Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Episode 46: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Charlie, Connor, Sophie, Isabella, Ulrick, Lexi, Alex
Word Count: 2,921
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Isabella's past is shown in clips that Ulrick envisions while sleeping. He soon comes to learn why he is seeing something he should have no knowledge of. Charlie helps Rafe learn more of his past and sees an image in ink reappear as he remembers of Caleb.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Willow Reed – Tuesday, February 29, 1724

Shadows danced around the entrance to the cave painting a very ominous picture in Isabella’s mind as she slowly moved towards the mouth of the cavern. It was beyond her why their meetings were always held out in the middle of nowhere and in the scariest looking places around. It wasn’t as if it deterred people from visiting. The last three meets were interrupted by hikers, campers and just plain curious teens. But she did what she was told in hopes of gaining standing with the magical ones.

Carefully she stepped around a fallen tree and into the hollowed rock. The light of the campfire within the pits of the cave lit her path and she watched closely at the way the flames flickered against the granite. “Hello?” she called waiting to hear the voice of the witch.

“Almost there.” Isabella walked forward more until finally she was standing in the center of the small cave beside her friend Lexi Cromwell. “What took you so long?”

“I had to be sure I wasn’t followed. I AM the daughter of the Ambassador; you can’t expect that he’ll allow his only child to roam freely in such dangerous territory.”

“Well, you’re here now. Shall we get started?” Isabella nodded and Lexi stepped over the cauldron that had already began to bubble in the middle of the circle around them. She chanted words in Latin making the water grow hotter and begin to change in color. Isabella stood stunned as the water began to reveal images to her.

Once the chanting ended, the pot again stood still and silent as if the previous had not just occurred. Lexi grabbed a pot of crystals from the supplies she’d brought with her and laid them at Isabella’s feet. Chanting once more she waited until the lights of the crystals changed in color as well and her friend was convulsing in the tiny enclosure she’d made around her. “Yes! Take on new life, Sister. Let the magick guide you!”

When the crystals turned off, Isabella’s eyes slowly returned to normal and she stepped in front of Lexi with a light sheen of sweat covering her face. “The Ancients spoke to me. I know what I must do.”

“By midnight the night of the coronation.”

“By midnight, the Alpha of Greymane will be dead.”

Shadowvale – Present Day

Charlie stood across from Rafe watching him sort through piles of photo albums and family histories. He’d been at it all morning asking questions about who the people in the pictures were and how they related to him. A few he’d recognized which told Charlie he was steadily getting all of his memories back. And Charlie was determined to help him do just that at all costs. “Denise Mancuso,” he stopped on a picture of a girl with raven black hair, rosy red lips and pale skin and sighed. 

“For a long time you thought she was the woman of your dreams. Pop called it puppy love and knew you’d grow out of it while I wasn’t so sure. You’d go nuts if anyone ever talked crap about her. She was bad for you from the start; dangerous. But you were so in love no one could tell you otherwise. Better not let Kaya see this huh? Though I suppose that’s probably how you feel about her now; maybe even more considering.”

“I remember Denise. Didn’t her family have some sort of ranch or something near the Glades?”

“Yep. They were killed by a group of hunters not long after Mom uh…I just remember how broken you were about that. That is until you felt Kaya.” He dropped the picture to the top of the pile and leaned into the corner as Rafe opened up another book concerning their family’s history. “So you and Kaya are going for a run?”

“Yeah she asked one of the guys last night if they would uh escort her around the property for a little. She loves to um run and she uh…what are you looking at?” Rafe asked as Charlie continued staring towards him.

“Your tattoo, Caleb,” he smiled wickedly. “It comes and goes?”

“Shit!” Rafe tried closing the buttons on his shirt but it didn’t matter. The ink ran the length of his left arm and the dragon’s tail was exposed. He was expecting Kaya any minute and needed to figure out how to hide it before she came.

“Kaya doesn’t know does she?” Rafe glared at Charlie who only smirked in return and shook his head. “Alex!” an older man stepped into the room. He had graying brown hair and a somewhat worn appearance. When he smiled briefly Rafe noticed a set of crooked teeth with one chipped fang on the left corner of his mouth. The man appeared to have been born of war; easy to see he enjoyed his fighting.

“Alpha,” he bowed at Rafe and turned his attention towards the brother that had called him.

“My jacket, it’s sitting on the coat rack in the hall. Bring it quickly for the Alpha.”

Alex nodded and rushed from the room to grab the leather coat. “Thanks. I haven’t figured out a good way to tell her about it yet.”

“Ever try the truth? I don’t think I understand what the issue is. She knows about Caleb and the fact that you are one and the same.”

