Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Episode 61: Uninvited

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Lobo, Charlie, Eli, Sophie, Luther, Giselle, Byron, Dexter, Julius, Phoenix, Sonja, Rosette, Alex
Word Count: 5,910
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Luther and Gideon have their hands full after interrupting the Emergence ceremony crowning Kaya as Luna and Caleb as official Alpha. But Luther didn't come all this way for nothing. With news of an imminent war with the hunters and a threat that may mean the end of wolves in Willow Reed Kaya can't help but hear him out, but at what cost?
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity -- Non-human/Animal Sex (no really this time)

“So you’ve mated,” Kaya remarked looking Giselle in the eyes with a grin. “Do you really think a mated Luther Crowley is more dangerous than a pack full of wild wolves?”

“Well if Malena was any indication of this pack, I’d say yes. It seems that you haven’t cracked the whip and this ‘pack full of wild wolves’ has no respect for their new Luna. Shame really; you had the potential to be great.”

“Care to test that theory Luther, keep coming at me. I still have energy to burn off; Malena was just an appetizer compared to what’s in store for you.”

He ignored her, glancing back at the men and women in his company. It was rather light compared to what he was facing but Luther hadn’t come for a fight. He was a man on a mission; for now. “He’s new,” Luther smirked looking around the faces of the crowd in front of him. “Where’s Rafe? I’m curious how he feels about his mate getting close to someone else. Who is he?”

“The last face you’ll see before you die,” Caleb growled and started forward.

“Oh, tempting.” Before Luther could take another step, a large fist plummeted into his jaw knocking him to the ground. Instantly the wolves of Gideon growled and prepared to fight as Luther looked up into the angry eyes of Lobo. “Is that any way to greet an old friend?”

“You have the nerve to show your face after what you did to me and mine.” Lobo started towards him again only to feel Connor’s tight grip pulling him away. He roared and ripped free of his once pack mate and rushed forward again only this time it was Kaya stepping between the two. 

“Thanks,” Luther groaned getting to his feet. “But I can handle your old man on my…” Kaya’s fist landed a solid blow in nearly the same place on the Alpha’s jaw and he fell back against his Beta. Dexter snarled at the newly crowned Luna and moved forward but Luther’s arm held him in place.

“I didn’t do it for you asshole. I’m more than happy to watch my Dad beat the ever living shit out of you,” she turned and watched Connor move towards the back of the crowd with Lobo. “But I also know you Luther and I know you wouldn’t come here looking for a fight knowing damn well you wouldn’t make it two feet out of the Shadow lands alive. So I gotta ask just what the fuck are you doing here?”

Luther spit a mouthful of blood to the ground beside her and looked over the faces of the wild wolves staring back at him and grunted. “The hunters are starting a war.”

“That’s old news Crowley,” Connor remarked as he stepped up to the front of the crowd. “Welcome to 2013!”

“Cute,” Luther snarled and turned his attention back to Kaya. “The hunters have perfected a weapon of some kind to use against us. By this time next week every wolf in Willow Reed will be dead.”

“And why should we believe you?”

“Kaya, you can admit I may be evil but I have never once lied to you. Every pack in Willow Reed is under attack whether they know it or not and I thought…”

“You thought what? That we’d band together and take out this threat as a show of force for our kind? And then what? Turn our backs so that you can finish us all off and take our lands for yourself? If you think for one second we’d ever place ourselves in a position to be taken by you or your pack of mutts then you’re even dumber than setting foot in Shadowvale in the first place!”

“Of course that’s not what I expected. But as you said you know me and I know you as well, Luna. You won’t sit by and watch as your father and precious pack are wiped off the face of the planet. You may not like it but working together is the only option for you, for everyone.” Luther looked again at the pack that had gathered behind Kaya and took a single step back. “Now you may need a moment to talk amongst yourselves, that’s fine. But don’t keep me waiting. I’ll meet you at the northern path of the dark forest for your answer.”

As he turned to leave Lobo moved towards his daughter and the front of the group, watching as Gideon exited the area. “You can’t trust him. He’d sooner turn on you and leave you with the hunters and whatever super weapon he claims they have.”

“And if the threat is real? Luther Crowley is a depraved and loathsome man but he’s smart.”

“Yeah, smart enough to know that it’s better to make allies and send your enemy into the vanguard of an army first. It won’t be me,” Lobo replied as he turned to look at his daughter. “And I’m sure as hell not letting it be you.”


“No Kaya I won’t hear of it. I’m not risking my daughter on some fool’s errand.”

“And you’re not risking your daughter. I’m Luna of my own pack now and it’s MY decision to make. If these hunters are willing to take on the entire city they must have something powerful. I won’t let them destroy what’s left of my family. They’ll die. Not only for this but for what they did to Eli as well.”

