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Episode 45: Well Fed

Genre: Horror
Characters: Byron, Sonja, Lucy
Word Count: 4,958
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: With the loss of Isabella, Luther sends Byron on the prowl for a Crane hunter and works to gain her confidence.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

He sat there again across from her as he had for several weeks past just watching. Her face held the same expression of sadness as he’d witnessed since first encountering her and she was again downing bottle after bottle of that Australian Shiraz which he’d determined was her favorite red wine. This was the only club in town that served it and she usually went through two bottles before she left every week.

He’d thought about approaching her but he wanted to study her first. Learn her habits, likes, dislikes and desires before attempting a conversation. She was unlike the others he’d met before and he knew gaining her confidence would be tricky. But he also knew that with his track record with women, bedding her would not be an issue regardless of who she was. Byron took another sip of his beer and decided tonight was the night. Tonight he’d introduce himself to her and see where they went from there. And if he was lucky, he might even go home with a smile on his face.

“I’ll have another please,” Lucy spoke quietly to the waitress as she sat in the corner of the bar alone.

“Add that to my tab.” His voice was low and soothing and poured over her like the red liquid slipping down her throat and coating her in warmth. “Is this seat taken?”

Lucy didn’t bother looking up to face the man as he spoke. He had to be the sixth one to approach her since she entered the noisy establishment. She wasn’t in the mood for company nor was she in the mood to listen to his game as he tried to get himself into her pants. 

And unlike the many times before she’d driven here, she hadn’t come with a purpose…well not the usual purpose. No this time she only wanted to run from her concerns and be alone to think. “I’m not interested.” She groaned and downed another sip as she leaned deeper into her glass.

“I’m Byron,” he smiled as he slipped into the table across from her and watched as she fought to keep herself awake. Her breasts were sitting perfectly atop her chest exposing just the right amount. Her lips were pink and glossy and he found himself licking his as he thought about what they would taste like. She had long blonde tresses pulled back into a somewhat messy ponytail and her makeup was light, the perfect amount to accentuate her cheekbones. Numerous empty glasses lay around her and he could tell she was on her last leg. He smirked as her eyes lazily zoned into his and she huffed.

“I thought I said…”

“How would you know whether or not you’re interested when you didn’t even give me a chance to speak?”

“And why would I need to hear you speak? Guys are all the same. Let me guess, you have a Porsche, a large bank account and are very well endowed?”

“Well the endowed part is fairly accurate. But no I had no intentions of discussing the car I drive or the amount of money in my pockets.”

“But I suppose you’ll have me screaming all night? Right like I haven’t heard that before. No man knows how to pleasure a woman. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have to fake an orgasm.”

“And that’s a shame. I’d like to think I’m very well versed in the arts of female pleasure, oral being my preferred method. But that’s not why I came over here. I simply wanted to offer you a drink but I think you’ve had one too many of those already.”

“Look I came here to enjoy myself not listen to guys constantly try and hit on me or lecture me about my drinking habits. I have no intentions of sleeping with you and I couldn’t care less if my alcohol consumption offends you. Please feel free to head back to your table with your tail between your legs because like I said I’m not interested.” She hiccupped and fell forward into her glass a little and Byron reached across the table to hold her up a moment.

“You aren’t looking very well. Would you like me to call you a cab or something?”

“I don’t need a fucking cab and I don’t want your company either! What the hell is your problem? Are you deaf? Get the fuck away from me.”

“My you have quite a mouth on you! I saw you pounding down the drinks and with all of the eyes on you I felt someone needed to step in and keep those animals away. You would be the perfect prey for any one of these perverts in here you know?”

“Oh yeah? And I suppose you are what? Trying to help me out of the kindness of your heart? You are just like the rest of those assholes working some angle so you can get into my pants!”

“Is it that hard to believe that a stranger can be every bit of a gentleman as he appears or are you that jaded?”

