Sunday, July 28, 2013

Episode 59: Blood Moon

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Sophie, Rosette, Alex, Amanda, Emily
Word Count: 7,393
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Preparations are underway for the Emergence Ceremony and the women of the Savage pack are busying themselves with the final touches. Meanwhile Caleb has plans of his own for making the night extra special for his mate Kaya and hopes to even get Connor in on the act!
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

God he is so sexy, Kaya thought as she lay watching a nude Caleb move around their bedroom getting dressed to leave. A smile formed on his lips as he turned to face her, “I heard that.”

“Yeah? Well I thought that!” Wriggling her finger at him she motioned him over and he hurriedly moved towards the bed, crawling up from the foot to meet his mate. Their lips connected and Kaya was instantly paralyzed with unbridled passion as memories of the night before invaded her thoughts. Caleb was a man of many talents and he proved himself well versed between the sheets a few times last night. 

Kaya tossed the comforter to the side revealing her naked body beneath as she wrapped herself around his body, drawing him deeper between her legs. “Mmm,” Caleb growled feeling the warmth coming from her thighs. “I want to, trust me I REALLY want to but I have to get going soon. I’m heading out on patrol with the guys. But when I get back…”

Kaya couldn’t hide her disappointment and he could hear the sorrow in her voice as she spoke. “You sure you don’t want to give me just five itty, bitty, tiny minutes?”

“Five ‘itty, bitty, tiny minutes’ would turn into three hours I’m certain of it. You know me. I’m not a minute man and would not be able to stop myself once I start.” The heat started to rise within her as she imagined his hands all over her body and Caleb laughed, pushing her into the pillows with another deep kiss. “Stop that Kaya!”

“What? I’m not doing anything,” she feigned innocence and moaned against his lips.

“While I LOVE that you’ve finally let me into your thoughts, seeing us together last night is not helping me to go do what I need to for this pack.”

“Ugh, fine; go do your Alpha duties but when you get back…”

“When I get back?”

“You’re gonna pay for making me wait.”


“Yeah!” Kaya laughed as Caleb’s fingers tickled across her belly before he kissed her once more and withdrew from the bed.

“I’ll be back soon.” She watched as he tossed a shirt into a backpack and exited through the sliding glass door.

The smell of raw meat lured Kaya towards the kitchen and she suddenly realized just how hungry she had become. Taking a seat at the table near the wall, she watched as Sophie, Rosette, Emily and Amanda went about preparing meals for the entire pack. The she-wolves seemed right at home in the kitchen and it surprised her to see the people that average wolves deemed as savages going about a normal, everyday task. Sensing her Luna’s interest in their activities, Rosette turned with a smile and motioned at the others. “It took a while to get them used to cooking meals instead of hunting and eating them out in the wild as well.”

“Oh Mom! I’m the one that suggested Sunday dinners for our men! It’s not as if we’re mongrels on a constant hunt. It’s nice enjoying a bit of civility at least once during the week. Lord knows with everything else that goes on around these woods we all deserve that much!”

“The hunters?” Kaya inquired listening to Emily defend herself. The blonde woman nodded and turned her attention back to the tray of vegetables she was cleaning in the sink. “How did they learn about you being here anyway?”

“Well that…”

“That was all by accident,” Rosette cut Emily off before the girl could offer up an explanation. “I was out gathering per our usual pre-lunar event and happened upon a trap set by one of them. After informing Charlie about the situation, he organized a few patrols to check the area and one of them alerted the hunters of us when they caught him clearing the trail.” Rosette, Amanda’s mother also, was a bit older than most of the wolves in the pack.

She had been a motherly presence towards Kaya since her arrival back from Willow Reed making Kaya believe this was a role that she took with all of them after all, Caleb did describe her as maternal. She had faded strawberry blonde hair tucked beneath a few grays, cool blue eyes that often bore a smile and a sweet outwardly appearance. It wouldn’t surprise Kaya to learn that Rosette hadn’t fully transitioned until she was in her mid 50s much like her father. Her girls, however, became full wolf early; Emily at 34 and Amanda in her mid 20s like Kaya.

Kaya nodded and watched as Emily’s eyes darted nervously from her mother and Luna before moving towards the oven and pulling out a tray of freshly baked cookies. Something wasn’t right there and Kaya sensed she wasn’t getting the full story from the Elder wolf. “Where is Charlie anyway? Did he go with Caleb on patrol?” She asked standing and stretching as she started towards the kitchen. She pulled a Kiwi from the plate of fruit in front of her and was immediately swatted by Rosette’s wooden spoon. “Ouch!” she frowned and rubbed the back of her hand.

“Ha! It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones subjected to Mom’s abuse!”

“I apologize Dear, but that’s for the ceremony. If I let you have one then every Tom, Dick and Hairy who walks in here will want one and we won’t be eating tonight!”

“I can always help peel more,” Kaya suggested and watched as the Elder’s head shook negatively.

“Now there’s no way I’m putting you to work today. As our newly appointed Luna, or very shortly will be, I’d like nothing more than for you to just relax and enjoy your day. I’m sure that old Alpha of ours has plans of his own for you,” she smiled lovingly and the other three giggled following her line of thought.

Kaya returned the gesture but felt a slight blush on her face as Sophie elaborated on Rosette’s words. “If tonight is anything like the night you two bonded I’m assured no one will be getting much rest tonight. And to answer your question, Luna, the guys are out scouting per Caleb’s request. He wanted to make sure nothing and no one interferes with tomorrow’s celebration.”

“You’re lucky all you got was a swat,” Amanda smiled as she took a seat beside Kaya at the counter. “Mom can be a bit of a tyrant when it comes to the kitchen. I’ve seen many wolves lose a limb!”

“Oh Pish-Posh, don’t listen to that girl. Her head is so full of nonsense it’s hard to tell if she’s ever telling the truth or making up one of those stories of hers,” Rosette defended herself against her youngest.

“Ok then what about Jerrod?”

“What about Jerrod?” Emily asked hearing her mate’s name enter the conversation.

“Last Sunday dinner he went for an eggroll and ended up with a splint for his middle finger!”

“And that’s somehow my fault? He slipped on the cabbage that fell out of his pastry and while trying to catch himself from falling sprain his finger in the process. I told him to keep his grubby paws out of that plate; that was karma.”

“Oh enough about that!” Amanda giggled and pulled on Kaya’s arm until the two women were sitting at the kitchen table again snuggled close on the bench against the wall. “So tell me, woman to woman, just HOW good is our Alpha in bed?”