“Are you sure about this?” Lobo asked, imploring his daughter to change her mind. She nodded her head and turned towards her Alpha whose thoughts she’d been hearing since Gideon first made their appearance.

With a calm expression and a single glance towards his mate as his hand slid into hers, Caleb stepped in front of his pack to address them. “My Queen has made her decision, we go to war.” A thunderous roar ripped from in front of her and she turned to watch the men and women cheering. They lived for this, always had. Wild wolves never needed a reason for bloodshed but it never hurt to feel as though they had a purpose. And be it for their Luna or their Alpha, they were happy to be gearing up for a massacre. “As is tradition, I expect you’ll bring her back something to decorate the walls!” Kaya looked up at Caleb and he smirked at her startled countenance. “Don’t worry Love, this is gonna be fun!”

Luther waited in the middle of the trail leading out of Shadowvale alone though the scent of his pack lingered nearby. Kaya, accompanied by Caleb, crossed the river dividing the land from the dark reaches to the north. Pushing through the last low branches that stood in his way, he took Kaya’s hand and helped her across the break before stepping towards the shady Alpha first. “There you are. What took you so long? I was beginning to think you didn’t trust me.”

“You didn’t really expect me to meet you in my evening gown did you? No, if I’m meeting Luther Crowley in the dead of night in the middle of the woods for who knows what, I’m dressing comfortably enough to at least feel the dagger slip in my back. Where are the others?”

“I sent them away, but they’re close.” Caleb circled around Luther, making the man turn his gaze towards him to keep an eye out. “I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced.”

“I know who you are and you know me. And sometimes, if I really make myself focus, I can still feel the heat from your electroshock machine when you had me hanging in your dungeon.”

“Impossible,” Luther gasped as he focused on the intense gray eyes staring back at him. He moved forward, stopping with just a foot between them as he studied Caleb’s face. “What witch from what coven did you blackmail for such magic?”

“Luther,” Kaya growled, growing impatient from the Alpha’s distraction. “I’d like to get on with this thing before the next full moon. We can discuss the fundamentals of magical facelifts later. What is this ‘weapon’ the hunters have?”

“Now if I knew that, I wouldn’t be concerned. What I do know is it’s been tested against wolves with a 99% success rate and it not only eliminates the threat of a shift but reduces the man to a little more than a vegetable.”

“How? The hunters aren’t known to use magic and it would take a witch with some powerful sorcery to ever take away our animal side.”

Luther’s head bobbed as he listened to Kaya and a thought occurred to him. “A few council meetings ago I overheard Damian spouting off to his bitch about locating the First Witch.”

“The First Witch is dead, everyone knows that.”

“Not quite. She was never killed; could never be killed as her powers rivaled that of some of the most learned covens in existence. It took quite a bit of magic and an equal amount of witches to harness her energy and trap her inside a crystal tomb. But as the legend goes, her exact location was only known to one and he took an oath of silence so she was lost to history as it would seem. But from what I overheard Damian was close to finding her and if he did, he’d have enough magic to reign dominion over all of us.” 

“And that relates to the hunters how exactly? If he was helping the hunters in some back room deal this ‘weapon’ could be used against him also. He is still one of us. I can’t see him being too eager to help them kill him.”

“You’re missing the point, Kaya. If Damian has found the First Witch and is using her magic he can keep himself protected while the rest of us fall beneath this hunter’s tool.”

“Right. Because wanting to control wolves works out really well for him with all of us dead!  He’d really get off on ordering our corpses around. That makes absolutely no sense. Besides if you suspect the councilman is dirty, why not confront him? Or let me guess, there’s something in it for you if he does get us all under control. You plan to overthrow him when he’s figured it all out and be our ultimate Alpha, is that it?”

“You’re growing quite a pair on you Princess.” Luther laughed maniacally and took three large strides before he was standing in Kaya’s face. “You have been Luna for a day. Do not think yourself my equal girl!” 

“I’d never make the mistake Luther. You get what you want by fear and intimidation. I get what I want out of respect and love but on the same hand people know how ruthless I can be when needed. I could never be your equal because I’ve always been better. My Dad was right. You’re not looking for an alliance. You’re looking for soldiers to man the frontlines while you kick your heels up and wait for the smoke to clear. Well you’ve come to the wrong place. Get out of Shadowvale now or I’ll send you back to your pack in a jar.”

“You mouthy little bitch. It’s no wonder the mutts you’ve newly adopted as family are foaming at the bits to get a piece of you. Who the hell do you think you are talking to like that? Do you know what I’m capable of?” he snarled, gripping her tightly in his large paws as his eyes flickered with anger. Kaya’s response was a simple smirk as she glanced over his shoulder towards her mate.