“Yes but knowing and seeing are two different things. Caleb gives her nightmares and she told me he scares her. I am trying as hard as I can to avoid seeing her look at me like some monster that robbed her of happiness. It breaks my heart knowing that a part of her is scared of me. That night at my apartment…her look could have killed me.” Charlie nodded and Rafe quickly pulled the jacket on and sighed as the sleeves rolled over the ink of his tattoo, just in time. 

Sophie and Kaya stepped through the other door both laughing about something. Sophie brushed her lips lovingly across Charlie’s cheek and took a seat on the far couch and he quickly fell into her lap. “What are you ladies laughing about?” Charlie smiled seeing the humor on the women’s faces.

“Nothing. I was just telling Kaya about a few of the men of Shadowvale. I mean she should know what she’s buying into right? Very soon she’ll become Luna. I think a little prior knowledge is good policy.”

“Oh well it wasn’t anything about me was it? Nothing…embarrassing, I hope.” Charlie asked looking towards Kaya expectantly.

“My lips are sealed,” she smiled and glanced at Rafe. He was acting strange. Well stranger than normal, trying to avoid her eyes and she took a step closer to check on him. 

“Uh Luna, what are your plans for the band once you take up here?” Charlie asked distracting her from her previous mission as she gave Rafe’s brother her attention.

“Plans? What do you mean?”

“Well I was curious how Night Shift would continue to function once you’re Luna. I mean your work would increase a great deal with pack issues I’d imagine. It’s not something that can be easily multitasked. But I suppose you’d have the ability to delegate certain tasks as it were.”

“And I’m sure you’ll want pups soon! That drive becomes almost a number one concern once you’re bonded,” Sophie added rubbing her hand over her neck. “Charlie and I have been trying but so far the Moon Goddess has not blessed our family just yet.”

“And if I know my Big Brother, he’ll want a large family. He was always keen on having a son. I’m sure it would send him over the moon.”

“Don’t be silly Charlie! Kaya and I both know men only have two emotions, hungry and horny. If you don’t have an erection it’s best to just make you a sandwich.”

“Oh is that right? Well in that case, you’d better get your ass in the bedroom,” Charlie beamed and drew Sophie into his arms in one quick swoop. “I’m starving!” She giggled as his nose tickled her neck and he kissed her sweetly on the nape.

The couple exited the room closing the door behind them leaving Kaya and Rafe standing in silence once more. “Why are you wearing a jacket?” Kaya asked breaking the silence before he let it grow awkward between them as it had been the last two days. “It’s hot in here.”

“Maybe to you, I’m feeling a slight chill.”

“Really? Well you can’t be sick right? We don’t get colds…then again there’s so much going on with you lately it could be anything I suppose.”

“I’m not sick Kaya I’m just not feeling like myself is all. It’s nothing to worry about I’m sure,” he offered a stiff smile but she was not appeased. Taking a step forward she made a motion to run her hand across his forehead and he quickly pulled away. “Didn’t you hear me? I said I’m not sick!” he growled causing her hand to drop to her side in haste. The corners of his mouth had turned up into a snarl and she could sense his immediate anger over something she believed to be a nonissue. 

Before she could offer a rebuttal a knock on the door followed by the squeaking of the hinges backed her away. The familiar scent of her best friend drew closer and she turned to find Connor sauntering into the study behind her. “This place is huge! I got lost three times trying to find you! Finally I just followed your um…senses…,” his eyes darted between the two before stopping on Kaya’s. “Am I interrupting something?”

“No. I was just about to head out for a run actually. I’ve been interested in seeing the territory a bit and Alex offered to escort me. Would you like to join me?” Kaya asked removing herself from Rafe’s side without a second glance. She was feeling his anger slowly reaching a boil and rather than hang around and submit herself as his whipping pole she excused herself to the foyer where Alex awaited her.

“Ah Madame Luna, and here I was beginning to think you were standing me up!”

“Not a chance! I’m very curious about the Shadow lands, more so how they got their names. And I heretell you’re the man with all the answers. Going on a 3rd century’s Eldership I understand.”

“Well you’re very informed, my Dearest Luna. I am one of the crackpot old crones or a ‘Grayfoot’ as the young ones like to refer to us.” He smiled showing off his crooked teeth once more and leaned forward as he spoke again. “A few of us Elders have a sock now which is the strangest thing. Wolves technically don’t age yet our fur in form has grayed at least on the one foot, hence the nickname.”

“How charming! I’m sure it only adds a dignified look to an otherwise gorgeous…auburn coat?” she assessed eyeing the man’s wavy brown hair with a smile.

