Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Episode 47: Lunatic

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Caleb, Charlie, Connor
Word Count: 4,527
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Connor and Kaya discuss the Savages and he gets a little closer than he normally has before provoking Rafe's ire. In an effort to keep all other males away from his mate, Caleb slowly emerges again and claims Kaya once and for all!
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“So what’s up with Rafe? Has he figured anything out about his past or still fishing around?”

“Nothing that he’s told me. I often see him and Charlie speaking in private but they clam up when they sense me near. I’m sure he knows more than he’s saying and he doesn’t want to scare me but keeping me in the dark is only serving to anger me and push me away; I had enough of that with Armand.”

“‘Armand?’” Connor asked raising his brow in her direction. “Well one thing’s for sure, he’s been acting funny, not like the man I met. And I’m not gonna lie, it’s kinda scary,” he smiled to himself as he thought about Rafe’s age. “Here we were treating him like a newborn when he’s about a century or two older than us.”

“Yeah, he’s…old. And as far as his behavior, maybe we can attribute it to the full moon tonight? Charlie thinks it has to do with the mating. He sees his brother in him whenever we see Rafe go a little coo coo; I’m not sure that’s a good thing though. ‘Caleb’ scares me. But I don’t know. Everything is just so crazy right now, Cocobear. I really appreciate you being here with me; more than you know.”

“Well there was no way I was going to just leave you alone in the company of these…” he looked around at the number of wolves in the backyard and snorted before deciding the best word to describe them. “Savages; look how they treat their visitors! Besides, Alpha thought it best I come here and…”

“Spy? Did he ask you to relay information Connor? Because if so you can…”

“No Baby K, it’s not like that. He’s worried about you here with Rafe and his psychotic episodes. He wanted some insurance you’d be safe. He wanted me to be here to protect you if anything were to go…Hemi.” He cocked his head to the side and sized her up as she chewed her bottom lip tentatively. Feeling her emotions shift he took a seat on the couch beside her and wrapped an arm over her shoulder. “He really misses you and wants you to come back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so distraught.”

“Yeah well serves him right after everything he’s put me through.”

“Come on Ky. You and I both know his heart was in the right place. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for you and the pack. He may have gone about things…shitty. But he did it to keep you safe. And after what I saw last night and the way Rafe keeps looking at me, I think that if I were in his shoes I’d do the same.”

She jabbed her elbow into his stomach and laughed at his release of oxygen. “Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and tucked herself in his lap. Slowly he caressed her hair from her face and massaged a hand through her scalp as she watched the light sparkling in his emerald eyes.  Connor’s glance moved down her body and along the curves of her hip. She tilted her head as she felt the makings of his arousal beneath her head and pulled up slightly. “Connor what…?”

A growl pulled their attention towards the door and they both took in the sight of the future pack Alpha standing in the entrance with his hands balled into fists at his sides. His eyes were locked on them and what he saw was enough to make his anger peak. Kaya looked fearfully from her friend to her mate and back again as she slowly pulled up from her prone position. “Wait, Rafe it’s not what you think.”

Connor stood behind her and clutched her hips possessively in his hands holding her in front of him as he glared defiantly in Rafe’s direction. Another growl rumbled from the wolf’s throat as he became more enraged watching them in such close proximity. Charlie stepped up behind his brother and immediately took in the scene. With the same heated reaction he looked at Connor and then his brother realizing just how bad the situation was quickly becoming. Kaya took one step forward but Connor’s grip on her waist prevented her from moving far.

