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Episode 42: Call of the Wild

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Erik, Charlie, Tina
Word Count: 4,050
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya goes out looking for Rafe but lands herself in hot water when it's another wild wolf that finds her. Rafe is introduced to someone that could possibly provide him with the answers he seeks but his willingness to accept the truth comes with a price.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Kaya made it to Shadowvale and immediately hit the trail she and Rafe had traveled before. Quickly finding his scent she started towards the ridge and smiled as she remembered frolicking and camping out with him prior to becoming mates. Who’d have guessed they’d create memories in this place? She trudged up the small incline cussing herself for the imprudence in her hiking boots. As she cleared the area beside the lake her phone started ringing loudly in her pocket.

Reaching for it quickly, she placed it on vibrate and frowned seeing the caller ID read: Dad. Deciding to give him a call later she started to replace the small device back in her pocket when an angry growl ripped through the shrubbery just in front of her. “Hello?” she spoke calmly realizing her cell had alerted the resident wolves. “I’m not looking for trouble I’m trying to find someone.”

When she didn’t receive a positive response, she tried again, this time stating her name in hopes it would trigger some sort of recognition in the beast. “Please. I don’t know where he is, but I do know he is looking for the Savages camp. If you come out from there, we can have a chat and perhaps you can take me to your home?”

This time the animal responded, hastily bounding from the bushes and squaring its shoulders towards her. Kaya became instantly aware of the wolf’s anger and knew very quickly how dangerous the situation had become. She placed her hands up defensively trying to calm the beast but it was obvious this wild wolf was not in a negotiating mood.

It charged her, clamping its jaws around her forearm and swinging fiercely as it sank its teeth in her flesh. She screamed and kicked at the wolf, happy this time for wearing her heels. The tip of her boot landed in the animal’s gut piercing through its flesh and knocking it back. It whimpered in pain but the act of aggression only served to enrage the monster and it barreled dead ahead for the trespassing girl knocking her to her back.

Kaya’s arms came up to guard her face and neck from its savage claws and sharp teeth. She felt another burn as its talons ripped into her arm right where it had previously bit her and again she screamed. Grabbing a handful of its mane, Kaya yanked as hard as she could until the animal jerked back squealing for her to release. She extended her claws and ripped into the animal’s neck and chest and it responded by clawing into hers.

A howl sounded off in the distance and Rafe’s gaze turned instantly towards the woods. “KAYA!” he yelled and charged forward hearing the silent cry from his mate. Running as though his life depended on it, he dropped to the ground and shifted digging his claws into the soft dirt of the moss covered floor of the forest. Whoever made her howl like that was moments away from paying with their lives. The moon sparkled off his flowing brown coat as his forepaws pumped harder. His muscles flexed beneath his fur moving with the grace of an animal determined in combat.

Snarls and snapping bones drew his attention and a painful jolt shot through his chest as he continued through the thick underbrush. Something was attacking her and he could feel every bite, every scratch and every jab. Ignoring the increased burning in his arm and right leg, Rafe hopped over a fallen log and landed hard in a puddle of water splashing mud into the loose hairs of his shoulders.

A pile of fur in the distance, ten yards more and he was flying through the pine trees dropping in front of Kaya just as the wolf was coming back for more. With a solitary glance in her direction, Rafe charged forward, jaws wide and ready.

He clamped down hard on the black wolf’s muzzle and a loud yelp pierced the stillness of the woods around him. Rolling in a patch of pine needles, Rafe was on his feet instantly rushing towards her attacker and without hesitation his fangs sank into the soft patch of fur at his throat. Blood immediately squirted from his neck and the wolf instinctively clawed at Rafe trying to throw him back and away.

Relentlessly he bit and sliced into the black furball until more of his blood painted the forest’s ground. Another yelp and the animal went limp between his teeth. Rafe snorted and threw his prone body towards the woods watching it hit the tree with a pop as its spine snapped against the tall pine. He turned towards Kaya and moved slowly as he shifted back.