“Auburn indeed. I’m particularly interested in seeing yours Madame Luna. Our coats have been known to change colors according to current hair color. It works for sun bleached hair as well as new graying. I’m curious if that also applies to dyes.”

“I don’t think it does, never has in the past.”

“And she’s been practically every color in the rainbow as far as dyes are concerned,” Connor added with a chuckle that demanded Alex’s gaze. He stopped himself and caught the Elder’s slight glower before moving closer towards Kaya’s side. Something wasn’t sitting right with him about the people he’d encountered thus far. Everyone seemed to always have a smile for their Alpha and future Luna yet he was often met with annoyed stares, whispers and what appeared to be a deep-seated animosity towards him. He felt foolish believing these people harbored any type of anger for him considering the fact that he’d only known them for a total of two days but he couldn’t ignore the obvious either.

Rafe’s feelings about his closeness to Kaya must have been affecting the way his pack acted towards his mate’s best friend. It was the only explanation he could come up with. And if that was the case, that meant Connor had but one friend inside the walls of Savage territory and if he valued his hide, he’d better stick close to Kaya’s side as much as possible. “So then are we ready? I figured I would show you a few areas towards the west and north ends of the territory as I’m sure you’ve seen enough of the east and the south is quite perilous so we rarely ‘frolic’ in that area.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Feeling Rafe’s eyes on her, she turned towards the office to find him standing in the doorway staring blankly towards her and Connor. He had a look that could force a snake to recoil into its hole and a tiny tremble shook her spine. “Come on let’s go.” Pulling him by the wrist she walked out the door Alex had opened for her tugging Connor quickly behind her.

Willow Reed – Sunday, March 26, 1724

“It’s done,” Isabella announced as she paced the empty hollow of the cave once more. “Douglas Greymane is dead.”

“And the pack bore witness to this?” Lexi asked in eager anticipation.

“Of course not! I did it when I had his private audience. Crees que soy estúpido?” (Do you think I’m stupid?)

“Who discovered his body?”

“His Beta, Armand Villalobos.” She took a seat near the large cauldron Lexi hovered over and watched the witch call up the four elements.

“And you’re certain you went unseen?”

“Yes I am. Now I have done what you asked, when do I get my answers?”

“You’ve done one part of what I’ve asked. But since no one knows you in the pack, you haven’t quite completed the second part have you?”

“How do you expect me to get close to anyone in that pack? After what my father was forced to do I despise them all! I want no part of them.”

“And that should make this all the more easier for you. There’s a wolf in South America. He’s currently on tour with a musical quartet known as Cool Blue. They’ll be visiting your neck of the woods pretty soon. I need you to go there, ensure he sees you. I want you to introduce yourself to him. He’ll be the key to securing our ultimate goal.”

“What is his name?”

“Pacheco, Ulrick Pacheco.”

Willow Reed – Present Day

Ulrick awoke with a start, the dream still fresh in his mind as he moved from the covers and stumbled towards the bathroom door. It couldn’t be real right? It must have all been some God awful nightmare he was having, perhaps some sort of terror to rain on his happiness. Luther, he thought as he opened up the faucet to run cool water over his face. It was the only thing he could think of and would explain why they were not met with resistance when he came for Isabella that night. Luther knew they’d bond, somehow, and planted these visions for him to see and distrust his mate.

But then how would he have known that he would take the bait? And what would he hope to gain from Ulrick’s distrust in his mate? He stared at his reflection in the mirror and toyed with the bags beneath his eyes. He’d had the same dream the last two nights now and each time they prevented him from getting any more rest; it was beginning to show on his face. “Get a grip, Rick,” he berated himself before shutting off the light. His fingers curled around the knob and he slowly pulled the door open jumping back a foot as he did.

“Izzy? I’m sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” She didn’t say anything. Instead she continued standing in front of him, the color drained from her face as if she’d seen a ghost. Her eyes bore a particularly common look of sadness he’d seen on several occasions visiting her in Venezuela but there was something different about it. “What’s wrong?”

“Please let me explain before you do anything rash,” she begged in her thick South American accent.

“Do anything rash about what?”

“I did something. Something so vile that…you’d never forgive me… Por favor, comprenda que tenía que hacer!” (Please understand I had to do it!)

“What are you talking about Isabella? Are you in some sort of trouble? Is it…” his breath caught in his throat as he thought back to the dreams and the words she spoke to Lexi upon entering the cave. It’s done. Douglas Greymane is dead. “No…” Tears began to fall from her eyes and she took a step away from him. “Tell me it’s not what I think it is Izzy. Tell me you didn’t do what I think you did.” She began crying harder only confirming his solo thought and he became confused and even angrier. “TELL ME!”