His nose rolled up the side of her face deliberately sniffing her scent and he grasped her hips tighter rubbing himself against her as he moved. “CONNOR!” Kaya yelled and pushed a hand into his chest to back him off a little. Instantly she realized the cause of his reaction towards her and tried again to gain some distance. The beginning of this moon phase signaled the start of her heat cycle. And although Connor could usually control himself in her company by distracting himself with a groupie, he didn’t have the pleasure of his escape this time. He was stuck out in the middle of nowhere with only her and the females of an unfamiliar pack around. She watched Rafe’s eyes grow darker the longer the two were near one another. She needed to diffuse the situation before anything happened. Raising her arms slowly and defensively she moved towards her mate and spoke soothingly. “Wait, Rafe he…”

Before she could get another word out, Rafe rushed for the redhead tackling him over the back of the couch and knocking Kaya to her ass. The two landed hard against the wall and Rafe pulled up over his chest and began punching and clawing at Connor’s chest and neck. Rage was evident in his actions and controlled his movements as he beat his fists into Connor’s face over and over again. “NO!” Kaya ran towards them and Charlie instinctively pushed her out of the way. A warning growl sounded from his chest and she took a step back. 

Charlie hurried towards the two just as Connor rounded a fist into Rafe’s gut and knocked him forward. Charlie jumped onto Rafe and pinned him against the wall. His yellow eyes shot towards Connor and Kaya as he struggled to keep his brother back. “Get out of here!” he roared in Connor’s direction. Connor hesitated and glanced towards Kaya momentarily as though deciding whether to take her with him. “NOW!”

“Connor just go, I’ll catch up to you later but right now…”

“I’m sorry Kaya I didn’t mean to do that.” Without looking towards Rafe again he rushed from the pack house and as far from Kaya’s scent as he could. Charlie pushed away from Rafe with an exasperated sigh and watched as he slowly came down.

“Upstairs!” he snarled at Kaya as he moved from Charlie’s grip. The others had moved back towards the house hearing their Alpha’s growls and bore witness to the two fighting.

“Rafe it was an accident!” Kaya started hoping to keep the situation from escalating any further. “Connor was only…”

“MOVE!” he ordered with the dominance of his Alpha tone. Instinctively she obeyed her mate and rushed towards the master bedroom. She hurried into the bathroom and slammed the door behind her, locking it tight.

Pacing the small, cold room she tried to get a hold of her emotions as best she could. Anger was not the right word to describe how she felt after what she’d just witnessed. Her best friend was nearly beaten to a pulp by her mate over a simple misunderstanding and he had the gall to order her to their bedroom? What gave him the right to use that directive with her as if she was some child in need of reprimand? And in front of the pack of all things! The nerve of his rude, boorish behavior!

Stopping in front of the sink Kaya stared at her image in the mirror. She looked every bit as pissed as she felt and it didn’t help that her heat was sending her body into another direction completely. Her eyes were dilated and her skin was hot to the touch. Running cold water, she splashed some on her face trying to cool herself off but it didn’t seem to help one bit. Her nerves were on edge and the more she thought about Rafe and Connor the worse it became. 

She began pacing once more but stopped in her tracks as she could scent Rafe just on the other side of the door. His anger was still very prominent and she could feel it now with him so close. The knob rattled behind her followed by the heavy pounding of his fist against the door. “Open the door, Kaya!” He tried controlling the rage as he spoke but she could hear it in every word he uttered. The words were produced with the low makings of a growl as they rolled from his tongue.

“Fuck off!” she growled in response refusing to submit to his Alpha male dominance again.

“Open the door or I swear I’ll break it down!”

“Caleb!” She heard Charlie call as he entered into the bedroom behind his brother once more. Something heavy crashed against the wall and she could hear pieces shatter and land around the room as he ran him off. The main door to the bedroom closed with a bang that caused her to jump and she realized all too suddenly that she was now alone to face Rafe’s wrath.

“OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR KAYA!” She jumped again but moved towards it for fear that he would make good on the threat and come barging in on her and then all bets were off as to how she would settle his wolf if it came to that.