His face was covered in blood and dirt, his hands dripped with the same. He fell to his knees in front of Kaya and she pulled him into her chest. “Why?” he whispered against her ear before pulling away and looking up into her baby blue eyes. “Why did you follow me out here?”

He brushed a stray leaf from her hair and watched her closely as she chewed her bottom lip analyzing his body ensuring he was ok. “Because it hurt more being away from you.”

A loud howl from the southeast end of the forest jolted Rafe to his feet. Instinctively he stood in front of Kaya preparing himself for what lay in wait beyond the murky distance. “Whatever you do stay behind me Ky. I don’t know what’s out there but I’ll be damned if I let them lay another finger on you.”

She knew arguing would be pointless. Nodding her head in agreement she placed one hand on his shoulder as a large brown wolf rushed onto the path in front of them. Rafe rolled his head over his shoulders and cracked his knuckles as he urged the beast forward. Both circled around the area neither giving on the stares focused on one another. 

Wordlessly the wolf shifted keeping his eyes on Rafe as he grabbed a pair of pants folded behind a nearby rock. “You’ve wandered a good distance from the road.” He looked towards the woods spotting the black wolf huddled against the shrubs lying in an unnatural position. “And you killed Erik.” The words rolled from his tongue nonchalantly but he was obviously hurt over the man’s death.

“Yeah, and you’re next,” Rafe growled.

“I don’t think so. Look around you; you’re in MY home, on MY land with MY family.” All at once several pairs of eyes peeked through the bushes beside him. “You won’t make it out of here alive!” He smiled watching Rafe’s reaction but instantly the smile faded when Rafe took a step towards him. 

Kaya’s arm slipped from his shoulder but he kept her behind him as she moved towards the top of the path. The man rushed towards Rafe and they both hit the ground hard. Rolling in the dirt, Kaya paced delicately around the wooded area watching for any pair of those eyes to reveal themselves as she prepared herself to pounce.

Rafe kicked the man away trying his best to keep an eye on Kaya and keep the man back at the same time. He roared and his eyes flashed quickly. The man took a step back and Rafe started towards Kaya once more.

“Caleb? Caleb is that you?” the young man moved towards Rafe gripping his arm firmly and tugging him back around to get a good look at his face.

“My name is Rafe Hemming NOT Caleb! Now let me go before I rip your fucking head off!” Quickly he released Rafe’s arm and took one step back watching him closely yet refusing to submit to Rafe’s obvious dominance.

“What have they done to you? Don’t you know who you are? What you’re capable of?”

“Look you…”

“Rafe?” Kaya called as she limped into the clearing behind him. The others quickly closed in around her and growls could be heard from the nearby shrubbery as more wolves drew near the area.

“Ky!” Rafe rushed towards her with the other man quick on his heels. Pulling her into his chest, he wrapped a protective arm around her waist and watched as the yellow eyes moved closer snarling and howling as they watched Kaya with angry glares. “Come on!” Rafe taunted. “I’ll kill every last one of you if you dare try and lay a hand on her!” he started growling to show them he meant business. He allowed his fangs to lengthen as he began shifting preparing himself for a showdown.

“She’s your mate!” the man inched towards Kaya’s back sniffing at her to confirm his suspicions. “She’s the one Caleb! The reason we went to Willow Reed in the first place. You found her again!”

“I told you before my name is Rafe and I’m not who you’re looking for! Now tell your mutts to back off before I start spilling blood.” His eyes flickered and he let forth with a guttural howl. Instantly the wolves stepped back in recognition. Low whimpers and hisses of submission encircled them from the surrounding pack. A sense of calm seemed to settle over the wolves as many changed back bowing before Rafe. Others remained in form, tails tucked between their legs, ears pinned back and eyes low to the ground.

“No, you’re Caleb alright. I’d know that roar anywhere and so would they!” Rafe growled angrily hearing the man again call him out of his name and the man put his hands up in defense hoping to remain on leveled ground. “Allow me to prove it. You’re still wearing the tags your father gave you.” The man pulled similar tags from around his neck and showed them to Rafe. Taking hold of his, he connected the ends and held them up for Rafe to view them. “You see? Do you believe me now?”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Charlie…your baby brother.” Flickering his eyes as Rafe had earlier he smiled as Rafe recognized the mimicking gesture. “That’s right Bro, we’re blood. We were told you were killed but…I knew. I could still feel you; faint, but I knew you were out there. And now we have you back finally.”