“Mandy!” Rosette yelled appalled hearing her youngest ask something so disrespectful of their Luna about their Alpha. “You know better than that! Get your tail back over here and help peel these potatoes!” 

“Come on Mom, it’s something we all want to know,” Amanda replied looking pointedly towards her older sister and Sophie. “I mean look at him! You can’t tell me every woman in this pack, single or not, hasn’t had some thoughts about him at some time or another. And outside of those lucky enough to have experienced his animal prowess...”

Sophie cleared her throat as Amanda continued and she instantly turned to look at Kaya with a deer caught in the beam of headlights look on her face. “I mean there weren’t really that many within the pack and I’m sure everyone’s forgotten about them really. And he’s never screamed like he did with you…”

“Mandy, your Mom told you to get over here and help now do you mind?” Sophie sighed and waited for the blonde to make her way back over towards them.

“Well anyway,” Rosette smiled genuinely at Kaya as she dropped another batch of vegetables into the sink. “Now I would not be doing my motherly duties if I didn’t ask, Kaya, are you and Caleb prepared for tonight’s blood ceremony?”

Kaya nervously chewed her bottom lip and nodded her head as she thought about the Blood moon and what that meant for her relationship with Caleb. “When he gets back he’s going to busy himself with something in the Alpha house, he didn’t tell me what exactly and I didn’t ask so I assume he has it all under control.”

“And what about your role? You have to drink of his blood three times in order to validate your union. Three drinks each. The first is to establish an emotional connection and strengthen your love for one another, the second to open up nonverbal communication and the ability to sense the others presence and the third to bind your eternal lives together. Although I know you have already bonded, Caleb suggested we make things official and I must say it’s my first time and I’m really excited to welcome you into the fold!”

“We have most everything covered I’m sure,” Kaya smiled hoping the woman would drop the subject. It was bad enough knowing they’d be waiting outside the Alpha’s quarters for her and Caleb to ‘make things official’, she didn’t need to run her step-by-step through the events of the night too. “Thank you for your concern Rosette.”

“What did I tell you? You can call me Rosie or Mom as a lot of our pack mates do.” Kaya nodded but shied away from a response. It would be a cold day in hell before she would ever call someone else by that term; especially anyone with knowledge and perhaps a hand in what happened to her own mother.

“Madame Luna!” She turned at the sound of Alex’s voice and watched as one of her appointed guards joined them in the kitchen. “And how are you feeling this afternoon? Enjoying your morning thus far?” Even beneath his smile Kaya could sense his frustration at her earlier disappearance. She had become fairly cunning at eluding his company in hopes of having private moments for herself. An act she was sure caused him great discomfort at the hands of his Alpha.

“I’m well Alex, thank you. The day started fine but honestly I think I’d like to go for a run. I’ve seen the north end of the territory enough. I think it’s time to venture out towards a different direction. I want to try and learn everything around this place.”

“That sounds ideal! I would love to join you.” He responded in a way that let her know she was not going to get away from him this time.

“Actually Alex, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you’d show our future Luna the grounds near Cape Falls. There are some Buzzberry bushes that she’ll need the fruit of for her ritual with Caleb tonight,” Rosette suggested instead.

“As is your wish, Rosie,” Kaya smiled at him and nodded as he guided her towards the back veranda. With a quick wave goodbye at the others they took off towards the west.

“Hey Connor wait up a sec,” Caleb shouted after him before he could enter the manor once the group returned from patrol. He dismissed the others and headed down the stairs to where Connor stood, smiling as he approached him. “Hey.”

“Hi,” Connor waved curiously. “What’s up Caleb?”

“I, uh, I wanted to talk to you about…”

“Kaya,” Connor finished the Alpha’s sentence with a heavy sigh.

“Yeah, Kaya; but it’s not what you think. I wanted to apologize about the way I acted and the way I treated you. I know how much you mean to Kaya and that you two are without a doubt the best of friends and it doesn’t go beyond that. It’s just a little hard for me sometimes to accept and see you as this nonthreatening guy because you have known her basically her entire life. That is something I can never have because of my impetuousness; I screwed things up completely and I know that.” 

“But seeing you there, watching her laugh because of one of your inside jokes I can’t pretend as though it doesn’t bother me because it seriously feels like someone reaching into my chest and ripping my heart out every time. I hate it, I do and I think I always will. Saying I’m jealous of what you share with her would be putting it mildly. But I really want us to be friends and that means more to me than some pissing contest and I know it would mean a lot to Kaya. So the point of all this babbling is to ask if you think we could start over? I will make my very best effort to treat you as respectfully and courteously as you deserve. I just hope you can forgive a few slips here and there on my part.” 

“Wow, yeah sure. I’d like that very much.”

“Good and on that note, if you touch her again I’ll kill you.” Caleb growled, erasing all signs of amusement as he held Connor’s hand tighter within his palm nearly crushing the bones in his fingers.

“Wait, what?”

“I’m kidding,” he laughed and lightly slapped Connor’s shoulder. “Relax dude, I’m not that intimidating am I?”

“Well it was convincing enough.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Um, also there’s something else I wanted to ask. From what I understand you’re a pretty talented songwriter and I’ve been trying to relate a few of my sonnets into something lyrical and having the damndest time. You think maybe you could look them over and see if anything can be done with them? I was sort of hoping to surprise Kaya with one at the ceremony.”

“Sounds good.”

“And of course I don’t have to tell you it’s a secret.”

“Or what you’ll kill me for spilling the beans?” Connor smiled and nodded his consent. “Don’t worry, I won’t utter a word. Although at some point you may have to tell Eli so he’ll be able to add the drum line to the song. He’s the one you should threaten; I don’t think he does well with secrets.”

“Right! ‘Threaten Eli’,” Caleb wrote on his hand with an imaginary pen. “I’ll get right on that. How are you two getting along here anyway?”

“Well other than the occasional angry glare I get from a few of the people around here it’s been fairly decent.”

“Wait what guys are giving you a hard time? Does Kaya know?”

“I told her about it but it’s cool. Like I said to her I don’t want to start any trouble and I’m sure it’s just them trying to adjust to having outsiders joining the pack.”

“It’s not acceptable Connor they know who you are and pretty soon they’ll realize your new status within the pack. If they can’t respect that then…”

“Really Caleb, I can handle it. Other than that I’m slowly learning my way around the place, which is nearly triple the size of Greymane, but it’s been great. There is so much space to stretch out around here.”