“You really shouldn’t have done that.” 

The sound of bones snapping, muscles twisting and skin stretching was enough to silence Luther’s snarls. He took a step back and watched in complete shock as the man before him, someone he just unknowingly declared his mortal enemy, turned into something he’d never seen. The animal that replaced Caleb was standing over him, an easy seven feet tall if not more. Its razor sharp canines glistened from its elongated snout making Luther feel less like an Alpha and more like a pup.

Bright red eyes pinned Luther in place with a piercing gaze that crippled him with fear. Luther cowered beneath the looming beast as it took a step towards him, falling to the ground shivering involuntarily just as he heard a similar sound from somewhere behind him. Too afraid to take his eyes off the beast but knowing him to be Kaya’s mate, he could only assume what had just transpired to one was now happening to the other.

A deep howl rumbled just over his shoulder and he felt the wet, sticky moisture of Kaya’s saliva dribble down his arm before rolling off to the ground. Slowly sliding backwards on his hands and knees, Luther slipped away from the two and Caleb made his approach towards his mate. Tentatively at first before really pressing with his nose, he sniffed her from head to toe, taking in her new appearance with excited curiosity.

Kaya growled and snapped at him, causing Caleb to take a step back. Swiping at his face, he sidestepped her advance and tackled her to the ground. Caleb’s large form hovered over her as she struggled to get away. He roared to get her attention and suddenly she lay still beneath him. The large snout that invaded her space moments ago was again moving forward, sniffing her body fervently. Kaya felt Caleb’s long, clammy tongue roll over her face a few times as he settled himself against her. 

Finally climbing to his feet, the sound of branches cracking beneath Luther pulled the gaze of both shifted Alphas and Caleb snapped up, howling at him with force. “Whoa Boy,” Luther spoke in as calm a voice as he could muster. “I don’t want your girl.” Quick thinking made him realize the reason behind Caleb’s anger and Luther put as much space as possible between him and Kaya.

“If you really think he understands you, you’re crazier than I thought,” Connor’s voice broke through the darkness behind Luther as he took a single step forward. “And provoking a wolf in an area known for wild wolves is pretty damn crazy.” Kaya was now up and standing beside her mate, staring at the two as they were soon joined by Charlie, Lobo, Eli, Sophie and the Gideon wolves Luther brought with him.

She snarled at them and Connor lifted his hand submissively until she understood he was not a threat to her. “Holy shit it’s that thing from the woods!” Phoenix exclaimed as the two Shifters moved in unison towards the group.

“There are two of them?” Byron asked in confusion. “I thought you said it was just one.”

“He’s mated now,” Charlie replied and watched his brother’s eyes shoot towards him. Caleb fell to all fours and roared thunderously at the growing numbers looming in close proximity to his mate. Menacingly he inched forward, Kaya following him closely.

“What the hell do we do?” Phoenix asked suddenly panicked. He’d witnessed how easily the Shifter laid to waste one of their kind before and he was set on not becoming it’s next intended victim.

“Well for one, don’t make any sudden movements and shut the hell up!” Connor advised and lowered himself to eye level with Kaya. “Caleb is ready to chew through anything he deems a threat and right now, that would be all of us. But the thing about Kaya, she’s always been able to control herself, isn’t that right Peaches?” And as if to answer, Kaya crumbled to the ground. The same sounds as before echoed in the clearing as she reverted to her human state beside her mate who wasn’t too far behind.

“Kaya!” Caleb scooped her up into his arms, hugging her tightly against his chest as she shivered. “I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t mean to do that.”

“So it was you in the woods that night? You killed Bane?” Phoenix asked taking in the view with wide eyes. Connor tossed a bag towards his Luna and she pulled out a plain white t-shirt and shorts for herself and a pair of pants for her mate and thanked her best friend. 

Luther turned back to the couple, a smile creeping on his face. “Your wild wolf is a Shifter; and now so are you.”

“And I thought I told you to get out of here. I guess the naughty hound needs a swat on the nose to learn,” she growled and listened as Caleb howled beside her, alerting the rest of the pack to aid him. Instantly the wolves under their command jumped to the ready with Eli and Connor both leading the charge.

Itching to enter the fray, Kaya glanced momentarily over her shoulder towards her mate and watched the red in his eyes glow fiercely as he climbed to his feet and rushed forward. Tackling Phoenix as he joined the melee, he listened as the wolf’s ribs cracked beneath the weight of his body and began to pound the poor bastard into oblivion. Blood quickly covered his fist as a tooth flew from the man’s jaw and landed on the ground beside him. The sound of him crying for mercy only encouraged the deadly Alpha to continue his assault remembering his brazen assault on his Luna.