“I’m not jaded at all I just know how the world works! You see a woman in distress and automatically assume you can be her White Knight but I got news for you Buddy! I don’t need saving! I am perfectly capable of getting myself out of here just like I was perfectly capable of walking in that door.”

“Fine, the lady speaks. It’s a shame too; someone so beautiful shouldn’t have such a foul disposition. You don’t need saving but you could certainly do with a new personality.” He threw a wad of cash on the table and motioned to the waitress the tab was paid. “You have yourself a nice evening.” Before she could protest Byron pulled away from the table and started for the door, smiling to himself as he felt her pulse rise, she was angry.

Lucy quickly withdrew from the table following after Byron. He rushed from the parking lot avoiding the street lights and headed towards the corner without looking back behind him. He took a left and walked across the intersection, Lucy kept watch of her surroundings as she followed at a distance believing he could very well be leading her into a trap. She was intrigued by this man and where he could be going. Harley would say this was so like her, impetuously following a stranger into a dangerous situation. Harley, he was the very reason she found herself at that bar in the first place. All this time he knew Jacobi was a wolf and all this time he’d kept it from her. Her own brother! Anger caused her cheeks to flush red once more and her eyes fell on Byron as he passed a large brick building. She had a feeling that he somehow knew she was behind him.

Faintly she could make out that devilishly sexy smirk on his face as he turned slightly to peer over his shoulder before suddenly turning down an alleyway. “I knew it,” she sighed and watched him disappear into the shadows behind the building. “Nice try asshole.” Lucy was well aware of what was behind that building, it was one of the many places she did her business when she hunted solo. Several wolves had lost their lives in that passage thanks to her; this was nothing if not a scheme of that man to get her caught up. Well not this time.

Instead of heading straight into the alley from the same direction, she circled around back hoping for the element of surprise. She walked only a few feet into the dark doorway scanning the area closely with her eyes. Graffiti marked a large portion of the dirty bricks that comprised the area and it smelled of dirty mop water and ammonia. Lucy pinched her nose shut as she tracked Byron further along the dark streets. It was chilly out and she felt the alcohol she’d just consumed warm her. Byron watched her from near the back wall as she moved deeper into the area. He grinned to himself as she poked her head slowly around one corner.

He’d planted a seed as he sat at that table with her and knew that the longer he walked the more she’d see the opportunity to kill him. Even given the fact that he was luring her here, he was slightly disappointed at how easily she fell into his trap. He continued watching from his corner examining the parts of her body he couldn’t see from his seat at her table. Her legs were long and he allowed his eyes to trace them up the skirt she wore. She had on lace pantyhose, something most women these days didn’t bother with and the idea of slowly peeling them off her body aroused him.

He licked his tongue across his lips producing a light sheen over them as Lucy stopped just beneath a streetlamp. She shook her head tossing her hair around her shoulders more and he caught a nice glimpse of her neck, long and silky; perfect for biting. He crossed his arms in front of him and sighed. Her ass was the ideal heart shape; her bosom was round and succulent and he thought of how fun this game would be once he started. Byron was assured she had no idea he was behind her. He could tell she was sobering up and he had to move quickly to keep her off balance. 

Lucy stumbled and felt a hand slip across her waist holding her up as if she needed it for stability. “You know for someone who knows how the world works you certainly have no fears of following a stranger into a dark alley. You don’t think something unappealing could happen to someone as beautiful as you?” Byron growled as he stepped into the alley behind her.

“I’m not afraid.” Lucy could feel his warm breath on her neck as he spoke and chewed on her bottom lip nervously. She inhaled getting a good whiff of his cologne and strangely found it appealing. It wasn’t overly emphasized and not one of those spicy scents common for men hoping to flatter women. This was much more subtle and more alluring and she found herself breathing faster to continue smelling it. “I know what you are. I knew what you were the moment you sat down at my table.”

“I’d assume so. Only certain types of people ever frequent that club and most are like me. Others are either new to the town and oblivious or…your kind.”