“It helps to get in on the ground floor. When Charlie and I first discovered this city there was absolutely nothing here. We used our last penny buying up large parcels of the land back in the mid 1800s so when developers started cultivating the place to bring in residents and tourists, we already owned a great deal of the town. There have been offers to buy but none of it of course is for sale.”

“Of course; land is the most precious of resources for our kind.”

“I couldn’t have said it better myself,” Caleb smiled and patted Connor’s shoulder lightly.

“So those sonnets?”

“Right, I want to start when I know Kaya is busy so there’s no chance she’ll catch us. I think the women are going to keep her busy in the dressing room trying on dresses.”

“Dresses? You do have something planned for tonight right? Because if Kaya is ‘shopping’ you might not see her for a month.”

“Ha well I think I’ll be ok, the ladies already selected a few outfits for her so there’s not much for her to choose from. The hair might be what takes the rest of the afternoon, Rosie’s great with distractions; for starters she sent her on a wild goose hunt in the woods. Anyway when you can, meet me in the den. I’m gonna go scare up a few of my diaries and see which might work best as a song.”

Caleb closed the door and started up the stairs towards the second story balcony where Connor sat beside the music equipment and motioned with the books in his hand as he joined him. “So I was thinking about something loving but not the typical power ballad. I don’t want it to be soft or mushy but it needs to fully convey the sentiment. I know Night Shift doesn’t really do ‘love songs’ so I’m hoping you can loan me your expertise on the matter.”

“Kaya would like anything you did for her really. She may not seem like it sometimes because she was always supposed to be this ‘tough Alpha’s daughter’ but she’s a real girly, girl. Pink wallpaper, stuffed animals, shoe shopping; the whole nine.”

“Yeah but I don’t want her to like it like a mother coddling a child. I want her to love it and know why it came from me when she hears it. I’m sure it’s easier for you. You two have this bond that’s unbreakable. I’d give anything to have that with her.”

“Yeah well it wasn’t easy, trust me. She wasn’t very forthcoming about a lot of things that happened to her at home. Lobo told her that he didn’t want her talking about the pack or anything wolf related because he didn’t know who she could trust. But when Kaya and I finally got to the place where we could talk about anything we both realized how similar our experiences had been as far as fathers with tempers. I remember once she had received a communication from Lobo because he discovered she’d confided in me. He told her he was coming to get her and bring her home as soon as possible. It broke her heart.”

“He came and got her? I thought she spent all of her teen years in France with you?”

“She did. That’s when she decided we should run away together and make our own pack,” Connor laughed as he thought about the bullheaded little girl he’d befriended. “Can you imagine a pack run by two runaway teens, one who was rather wimpy and pathetic and the other who didn’t let anyone stand in her way? I don’t think we would have made it very far. But uh we did. We got as far as Auvergne before she decided it was going to be our home. This place was just amazing and she was instantly in love with it. The countryside was full of hills and mountains, lakes, rivers, hot springs, a few volcanic areas which we loved to explore and forests with so much wildlife to hunt.”

“How old were you?”


“And already a wolf pack with a new land?”

“Yeah it was nuts but I wasn’t about to tell her no. If I had, Lobo would have come and she’d have been gone. I would have lost my only friend. Kaya was the only one at school or in my life that didn’t look at me like some useless, feeble minded geek; other than my Mom of course. So we settled in a vacant chateau lost beneath a mountain cliff and lived there for a little while; sixteen days to be exact.”

“What happened then?”

“My Mom and Lobo found us and dragged us home kicking and screaming. Kaya told her father straight out that if he took her from France she’d never forgive him; never speak to him again. So in order to ensure his daughter was going to be in good hands, Lobo inducted me into Greymane and had me swear a blood oath to always protect her. I always suspected he did it partly so that he could keep tabs on me; make sure we weren’t running away again.”

“Plus if you ever went against his orders and touched her, he’d know about it. The penalty of which would have been death; clean kill, no guilt.” Connor glanced over at Caleb and he shrugged with a smirk, “What? It’s what I would have done.” Flipping a page in the journal in front of him, he stopped and moved towards Connor quickly. “I’ve got it!”

Connor took the book from Caleb’s hand and read the first verse of the poem on the page and a smile formed on his face. “Dude, I think I know the perfect tune for this. The third verse here we’ll make the chorus; repeat it and use the second as the 1st chorus. You’ll need to write a bridge though but other than that this is great.”

“Yeah? Think Kaya will think so?”

“Kaya, yeah there’s the trick. She plays lead guitar for the band so how exactly is this going to work?”

“Oh that’s simple. See her best friend is going to convince her that for the ceremony there’s a three minute ‘moment of silence’ in which this piece is played and it’s instrumental only. So she won’t ever see the lyrics, only the music sheet.”

“Her best friend? Really? Well I guess that means you’ve accepted me after all; Kaya uses me often for her subterfuge, now I feel special.” Caleb laughed and Connor took a seat behind his keyboard, giving him a small preview of the sound he had in mind for the song. “So I was under the impression that wild wolves didn’t care about ceremony and tradition. Why are you and Kaya going through with the Emergence and Blood Moon rites?”

“Because I know she cares about them and I want her to have everything she wants. It’s still not going to make us become a part of the traditional wolf societies and be governed by its Council. I’d chew off my right arm first before allowing a bunch of hypocritical douche bags tell me what I can and can’t do and who I can and can’t kill,” he winked slyly when Connor looked up at him.

“Life as a governed wolf’s not all bad; if anything it helps you learn immediately who your friends are and who you can and can’t trust. Well let’s see how far we can get with the sound before you have to go.” Caleb grabbed the Fender from the rack and took a seat on the stool beside Connor and the two started in on the underlying track for his song to Kaya.

Kaya stood in the dressing chambers of the Alpha’s quarters nervously preparing herself for what Caleb had in store. Everyone had been smiles and giggles all day watching him secretly go about setting up their evening but she was on pins and needles since learning the entire pack wanted to ensure their bond was done correctly. Unlike the first time where she bit him in the heat of the moment during a tumultuous night of passion, this was planned out specifically as it should be prior to the Emergence ceremony. 

She’d never had a problem expressing herself whether good or bad publicly to Caleb but this was something different. The idea that the entire pack was waiting for their completion scared her. Many had already accepted her as their Luna but in the back of her mind lingered thoughts on those Amanda mentioned who may have once been involved with Caleb. Would they be as accepting? Did they house some sort of hatred or jealousy towards her? Tonight felt as if she was jumping blindly off a cliff with no idea how deep the waters were below.