“Rafe?” Kaya shifted her weight in his arms and he held her tighter hearing her groan in pain. His eyes fell to her instantly as the smell of blood drifted to his nose. Pulling the torn shirt away from her chest he noticed the large gashes along her neck and the cuts running down her arm.

“Your mate’s hurt. Come, we can get her up to the pack house and take care of her there.”

“We’re not going anywhere with you!”

“We have to get out of this area before the others draw near and detect our presence, Cal…Rafe. Otherwise you, me, your mate and everyone else here will be in real danger. Please?” he motioned towards a path that led deeper into the darkest woods of Shadowvale before shifting and starting forward.

Looking down at Kaya again he saw the slight roll in her eyes as she became weaker from the injuries she’d sustained. Her heartbeat was becoming faint, her breathing erratic. “Hold on Baby, I’ll get you better soon.” Readjusting her in his arms, he followed after the retreating pack of wolves heading towards the familiar farmhouse he and Kaya visited not so long ago.

Kaya awoke in an unfamiliar bed with a headache ripping through her temples and vibrating off her neck and down her spine. She winced pulling herself up so that her back was against the headboard. Looking around in the room she tried to get a sense of where she was and whether she was in any immediate danger. “Rafe?” she whispered and instantly felt the pain tear the back of her throat. Her chest was on fire and so was her arm and leg. Looking down she noticed the care someone had taken bandaging her wounds and began wondering why they hadn’t healed yet.

Slowly she moved to the edge of the bed trying her best to keep the pain to a minimum. Sniffing around she could detect the faintest smell of those rogue wolves she and Rafe had encountered before. Worry immediately tensed her nerves as she thought about where Rafe could be and if they were hurting him. She moved at a quicker pace pulling herself from the bed and moving along the cool, wooden floor. 

The boards made creaking sounds beneath her bare feet but she didn’t concern herself over the amount of noise. Instead she tried to coax her wolf to prepare for a fight. Regardless of how bad she felt, she was not about to allow anything to happen to her mate. Kaya pulled opened the door and instantly her stomach lurched in pain. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was until the smell of steak, hamburger and barbecue sauce hit her. 

Stepping out into the hall she crept towards the stairs where the smells became thicker in the air. On top of the delicious aroma of food, she found something else more familiar. Rafe, she thought and inhaled once more. He was close and he didn’t smell as though he was hurt. She started down the stairs, sliding her hand along the banister slowly trying to keep her balance and from hurting herself more.

“You shouldn’t be out of bed!” a female voice rang out behind her. Instantly she turned and immediately regretted the hasty move as a jolt of pain rocked through her arm and down her leg. She reached for them groaning as she did and lost her footing on the middle step. Quickly she began plummeting down the casing; Kaya’s eyes shut tight as she was moments away from a sudden and painful impact with the wooden floor below!

The front door flew open and at once, Rafe was up the stairs pulling her into his arms stopping her midflight. He held her against him, found his balance and lowered her to her feet. Kaya glanced up realizing the jarring blow she was waiting for hadn’t reached her. Rafe’s face was calm and his eyes combed over her body checking her for injuries as she buried her face in his chest.

His gaze darted to the woman on the top landing and she bowed her eyes in respect taking a step back and allowed Rafe to move into her position. The intensity of his stare caused the woman to whimper. Satisfied with her submission Rafe turned his attention to his mate checking over her bandages and realized they would need to be changed soon. “What are you doing Kaya? You’re hurt, you shouldn’t be moving like this.”

“Yeah well it might have been better if I hadn’t awoken in a strange house alone Rafe.” She looked behind her at the woman and watched as she curtsied and excused herself from their presence giving them space and privacy.