As Kaya moved into the group of flying arms and other body parts she was tripped by Luther’s mate Giselle and turned with a snarl as the redhead smiled menacingly towards her. Without a second thought she had the newly claimed bitch on her back slamming fist after fist into her pretty little face, sufficiently erasing the grin she dared throw Kaya’s way. Giselle shrieked as Kaya opened her hand for a slap, adding insult to injury and smiling in return at the blood that seeped from the girl’s lip.

Sophie and Connor were both holding their own against Sonja and Byron respectfully. Sophie had Luther’s old number two on the ground and was yanking handfuls of her long, dark hair out by the root while Connor bludgeoned the handsome playboy of Gideon with one bone crunching punch after the other. Eli on the other hand was finding it a little difficult to best Julius as he took a hard knee to the gut that knocked the wind out of him as he collapsed to the ground. But the scrappy drummer was far from giving up. Determined to prove himself to his new pack mates he recovered quickly and sent an equally as damaging fist to the man’s nose.

Charlie’s knee connected with Dexter’s face and Luther’s Beta dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. Pulling him up by the hair, Charlie rammed his fist through the man’s mouth and watched as a mouthful of blood splattered against a nearby tree. The carnage was endless and brutal and everyone seemed to be reveling in the assault.

After taking a hard left to the midsection, Luther caught Lobo off guard and dropped the Alpha with a combination punch and quickly followed up with a few shots to the rib. The tip of Luther’s boot pierced Lobo’s previously injured ribcage and he groaned as the pain shot through his spine. The Alpha laughed above him and lifted his foot higher for an even harder shot to the man’s back. 

Caleb noticed his mate’s injured father crawling along the ground and after ensuring his opponent was out cold, rushed over to help. With a flying high kick, he caught Luther mid stride and sent the man flying backwards and away from Lobo. Luther grimaced and reached forward aiming to land a solid blow to Caleb’s jaw but Lobo came up behind him and pulled him back before he connected. 

Wildly he swung with a fist that nearly knocked Caleb on his ass but his daughter’s mate ducked quickly before hopping up on his balance and reentering the scuffle. With Luther on one side and Lobo on the other, Caleb took a step back to center himself more towards Lobo but again found himself the target of a missed hit as he countered Lobo’s attack with a blocking arm and stumbled into Luther. He bounced his head back and butted Luther away as he held Lobo back from hitting him, sending the man crashing to the ground once more. 

“Dad!” Kaya yelled and jumped between him and Caleb, pushing her mate out of the way. Instantly the pack turned and charged towards Lobo and Kaya dropped to his side, claws at the ready, fangs barred as she stood over him defensively.

“He took a swipe at Alpha!” one of the wolves cried out as they approached the father-daughter pair. Luther and his gang took the opportunity to get out of Shadowvale as the wild wolves began turning on one another.

“Yeah? And what the hell do you plan on doing about that besides losing your life tonight if you so much as touch him?”

“You’d choose your father over Alpha?” she heard another shout at her from the pack of the impending wolves.

“I’d choose my family. You’ve already taken my Mother, was she not enough?” Standing upright, Kaya’s eyes changed to a bright red and every wolf in front of her bowed to their knees. “Back off now!” The Luna only had to issue the command once before the pack turned as ordered and went back towards the manor but the grumbles of irritation did not go unheard.

Caleb pulled himself up from the ground and moved towards her to help Lobo to his feet. “Are you ok?” Lobo slapped his hand away and pulled himself from the ground. Staring towards the hindquarters of the retreating wolves he grunted and pinned Caleb in place with his hard stare. “That wasn’t an accident was it?” Caleb asked of the near misses and Kaya turned to face her father.


“I shouldn’t be here; I need to go.” Lobo turned and immediately rushed from the area.

“Dad!” Kaya called for him, yelling to his back as he disappeared into the brush. 

“I’ll handle it Luna,” she turned to find Connor rushing after his old Alpha to ensure he made it back safely and fell against a tree as the area became silent again around them. 

“So is this what it’s going to be like?” she asked as Caleb turned to look at her. “You shift and it forces me to shift too.”

“You only shifted because of our emotional connection and proximity Kaya but you can learn to control it. You don’t have to shift with me and I didn’t mean to make that happen to you yet. It was too soon. The Blood Moon ritual must have triggered it. I was hoping you wouldn’t have to until you were ready.”

She returned his gaze with one of her own, the anger she felt over the forced shift mellowing into a light sizzle the longer she looked at him. “I didn’t mean for everything to get so out of hand tonight Caleb. I was hoping this would have gone smoother.”