“I can’t! I did it!” she wailed and dropped to her knees. “The dreams you’ve been having, I’ve been trying to stop them but because of my injuries I’m too weak. They’re not dreams, Rick,” she choked between sobs and dropped her face into her hands. “They’re my memories!”

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  1. Fucking Lexi!!!! Can't wait until that bitch dies. The more I see her the more I hate her. What is is after by killing the Alpha and then trying to kill Rick? Why didn't she just do it, she's a witch so I'm sure she could have come up with a way to do it herself!!! She had to know sending Izzy to Rick would trigger the mate response. Did she really honestly think Izzy would kill her own mate????

    DIE BITCH DIE!!!!!!!

    And at this point Fucking Rafe!!! He'd better get a grip and soon because Ky has a breaking point as well. I get he's going through some shit but for fucks sake so is she and he needs to understand that.

    I swear if any of those savages hurts Red because of Rafe's misguided jealous I'm gonna be pissed.

    1. Lexi, unlike the first witch, doesn't have the true power to kill a wolf outright. She could weaken him but that is about it without upsetting the balance of nature. She wanted to be able to have control over the pack and getting rid of Douglas Greymane so that his Beta Armand Villalobos, her brother-in-law, could become Alpha helped with that. She knew exactly what she was doing sending Izzy to find Rick but trusted that she would get what she wanted out of her first. Lexi believes a lot of stuff will go her way and will be sadly disappointed when the pack turns the tables.

      Rafe is being a bit selfish right now but he doesn't tell her some things because he's afraid of what her reaction would be and that he would lose her. He doesn't want that to happen. But while expecting her to blindly trust him, he is placing a wall between them that she won't want to cross over once the truth comes to light.

      You're not the only one! Kaya would NEVER let that stand!

  2. I think Lexi has way over stepped her bounderies and someone needs to do something about it. She has her hands in way too many pies and has caused so much heart ache....

    I don't understand Rafes' reaction to Ky, don't he understand he will eventually drive her away if he keeps acting the way he is? I see that he's going through a lot but he's going to lose everything if he don't watch it. He also needs to get a grip about Connor, it's Connor for the love of pete!....edenz~

    1. Lexi is definitely a busy bee and has shown to be taking one too many matters in her hands. And now that Ulrick witnessed through Izzy's dreams what she's done, he's going to have to figure out how to handle this. One thing is certain though, Lexi would not want this to be revealed!

      Rafe is a mix of confusion right now. While he knows it's Connor he just sees his unbonded mate getting too close to another male wolf and he doesn't like that. His reaction is primal, pure animal rather than thought with logic and a knowing mind. You are right about that though and it's a concern that Kaya brings up to Connor. The more he hides and shows his wild side the more he pushes her away.

  3. It seems like Lexi is always behind something underhanded. The bitch was sprinkling herbs on the bed to get Lobo in her bed, wiped Kaya's memory having the nerve to pull the Aunt card, now this.

    I feel bad for Rick. How can he look his friend in the face now knowing that? His loyalty is always going to be with his mate but his Alpha also.

    Poor Red. They're shunning my baby! It's ok, I'll rescue him.

    1. Lexi is a cold, callous witch who has motives not yet revealed and will go about getting what she needs done regardless of who she hurts. She's ruthless and conniving and has been able to hide her true intentions for quite a while. If and when she is discovered, she'd better hope that after all these years of sneakiness she has a life saving trick because she will definitely need it!

      Exactly! He has a new bond to share with his mate but now knowing that his mate had a hand in the murder of the pack's previous Alpha is a tough pill to swallow. Who do you side with? Who do you defend? How do you even look your friend in the eyes knowing that your mate murdered your Alpha? That's a very hard thing for poor Ulrick :(

      Aww yeah he needs a friend right now. He has no idea why they are acting the way they are towards him other than the fact that he is Kaya's friend. He hopes that he can show them he's not out to steal their Luna.

  4. Oh my. Lexi has never had anyone but herself in her thoughts. I bet she wants complete control and Armand. What curse did she place on Caleb and his family in order to get him to become such a monster? grrrr. Rafe is losing it.
    I hope Connor will be safe.

    1. Yep! Lexi is a very selfish and self-serving person. She's ruined so many lives because of her callous ways. It's sad that no one really discovered her true self just yet but when her time comes, there'll be no safe place to run! She certainly enjoyed her time with Armand; having an Alpha bending to her will. But that's all over thanks to her keeping Kaya in the dark for so long. Rafe is slowly returning to his old self and it's not a very pleasant experience for anyone involved :(