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Episode 41: One of Us

Genre: Horror
Characters: Lobo, Kaya, Ulrick, Connor 
Word Count: 2,467
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Kaya informs her father of Rafe's disappearance and tells him that she intends to go after him. While in his office she asks him about pack connections and tells them of a woman she encountered at Gideon. Putting the facts together Ulrick learns that it is his mate she's speaking about.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, nudity, adult situations

Kaya rushed up the stairs of the manor and towards the east wing. Without so much as a knock or announcement she burst through her father’s bed chambers and entered his private study. “Rafe’s gone!” she spoke out of breath and excitedly. “I have to go after him, I already feel weak and I’m scared! Anything could happen to him while he’s gone. And with Luther still out for revenge and now Bane on his ass and this thing with some guy from his old band…” she dropped into a chair as her breathing became more erratic and hung her head in her hands. “I tried to tell him this would happen. What was he thinking? We can’t do this, not with the lack of bond! How can any wolf stand it!?”

Lobo got to his feet and moved around his desk towards his daughter, Ulrick also stepped closer. It was in a way a comforting thought knowing the object of his wrath was gone but seeing his daughter in pain and knowing how it must feel took precedence. “Try and calm yourself Kaya the stress will only make the bond separation worse. Now tell me, where did he go?”

“I don’t know. Something happened. He started changing but it was…different. Afterwards he jumped out the window and took off.”

“Shadowvale,” Ulrick muttered as he listened to Kaya’s recount of what happened. “It’s most likely that he is being home called by his wolf half.”

“If that’s the case you need to stay away Kaya. It’s dangerous in that area as you’ve seen firsthand.”

“So what should I do? Let myself die slowly the longer we’re apart and the farther he gets away from me? Do you have any idea how this feels?” 

Ulrick moved back a step and sighed and Lobo’s eyes shot to him. “I have an idea, yes. Kaya I know you’re having an issue trusting anything I say to you right now but you must understand going after Rafe in that territory is much more dangerous than allowing the symptoms of your separation to wane. I know it’s hard Babygirl but I also know someone who has been able to deal with the pain. It gets a little better after a while.” Lobo responded with a slight inflection in his tone as he again looked at his friend.

Ulrick shook his head no causing a frustrated sigh to squeeze from Lobo’s lips. He stood again and gazed out the window of his study thinking long and hard about the best course of action. He knew his daughter and also knew that she would not sit idly by and watch her mate rush headlong into danger alone. “If you must go…I don’t want you going there alone.”

“And an Alpha in their territory would cause them to respond in violence. Especially if they feel you are coming to wipe them out. You wouldn’t be able to travel with me.”

“I agree with Kaya, Armand. You don’t have the best reputation in that area and we both know why. It’s best one of the others goes with her.”

“No!” Kaya stood wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m not taking anyone else into that place with me. As scary and as dangerous as it was for both Rafe and myself the first time we happened into Savage territory I will NOT risk getting someone else hurt like that. I’m going alone. I can find Rafe faster and moving solo through those woods I shouldn’t be so easily detected.”

“And what if you’re discovered or attacked again?”

“Then I’ll fight if I have to. But it’s less risky than moving in a small group.”

“And let them imprison you again? You think it’ll be easier getting away a second time? I’m sure they’ve learned their lessons from your first escape!”

“They had no intentions of hurting me then…at least I don’t think they did.”


“This is for the best,” she interrupted her father before he could make protest. “I’m making this decision as Beta of Greymane. And as Alpha you have every right to override my decision but I hope you just trust me to do this alone.”

Lobo chewed on his bottom lip trying to keep himself from making an outburst in anger. Instead he simply nodded and shut his eyes as he felt his heart sink to the floor. He just agreed to let his only child and beloved daughter wander freely into the arms of wild wolf country. Anything could happen while she was out there and he knew there was a chance she’d never make it back. He moved around his desk once more and stepped closer towards her. They were both drowning in the heavy emotions of the imminent departure both knowing how bad their recent relationship had become. Lobo didn’t want to think of the possibilities but he needed to say his goodbyes in the off chance that he wouldn’t see her again. “Kaya…if…” 

“Dad…when I get back, we will talk. You’ll be able to track my progress.” She slipped her hand over his heart and smiled. “We still have that connection. And as Alpha you can feel all of your subordinates.” Kaya paused on that thought and she flashed back to the woman she’d seen in the library at Gideon finally realizing why the woman felt familiar. “You can feel everyone right? Even wolves that have weaker connections, they are still there right?”

“Of course, it’s a benefit of being an Alpha and why I suggested coming with you. I would be able to sense Rafe’s presence.”

“I’m not talking about Rafe right now, I just remembered something. When Luther kidnapped me there was another Greymane wolf there at least she felt familiar. She had scars on her face and she appeared burned on her right side. I didn’t really think much of it because I’d never seen her before but there was a connection there. She’s one of us!”

“Scars on her face?” Ulrick asked pushing closer to the pair. “Did she say anything to you? Did she have an accent?”