Kaya checked her reflection one last time in the mirror before making her way to the bedroom. Caleb was putting final touches to items on the table near the fireplace when their eyes met. His breath caught in his throat, and he stuttered a string of nonsense before taking a breath and starting again. “To translate, you look ravishing Kaya, wow.” He swallowed hard and took a step forward as his gaze slowly drank in the vision of perfection standing in the doorway. It took him a moment to realize he wasn’t breathing; in fact it felt as if his heart had stopped completely, before Kaya finally spoke, breaking the trance he was under.

“Funny, I was going to say the exact same thing to you,” she smiled and leisurely made her way over to where he stood. Dressed in an opened button-down shirt and pressed cotton slacks, Caleb looked every bit as appetizing as the meal laid before her on the table. Kaya’s eyes played over the care he’d taken with the setup but Caleb could only stare at her in amazement; she was overwhelmingly magnificent. 

“You cooked for me again? Gee if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were buttering me up for something.”

“Well as memory serves, you did threaten me this morning. I figured if I made you my infamous Beef Wellington with Foie Gras Pâté you’d be more inclined to…”

“What? Let you bend me over in the throes of passion and ride me like a cheap, bar bronco?”

“Did I ever tell you how much I loved the way you think?” He asked with a smirk, holding out his hand for her to take. Bending to give it a kiss, his eyes were closer than ever to the silky fabric that hugged her like a second skin and he marveled at the way it emphasized her gentle curves. “You look simply divine in white.”

“You’re nervous,” Caleb observed as he pulled her chair out for her to take a seat. It was more a statement than a question but he didn’t need Kaya to respond one way or the other; he could sense her apprehension in the quickness of the breaths she took. “I think it’s a compliment that little, old me can make a seasoned rockstar who’s performed for millions worldwide jittery like a virgin on her wedding night.”

“Well not to steal the wind from your sails Caleb, but you’re not the reason I’m on edge.” She blew out a breath as he poured her a glass of wine, waiting on her to continue. Kaya pressed her lips tightly together realizing she may have bitten off more than she could chew. The closer she came to the ceremony, the more she thought about if she truly was ready to become the Luna of the animals who murdered her family. Then there was Amanda and the conversation earlier.

Whether or not she knew about the women in her mate’s past was not going to change how she felt about him so what was the point? Although he was perfectly aware of the men she’d been with, in fact he’d made it a mission to kill one and threatened another. “I just think…well everyone is waiting on us to, you know; it’s a little weird is all,” she lied convincingly, smiling reassuringly towards him as she found confidence behind the words she spoke. It was done one way or the other. She was eternally bonded to this man and his family; making it ‘official’ wouldn’t change that.

“I see your point. Would you like me to send them all for a run to say, Canada? They’d do it and I’m sure they’d enjoy the exercise.” Kaya laughed and Caleb joined in watching her face light up with amusement. “Just focus on me Kaya and pretend as if I’m the only person who matters because for me, you’re the only one in my world.”

“You always know the right thing to say.”

“It’s a gift,” Caleb shrugged and smiled as he leaned forward asking for her hands. “Kaya, if you ever feel out of place here, please come and talk to me. We can figure it out together whether it’s a needed vacation or just general change around the manor. I’d like to think I’m an open book; that kind of transparency is important in a relationship.”

“In speaking of,” Kaya sighed, taking the opportunity to broach one of the subjects in question. “I recently learned something about you and some of the women in the pack…” Caleb’s brows rose slightly and Kaya could see him inhale deeply as she continued. “Is there anything I should know about with that? Any exes with an axe to grind for instance?”

Caleb laughed as he shook his head no. “You’ve been talking to Amanda.”

“Actually she approached me. But besides that, if you’ve had relations with some of the pack females I think as their Luna I should have been made aware and not only that but as your mate, Caleb. Do you have any idea the type of volatile situation that could possibly be?”

“I do and you’re right I should have told you about them. Just know that whatever happened between me and anyone here was a very long time ago Kaya, well before I even knew about you. After I realized you were out there, I lived like a monk, I swear!”

“How many?”

“Six. Do you want names?”

Biting her lip, she quietly shook her head no. “It’s not important. The only thing I want to know is do any of them have the potential of being dangerous to me or my position within the pack?”

“Honestly I’d say they all do; it’s the way of our kind. But if you’d like I’ll talk to them one-on-one and assess their threat level.”

“That won’t be necessary Caleb.”

“It is if you’re concerned about being usurped, Kaya.”

“I’m a big girl I can kick my own asses.”

Caleb smirked hearing the confidence in her statement and nodded his head. “Then I’ll write their names for you so you know which doors to go knocking on. I want you to feel completely comfortable here Baby; this is your home now.” Standing from his seat, Caleb circled around the table and knelt down in front of Kaya, taking her hands again. “Promise me you’ll always tell me when you have concerns?”

Kaya’s eyes shut briefly as she considered telling him about her other concern. But looking him in the eyes and seeing the promise he held for their relationship and for things working out as they should, she bit her tongue for now. “I promise Caleb.”

“Good. Now then, we have but a few hours to ourselves before the first night festivities begin and there is something we are supposed to be doing in that time,” he grinned and lifted her from her seat. He turned her around slowly, trailing kisses on her cheek and jaw line. Kaya arched her back, her body responding to his touch, swelling with desire. His hands slid over the smooth material of her dress with ease as he wrapped himself around her, gently peppering kisses on her neck and shoulders. She held her breath when his lips rested on her neck, his warm breath fanning against her feverish nerve endings. “Do you trust me?” he asked, his deep voice trembling with emotion.

“With my life,” she replied and tilted her head, exposing more of her neck to his lips. Caleb’s mouth opened and slowly he lowered his teeth to her soft flesh, breaking through the skin and suckling the warm line of crimson that spilled between his lips. Ardently, she listened to his greedy growls as he lapped at her blood, his arm tightening around her as a deep howl rumbled in his chest. 

The first time did not compare to the way she felt tonight. His slow breathing in her ear and steady heartbeat was in a way comforting and rhythmically entrancing. Kaya was teleported to a heightened state of eroticism as Caleb started on his second then third drink, being careful not to take too much and leave her lightheaded. The fire raged on in the fireplace, illuminating the room and casting a romantic hue against his shape. Shadows danced along the walls and she watched as her mate quietly pulled away from her, wiping his lips as he swallowed the last of her blood. “Your turn,” he whispered against her ear as he moved in front of her.