Timidly she peeked out through a crack and caught a glimpse of his face as she did. His eyes were darkened with rage and what she believed was lust. Fuck, she thought. They were close enough to sense one another’s emotions and she could scent his arousal in time with her own. And even through the anger she felt compelled to wrap herself in the overly intoxicating musk that wafted over his skin and tickled her nostrils elevating her hormones. She swallowed hard and her eyes darted over the broken pottery near the door before landing on his wordlessly. She was confused and afraid of the anger she could sense that was causing his muscles to tense so. Should she explain or wait for him to speak? Instead Rafe spoke taking the choice from her hands.

“You want to explain to me what I saw?” his fingers clasped together in front of his abdomen as he stood waiting on an answer from his mate. His eyes scoured her body watching every muscle movement, analyzing her closely for any signs of deceit.

She quietly stepped away from him but he blocked her path so she couldn’t move far. “It wasn’t what you think. Connor wasn’t…it was natural but he didn’t mean to do that. He’s never really had to be around me in full capacity like that. Normally he’s…you really hurt him you know that?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? If Charlie hadn’t stopped me I probably would have killed him Ky! He had no right putting his hands on you like that! YOU’RE MINE!” he growled fiercely and pinned her against the wall. Impulsively his nose pressed against her cheek and rolled down her neck stopping just in the crook. He sucked a small portion of her skin between his lips and teased her a bit before drawing in deeper causing a bright red circle to appear just below his mouth.

Involuntarily her arms came up defensively and pushed him away. As much as she wanted him she couldn’t believe the audacity in his behavior. “I’m not some object for you to possess! I’m your mate there’s a HUGE difference and you don’t own me!” She continuously fought against his body trying to pry herself away.

“Is that right?” Unfazed by her struggle, he continued kissing his way down her neck and chest. Growling the longer she pushed against him, he looked at her with a stare that backed her down. She was not only contesting his ego by allowing another male near her in this state but now she was challenging the Alpha wolf in him and that was not behavior he was so quick to forgive. She’d learned all too well the jealousy buried in an Alpha wolf when Roman was slated to mate her. But now that Rafe had actually taken her, it was worse.

His dominance was evident; laced in the look he shot at her as he dropped his head and claimed her mouth with his own. Kaya breathed in quickly and as she did she felt his tongue plunge between her lips and sweep across hers as he touched every corner of her mouth moaning into the kiss as he deepened his embrace against her. With one hand he held her in place flushed tight upon his chest and pinned successfully between his body and the wall as his other hand rubbed along the curves of her hips, squeezing her ass forcefully. 

He bit her lip hungrily and she clawed at his back as he pulled away. A small spot of blood formed at the corner of her mouth and he used his tongue to lick it away. As he moved in again she got a sudden flash of the man she’d seen in her memories, the man that was invading her dreams and she jumped back in fear. “C-Caleb?” she whispered as his mouth crushed down against hers again. She could feel him tense against her and he lifted her and tossed her quickly to the bed. “What was that? Rafe?”

“No, Mate. You said it right the first time,” he smirked and ripped the clothes from her body with little effort. He pulled his shirt off over his head before dropping down on top of her.

“Caleb?” she pushed up towards the top of the bed climbing away from him. His nails raked into her sides and he pulled her back beneath him halting her movements with the weight of his body. “You’re not in Greymane anymore…” she spoke barely above a whisper as she tried to get a sense of her mate. No longer able to feel their pack connection his intentions became clearer the longer she gazed into his eyes.

The tattoo she’d seen in her dreams was very visible on his shoulder; a dragon that ran the entire length of his left side. She gasped and the grin grew wider on his face. “How I’ve missed those eyes, Mate,” he sighed and laid his body completely over hers. He kissed her gently along her chest and licked his way up her neck and shoulder stopping on her ear. He nibbled delicately over her lobe and felt the tiny trembles of delight pour through her. His teeth grazed lightly over her skin and he could tell even through the anger she wanted him just as badly as he needed her this very moment.

