slightly embarrassed but more in awe with the increasingly growing talents of her mate. It was the first time he admitted guilt over what happened; the first time he apologized sincerely for the lives he’d destroyed so many years ago. Kaya hadn’t expected it. He told her he wasn’t going to make excuses since given the chance he’d do it again. But standing here now after everything they’d been through, he was telling her words he finally truly meant. She placed her guitar on its stand and looked over Caleb’s shoulder towards Connor who winked at her. 

Lowering his guitar to its stand, he gave her a gentle tug until her lips were within range of his and quickly closed the gap with his mouth. Kaya parted her lips and Caleb took the opening to touch tongues with her and moaned as her arms tightened around him. The soft, moist feel of her tongue slipped across his and danced little touches with the tip creating a warmth that spread throughout his body. Kaya’s lips molded around his; her sighs and moans echoing on the microphone beside her face prompting her to break Caleb’s hold instantly. She slowly backed away with a smile, touching her lips nervously.

“Ok folks, what do you say we get this party rocking again and let Night Shift’s REAL singer back on the mic?” Caleb asked and pulled Kaya’s hand until she was standing center stage.

“Yeah he’s lucky he gave me my spot back otherwise Night Shift would have experienced another roster change.”

The laughter fanned over her new pack mates once more and she glanced back at Connor and Eli and nodded. “Five minute break everyone and we’ll get back to work I promise. Until then, please enjoy a few prerecorded ‘mood’ music selections courtesy of Connor.” The band stepped down off the stage, each member rushing off to different areas of the gardens. Eli, having spotted Amanda in the throng of people wearing a shirt that said ‘I prefer the drummer’, made a beeline towards her, chatting her up near the bar. As Connor returned to a previous conversation he was engaged in with one of the Savage she-wolves who was not exactly falling for his charms. Charlie took the opportunity to flag down Lobo and Sophie, fearing a scene, hurried towards the two in order to help things remain civil.

Finding herself a bit parched, Kaya moved to the refreshments table and poured herself a small amount of water to wet her throat. Carefully her eyes took in the entire scene, watching every wolf around her with increased curiosity. “Congratulations Kaya. There is no one truly more deserving of this position than you.” Kaya turned to find a redhead smiling behind her. 

Dressed in a blue, form-fitting jean jumpsuit that did very little to hide the fact she was without panties or a bra. The plunging neckline gave a full frontal view of her breasts which she extensively used to talk with and the material hugged like a second skin. She had jade green eyes which were slightly reddened from what appeared to be tears and makeup that did nothing to cover the bags from her late night. Freckles dotted her nose which stuck prominently in the air looking down on Kaya and a glass of champagne was tucked between her dainty, red fingernails. A snarl curled her wet, shimmering lips with disdain as she gave the new Luna a once over. “Then again, Caleb has done so much better in the past. I’m really sorry I couldn’t be here earlier to object to your union.”

“Ah you must be one of those forgettable warm holes he poked during his wild oats days.”

“The name is Malena. I’m sure Caleb’s screamed the name a few times in your bed accidentally.”

“Hmm no, he hasn’t had any nightmares since we’ve been together. No mention of giant redheaded beasts trying too hard. And I don’t remember the words ‘Slut’ or ‘Giant Hoebag’ ever crossing his lips, sorry.”

She stepped closer, growling as she tossed her champagne glass to the ground in a brassy display but Kaya didn’t flinch. Those dazzling green gems of hers cut straight through her, looking at her as a little more than a gnat smashed on her windshield. “Bitch I’m the kind of girl men never get out of their system. And since he’s been back, I’ve felt his eyes burning holes through my clothes!”

“That wouldn’t be a real feat considering you barely have anything on to start with. And I highly doubt he’s even said hello to you since he’s been home. Between the apparent crying and the desperation in your attire I can only assume you’re making some feeble attempt at getting his attention. It’s sad really.”

“You wouldn’t know what it takes to please him and before you know it, he’ll be back in my arms where he feels most at home.”

“Oh is that what they mean by ‘you can never go home again’. Well tonight he’s been well fed so he’s not looking to stray, fortunately for your health. I’d hate to see that pretty little face of yours get mussed. But tell me what bothers you more: the fact that he’s never so much as mentioned you or the fact that you lost him to someone of higher breeding?”