She smiled up at him, feeling both anxious and excited to be completing their link in a formal ceremony. Wild with desire and yearning, Kaya pushed Caleb’s head to the side and stood upon her tiptoes to reach his neck. He held back a laugh and lowered himself enough to keep her from straining to bite him.  

Her mouth locked against his skin and blood slowly dripped from his neck along his collarbone. The first drop of his blood settled within her stomach, arousing her wolf and driving her over the edge. Her one desire in that moment became satisfying her animal side and the gnawing hunger deep within her gut. “Kaya?” Caleb warned as he felt her finally begin her third drink but it appeared she wasn’t quite ready to back down now. Caleb could read her thoughts, something he had not been allowed to do for a while. But now with her resistances falling and her guard down she was left defenseless against his explorations and he could hear the exhilaration of her wolf as she fed from her mate. “Kaya?” he tried again, this time using force to pry her away from her hold. 

The moment her teeth unlocked from his neck, she plunged her tongue within his mouth, kissing frantically and pawing at him urgently trying to appease her wild side another way. Feverishly he returned her kisses, unzipping the gown at her back as he kicked his shoes to the side. This is how it was supposed to be; this is who they were. Animals locked in a heated battle of passion, unable to control their hunger for the other, always craving to be near; wanting. Molten fire spread its way through her entire body and she clung to Caleb, moaning as his mouth trailed flames down her chest.

The dress, though it looked great on her, looked better once Caleb reduced it to a ball of silk in the corner of the room. With the expensive gown no longer standing between him and what he so desperately desired, his fingers immediately went to work undoing the clasps of her bra and removing the other scraps of material covering her body. Kaya got the idea and helped Caleb with his shirt and pants as well, tenderly kissing his lips as she turned to undo the remaining buttons on his shirt. 

Resting her gently on the bed, Caleb gripped the back of her right thigh and positioned himself at the entrance of her core. Pressing into her slowly, he stopped with every inch to allow her to adjust. The heat coming from her body was enough to drive him to lose focus and break his will. It was taking everything he had not to surrender to the control his mate had over him and possess her body in every way possible to satisfy the beast within. Kaya looked up noticing the hesitance in his actions and smiled. I’m not a China doll, Caleb. Stop treating me like glass and show me why they call you Savage!

With a chuckle and deep growl, he pushed his way into her in one long, hard thrust watching her eyes as every inch of his cock rammed all the way inside of her. “Oh fuck!” she gasped as he pulled out and drove deeper each time he pushed in again, submerging his entire shaft into her as far as he could go. “Caleb, wait,” she cried and pushed at his thigh trying to back herself away. Instead Caleb held her legs and pulled her back forcefully, impaling her harder onto his thick rod. Smiling to himself as she continued squirming and moaning in pained pleasure, he rocked his hips into her endlessly to the rhythm of her breathing watching the light in her eyes shimmer with lust. 

“Careful what you wish for, Kaya,” he growled as he fell against her chest and sucked on her neck harshly until a large, red hickey appeared beneath his lips. Kaya finally found a rhythm and threw her arms around his neck, gripping him tighter against her body. Very soon he felt himself getting lost within the silky heaven between her legs, craving and desiring to take her much harder and faster than he had before. Leaning up a little, Caleb traced her lips with his tongue, nibbling on them and gently biting on the soft flesh, causing her to gasp and moan against his mouth. Kaya kissed him back, drowning herself in his mouth and the desirable way his tongue worked around hers. 

Her ravenous kisses provided the consent he needed to take his motions to the next level, no longer worried about exhausting himself within the slick conditions pushing him over the edge. Caleb lifted her legs over his shoulders and slammed his hips into her harder deliberately aiming his thrusts downward, filling her completely. “Harder...” she begged, hungrily arching her back meeting his forward thrusts. He smirked and gave her exactly what she asked for, shoving himself deeper and harder. “FUCK!” Their sounds of passion jumbled together, expressing the extent of their pleasure in gasps and growls that filled the room.

Her thighs squeezed tightly around his neck and he gave her a gentle caress on her side silently guiding her towards another orgasm as she whipped around violently beneath him. Multitudes of colors floated in front of her eyes as she bolted upright against him before falling back into the pillows below. Her breathing was heavier and Caleb stopped a moment to give her time to come back to earth, smiling at her as her eyes reopened. “Mmm I don’t remember giving you permission to take a break,” she giggled and wiggled her hips against his lap.

Caleb groaned loudly, pulling out of her roughly, and fell against Kaya’s chest, smothering her body beneath the sweat slicked heat of his own. She wrapped her legs around his hips and pushed herself against him as he buried himself deep within her wet core. Each of his thrusts echoed throughout her entire body; bouncing off the walls of her pubic bone and vibrating through her center sending a shock wave up through her chest. “Feels…so…good,” he growled in her ear, humping her like a lubricated piston in a cylinder. Faster and faster he worked his hips until the muscles around him gripped tighter than ever before. 

“Mmm holy shit, Caleb,” Kaya moaned louder, screaming into his ear as she again went over the edge of ecstasy. Their bodies tangled frantically on top of the sheets, locked in a carnal embrace reaching new heights they’d never imagined. The simplest of touches, the most tender of caresses elicited some of the most intense orgasms either had ever shared. Caleb was exquisite in form and his body dissolved completely inside of Kaya’s, the molten heat between them fusing their writhing bodies so thoroughly together. 

Pulling out, he slowly drove himself forward, allowing Kaya to feel every inch of his rock hard cock slip into her. She groaned with each thrust, cussing him for the torturously slow movements as she tightened her legs around his back to force him deeper. Caleb laughed and pulled away, locking eyes with his mate as he lifted up above her. Kaya pushed up against him, constricting her pussy muscles against his throbbing cock and Caleb pulled out quickly before she had the chance to get what she was aiming for. “Stop that I want to savor this moment Kaya.”

“That’s fine Caleb just savor it faster,” she sighed and felt her body tingle in response to the tip of his shaft sliding across her stiff bud as he pulled out again. Words again turned to gibberish as he teased her slick pussy up and down. Kaya flailed into the pillows as Caleb made her climax again. Thousands of tiny jolts shocked her system, prickling her skin with goosebumps from her head down to her toes. He howled as she reached her peak, feeling it himself through the bond they shared. Every sensation she enjoyed, he enjoyed and he relished controlling her pleasure and bringing her to this moment.