“I’m sorry about that. I thought you would be out for much longer and I wanted to get to the bottom of what’s going on. I wasn’t far from you and didn’t intend to leave your side for very long.” He kissed her forehead and walked her towards the bedroom again. Pulling the sheets back he helped her into the bed and waited until she settled in. Her stomach growled and he stifled a laugh smiling down at her. “Charlie and a few of his friends made some barbecue. I’ll go snag you a plate.”

“Already ahead of you Bro,” Charlie smiled stepping into the room. He sat a plate of ribs on the bedside table and pulled a chair closer towards them. Rafe growled at his proximity to his mate but Charlie shrugged it off with a slight nod in his direction. “I’m not going to hurt her, Caleb. I only wanted to meet the woman you wanted us to go to war for.”

“War?” Kaya raised her brow at him before looking at Rafe’s solemn expression. “Are you really related?”

“About as much as you are to your father. My amnesic big brother and I grew up around these parts…the ‘End of the Earth’ as many call it. Though we’re an ‘unofficial’ pack, we keep the same group of people here. We hunt together, sleep together, fight together and all without an Alpha. Well until now.” He looked at Rafe, the same smirk Kaya had grown fond of from her mate now graced his lips. 

“Sleep together?” Kaya smiled mischievously making Charlie chuckle.

“Not quite like that.” He shook his head and rubbed his hand on the back of his neck. Though faint, she was starting to see a few resemblances and similarities in their mannerisms.

They were both selfless it seemed and compassionate even considering their identities as “savages”. Both seemed to have endless courage when faced with a tougher opponent and they had the same smile. It was possible what Charlie was saying was true and it would also explain why they hadn’t hurt them when they’d first encountered the pack. “So why haven’t my wounds healed?”

“Wild wolf venom differs from your average wolf…plus there’s a little something extra in there courtesy of our parents. Caleb,” he cleared his throat and glanced over his shoulder briefly. “Sorry, Rafe, can heal it for you with his blood.”

“You too look alike I must admit that. It’s a little odd seeing you though.”

“Oh yeah? Why is that? Do you know who I am?” Kaya nodded slightly but narrowed her eyes just the same as she tried to place him side by side with the man in her dreams.

“You don’t really look like Caleb though; aside from the lips.”

“Caleb…yeah, he took after Dad I suppose. I’m more a mixture of both our parents. Though I might say I’m the one who got the looks in the fam,” he chuckled and glanced back at Rafe once more.

“So how is Rafe becoming Caleb?”

“Whoa before we get into anything heavy,” Charlie smiled politely interrupting Kaya’s thought. “I think it’s best you regain your strength. Eat, get some rest and I’ll gladly give you the ten cent tour of the place in the morning. The two of you have a lot of questions I’m sure. And it’s best if you’re well rested.” He pulled up from the chair and pushed it back into the corner of the room. “I’ve asked Alex and Andrea to watch over you tonight. They’ll remain posted at the door in case you need anything. It was nice meeting you Kaya and I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself Big Brother. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks with your mate from what I’ve told you earlier and for now, goodnight.”

Kaya waited until he was out of the room before turning to Rafe. The smell of the barbecued ribs made her mouth water and she sat up stuffing a bone between her lips and enjoying the way the tender meat slipped over her tongue. “Mmm well one thing’s for sure, they know how to cook,” she smiled clearing another bone of the juicy beef and sauce.

“You shouldn’t have followed me here.”

“No, you shouldn’t have left me there!” she sat the bare bone back on the plate and wiped her hands and mouth on the moist towel Charlie had left beside the bed. Sitting up more to look into his eyes she groaned and Rafe moved by her side helping her rest her back against the headboard. “We’re mated Rafe and even though we haven’t bonded we still share a link that can kill us if we’re left apart too long. My heart beats with yours. If you’re hurt or diminished in any capacity, so shall I be! I couldn’t let you come here alone knowing that you could be killed!  I cannot stand the thought of losing you.”