“Higher breeding? You’re nothing at all like the wolf he deserves and never will be! You were born in a pack. Everyone here was bred in the wild; we are REAL wolves. We are what every one of you ‘civilized’ kind look down on because we take care of the jobs that need to be done without worrying over how it looks. We embrace our feral side as one truly should. I feel sorry for Caleb and everyone else who stays here to allow you to reign over them.”

“Aww, does that mean you’re leaving us? And so soon. I was just beginning to imagine all of the fun girl things we could do together, like me sharpening my nails on your backside for example. And I do love your hair, what color is that again? Bend-Me-Over-Now Crimson? I’m sure it would make a nice throw rug for my dog.”

“Joke all you want but whenever he crawls between your legs try and remember one thing: I had him first!”

“Ha! And I bet no guy could ever make that claim about you.”

“You are really testing my patience.”

“And we wouldn’t want that. It would be too embarrassing for all of your kin to watch you fall on your ass for trying the Luna on her first night.”

“If I were you, I’d grow eyes in the back of my head. You never know when this bitch might bite.”

“Hmm yeah you know one thing I’ve learned being around all of you is,” Kaya leaned forward so as to whisper in Malena’s ear. “Not to take threats lightly.” She gripped her tightly around the throat and Malena instantly struggled against the hold, doing her best to get away from Kaya.

But the new Luna was persistent and the more Malena resisted the harder Kaya squeezed until she heard the first bone of her vertebrae snap. Malena screamed and all eyes were on the brawling pair as they fell to the ground wrestling about the dirt and mud. Malena clawed frantically trying to gouge at Kaya’s face but missed her at every attempt as her arms were pinned against the ground with Kaya sitting atop her chest. Gripping the redhead around the throat, she watched as her green eyes bulged out of her skull and closed her fingers tighter. 

Malena gasped for air which drove Kaya to lose all restraint, finally restricting air flow through her lungs. Applying more pressure, she lifted her face to the sky and howled and Malena’s head popped off of her shoulders and rolled a good distance in the dirt away from her body. Kaya pulled herself to her feet, breathing hard as she made her way over to where the head rested. Shuffling feet scrambled rapidly towards her position and she could hear multiple gasps and moans of the members of her pack as they witnessed the carnage.

“Nothing to worry about?” Kaya asked not turning around as Caleb slowly approached her from behind. Malena’s blood was splattered over the front of her blouse and her hands were soaked in the same. “I’m gonna need those other five names.” Scooping up the head, she started for the stage, watching the faces of each wolf she passed as she did. 

“Anyone else think I’m not up to snuff, now’s your chance to prove yourself. I will not have this shit in MY pack. I don’t care what you’re used to but thinking I was some easy breezy that you could walk all over was your first mistake. Malena made her second and look where that got her.” She held the head up for everyone to see before tossing it into the crowd. “I AM YOUR LUNA. And you WILL treat me with the respect I damn well deserve!”

A slow starting clap resounded at the back of the crowd and Kaya narrowed her eyes to see through the swarm of faces and lights to find the source. But once he spoke, there was no need to see him; his voice stirred her already buzzed emotions and Caleb took a step closer as he felt it. “Looks like the Princess has found herself a new throne.” Luther’s smirk grew on his lips as he and members of Gideon started up the gardens to where the others stood. “I thought we were having a party! Please don’t stop on my account!”

“What are you doing here?” Kaya growled and Connor and Lobo stepped beneath her on the stage.

“Didn’t you know?” he asked leaning over to retrieve Malena’s skull. “I was invited. And who I am to turn down such a generous offer? I for one would NEVER miss your Emergence after all and I do enjoy a good show.”

She growled suddenly wishing Malena was alive again so she could kill her slower. “Well in that case stick around, I’m sure the fun’s not over yet.” 
*Author's note: Caleb's selection was "High Road" by Three Days Grace (gonna really miss Adam). For those of you who may (or may not) recognize the name Malena, she comes from the "What If?" story on the After Hours blog. In that parallel universe she was Kaya's best friend (ala Connor). I thought it would be interesting and a little ironic to see how things would have been different for the two who were "like sisters". She did get to keep Alex as he was though. And friends, this concludes section/series/season two of After Midnight. I will begin working on the next section soon and we'll be back on schedule in no time. I hope you've enjoyed the story thus far.   -- Daijah*


  1. Ok so man, starting with the end first. That chick had a lot of balls and was very delusional about her place with Caleb. Did she really think that he would want someone other than his true mate??? I mean come on, he ripped apart her family to get her, you are were of no importance to him at all.