And right when Kaya thought she could take no more, Caleb gripped her thigh tightly within his large, masculine paw and slammed his hips into her as hard as he could. Kaya screamed, feeling the muscles rip at the back of her throat as she did and another set of tiny tremors rushed through her like a thousand fireworks exploding deep within her womb; she was seeing stars. Her mate was panting above her now. The once calm and domineering Savage was reduced to a few grunts and groans and profane outbursts of his own as the muscles he teased before were now tightening and convulsing around his prodding shaft. 

Tears formed and slowly rolled down her cheeks as she began seeing herself through his eyes and in that moment, Kaya knew no one on earth could ever love her more than Caleb. Finally listening to his thoughts and letting him in on hers, they communicated nonverbal sentiments from their souls and as she came again the words I love you were expressed through her thoughts. She slid her body over his, letting her warmth surround him. Those three, simple words never would be enough to effectively convey the way she truly felt about him and Caleb could see it in her eyes. She thrashed wildly in his grip as she let her feral side control her, rocking harder and faster in Caleb’s lap while his love consumed her.

Reaching up, he used his thumb to wipe away the tears that stained her cheeks and smiled. I love you more. He replied, lifting his hips to meet her sensuous thrusts feeling the culmination of their actions in his loins. He didn’t need words; Kaya knew his body was ready and she rocked faster, harder preparing herself to take all he had. “I’m cumming, I’m…fuck!” Caleb’s fingers gripped her hips tighter and he groaned in pleasure as he released inside of her, filling her velvety warmth with his hot, sticky cum before collapsing into the bed sheets beneath her. 

She fell over on top of him, breathing hard trying to let her lungs catch up. “Wow,” he laughed breathily and hugged her hot body against his chest.

“Yeah,” she responded, smiling and laughing with him as she listened to his heart beating within his ribs. Her eyes started to close and Caleb shook her, pecking her forehead as they reopened.

“I’m sorry but you can’t rest now,” he whispered as he lovingly stroked a hand through her hair and her eyes shot towards his as she noticed the time. It soon would be nine and the others were in the yard awaiting their arrival. Caleb and Kaya were to announce themselves together a minute after midnight once the blood moon was at the peak of its primal power.

Continue ---->


  1. Well that was a lot to take in and I'll probably forget something as I comment.

    Opening shot, loved it! How could I ever be disappointed in a naked Caleb. It is nice to see them at a place like that where she is so comfortable with him after all he's done.

    The she wolves are fun. Rosie seems sweet and likes being the mother, but her comment about calling her mom was a tad out of place even if Ky's mom has been dead for centuries. I know she didn't mean any harm by it and since it's not something they care about it's not really on their mind how she could have felt about that being said. I guess they could care, but not sure since they aren't the type to apologize for their actions.

    I thought (and still think) it was bad to be mated to and totally in love with (based on the ending scene) the man that destroyed your pack and killed your mom. But you are now surrounded by people that could have been there and taken part in the destruction. That is really a little sad and fucked up when I think about it. This is why I don't get the whole wolf pack pride thing and I can understand why Lobo is having such a hard time with it all. I don't know if I could live with and call those people family. :( Just my two cents on that.

    Ok can we talk about a lack of privacy?!?!?! Mandy was WAY WAY WAY out of line with asking about Caleb and I'm glad the older women tried to reign her in. But also knowing the whole house heard them having sex, and would be waiting for them to have sex tonight. UM wow creepy pervy much???

    And what's up with the Hunter thing? Rosie was hiding something there and I want to know what. She cut off and edited that story I can tell and there has to be a reason for it.

    Honestly this is all seeming like a lack of respect for Ky. So they treat Connor like and outsider still, hide things from Ky. I hope after tonight things change and they show more respect for both of them but I don't see that happening. They may see her as Luna but I don't know if they really respect her like they should. Or I could just be clouded by the whole this pack tried to kill off her pack thing. That is very possible.

    The last scene. It's nice that Caleb wants her to be honest with him and they talked about his past. She does need to know who may be looking at her as a threat but I really don't think she has much to worry about there.

    The bonding sex. It was hot and intense and everything I would expect from them. The expression of love was heartwarming and it's nice to see her get to that point. I am however still plagued with what he did for some reason right now. I don't know why but it's always bugged me (and you know I lub me some Caleb) but it's more of me not getting the wolf mentality. I think too human like I guess and have a hard time with the idea of loving the man that murdered her mom without a second thought. I know he's sorry and he's trying to make up for it, but its not something he can make up for. :(

    I'm babbling I know and sorry. LOL it really was a touching moment and it means a new beginning for them just like he asked for a new beginning with Connor. :)

    Can't wait to hear the song. It's gonna be great I'm sure.

    Ok think that gets it all, if not I'll be back :D

    1. Wow!!!!! Um...*runs to grab soft pillow* Ok, I'm comfy now, let's do this!

      I highly doubt you'll forget...nevermind, I see your point.

      LOL there's so much to love there and Kaya is finally admitting that she appreciates looking at him too! She still has her moments but for the most part she is coming around! I guess technically eternal creatures can hold a grudge forever but that's just a lot of wasted energy. (Especially when you could be doing the horizontal tango instead!)

      They are a bunch of interesting women, and that's not even half of them! The Savages are many more than at first glance as we'll see in C60. Rosie is very nurturing towards them all and as lone wolves, coming into something like that can be very refreshing. Kaya didn't like that comment either. Especially consider Rosie was there and knows what happened! It is a hard situation for her. The Savages are known for taking what they want by any means so some human emotions are understandly unreachable, hard to process or just turned off for their own good. Rosie didn't really think before she spoke.

      The bond ensures love follows so even if she wanted to hate Caleb, it would be impossible to. The only way to feel that emotion completely is to sever the bond which would ultimately end with both of them dying. So it's one of those damned if you do/don't types of situations. She's finding him to be a real and genuine person and working on getting past what he did to her as he is working on showing her he's not all bad. Being in Shadowvale and surrounded by people who may have had a hand in her pack's demise is a scary place and one I doubt she would attempt without Connor by her side. Lobo definitely sees things through your eyes and is having the hardest time getting comfortable with the idea that his little girl and only child is in the middle of that place. I'm sure you'll see your suspicions come to fruition very soon too :)

      Mandy is a bubblegum blonde and likes to speak without thinking (and again goes to the Savage thing you mentioned earlier with no regard towards another's feelings). This is showing Kaya that she has a lot of learning to do still about the people around her and it's gonna be hard considering they like to react rather than think and Greymane has always been about making the smart decision, not the one that best serves an individual. Mandy had no right and it was very disrespectful of both her Alpha and especially her new Luna. But it speaks to character and a mouth like hers is BOUND to get her into trouble! Lol Caleb was breaking furniture! Now while the house is tempered for sound, the fact that he shattered a window, bed frame/headboard and wall would not go unnoticed. And yes, they will be waiting for them to blood bond...the sex was actually bonus lol...thanks Caleb.

      to be continued...