Lucy hissed in again through her nose and focused her eyes straight ahead as she felt Byron’s chest press against her back. “Then you know what I am? What I do for a living?”

“You make a living out of it? Interesting. I never knew there was a way to get paid, sounds like I chose the wrong side.” His hand was still against her waist holding her in place and preventing her from turning around.

“You don’t know how right you are about that.” Byron chuckled in her ear and Lucy felt her heart pump faster in her chest. And as he leaned forward, he realized he could see down her shirt and the tops of my breasts were in full view.

“You don’t seem threatening to me.” His fingers danced in her hair as he whispered in her ear and the smell of her last drink burned through her pores staining the air with the sweet scent of grapes. “It took only a moment to get you where I wanted and even less than that to be within attack range. I thought your kind was born to kill mine.”

“I am. And I am capable of defending myself, threatening or not. Most men from your species are predictable. It’s sad and pathetic really. You see a frail, blonde, human girl and immediately think you can take her. But then my strength and speed are shocking. I’ve killed plenty of your kind and I take pleasure in doing it!”

“Yeah? Well how about now? You have a werewolf standing within mere inches of ripping your throat out with no witnesses and no one around to help, what do you do?” he asked moving his lips closer towards her ear. A shudder of excitement sparked his senses as he listened to her heart beating faster but as he touched her again her scent became overwhelming as the air displaced around them.

“You really think you have the upper hand? Do you have any idea who I am?” She gave a quick thought to shoving her elbow into his gut and stabbing him with the 10inch blade she had wrapped against her thigh but froze when she felt his fingers curl beneath her skirt.

“I have an idea.” Byron’s fingertips brushed the backs of her upper thighs ever so lightly, hiking her skirt even more so he could get a better view of the white silk panties she wore. Lucy looked over her shoulder, pursing her lips but didn’t say a word. She didn’t have to. Every sensation he made her feel was echoed in the erratic beating of her heart and THAT he could hear like a soundtrack to his methods the more he continued to touch her. He was so close to her body. She could feel his breath on her cheek but he never spoke another word.

Backing away slightly, he watched her roll her hands down imaginary creases in her blouse. Lucy savored the warmth of where his hand had touched her. A small spot on her skin was hot and tingled from his touch. She shook the idea from her mind and turned to find Byron sitting on a crate against the wall, that same grin on his lips. “You’re brave.”

He shrugged, the smirk never leaving his lips. “I’d like to think so. I have no intentions of harming you and in your condition there’s nothing you can do to hurt me either.” Though he was on the other side of the small entryway he was close enough for her to make out the creamy color of his eyes, hazel-green with gold flecks in his irises.

“I’ve seen you there a few times, watching me. What is it that you want from me?”

“I’ve already answered that question. I wanted to buy you a drink. Each time I’ve encountered you, you looked sad. I was just hoping I could cheer you up but you had other plans.”

“What makes you think it concerns you? People go to that place for all sorts of reasons. Why was my sadness an issue for you?”

“Because you are much too beautiful to look so glum.” He smiled and she got a good view of the razor-sharp fangs on either side of his jaw. And although she tried to hide it, Byron caught the look of fear on her face and found it both alluring and complimenting. She was scared and had every right to be. She was in a dark alley with a wolf twice her size and speed and was a little tipsy to boot. If he wanted to he could have his way with her and leave her body in a pile of mush for the garbage men to find.

But that didn’t seem to be his purpose. He watched her as she tried to make heads or tails of the situation but never once did she go for her weapon. She moved towards the wall, her eyes pinning him in place as she moved and waited to see what his next action would be. She felt flustered looking at him, so handsome and lit only by the dim blue glow of the moon above them. He had a chiseled face, kind eyes when he wasn’t plotting and lips that were ever so kissable. Kissable? She thought, what the hell is wrong with me? Lucy again shook her head trying to clear it of the dirty thoughts she held for the animal she intended to kill but to no avail.