“No, we didn’t speak. She shut the door when I started approaching. I got the feeling she wasn’t a people person.”

“Was she under duress?” Ulrick continued questioning. “Did she appear scared or afraid? Was she hurt?”

“No and that’s the weird part. It’s why I didn’t recognize her connection then. She seemed to be there of her own free will.”

“That’s not possible. She wouldn’t…”

“You don’t know if it’s her,” Lobo reminded turning towards the Elder.

“‘Don’t know if it’s her’? What other wolf do you know is as Kaya described?”

“Hispanic, curly auburn brown hair…” Kaya added listening to the two go back and forth.

Ulrick shook his head yes. “That’s her. It’s my fault. If I hadn’t pushed her to bond she wouldn’t have needed to leave Venezuela.”

“You can’t blame yourself for this! Izzy has always been…”

“No! There’s only one reason she would go there and if not for me she wouldn’t…” he looked away as he felt the rumblings of his wolf. He had to control himself but the thought of his mate being in the clutches of one of their mortal enemies was threatening to make him lose all self control. “She wouldn’t let me help her, but him…she’d ask of him what she felt I was incapable of!” He growled and the stemware sitting on the bar against the wall shook beneath the vibration of his roar.

“She’s your mate!?” Kaya asked in surprise piecing together what she was hearing. “Rick I had no idea you were mated!” Suddenly Kaya became overcome with emotions, the most prominent being anger. As Beta certain facts should have been made apparent to her. This realization cemented the idea that her father never fully placed her in that position. She was not made aware of many things and now the fact that she didn’t even know all of the wolves in her pack only seemed to heighten her frustrations with her Alpha.

“Kaya wait!” Without another word she started for the door. Lobo was right, she couldn’t trust in him right now. Regardless of his decisions his “concern” she had something to do and would gladly disobey his commands if given. He had no right! “KAYA!” 

“Fuck me! Oh yes fuck me!” Screams erupted through the hallway as Kaya rushed up the stairs. She burst into Connor’s room and shut the door hard behind her. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh God yes!” Her best friend was taking a brunette from behind on the floor beside his bar. She rolled her eyes having once again interrupted him. In all the years they’d lived together this was beginning to become habit for her. At least this time she didn’t get introduced face first with some stranger’s pussy.

“Ky?” Connor glanced up but made no motion to cease his actions in fact he started thrusting faster.

“Sorry,” she smiled sheepishly and leaned against the wall. “Any chance you’ll be done soon?” she asked hopefully considering the screaming had been ongoing since she’d entered the manor.

“You’re fucking kidding right Peaches? I just started.”

“Oh my God yes!” His partner cried in appreciation. He pumped his hips harder ramming his cock deeper into the screaming girl who slipped into muttering gibberish. 

Every now and again her unintelligible uttering’s turned obscene and it only made Connor ramp up his movements. His hand reached up and grabbed a handful of her breasts, pulling and pinching and twisting her nipples until she gasped from the pain, her pussy spasmed on his cock deep inside of her.

“Is everything ok?” Connor asked watching Kaya pace near his bed. She shook her head no and he urged her to continue all the while he drove into the girl mercilessly, and she clamped down on him like a vice. Every bump on his cock, every contour of her pussy caused an explosion of pleasure. 

His head fell back in delight and Connor grabbed her hips to steady himself, his dick controlling their motions in a desperate effort to reach climax. “I came to tell you that I’m leaving. Rafe is…changing again,” she whispered under her breath so that only he could hear her. “I have to get to him because this…”

“Your missing link?” he spoke in code. She nodded and sighed as the girl started screaming again; his partner was cumming. Her body shivered and then tensed while her fingernails scratched at the fine, white leather of his sofa.

“Whoa watch it,” he warned with a smile in his voice. Her fingers eased up slightly as Connor’s cock drilled into her keeping her on the edge of complete exhilaration.

She moaned as he lifted her hips and tossed her into the sofa to slam his cock in and out of her hungry pussy. When he licked his thumb and then began rubbing her clit at the same time, her whole body exploded, bucking up against him as she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life. “When will you be back?” he asked breathlessly as he was beginning to feel the makings of his own climax.

“I’m not sure. I’m hoping to find him and be back within days but that area is so massive there’s no telling how quickly I can do that.”

“Oh God your dick is so big!” Connor chuckled to himself as he pulled out and held his cock at the entrance to her dripping pussy. He pushed in all the way and pulled out again watching as his cock disappeared into her hot, tight hole. “Yes! Keep doing that! I love that!” She purred and dropped her head against the back of the sofa.

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“I…” Kaya started but was cut off by screaming once more.

“Yes! Cum with me Baby, fuck me!”

“Not you,” Connor groaned and slammed harder into the girl as he smacked her ass with the open palm of his right hand hammering his cock deeper into her greedy core. He looked up at his best friend again and she shook her head no. “Ky?”

“It’s not safe Frogger and I don’t want to risk it.”