    2. Rosie is definitely hiding something and Kaya senses it too. She knows they aren't telling her something. Perhaps it's time to use her new found status and force it out of them? Or maybe investigate on her own! There is certainly a reason for the new and improved lie she hand fed Kaya!

      It is really disrespectful and the girls are going on Mom's example I'm sure. Connor and Kaya will get the respect they deserve or heads will roll, literally (it's punny cause it's true)...sorry. Caleb won't like learning about their huge slap in the face to his Queen and best friend either. And you NEVER want to make Caleb mad! Lol no you're not blinded, you see things as I think I've made them which is good. :) There are TONS of issues that need to be worked out in the Shadowlands.

      You're on Caleb side with that. He knows she can handle her own if need be but there's nothing she has to fear when she can probably whip all of their asses (maybe even their combined ass). And if not, she has Caleb and Connor there to pick up the slack!

      Caleb was pleasantly pleased with the way Kaya responded to sex and their bond. It's really doing his heart wonders to know that his love is returned. Finally letting go I think is what made the sex better than it had been before (if you can imagine that). It's understandable. There are times where I think "wow how do you come back from that?" and then times I say "Aww Caleb is so sweet." To be honest there is no right way to say "Hey I killed your mom and slaughtered your pack, love me forever". It's all a matter of working through your pain and trying to see things from the other's perspective and even then the hurt never goes away. It's always there, looming in the background like a snake waiting to strike. Lol human like. Well...wolves mate for life. Would you want to be eternally bonded to someone you hate or would you rather die? Those are Kaya's choices. Learn to deal or commit suicide basically since breaking the bond will kill them.

      Haha no need to apologize your thoughts were great to read and yes I just said that. It is a new beginning for them all and hopefully it's one that gets off to a good start! (teehee)

      Caleb will do his best for sure :D

      Thank you for reading and leaving such a detailed and interesting response :)

    3. Just for the record, I've never had to make 2 posts to respond to anyone before LOL!

  2. Wow... Don't think I can beat Jazen's comment, she pretty much said it all!

    I, too, am glad Kaya is finally at ease around Caleb. I found it a bit sad that she was apprehensive about being joined to him because of his pack, and the history with her mother. The sad part was that she decided it was already too late and she should just give in. That's not like Kaya at all. I mean, she'd do anything for her pack (back at Greymane), but I never thought she'd go against her better judgement for one person. I hope she learns to love life with the Savages, Caleb will be a big help.

    Amanda... Just, ew. How could she even imagine that that was an appropriate question? For anyone, let alone your new Luna! :| I just hope she's a little simple in the head, because that would give her some excuse, although I'm wondering if she is perhaps one of the ones Caleb had back in the day, and just saying stuff like that to throw her off the scent and make Luna feel so uncomfortable that she stays in her quarters.

    I love that Caleb is continuing to make an effort with Connor. I can't wait to see the song, either! I bet Ky will love it just because its from him, and I love that he's not afraid to show his sensitive side as so many 'tough man' men are.

    The bonding was hot *fans self* moreso than the original bonding, but I can't imagine how awkward it'll be for Kaya to go out and face the pack now... They weren't exactly quiet, and I can't even begin to imagine what it'd be like to know that an entire mansion was listening in :| Hopefully she'll still be on a high and won't notice so much.

    I think that'll do for now, don't want to end up like Jazens comment! Great chapter! :)

    1. Lol yeah that was crazy!

      It is a little sad watching her admit defeat as if her life ended. But in Kaya's mind, the bonding had already happened so there wasn't any fighting left to be done about it. Whether accident or force of nature when she bit him, she belonged to him and that meant leaving Greymane whether she wanted to or not. She needed this though; to be around Caleb in his home element so that she could learn who he truly is and grow more at ease around him. He will certainly do all he can to continue helping her get comfy with the Savages and living in a new pack!

      LOL yeah that was very rude and very disrespectful. I'm surprised Kaya didn't respond or even take her out back to smack some sense into her. She is a little "special" lol but it seems she was much more interested in knowing a little something about Caleb rather than realizing it was inappropriate to even broach. And maybe in her mind she thought this was a decent way to "get to know" Kaya? Either way it left a bad taste in Kaya's mouth and drove her to get answers!

      Caleb wants more than anything to be best buds with Connor and expressing how it feels when he sees him with Kaya may be a BIG help with that because now Connor knows for certain where he stands. Haha yeah Caleb is a real softy and it's comforting in a way to know he's not the total psychopathic murdering machine most have depicted him as.

      Thank you haha yeah Caleb really put forth an effort this time around; he wanted to get it perfect. Lol yeah Caleb made sure "quiet" went out the door with that one! She was already embarrassed enough thinking they were listening in. She definitely has reason to smile though and even more when she gets up on stage and her mate gives her yet another surprise!

      You still have about 8pgs to go before that happens, Gem, no worries lol Thank you for reading :)

  3. Yeah, there is definitely no beating Jaz' comment!

    I'm speechless really?
    No, wait.... 6? WHICH six, I need to know to watch out too!!
    I share Jaz' feelings about the wolves calling her/ accepting her as Luna, but not respect her as such. The fact Amanda asked her about Caleb's motion is proof enough of that. There's only so far you can go.

    Amanda may be going for the 'I-wanna-be-good-friends-with-the-Luna' thing; taking in their ages, but come on. I mean, there's only so far you can go!!!!

    The traditional bonding was intense-nice-superb-awesome-intense-hot-hot-hot-hot-magnificent-mind-blowing-intense-hot, did I mention intense? and hot? I definitely need a wolf of my own. Why are they all taken? WAIT... Coco is still available... hmmmm *greases the wheels in my mind*

    Have to agree that it's creepy they were listening (I know for a fact they were) to those two *mating* (That's put mildly, I was thinking close to 'burning a hole in the bed' Disappointed it's still in tact to be honest! Now you have something to think about!!)
    It's kinda like a 'bedding' they did in the past where the public watched a marriage being consummated. Screw that!