For some reason her mind was not cooperating with her and it still held thoughts of what his chest looked like beneath the thin cotton top he wore. His arms were cut, from what she could see. And she could tell by the shape of his shoulders he worked out. His scent was still soaked into her clothing from when he held her and she could smell it. Both times he made contact with her he seemed rather gentleman-like which was out of the nature of their kind, at least in her experience. But then again her past experiences became clouded by the fact that her brother turned out to be one of them. She loved Jacobi very much and now she was beginning to question her hatred for wolves. Byron could see her indecision as she paced slightly around the crates behind her.

She looked up at him as he took a step forward but before she could say a word, she felt his lips against hers. As he kissed her hard, he walked her deeper into the alley until her back was up against the wall. She looked at him in shock before squeezing her eyes shut. In a situation where she found herself alone with a werewolf or accosted in a dark alley by any man, the normal procedure would be to take him out with extreme prejudice. However this time, her body and her mind had other ideas. Byron pressed his entire body against hers, pinning her hands above her head as he kissed his way down her neck.

He reached up her blouse and roughly took her breasts in his palms. He mauled them, his fingertips finding her nipples even through the thick material of her brassiere as he kissed and sucked her neck. Lucy fumbled with the buttons on her shirt as his mouth closed over hers again coaxing her tongue from between her lips. He swirled his tongue over it and leaned even closer against her as finally her shirt fell from her shoulders and to the ground below.

He reached down and unclasped her bra releasing her perfect bosom for his eyes and hands to explore freely. Byron took a step back and stared at her naked breasts for a moment. His tongue flicked across his lips as she breathed in making her chest rise and fall with each breath. “Beautiful,” he moaned breathlessly. He cupped them in his hands, pushing them together as if it was his first time seeing a set of tits. Quickly he leaned in and gently sucked one of her already hard nipples past his lips rolling his tongue softly over the erect flesh.

Lucy couldn’t resist any longer. Her hands fell into his hair and she ran her fingers through the silkiness of his hair. He looked up at her, his gorgeous hazel eyes locked on her as he let her nipple fall from his mouth. Her breath caught in her throat as his eyes flickered beneath the moon rays and he smiled delightfully seeing her pull back a little but that didn’t stop her from reaching forward and stroking a hand across his cheek. Byron dipped his head once more and nibbled lightly on her nipple, scraping his teeth across her skin as he squeezed them in his hands. Lucy’s head fell back with a sigh as he moved to show equal attention to her other breast.

Byron felt Lucy flinch again beneath him as she saw the yellow glint in his eyes once more. Her lips quivered and she began wondering if the wolf really meant her no harm as he said or if she should expect him to attack at any moment. Calming her nerves, he gently caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and sucked her lip into his mouth again. “Relax,” he whispered as his lips touched hers. “You’re safe with me.” He grinned as she began attacking his mouth with her own, pushing her tongue into his and taking charge of the kiss.

With one fast movement and without warning, he reached up to the hem of her skirt and ripped it and her panties away from her body. She jerked as it took her by surprise and he chuckled again as he tossed her tattered clothing towards the dumpster across the other side of the alley. He combed over her body stopping on the dagger tied around her leg and looked up at her.

Realizing it was a Truesilver weapon, he didn’t attempt to remove it from her. Instead, Lucy unhitched the ties herself and lowered the knife to the ground at his feet. Byron smiled to himself, leaned forward and brought his nose towards her neck breathing deeply taking in her scent before again looking up at her. With his seductive gaze still on hers, she felt herself in a trance as his hands slipped down her creamy thighs towards her pubic mound.

Lucy’s mouth locked in an “O” as his fingers slid between her legs touching against the moist region he’d created. Byron cupped the shape of her womanhood touching and teasing but never fulfilling what he knew she wanted. Before she could protest, he reached down and roughly shoved two fingers inside her tight hole. Lucy jumped back, her body pushing harder against the wall as she did and Byron smiled wickedly at her. Pushing in and out quickly, he caused her breathing to exit her lungs in rapid spurts in time with his actions. Her body jerked and she rested her head on his shoulder feeling the tingles rush through her as she came on his hand.