Arching her back, Kaya struggled to free herself as his hand tickled down her side stopping on her hip. A low moan escaped her throat as her body betrayed her. Her mind was racing over what was happening. Though she believed she was still angry with him because of what he did to her best friend, a part of her was yearning to be controlled by this Alpha wolf above her; her mate. The longer his body remained in touch with hers the less she remembered about the reason they’d come upstairs. Her feral instincts were taking over and all she could think in this moment was how badly she wanted to feel him inside her.

Kaya moved her leg over his back, drawing him close and allowing his hard on to press intimately against her warmth. A deep groan rolled out of his chest and he kissed his way up her cheek and back towards her mouth again as her hands stroked through his hair grazing his scalp with her nails sensuously. Their eyes met and both noticed the anger that drew them together had all but vanished and was replaced with ravenous desire to have one another. Dark circles formed under Rafe’s eyes and Kaya reached a hand towards his face and lovingly caressed the tender flesh just beneath. Her fingers traced over the dragon tail on his shoulder and he smiled as she took in the full sight of the ink.

Her breasts rubbed against his chest with every breath she took and immediately drew his eyes to the hardened nipples that touched his own bare flesh and he yearned for a taste. Rafe’s mouth closed over her right nipple and she turned her body into his to take in the full experience of his slick tongue licking and sucking over the tender flesh. Her hands locked in his hair and she hissed in a breath of air as his teeth locked over the rigid peak and grazed against her erect skin tenderly. “Mmm,” she moaned in anticipation as she felt him move towards the other breast giving it equal attention as the right.

Rafe rumbled in pleasure as Kaya’s hips thrust upwards into his hard on and rubbed against him. She smiled to herself and repeated the action to elicit a similar reaction from her mate. He let her breast fall from his lips and looked up at her with a wicked grin. Sliding down her stomach, his hands hooked over her thighs spreading her legs apart as his face came to rest just at her mound. Cupping her ass, he tipped her forward and inhaled the scent of her heat up close. His eyes rolled back into his head as the smell of his mate’s desire filled his nostrils drawing him forward and increasing the ache within his loins. 

His hot breath tickled over her skin and he dropped his lips to her thigh kissing his way up and down both sides teasing her with his touch. Kaya felt her pulse rise and her skin grow warmer. She was longing to feel his mouth press against her where she needed him the most and he was doing everything he could to heighten the intensity of that need before giving in to her desires. Finally when she felt she could take no more his tongue circled over the swollen, sensitive nub of her clit. Her head fell back in response and she drew the silk sheets into a ball within her fist as he hungrily lapped at the sweet nectar dripping between her thighs. “Yes! Rafe!” she wailed as he licked her core faster, diving in and out of her body with every new tingle he felt spark from the pit of her belly.

Kaya rocked herself against his mouth. Tension built inside her walls and she moved faster as she felt the wave of heat grow to a delicious peak. Rafe urged her on, tonguing her faster and harder with every sway of her body against him. Before long the dam broke and she came in a torrent that he quickly darted his tongue in and around. Her body went limp beneath him; her mind clouded with the intense release of her orgasm. Faint tremors danced over her warm flesh and she was barely aware of his hands pulling her lips towards his for another passionate kiss.

Rafe loomed over her and slowly and deliberately he ran his hands over her body down to her thighs. Unbuttoning his jeans, he shimmied out of them and kicked them off the side of the bed. Grabbing her legs, he pushed them wider apart and pressed the tip of his cock just at her entrance. A stream of moisture bathed her pussy in anticipation and she licked her tongue over her lips as she waited to feel him slide into her. His massive erection filled her with excitement and tiny shivers of electricity jolted through her as she thought about how he’d stretched her body to its limits on their previous romps.