The words made him smile but the expression instantly fell after remembering what she’d told him she learned from Lobo. “But how can you stand being around me?” He pulled up from the bed and paced towards the window with his back to her. “Kaya I killed your mother. I tried to kill your father; kidnap you as a pup. I tormented your pack, destroyed your home and…”

“That wasn’t you. That was ‘Caleb’. The man I know…”

“Is a shell of his former self because he was cursed by a witch. It is me Kaya. I did those things whether I have access to that part of my psyche or not it was ME!” he turned around to look at her ensuring she could see the conviction in his words. “I don’t trust myself around you. I still haven’t mastered the control over my wolf self and I still have no idea who or what I am. There is no way I can let you stay here. In fact, I don’t want you here at all.”

“Well that’s too bad Rafe because it’s not your call.”

“To hell it isn’t! Look at what happened to you just from following me up here!”

“Yes and the wolf that did it is dead.”

“Only because I got to him in time! That could easily have been you! These people are just what they are called, Savages! They have strength and power beyond your imagining and far better control over it than I have.” He dropped back onto the bed beside her and drew a leg into his chest with a sigh. “I came here to learn about myself. I can’t do that if I have to worry about your safety constantly.”

Kaya rolled her tongue over her lip shaking her head to prevent the tears that were welling up from falling. “Fine Rafe. If you prefer I remain in Willow Reed with a separation between our links then that’s what I’ll do. But don’t think for one minute the worry will go away! If anything it’ll get worse because you won’t know what’s happening to me!” He remained silent and she pulled up from the bed and started for the clothes someone had folded and placed on the dresser for her. Quickly pulling on the jean shorts and wrapping the shirt over her shoulders she started for the door.

Before her hand could reach the knob Rafe was in front of her blocking the exit. “What? You don’t want me here and now I can’t leave?”

“Kaya I do want you with me just not where we have no ideas about the people near us. I’d feel better if you had someone you could trust around you to keep you safe.”

“I do,” she smiled at him. “I trust you Rafe whether you trust yourself or not.” Her hand gently caressed his cheek drawing a smile on his lips. He leaned forward and pulled her into his arms kissing her lips tenderly and moaning as his wolf began dancing beneath his skin to have more contact.

He sighed pulling away from her restraining the urge to ravish his injured mate. His eyes fell to the bandage on her upper arm and he ran his thumb over the loose string of tape peeling back from the bloody cloth. “I need to redo these.”

“It’s ok. I can have Jessica look at them when I get back to Greymane.” She started around him but he refused to move from the door. “Are you going to move or are we going to stay rooted here all night?”

Gripping her face Rafe held her in place until their eyes met. “Stay with me. Just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“If I start to ‘Hemi’, you’ll run. I don’t want you near me if what happened back at my apartment starts to happen again ok?” She didn’t immediately answer him and he pulled her chin higher with his thumb and index finger repeating the last word until she nodded slightly. “Whatever that was…I could have and wanted to hurt you. I don’t like the way that feels.”

“I promise.”

He smiled at her and began removing the clothes she’d tossed on. “Let’s get you back in bed. Tomorrow morning should prove very interesting.”

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  1. wow so Rafe is back home now. Tomorrow morning should prove to be very interesting indeed.

    That poor guy, just defending his land as he's supposed to and got killed for it. And Charlie wasn't all that concerned. :(

    I know Rafe doesn't trust himself with good reason, but with the way the pack instantly responded to him, Ky is probably safest there with him.

    1. Yes :) Now he can get some answers finally.

      Charlie was concerned and very hurt seeing his friend dead. He was showing a tough front because he had no idea who he was talking to. He had to keep up his poker face.

      Very true. The pack have been waiting on his return (though some truly believed he was dead). Kaya will be seen as their Luna so she has no reason to be concerned but that won't make her feel all comfy, cozy like home just yet. And Rafe is also very interested in figuring things out at this point too.

  2. So Charlie and Rafe meet! This should be very interesting indeed Rafe! I can't wait to see what answers Charlie has for them. If it were for Kaya, I probably wouldn't have looked at Rafe and Charlie and noticed that they do sort of look alike.

    I love how he instantly accepted Rafe back. That could have been a fight that none of them really needed. Hopefully this will be what Rafe is in search of because I'm telling you, the thought of them being apart had me feeling like I couldn't breath....weird? yes I know.