Oh God it felt so good! This thing, this animal was fucking her with his fingers and she’d be damned if she wasn’t enjoying it. He pulled his fingers out slightly allowing her a moment to breathe before driving them back inside at full speed. His hand picked up the rhythm that his mouth used as he planted kisses over her face and neck. Lucy moaned in pleasure, wrapping an arm over his shoulder. She could feel another spurt of her juices coat his fingers allowing him ease of motion and he used that lubrication to slide his fingers along her clit.

Rubbing gently at first in small circles, Byron soaked her tiny nub in exquisite rapture as he nibbled on her earlobe. Lucy’s eyes shut tight and she concentrated on feeling everything she could. His mouth on her skin, his scent in her nose, his large, masculine frame pressed tight against hers all added up to an incredible sense of wanting. Rubbing her clit in faster circles, Lucy gasped and a ragged moan escaped her throat as she came again. She felt her body grow hotter starting at her womb and in that moment he owned her. When finally she opened her eyes, she watched as he brought his fingers towards his lips and licked her cum from his fingers. He laughed seeing her face coated in a thin sheen of desire knowing he’d just made her eat her words.

The lustful look in her eyes drove him crazy and he knew he had to have her right then. He reached down and she heard the sound of his zipper as he undid his pants and let his boxers fall to his ankles. The plastic wrapper of the condom ripped silently between his teeth and he spit the trash to the pavement as he rolled the rubber prophylactic over his shaft.

She parted her legs more in anticipation wanting nothing more than to feel his cock inside her wet pussy. Byron lifted her against the cool brick wall with his hands on her waist. Using his knees, he spread her legs apart further, brought her pussy down over his rock hard cock and pushed himself inside of her. She felt him enter her slowly stretching her body wider to make room for his engorged dick. Lucy savored every last second of his cock slipping into her until finally he’d filled her completely. He let out a contented sigh that sounded like a huge breath of relief.

Byron held her there with his dick as far inside her as it could go. Wrapping his arms around her, he held her tight against his body. She could feel his hot breath on her neck again as he kissed his way upward, flicking his tongue on her smooth skin. Like a hungry animal, he buried his face in her neck allowing his fangs to push through his gums. Taking in the richness of her scent once more, he traced the path of the largest visible vein towards the hollow of her throat and nestled his nose just beneath her earlobe. A loose nail cut across her flesh, piercing the softness of her neck and a single drop of blood appeared.

Lucy hissed in pain and Byron’s eyes fell on her injury. Sensuously he rubbed his thumb across her chin turning her head to get a better look. Carefully and sweetly he licked it off, tasting her and moaned at the lusciousness of her body. It was true what they said; the blood of a hunter was delicious; pure. He wanted more but feared if he allowed himself the pleasure he’d most certainly kill her and it wasn’t time for that…yet. And if her blood was this tasty, certainly her flesh and even her heart were to die for. He would definitely be well fed.

Their lips met once more and she slipped her tongue into his mouth kissing him ardently. His body moved against her hard and they moaned in unison as he felt the tightness of her body envelop him. Byron placed his hands on her ass cheeks pushing her up and down over his cock. Lucy’s arms wrapped around his shoulders, drawing him closer against her and she locked her legs around his waist. And as he slammed her body downward onto him, he drove his hips deeper pushing himself further into her.

Their bodies quickly became sweaty even with the night chill that coated them both. The skin of their naked thighs slapped together repeatedly and their sounds of ecstasy echoed around the small alcove. It didn’t take long before he came. Lucy could feel his balls jerk as they slapped against her. His grip on her ass tightened and he let out a loud growl as his hips began to slow. Byron pumped her several more times until his balls were spent and the condom had become sticky with his cum. He slowly lowered her back down to the ground, letting out another deep moan as he pulled his dick from between her thighs.