A new wave of desire formed within her and she was ready to beg him to take her. This was her mate and as much as she hated admitting to herself she did belong to him; heart, body and soul she was his. He possessed her in every way a man could own a woman regardless of her misgivings about being “owned”. He was her friend, her band mate, protector and soon her Alpha just as much as he was hers and she’d fight every bitch in the world to prove it. She slid up against him as he adjusted once more and buried her nose into his neck. She let his thick, tangy scent cover her again and breathed in the smell of his skin. “I want you,” she whispered as his lips tickled her shoulder. 

“I know. I want you too,” he responded and pressed her against the bed as he thrust into her with one fluid motion. His body melted into hers, his breathing was rapid and shallow. A low growl rumbled from his chest reaching a crescendo and echoed in every corner of their bedroom. The animal look in his eyes called to her and as she felt him pull out completely and drive back into her, her head dropped to the pillow and she clutched at his shoulders as he rammed endless sensations into her body.

Losing herself completely and allowing him to control her body, Kaya became lost in the emotions she sensed from Rafe and she moaned her approval as his speed increased inside her. Rafe pounded her quicker, his hips slamming into hers harder with every rake of her nails against his back. He buried himself as deep inside of her warmth as he could and held her leg over his back for balance as he drove faster. Kaya lifted her hips meeting him pound for pound, thrust for thrust. He was using her body to find the pleasure they’d both felt off the other and she was enjoying being dominated.

Glossily her eyes met his and she noticed immediately his body was changing again in appearance. Something was happening with her mate that went beyond the normal shift he had been experiencing over the last week or so. His hair grew longer and darkened in hue, his nose rounded out, his lips became fuller and his jaw thickened and softened. But then his lips pulled back exposing the fangs that were now extending from his gums. Kaya gasped as they glinted in the light and she realized he was shifting right in the middle of their intimacy! “Rafe…”

“Kaya!” he growled and pushed her into the pillows with force. A quiver of fear shot through her veins and she thought about how she would control him if he was in fact “hulking out” at this very moment. Moving against him, her body did something unexpected and in response to what appeared to be his transition, she felt the same tingles running beneath her flesh. He was forcing her to shift with him!

Kaya reached a hand to her lips as she felt the fangs spring from her gums. No this can’t be, she thought. How can we shift in the middle of sex? Was that even possible? The longer Rafe rocked his body into hers the less she thought about what was going on and drowned herself in the ecstasy that rippled throughout her senses.

Her wolf self was heightening the pleasures being pounded into her by him and he knew it, felt it, drove her to it. The sensation was exhilarating, overwhelming and yet remarkably passionate and fulfilling. She wanted to float on the cloud forever never coming down from the state of bliss that coursed through her body. Suddenly she could feel the flow of her blood run through her. Every nerve in her seemed more sensitive and she was aware of every touch, every sound and every smell between them. Her heart was beating at the same rhythm as Rafe’s and she noticed he seemed focused on the same music emitting from her chest as well.

Tracing his finger over her skin he stopped just on the long, visible vein that throbbed between her shoulder and neck. Licking his lips, his mind zoned back to the night he’d claimed her as his wolf. The desire he had to mark her as his mate and destroy all chances of anyone else swooping in and taking her washed over him once more as he stared at the vein. He was locked on its motions and could hear the blood running within. Feeling his feral nature begin to take over once more, Rafe leaned forward and closed his mouth over the artery moving slowly allowing her time to refuse if she desired.

Kaya made no motion to stop him knowing exactly what his intentions were in this moment and what he was after. Instantly his teeth sank into the soft flesh of her neck and she felt the pinch of both sets of fangs as they pierced her skin and held her in place between his lips. The brief sting of pain melted into pleasure as she leaned forward mimicking his actions and bit him in response. She sucked and lapped at his blood as her wolf egged her on, encouraging her to take her mate and bind their lives together once and for all. Each suckle from her lips was met with the thrust of his hips as he continued moving within her. 