    I want ribs now. Thanks.

    1. And learns he has a brother! What a way to hear that. Both Rafe and Kaya have plenty of questions and very soon they should learn what they want to know...perhaps :) Even in a different form his appearance is still familiar. It helped Charlie at least determine who Rafe was.

      Charlie has been searching for his brother for a very long time and finally coming face-to-face with him was a moment he'd thought about often. Aww :( That's how Kaya felt as well and why she had to go looking for him. But he'll try and keep her close to him for now. They both need that. It's not weird at all :D

      Haha enjoy :D

  3. Great chapter, DJ!
    Rafe wanted to learn about who he is, and it looks like he's going to. I think it's good for him that Kaya is by his side, though maybe he should have just brought her along in the first place and spared her the mauling, lol.

    1. Thank you :)

      Rafe is about to get what he's asked for but he'd also better tread lightly. Kaya isn't as in tuned with these wolves as he may be and she will be very, very on guard. They definitely need each other though. She's his strength and support and has tried to help him since they met. I'm sure she would have appreciated that lol!

  4. I loved it as always. Charlie, omg, he has a brother, and I do believe him on that, even before he said he was his brother, the first picture of Charlie I was like "he kinda looks like Rafe, related?" and then a moment later he says he's his baby bro lol , and looking at them side by side when she says they look alike, the look almost exactly alike, even the hair color, which I've notice is the biggest difference, besides the ink, between Rafe and Caleb in appearance. Also feel like asking if we're going to learn more about the one hunter that's half wolf at some point, that plot line was introduced and then pushed aside so I'm hoping there'll be more on that down the line, for some reason I have a feeling he's going to end up being the mate to someone, I don't know who but someone important. Anyways, great chapter, loved it as always, can't wait for the next one and..... As much as I USED to hate when people would do this to me, I would love if you read MY story.

    1. Thank you. Yep! Rafe was just as surprised to learn that little fact also. It's funny how that worked out too. I used a random sim in the bin when I created Charlie and Caleb and said "they look nothing alike" but then it turns out Charlie looks a great deal like Rafe :P Rafe and Caleb look a little similar but there are some differences. The hair like you said is a major one.

      Yes we are! Actually in chapter...45 we see Lucy again and she mentioned Jacobi and he'll be back very soon as Lucy's storyline plays out. Some parts of the story have to come before we see another part is why Jacobi seemed to have moved back BUT now that Isabella has been discovered we can move forward with the other parts. You may also be right about that :D

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    3. Yep. I made them from different random sims. The hunters will begin to get more airtime as we've barely scratched the surface on them.

      That's very sweet! I'm sure hearing something like that is inspiring in its own. I am enjoying your story and thank you again :)

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    Maybe this reunion is really what Rafe needed to remember things clearly. I suppose though that the witch's curse would really need to be removed for him to become who he was completely. It seems bad or not bad, Kaya has already made up her mind about him.

    1. Haha Charlie is funny, sweet and charming. I think he has suckered you with his charisma :D Rafe is in good hands as it were. He isn't ready yet to openly trust them until he investigates a little more but everyone there recognizes him as their Alpha and is telling him whatever he wants to know. Exactly! And that curse will be gone once the bond is complete which is why Lobo dreads these two being together. Kaya is scared of Caleb because of her memories but she loves Rafe...truly conflicted considering these are the same person. Hopefully she learns to understand what is happening and they can make it through :)

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    1. Charlie has been looking for his brother forever and never lost the scent. The wolf that attacked Kaya was fairly new to the pack and was more "wild wolf" than obedient pack mate. Charlie only realized it too though once he had gotten close enough in attack range of Rafe/scent distance of Kaya to figure it out.

      Haha Charlie will answer everything you want to know (mostly anyway) in the next chapter. Angie yes, she was someone the Savages used when they went to get Kaya as a child. And this witch that cursed Caleb did so to save his life after Lobo had killed him (or believed to have killed him).

      People out for their own are usually the ones that end up causing havoc in the lives of innocents. They often don't care who they hurt as long as they get what they want. I agree, those are the worst people ever!