“What do you mean? It was your coronation as my Luna tonight. You just became the Queen of a pack of wild animals so a little bloodshed was in order. Actually I think it made the night that much better,” he smiled sincerely. “There’s nothing these guys love more in fact. And ripping Malena’s head off, well that was the perfect way to make an entrance.”

Sensing his presence behind her as Caleb came to sit beside her, she turned to face him, freezing him in place with those two brown eyes enhanced by long dark lashes. The wolf inside him felt an itch as he looked at her. He wanted more and longed to be closer, to feel the heat of her skin against his. Kaya swallowed and the act was enough to break the growing silence and stare down she found herself locked into by the handsome smile on her mate’s face. “Have you ever given thoughts to…nevermind,” Kaya spoke quietly before fidgeting with a blade of grass near her.

“I hadn’t before I found you,” Caleb answered to her surprise and he simply pointed to his head. Kaya nodded as she realized she was still thinking of the ideal life; mate, pups and marriage all while on the road and performing. And while part of her dream was shattered with the unofficial death of her bass player and lover Rafe Hemming, her mate was still very much beside her and willing to do what he could to fill the hole left in her life. “And we can still have it Kaya it’ll just be different. But pups, a family, hell yes I want that with you. And I know you want it too.” The inch of space between them dissolved as he turned her head with his finger and their lips brushed.

Shivers crept up her spine at the feel of his mouth. Lowering his head he traced his lips along her cheek and down her neck, peppering kisses gently along her neck and causing her to moan softly through her nose. Feeling her warm hand come up to guide his head along her body, Caleb allowed his mate to maneuver him how she wanted, placing his mouth where she needed. “Caleb,” she moaned when he pulled her shorts off, moving his mouth to her thighs and a sudden surge of electricity passed through them. 

It wasn’t long before his tongue was between her moist lips, teasing her sex with languid, long licks. Craving more of the heat that their touch created, he slid his fingers inside her, plunging as far as he could go and her entire hand became nestled in his hair taking a firm grasp. Caleb continued his assault upon her senses as his tongue gently followed his fingers inside her sweltering loins again and again. When his thumb rubbed over her clit Kaya lost it. She started grinding her sex hard against his mouth and mewling in pure heat. 

She was insatiable and only wanted release. She moved against him faster waiting to welcome that little death that would relieve the amazing and torturous pressure building inside her. Very soon Kaya started trembling beneath with the shudder of her climax. Caleb relished in the sweet offering of her orgasm and he forced Kaya’s silent moans into a deeper howl of pleasure with the prolonged licking of her sex. He continued lapping up her juices until she couldn’t take it anymore and turned and twisted to pry him away. 

With a mischievous grin Caleb stood quietly as Kaya’s fingers moved towards his thighs and she quickly lowered his pants. He noticed her breath catch in anticipation as he stood in his entire masculine glory. Her brain ran rampant with the many immoral and lascivious fantasies she wanted to live out with the beast in front of her. Watching him fighting, listening to the beating of his heart as he took on her enemies for her made her wet with appreciation and had it not been for the many eyes she would have jumped him right then.

Her breath began to quicken as she felt her temperature rise and her pussy throbbed at the thought of having him inside her. Caleb looked down at Kaya as a myriad of emotions ran over her face. He could smell the heavy, smoky musk of her arousal; he was virtually drowning in her scent it was so strong. His cock immediately began to stiffen and harden as his arousal grew and she closed her hand around it. Caleb moaned deep in his throat as she slowly stroked him to full length and drops of precum coated her hand. Kaya darted out her tongue to taste him and his head instantly fell back as her warm mouth closed over the head of his cock.

Caleb reached down and closed his hand in Kaya’s hair as her head bobbed faster against him, slurping up every inch of his large shaft while her mate groaned and grunted above her. “I don’t think I could ever tire of your mouth on my dick Kaya. You do that so well.” Caleb growled low and pulled her forward as she grabbed a hold of him and started stroking him with both hands. His body quivered with a sexual tension he had never felt before as she downed his cock like a seasoned pro. Caleb’s eyes rolled back into his head as his balls tightened with the building pressure.

“You want that Baby?” he asked, pulling his shaft from between her lips and replacing it with his thumb. “You want me to take this massive cock and shove it so deep inside you until you’re screaming and coming all over me, don’t you?” Caleb growled as Kaya’s mouth continued coating him. She gagged her response against him as he pushed her head back into his lap. “Fuck I want you to.”

“I want you Caleb, all of you. But do you know what I really want?” she purred passionately as she finally came up for air. “I want the wolf.” Caleb looked at her in shock and watched the wicked, lustful twinkle in her eyes. Kaya craved it more than a thirsty man in the desert craved a glass of water. “Give me the wolf,” she begged, her voice was like gold dipped in honey and coupled with the hungry look in her eyes she successfully broke his resolve. Caleb lunged at her, pushing her to the ground beneath him. He straddled her body and forced her arms above her head as his eyes raked over her. 