Kaya pulled back but Rafe’s hold remained. Her senses were overloading with the feeling of both his lips and his hips clenched tight against her body. Very quickly she could sense him and realized they were connecting the longer he remained attached to her neck. His fears were her fears, his love was her love, his pleasure was her pleasure and their bodies moved in rhythm with the beating of their hearts. It was a waltz; a well rehearsed dance preprogrammed into their nature that took over and brought them closer than they ever thought possible. They were becoming one in every sense of the word.

Their drowning desire to have that closeness became a singular thought within their minds as their bodies worked towards mutual gratification. Harder…faster…take me...I want you…just a little more...almost there. Kaya’s body melted into Rafe’s and her orgasm approached at the same time as his. Her entire body shook, her muscles tightened and she held on to him for dear life as pleasure too powerful to grasp took over her senses. Together their minds were exploding with the exquisite sensation of release. Their nerves tangled together enhancing the pleasure of ecstasy jolting through their loins and dancing over their spines. Kaya’s claws dug deeper into Rafe’s back as he continued suckling her neck. She howled in anguish and a shrill scream tore from her throat as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and the room became a distant blur as she slowly succumbed to the darkness.

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  1. wow...ok so yeah wow yeah.

    Connor needs a woman and fast he almost got killed letting those damn instincts take over. Rafe was a fucking lunatic!!! UGH really. I don't like how he talked to Ky threatening her like that. He needs to get that shit under control. Mate, really he doesn't even use her name. That was terrible and poor Ky. She was so confused and over come and it was a lot for her.

    Damn it I hope after this he will at least stop hiding stuff and being all PMSy around her. UGH!!!

    Between the two of them (Rafe and Caleb) they better get their shit together and start treating her right. She is not property she is an equal partner and they better learn that fact quickly!

    1. :)

      Connor really was in over his head for a moment there. It's a scary thing to think but for someone who enjoys the company of a lot of women, finding one that suits him is much easier said than done. The "Perfect Mate" isn't as easy to find as one thinks and your true mate is even harder.

      Rafe was seriously on the verge of crashing there for sure. Caleb refers to Kaya as "Mate" always has that's how you know when it's him taking over. He likes the sound of it because it says "mine" to him and it's not something he ever thought he'd hear himself say. In a way he's getting used to the way it sounds/feels off his tongue. Kaya was in trouble there yeah. While she was mad, or thought she was mad, Caleb's emotions overpowered hers and the desire to bond was the only thing they could both think about.

      Hahaha Rafe's PMSing for sure LOL that's hilarious. Well one thing is for sure though. Now that they have bonded he CAN'T really hide anything from her. She can always see his thoughts or feel his emotions now.

      Kaya's thoughts exactly! She was about ready to just run; getting sick of his shit and was feeling pushed out as she said to Connor. But now that they have completed their mating, they will see just how much the other is needed and equal partners, for sure :) Caleb might actually need Kaya WAY more than she needs him as we'll see!

      Thank you for reading :D

  2. yeah, what jazen said, lol.

    I am happy that the end result of the bonding is that Kaya will be inside now, he won't be able to shut her out.

    1. Haha yes :D that is one thing Kaya can look forward to as well but of course with the good comes the back and with their bonding, she's unleashed something (or someone) she was very much hoping to never have to meet in person!

  3. Uh....Uhm... Yeah, you got me! Too much going on in my head right now!
    Coco losing control, Rafe going Caleb (That, however, is a yay), Charlie, severed Greymane, bloodbond....

    I'll say it again!
    Uh....Uhm... Yeah, you got me!

    1. Oh, and PS: Now we know how far that dragon tat goes *wink*
      Now to trace it with my fingers again! and again........ and just repeat!

    2. Yes! Lots to process and now with the blood bond complete between them they'll have SO much to learn about one another in a new and exciting way. One that might drive Kaya to the brink of madness without the guiding hand of her mate to take her through it.