    It's still hard on him isn't it? The way they treat him like an outsider still. Which is also why I feel they won't respect Kaya, like I said!


    1. PS:

      I only noticed (after reading for the umpteenth time) that Caleb's shirt should be illegal too!!
      Shirtless, illegal! Now you don him a shirt that's SEE-THROUGH!!!! (illegal)

      I know you don't like me, but killing me won't do you any good either!

    2. LOL! I wouldn't even attempt that Jem.

      Which six is the question and Kaya should get that list from Caleb so she knows who to look out for! Kaya's not a wild wolf and because of that, the Savages may think she doesn't have what it takes to be their leader so the "respect" part of her being their Luna has not been given/earned in their minds. But she'll do something that will put fear in everyone's heart and they'll see her for the scary she-wolf she can be!

      Very true. She thought of it as a "girl moment" and wanted to bond with her Luna on that level but it just came off as rude and a little creepy.

      Caleb got it right this time around that's for sure. And Kaya needed a moment or three hours to sleep but he put the kibosh on that real quick! Lol all the good ones are taken or gay they say right? Yep, Connor's single and ready to mingle but something about the Shadowlands has a way of changing one's perspectives :)

      Oh yeah, some ears were burning on that little private moment of theirs. Even being in the yard near the greenhouse, a good distance away, there's no missing the way Caleb was howling or Kaya's screaming. Ha! He destroyed their bed the first time and even put holes in the wall, that's why they are in a new room :P Yeah that's a little unsettling to say the least. I know Greeks and some other cultures have a tradition of hanging the new bride's sheets on the clothesline to show she was a virgin too.

      HAHA really? Illegal? According to some (who shall remain nameless but whose name starts with M and ends with ica) thought they had on too much clothing. She said and I quote "The Savages should be a nudist colony. Seriously, why are they wearing anything at all?" It does seem Connor is getting into the swing of things though. He would not be upstaged by all the other half clothed studs walking around like the biggest coc...rooster in the yard!

      It is very hard for him. They are all outsiders, Eli, Kaya and Connor but Connor and Kaya seem to be taking the most heat because of their status within the pack. Or perhaps there are other underlying reasons as to what the Savages dislike about their new pack mates? We shall see :)

      Lol! Ok, if they are fully clothed next time, don't blame me :D Thank you for reading :)

    3. Haha well he wanted to look nice for his date with Kaya! But being shirtless all the time, his body didn't know how to react to something so...form fitting. It needed to breathe!

      What? Kill you? Never! I couldn't imagine a world without Jem! Comas work just as well. You'd still be alive and around to torture that way :D

    4. Aww *hugs* I think we're two peas in a pod too!

  4. Uh oh, SIX others? I hope this doesn't cause Kaya any troubles! Mandy is quite the Chatty Patty, isn't she? Man, I felt uncomfortable for Kaya having to listen to her!

    I love that with each chapter, we see more and more of who Caleb is as a person, feel his real passion and love for her and how he seems to want to do anything in his power to please her. I feel like they've really turned a corner and I can't wait to see how the ceremony plays out.

    And I agree with Jean-Marie: More half-naked Connor!

    Update was well worth waiting for! I hope you're all settled in your new place!

    1. Oh yeah! That's not a small number either considering they are wild wolves and dangerous. Kaya said she didn't want to know more but it might be in her better interest to get that information upfront just in case. Mandy is quite chatty. She's hopelessly oblivious and maybe a little too friendly/schmoozy.

      Caleb is doing his best to show Kaya he's growing and learning to adapt to new ideas and not just the old standard Savage way that he's used to. He wants her to be comfortable around him and his people and is hoping that showing her his romantic and diplomatic side, she'll come around. They have come far but then there are some (like Mandy and the others keeping secrets) who remind her she's not in Kansas anymore.

      Haha more half naked/full naked coming right up :)

      Thank you for that. We've finally got into a groove here. Yay! I'm working on shots and everything for the next release so hopefully I get it done on time!

      Thank you for reading :)

  5. Wella... hmmm... Caleb is a mush ... big bad wolf succumbs to little girl ;)
    He even wrote her songs... I can't wait to hear them :)

    The ladies in that kitchen seemed very catty... all of them... did that old lady really hit Kaya with a spoon? I don't know, I think that there is trouble waiting to happen. I don't think a single one of the guys would dare disallow her a piece of kiwi. I mean look at poor Alex, he has to try to keep track of her. *L* The kitchen scene just seemed off to me, and it's maybe my paranoia, but I don't trust those females.

    Kaya's right, they killed her mother. Caleb did. Charlie did. They all knew. What a mess. She's with the monster. I think I am going through a moment of not being able to get my head around it *L* I need a Connor to talk to. ^_^

    1. Haha Caleb is a mush where Kaya is concerned. For others well, all bets are off! Lol he is trying to impress her and show her he has another side that is far different than people know him as; the Savage.

      The women are pretty...pushy. Catty yeah I'd say that's a great way to describe them. They all have their own agendas that might not be the same as what Kaya's expecting. LOL she certainly did! Kaya wasn't too pleased about that either. For her to even think of placing herself in a maternal role for Kaya was rude and ignorant. The way they were treating her in that kitchen definitely rouses the suspicion. There's some underlying secret that is bonding them together and working against Kaya. I don't think it's your paranoia one bit. Kaya got the same feelings about those women too!

      Not only that but there are several people still living at her new home who were there that night and took part in killing many of the men and women she grew up with. It's not just Charlie and Caleb, it's nearly all of the people she calls family now. It's very sad place for her to be right now. Aww! I'll send him over immediately!

      Thank you for reading :)

  6. It seems like the men are fairly accepting of Ky. The women on the other hand seem to be having a bit of a problem. They are treating her more like a long lost 3rd cousin twice removed than their Luna. This could get very ugly. They seem to have a secret too.

    Their mating was hot! I need me a wolf like that!!!!...edenz~

    1. Alex loves having Kaya around. I think she became his favorite person. It doesn't hurt that he's her personal bodyguard, hand picked by Caleb! But so far there are some accepting of Kaya and Connor and of course others who would rather not have them around! Once she's crowned they'll have no choice because Kaya won't continue letting them get away with the shit they are pulling. So they'll either accept her or die painfully :P (literally). Kaya noticed the way they seemed reluctant to tell her the entire story, which is why she asked where Charlie was, her plan was to see how the stories added up. They better get their acts right though!

      Ha! Don't we all Shay? Don't we all :P

      Thank you for reading :D