    Ha loved how Ky shut her down quickly. Malena had no idea who she was up against, but she knows now. A bit too late since she's dead, but still knows. LOL The rest of the pack knows as well now and I bet those others won't be so quick to step to Ky now if they had plans to do so.

    She invited Luther??? What was her purpose for that? I mean really she should know how savage her Alpha could be. Did Malena really think Caleb would let Luther anywhere near Ky? Or better yet that Luther even stood a chance against Caleb? She was really crazy!!!

    Ok back to the beginning.

    Alex finally opened up to Ky about Connor and why the wolves don't really like them. I have to say I don't think I'm liking that pack at all. They are sneaky, and distrust worthy.

    This:She looked around and noticed the glares directed at her father many of whom didn’t bother trying to hide their contempt. The faint whispers were not far off either as some curious new bloods asked about Lobo’s significance and those that were around back then were all too eager to fill in the blanks. Gently he pulled her eyes back towards his with a finger beneath her chin and shrugged it off. “By that I mean they’ve not approached me which is for the best.”

    Are you fucking kidding me?? They want to look at Lobo like he somehow is in the wrong? OMG the fucking gall of these bastards! I mean seriously they care about NO ONE but themselves. Call of the wild my ass, they are just self serving dick wads that think they can do what they want when they want!!! UGH seriously I don't know how Ky can stand it because I wouldn't be smiling and trying to play nice. I would cuss out all of them and tell them what they did was not right no matter how they try to justify their actions. I'll stop now before I rant too much on the Savages!

    I am happy Lobo was a bigger person and came to see her daughter even though it was hard for him to be there. Connor was right to keep Caleb away. Lobo isn't ready for that yet and no amount of sorry will be good enough in his eyes. Hell it even shows that Ky is still having a hard time with it. :(

    Ha Connor is having to work hard to impress a chick. I bet that is a first for him. :D Wonder how that will play out. LOL

    And cute little Eli, off flirting with his first groupie. Wonder how that will go down?

    I'll end with Luther. He really has no clue what he's stepped into. If he tries anything, I see Caleb becoming the were and ripping his head off quickly. Ky too now that they've mated and bonded so bye bye Giselle if she tries to help her mate. LOL I see this night getting bloodier.

    1. OMG you did it again.


      Malena had a misplaced sense of importance believing she had any right to speak to her Luna in the first place. Then to make claims on HER mate? Yeah Kaya would have been crazier to let that stand. But it did give her a nice starting point with the rest of her subordinates. They know now she means business. Let's see them cross her now :D haha well when you put it that way lol. Yeah Caleb only has eyes for Kaya and any woman, wolf or otherwise, who thinks differently may seriously want to consider psychological assistance.

      Kaya wasn't having it. She already hates that they make Connor feel like an outsider, which she's also taking steps to correct. She wasn't about to let this woman lay claim to Caleb too! LOL yeah she knows now. Too bad for her but again it helped Kaya gain face with the rest of them for sure!

      Lol better to root out the nutcases early then huh? Yay for that. But yep, Malena invited her Luna's old enemy to her ceremony.

      The Savages are very sneaky but that's their way of life. They've never had to answer to anyone before so having a Luna come in to "organize" things and a Beta who as Alex said "Is coming across as something else" isn't going to be accepted with open arms. This is a step for them though. At least they know an issue that can be addressed.

      He was in their home and there's a history there. They used caution with him being present; not knowing if he came with ulterior motives or not. It's just who they are lol. But Kaya will work on breaking them of their bad habits. Connor's already helped Caleb with the hunters.

      Lol Caleb anticipated Kaya's reaction being just that and told them not to broach the subject with her. That's why Alex chose his words when he spoke to her about Connor. He didn't want to "overstep" and bring up bad memories so he was in a way testing the water to see how much he could talk to her about without it getting back to Caleb and that resulting in his possible death. But hiding what happened isn't doing anyone any good and he'll see why it's never a good idea to ignore and hope it goes away.

      Lobo is trying; it's all he can do at this point. As much as it hurts him he wants to be in Kaya's life and since this is it now, it's either try and move forward or lose his daughter completely. Connor helped out tremendously keeping them apart. Lobo isn't prepared to actually face his wife's killer right now. Absolutely. She's accepted because the alternative is death and that is just selfish to her. Breaking her bond, she dies; then her dad loses both her and Kaelani all because of Caleb. So she does what she has to; it's the path she's chosen.

      LOL yes he is! But I think Connor will make it work. :P

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