    3. HA! And that's something Kaya will ask about later on as well. She unfortunately (or fortunately) didn't really get to see it while he was naked and in the middle of their bonding. Then she passed out afterwards so she'll have to get him undressed again to see for herself :P

  4. Holy crap! Where to start. I realize that Ky and Connor are like brother and sister and that they have a strong bond, what I'm not sure of is that either one of them is willing to let go a little of their bond as friends for their mates. Ky has a mate now so being able to cuddle/play around with Conner the way she used to is treading on treacherous ground. I don't see why their friendship should end by any means BUT somethings will have to change for both their sakes. Connor needs him a good woman/nod.
    I think the whole situation in the beginning was a little of everyones fault. Did Rafe/Caleb over react? yes, was he provoked by what he seen? yes. This has all been coming to head for a while now. Rafe's inability to really communicate what he's feeling to Ky, Ky feeling pushed away and really over whelmed at the things that she's finding out about Caleb. On the other hand they have mated now so it will be interesting to see how things go from here.

    I do really feel for all of them, Connor more than Rafe/Caleb and Ky, they have each other and poor Connor, just trying to be the friend he has always been to Ky, is kind of walking around lost=/.....edenz~

    ps also interested to see what happens now that Rafe/Caleb is nor longer part of Greymane.

    1. That is certainly true! They have always been able to joke and kid around and lie in one another's lap and that action proved VERY dangerous today. But at the time Kaya was "unofficially" mated to Rafe so technically was still up for grabs because they hadn't bonded and any wolf could have taken her at that point and with the rise of her heat because of the full moon, her scent was proving too much for him. But that should be all good and done now that Rafe and Kaya have bonded. I agree that they shouldn't have to sacrifice their friendship for their mates, a point that Connor makes to Caleb soon, but some things will have to change for the sake of Luna/Beta relationship.

      Great point! Rafe had been pushing Kaya away by not talking to her about what is going on and yet begged her to remain at his side. He couldn't have it both ways and it was pushing her back to the safety of her best friend who she spoke with as she normally would, in his arms and on his lap. But that is what really pushed Rafe over the edge. In a way he was acting normal because wolves are very territorial creatures and he saw someone that close to his mate while she was in heat, BIG NO NO. On the other hand, he overreacted because he told Kaya he would have killed Connor had Charlie not stopped him and that would have seriously pushed Kaya out the door. She would never have recovered from him first taking her mother then her best friend, the only person in her life that HASN'T wronged her!

      Connor is sort of in the middle where the relationship between Rafe and Kaya are concerned because he is the one that Kaya can talk to and by speaking to her he is angering Rafe. It's a pretty bad spot for him but he is handling it to the best of his abilities. While he'd like nothing more than to just have the end of it and let Kaya be happy he sees the potential danger that lies within Caleb and doesn't want his best friend to become a victim.

      That should be fun :D

      Thank you for reading!

  5. ~ All caught up again!
    ~ It looks like Caleb is truly loose now he has Mated with his "Mate" no more wondering what he is like for Kaya,she will know him always now they have bonded!
    ~ True Blood Bond,as Caleb is the head of his pack!Which over rides Rafe's Greymane ties!
    ~ Poor Cocobear, I feel for him but it was all wolf instinct taking over,he will set Caleb/Rafe straight once he recovers,but it will be moot seeing how they have truly bonded now he will see Kaya's brotherly love for him!
    ~ Karima! (",)

    1. Exactly! It's something that both scares Kaya and excites her at the same time. While she'll no longer be in the dark about her mate or his actions, she'll have to deal with his memories of the night she lost her mother.

      Once Caleb was ready to become Alpha of the Savages, he had to severe ties with Greymane in order to do it. A wolf cannot be a part of two different packs. Kaya will be on her way out the door with Greymane shortly as well!

      Very true! Connor would have never made an advance on Kaya under normal circumstances but he was away from home in a place where the only person that made him feel comfortable was his best friend. Hopefully he can show Caleb the true person he is and they can get their emotions all worked out before anything worse happens!