Flipping her quickly, Kaya felt Caleb’s nails as they extended, stabbing into her sides. His fangs sharpened and he lowered his mouth to her shoulder, nipping at her until she presented her throat to him. Looking back at him she took in the massive beast that leaned against her and felt herself begin to transform as his hairy body loomed above. Caleb closed his mouth on her shoulder and bit down and Kaya moaned deeply as she felt him slip inside of her. “Do it,” she urged feeling him break the skin as he drank from her.

Caleb leaned her up into his chest as her dripping body grasped his cock in a velvet glove of ecstasy. He thrust deeper inside her as he closed his hairy paw over her hip. Kaya suddenly felt claws at her breasts as Caleb’s talons flicked her nipple, pinching it until it hardened beneath his grip. She cried in pleasure as the first of her orgasms rocked through her unexpectedly. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she screamed with wild abandon letting her body succumb to the sensations her mate drove into her.

Kaya fell over as she shuddered from the force of her climax and Caleb followed her to the ground. Holding her firmly beneath him he drove himself harder, grunting madly in her ear. Each thrust was met with a satisfying moan of carnal delight from both wolves sating their bestial impulses. Their mutual desires and needs were being met exhaustively within one another. 

Again Caleb pulled her up before plunging into her creamy center with a vengeance. Climbing over her back, he pushed himself to her hilt, reaching new depths in this position and Kaya felt every ridge of his thick, veiny cock as it exited and reentered her tight sleeve again and again. That familiar heat began building in her abdomen as another staggering orgasm fought its way to the surface and she internally clenched down on him. Instantly Caleb’s cock grew in length and width inside her well fucked pussy and Kaya groaned as his expanding size squeezed itself in and out of her tight hole. “Caleb,” she gasped, wincing in slight pain as she realized what was causing the sudden discomfort.

In response, he howled and her animal too vocalized the incredible sensation of his wolf’s knot slipping into her body. Caleb continued fucking his mate as she slowly slipped from his grasp to the ground. He was quickly losing control. Kaya began to shake and quiver as another orgasm ripped down her spine melting every nerve in her body along the way. For a moment she thought she was peeing on him as her warm liquid dripped out of her sex and down her leg. Caleb was now pounding her pussy in an unrelenting quest for his own release, pumping and thrusting his hips frantically as the slick conditions only seemed to tighten and warm more. Kaya felt his cock spasm and again grow indicating his orgasm was near. 

Quietly she braced herself for the flood gates to blow with a substantial amount of his virile seed that would drown her womb, immersing her in a sea of hot liquid. The first thick jet of boiling spunk tore through her walls with scorching heat, triggering another tremor to shatter through her. And as she screamed and moaned obscenities that would make a seasoned whore blush, Caleb gripped her hair tightly, yanking her head back as he roared with lustful completion. His hips continued pivoting and it felt like he was dumping a gallon of sperm into her as he finally breathed deeply and collapsed against her back. He’d never felt an orgasm so powerful and Kaya’s own climax had her quaking and shivering like a leaf. She remained bent on her knees in front of him until she felt his cock become limp inside her.

She felt as his claws withdrew from the tips of his fingers and his strong hands cradled her body against his own as they crumpled to the ground in a naked heap of flesh. Kaya began sobbing with a flood of emotion that caught both wolves off guard and Caleb turned her to look at him as he wiped away her tears. “Kaya? Did I hurt you?” he asked and watched her head shake no. “Then Baby what’s wrong?” She wasn’t crying out of pain or regret, she was crying because of the pure emotional liberation that was washing through her soul.

Kaya had never felt something as raw with passion as what they’d just experienced in their natural form. The sheer sensation of unadulterated love poured over her and she knew that she was exactly where she was always meant to be. Wrapped in the warm embrace of the man she’d spend eternity with and the realization that his love was all she would ever need. She was in the arms of her mate, her lover, her Alpha. With one final thought Kaya smiled up at Caleb as he peacefully caressed her delicate skin and whispered his undying love in her ear. “I’m fine my Alpha, everything is fine.”

“Good. You should get some rest then. If we’re to make a family I need to make sure I give your body all it needs,” he smiled down at her and kissed away her last tear. Kaya moaned and shook her head to erase the erotic haze that began to cloud her mind again. God what this man did to her!



  1. IT'S BACK! IT'S BACK! And SO worth the wait!!!

    Wow, Luther certainly does know how to keep people guessing, doesn't he? Even I'm not completely sure that his motivations are all evil. With Byron being in (heh) with one of the hunters and what he heard with Damian, what he's saying could be accurate, even though it's understandable that it would seem implausible to the other packs.