He leaned into her, and to her surprise, sweetly kissed her shoulder several times. Lucy smiled as she watched him. His thick, luscious lips puckering out and peppering gentle kisses against her skin. In that moment he looked anything but bestial. If she didn’t know anything about his kind and what they were capable of she would believe he was human. Just some hot, dark stranger she had the good fortune of running into one night for one of the best fucks of her life.

Silently, he pulled himself away from her and pulled his pants up redoing his buttons as Lucy continued trying to regain her senses. Never before had she ever allowed one of his kind to get as close as he had. And never before had she even imagined letting one touch her let alone bring her to multiple orgasms. She rubbed an open hand over her face as he handed her the only item of clothing she still possessed that wasn’t completely ruined.

Removing his jacket, he placed it around her shoulders and zipped her up. Lucy tried to step around him but he instantly locked his hands around her arm stopping her in place. He didn’t speak, he only stared at her and motioned for her to wait. Delicately his fingers moved along the edge of her forehead sweeping her hair in place calmly before he moved towards the street. Byron flagged down a taxi for her, paid the fare and waited on the curb as the lights of the car disappeared down the streets.

With a smile of satisfaction he headed back towards the club and his awaiting Porsche to head back home to Gideon. “What do you want?” Byron hissed as Sonja slipped into the hall behind him.

“Alpha wants to know if you did as he asked. He sent me to see if you got anything from the Hunter.”

“No. She’s a smart one; she won’t easily ramble off anything until her guard is down. Tell him not to worry. She’ll break, they always do.”

“Oh how incredibly romantic!” Sonja feigned vomiting and rolled her eyes. “How do you know she won’t go running off to tell her brothers what you’ve done?”

“I know women! I left her wanting and with my jacket, she’ll call. I am quite the charmer Sonja. If you weren’t such a cunt I’d have shown you a thing or two but…I’d rather stick my honey lathered dick in a bee’s nest than put it anywhere near your dried up cooch! I don’t fancy sandpaper on my cock.”

“Fuck you!”

“No means no Sonja. Now don’t you have some more groveling to do? Alpha doesn’t like to be kept waiting,” Byron smirked and watched her make a hasty retreat towards Luther’s office.

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  1. Well, you certainly know how to return with a bang! Quite literally. :P

    Beyond that I'm not really sure what to say quite yet because I'm sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

    That won't stop me from going off to read the first chapter of Beauty though!

    1. HAHAHAHA! Nice :P

      Lol Beauty can wait! Get some rest Birdi! Tomorrow I'm working on pics for the next chapters of AM! I have 8 "Beauty" ready to go and 11 "Cold Blooded" so I have to get AM stocked up too :)

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    Man that was steamy.

    1. That's his deal, Byron LOVES to please the ladies. It's a shame he's working for Gideon, he's such a great guy. Lucy definitely has something to remember him by though...a few somethings :P

      Luther is always looking for his next big thing. But losing Izzy (or so Ulrick thinks) he needed another way to get to the hunters. Byron was the perfect in!

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    1. Also, forgot to say, I'm working on a new Among Thieves, should be out soon and I look forward to reading your comments.I replied to your question on chapter 10 but in cause you didn't see that I'll tell you here as well. She knew, at least one some level, at that point that he loved her and after being hurt and used like that she needed to feel loved.

    2. I think you're right...then again they'd probably be competitors to see which of them could bed the most women! But no I don't think either of them would have a problem finding bed mates either :D Very true! They get around and lucky for their kind they are immune to human diseases otherwise I think there would be more than just fleas itching their fur :P (hmm never really thought about fleas on werewolves though). Luther did ask of Byron to get information from Lucy so unlike his previous partners, she gets a 2fer...maybe even more!

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      LOL! He wasn't having that. She isn't the best person to be around right now in the pack considering she's at Luther's mercy and trying to make her way back up in the ranks. No one really wants to have anything to do with her :)

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