      Thank you for reading :)

  6. Hi, so I've read the whole thing ages ago, and have been following for a few months, but I don't think I've ever commented.

    This chapter, just wow!
    You are an amazing writer and it's hard not to feel everything the characters feel and get caught up in the moment! I was sacred when Caleb started coming out at Connor and Kaya, and when my boyfriend opened the front door I jumped a mile high! lol
    I'm glad they're finally properly bonded, and I hope that Caleb (as I assume he will be from now on?) can control his anger now he has this tie and knows what she's feeling all the time.
    I love tattoos, and the fact that Caleb has that huge one all down his side is a huge turn-on for me ;) I look forward to seeing it again when he shows Kaya (I read the comment ^)

    Thank you for writing this, I really wish I was a wolf :p

    1. Aww! Thank you so much for that! Your comment brought a smile to my face. HAHA and I'm sure he looked at you like a loon too :P I get those looks alot!

      It was a long road thus far and about time they finally got things personal. No seers, no alphas, no family or friends, just them. They took something both have been wanting and we'll see if it works out for the best for them. Caleb will have his old appearance for a bit but he will want to do what makes Kaya most comfortable and right now, his old face scares her. They definitely have some trust issues to work on and Caleb's temper of course is a BIG factor in their relationship as well. The bond will go a long way in helping with that for sure!

      I agree about tattoos! It's one of my favorite pieces of CC for my characters - tats and piercings are something I MUST have on all of them, or at least try to! Kaya's looking forward to seeing that tat again too (although she won't admit it just yet!)

      I think wolves are my favorite supernatural creature too!

      Thank you for reading! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  7. I was scared for Red for a second. He dodged a huge ass bullet!
    It was just a matter of time before the need was too power. Reading the end of this all I could think was, "uh oh!" Lol Dsddy is NOT going to be happy about that.

    Caleb coming through in that moment had to be scary for her but seriously...it had to be a turn on too. He's so hot!

    1. He sure did! Rafe was PISSED and there wasn't anything he would have been able to say to convince him that he wasn't after Kaya. This anger had been boiling for a few days now. Kaya and Rafe being alone together for too long meant that the drive of their wolves to finally bond and be together would have been just an aching pain in every inch of their body. But Rafe used the bond to prove to her and to the rest of the pack that she belonged to him one hundred percent. You're right though, Lobo isn't going to be thrilled!

      Haha you see she didn't stop right? Lol as scared of the man as she is she couldn't refuse her mate their bond any longer. They needed to do this and finally understand without a shred of doubt they belonged together.

  8. My gods, Connor was nuts, Rafe was nuts, Kaya was sort of nuts. Charlie was the only one there with a head intact. *L* Unbelievably scary. Connor could have died :( I feel a bit badly for Kaya since it was more a force than a consented act there, I think. She needs to stop being so touchy feely on Connor, or he will pay the price, and that will hurt her. I don't know. I think that Rafe?Caleb has a touch of moon fever or something. I think that the longer he was locked up in "Rafe", the more unhinged he may have become. He is created, isn't he? hmmm... just thinking with my fingers.

    1. Haha yeah they were all feeling the effects of the full moon there. Connor was lucky Charlie was there to get them apart otherwise he would not have survived his brawl with Rafe. He was certainly out to kill Kaya's best friend. Yep! Kaya was not in her right mind when she bit him, she REALLY did not know what she was doing and now there's no turning back at this point. Connor and Kaya's friendship may need to be changed a bit since Kaya now has a mate. But the two never really meant to cause Rafe to become so violent. That's the trouble of an Alpha though; his ego. Lol thinking with your fingers :P Caleb is Rafe's original self who was locked inside of him by a witch's curse (which is why in Chapter 1 Rafe had no recollection of where he came from and why - she dropped him in the middle of the woods once she "resurrected" him.) Confusing? And yes they all were a bit out of it lol!

      Thank you for reading :)