    Holy hell, Kaya is a shifter now too! This definitely throws a whole new monkey wrench into the works, huh? I suppose it makes sense considering the depth of her bond with Caleb. I don't know if Lobo took to it very well. I feel badly for him, he must believe he's losing all that is dear to him.

    And only you could make wolf sex hot! I loved the unexpected tenderness at the end though. Beautifully done.

    I can't wait for the next update! Maybe a little something with Connor and his new interest? ;)

    Seriously was worth the wait!

    1. Yes! Finally! I rushed to get it ready for yesterday and was just under the wire. I don't have more done but I needed something for November!

      Luther is a man of mysteries. I'm willing to bet that no one knows his true intentions, not even his precious new mate. And she was so determined to prove herself, she bit off more than she could chew. While Luther would love nothing more than to rule the wolves completely he doesn't want to see the end to his kind, he does have SOME compassion where others are concerned...a smidge (sorta like the Grinch's heart though I don't think his will grow). Exactly! Luther has Intel but he's an evil SOB, it's not like anyone can trust him. And then he goes and offends the new Luna on her home turf...yep not winning many friends there.

      Haha all thanks to Caleb's mark! There's a lot she still has to learn about what happened to her and why and you'd better believe she's gonna wanna know. It was what her father was warning her about but he didn't know to what extent himself. Poor Lobo though. Although Kaya defended him when the others turned on him, she has no idea how much he really hurts. The man that wrecked his family is still taking things from him and she's now bonded to him and he can't do anything about it :(

      Aww :) I thought people would cringe at the part with the knot LOL. The ending though was sweet. Kaya's all the way done now :P

      Haha indeed it shall!

      Thank you :D

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    1. HAHAHA I thought "Hmm I did human with wolf why not go full on this time?" Seemed like a good idea at the time :P

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      Okay, so maybe he thought he could recruit them as pawns and send them into battle first, BWAHAHAHA, delusional as well!
      With much persuasion and convincing, it might have worked on Charlie (before Caleb came back), but now we have a merged-brain of Kaya & Caleb. Come on Luther... having his mate, lowered his intelligence a bit LOL.

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      Lobo took a swing at Caleb... not really down with that... I know he killed your wife, but he's Kaya's mate now and you can't go on hitting the host at his Luna's party. If he can't handle it (understandable), he should just stay away. Kaya will always visit him... Caleb is trying for Kaya's sake, but I fear that if Lobo continues to lose it with him instead of staying away, it could be bad for him. He's seen the shifter-form now and Caleb doesn't have full control over it yet. Lobo might push him over the edge. With the bloodlink, even Kaya cannot blame Caleb if he does.

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      You're right he might have had a chance with Charlie but he waited too long before trying. Although I don't think he would have attempted to go there without at least knowing one person there. Kaya was his saving grace he believed but after everything he's put them through, he shouldn't have expected a different result than what he got!

      You're right that Byron and Lucy never talked in lengths (on camera) about what was happening but she warned him that he wouldn't want to be in Willow Reed in the next three days. That was all he needed to put things together. They knew the hunters had been experimenting on the wolves they captured (thanks to Eli and a few others). So they are mostly just assuming it's something big and something extremely bad!

      Haha yes! Byron verses Connor! Man that would have been bad if any serious damage was done to either of their faces :P It just seemed like it would make a good match up. "I'm a lover not a fighter" well you have to be both right now! And then the girls got in on the action too, Sonja was about to become bald while Luther's new mate was getting her cocky smirk slapped off her face! Lobo on the other hand he had a much different agenda. He has nothing but enemies around him (minus Kaya, Connor and Eli of course) and had no idea who to go after first. Unfortunately Caleb was there and Lobo wasn't thinking too clearly. Luckily for him his daughter got her pack to back off before it came to any serious blows though! Caleb really is trying. He was coming to help with Luther in hopes of sort of burying the hatchet but that's not how it went. They just need to give him space and time.

      Haha yes! It took some doing to get them to look like themselves but she and Caleb in form were great! And yeah that girl demanded to have her wolf take her in those woods. She was turned on watching him fight and the emotion of it all was just so overwhelming for her! Thank you /bow, thank you *waves/kisses* haha. It was a fun little moment. I figured we'd had one form of their little man meets beast, why not go all the way? :P And the idea of having a family with him set his wolf off full speed! He's very ready to commit to that!

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    1. Kaya was a little shocked that she turned also but Caleb explained why she shifted when she did. Luther though lol. He actually didn't go there looking for a fight but he just couldn't help but be himself and that will always get him into trouble! Lobo and Caleb will always have tension between one another unfortunately and during that fight, Caleb coming to his rescue only made things worse. He didn't need or want the man who took everything away from him to come to his aid. I don't think Lobo will ever be ok with this situation and he told her as much when he came to see her Emergence. It was already hard on him but he didn't want to miss her crowning. It's really sad but he will continue trying for her sake. They just have to be really patient for a while.

      The "weapon" will be sorta explained in the next chapter but that is definitely a concern (at least for one of them).

      LOL! Yes, naked Caleb :P

      Thank you for reading :)

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    Connor took on the pretty boy hahahaha... two playboys doing the deadly dance. I hope they each have someone who will gently soothe the bruises... ;)

    I am glad Eli held his own as well.

    1. Nope! He knew that Rafe was able to become "more than animal" but not quite in that way and had no idea Rafe and Caleb were one in the same person! Luther may always appear in control and fearless but there are some things even he cannot keep a straight face around. Shifters aren't very well known by many so that is one thing EVERY smart person or wolf should fear! There's no telling what one of their kind would be capable of. He definitely would love to have a Shifter in his pack though but not sure he'd ever be able to get either one of them...and live to tell about it. That does seem the smart way to go but the witches are often out for their own.

      Lol! They both had to be thinking "not the face!" Byron will have his bruises mended by Lucy no doubt but it seems that Connor may also have his eyes on someone very soon!

      Eli has much to prove. But yeah he was ready to get in there and show them he knows what he's doing!

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    Ok, so is Luther right? There's every possibility that Lobo is right and he just wants to lead them all to their death, but he's also right in that he hasn't ever lied to them. Guess we'll have to wait for that one... And what got into Lobo then?! He was on the right side, then suddenly started beating Caleb and then ran off! Do I sense some jealousy because he's stolen his daughter?

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    1. Aww :) Yeah lol they needed a moment of clarity and I think Kaya is finally starting to realize there's no other place she belongs. She's home.

      OMG I KNOW! It was just so much! I just knew that once I got the last one posed the game was gonna implode or crash or something. But it held up and did as it should and I am grateful! Would have been too long to try and get them all together again!

      True. Luther has never once lied to them. He may be an evil bastard but he's an honest evil bastard lol. Lobo has reason for being cautious. Luther needs someone to man the frontlines so why not let it be his enemies, it's smart. And that's one thing Luther has always been. But Luther wouldn't have made the trip for nothing. He has reason to be concerned. Lobo is definitely a bit hurt that Caleb took his entire family. Killed his mate then mated his daughter and took her to his lands far from him. Lobo has a lot of pent up aggression and hostilities towards Caleb that have yet to come to the surface. The more he's around him, the worse it gets as he wants his revenge more than anything. He left before he let his anger get the better of him.

      The Savages are a great opponent they will always win one way or the other. Unlike the "civilized" wolves, they've never had to answer to higher commands. Gideon really got lucky that Lobo went off on Caleb. They made it out of there with the They will really have to try and put their differences aside if they hope to make it out of this war with the hunters alive. It will be a very difficult thing to do but if Luther is right then they will really need to work at it.

      Haha Kaya is just now seeing how much she loves Caleb. She'll want him in every way every second of the day. And a baby...yeah that will be a very big thing to have to deal with in the face of a war that's for sure. But yep, she was definitely hot for her mate and he was more than prepared to pop a pup or four into that belly. They barely discussed it and he is already acting on it.

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    1. Luther knew there was danger the moment Caleb shifted. He's smart, he didn't want that animal to maul him to death so he tried to leave the area immediately. His pack would have been chow by the end of that fight had Lobo and Caleb not gotten into it! For now the change seems to have only affected Kaya since she mated him but there is still the chance it'll trickle through the pack.

      It wasn't a fight Luther was looking for but he should have been more respectful in their homeland.

      Ha! Yep! Lobo didn't want to be there in the first place but he had to see his daughter take her rightful place as Luna. He'd done everything he could to avoid being near the man but the moment he came close (and he was already riled up from the fight) he took the opportunity. Lobo was very wrong to do that but I don't think he was really seeing clearly. Luckily Caleb let it slide and Kaya was able to corral the others from the area. Though it was obvious they weren't happy about it.

      Indeed! I was reading through the old copy of Simful and saw that it was Caleb's ultimate fantasy to be with Kaya in wolf form. I guess he can check that off his bucket list!

      Thank you for reading :)

  7. I forgot to mention this new weapon that the hunters had is very disturbing. Even if Luther is shit starter I think they should take what he's said seriously....edenz

    1. Exactly! Luther's not a very nice or merciful man but when he comes asking for help, one has to wonder what he's up to. And if it concerned him enough to ask then it's probably something to pay attention to!