“What about you? You’re just going to…mmm…” He started fucking faster as the girl tightened against his shaft. Her body was squeezing his, milking his orgasm and he couldn’t hold it in anymore. His balls slapped hard against her ass each time he hit bottom, her screams turned to gibberish once more and his balls began to spasm. “Fuck!”

He pulled out and grabbed the brunette by the hair as he sank into the cushions of the couch. Quickly she dropped to her knees as he stuffed her mouth full of cock. “Oh yeah!” he cried pounding her face. Her hand pushed against his thigh, the other gripped his throbbing cock as she struggled to breathe. She slipped his full length down her throat and Connor instantly exploded spurting thick streams of cum against the roof of her mouth.

The brunette eagerly sucked on his cock, savoring his hot cum and greedily drinking every drop she could. Her tongue swirled over the head as she struggled to swallow it all, licking over his slit as he finally released his grip of her hair and collapsed more into the pillows. The girl pulled herself from the floor and onto the sofa beside Connor before passing out.

He slowly caught his breath and dropped his head back to find Kaya waiting patiently. “Enjoy the show?” he smiled.

“Don’t I always?” she asked with a shrug.

He got up from his seat and approached Kaya as he listened to his partner snore. “I know you won’t let me come no matter what I say to you but I want you to promise me one thing, if it looks like danger or becomes too much to handle you call me first?”

“Of course I will. Take care of Eli for me until I get back.”

“Eli,” Connor smiled. “You’re the one walking into the lion’s den and your concern is with the newbie?”

“He’s still fresh to pack life and I just wanted to be sure he acclimates nicely. This thing with Brooke…”

“Peaches, Eli is the little brother I never had trust me, I’ll look after him.” He scooped her into his arms and squeezed her tight. “You just take care of yourself.”

“I will.” Kaya smiled against his neck before realizing he was still completely naked and drenched in sweat. “I think I’m gonna go grab a shower and change,” she laughed as he rubbed himself more against her. “Gross, Con. Really gross.”

“Don’t say I never gave you anything!”

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  1. ((O))_((O))
    Wha...a...a... Wha?

    No fricking way! Uh-uh, MY GOD CONNOR!!!
    And think he and Ky were having a normal conversation. What is the wolf-world coming to??

    I must say I lol'd when Con said: 'Not you!' to miss Bruny!

    Izzy... I can't wait for that confrontation. I felt a twinge of pain for Rick in my heart! To have your mate double cross you like that...

    Connor... I have no more words! I can't even think now!

    1. :D

      Connor has no issues with an audience and Kaya has seen him go at it a few times so she's pretty used to it. She just doesn't like walking into an orgy and then having someone try and touch her (like his 3some). She has to draw the line somewhere! HAHA but yeah they were talking like it was an everyday thing...then come to think of it with Connor it just might be.

      HAHA She was being rude jumping in their conversation :P I keed! I keed!

      Oh man...I fear that Rick would have to bring an army if he dares to set foot on Gideon territory. Isabella would be in for a world of pain too having treated her mate the way she is. But what she's doing now, being with Luther is pack treason...Lobo won't stand for that.

      Lol! He put it on her! Her ass passed out :P

  2. The fact that they were really conversing through all that...LOL! That seems to not care either. She was in heaven and could careless about the words being exchanged until she thought he was asking her if she wanted him to come with her. LOL!!!!! That gave me a real LOL moment! Surprised he didn't laugh too.

    I hope Kaya knows what she's doing. I have this strange feeling of danger.

    Rick knows where Izzy is now...oh shit. Luther is going to end up with another Greymane visitor.

    1. LOL! It takes some real comfort to be able to do that! That's for sure. These two are more than comfortable enough for it. His partner was very much in bliss! She was having sex with a superstar in his home AND had been going at it for quite the while! She was more than happy to let him handle his biz, they have to eat at some point :P Lol! That would have been something! He appreciated the compliment about his dick though :)

      Very much so but she feared for other's safety over her own. She'd rather face the danger alone than risk one of her packmates.

      Most definitely :( poor Rick has been searching for her and to learn she was so close AND with Luther was just a very painful fact to face. He will certainly go to confront her!

  3. Poor Rick. Damn Izzy you are hurting the one man that loves you and you don't even care. UGH it sucks he has to find out where she is and that she went to Luther for help. :( That just makes him feel worse.

    Finding out Rick had a mate and Lobo didn't tell her did not help his case any. She is already having trust issues and she learning more and more he had no real respect for her in the beta position. :(

    OK that whole scene with Ky and Connor was weird. I guess being wolves and such gives you a different level of comfort with the whole could be nude at any moment thing but still. For him to be doing that chick and her not knocking before entering and then staying and have a conversation rude and weird. I get that she was leaving but she couldn't wait the time it took him to finish before going in to talk to him or if you had to go in just let him know to maybe hurry along and then go back for seconds later. I just don't get it but the girl didn't seem to mind, she enjoyed herself greatly even if he was multitasking LOL.

    1. Rick yeah he is in a bad way right now. Hurting because his mate won't bond him, hurting because she would rather be helped by his enemy than him and hurting because she was so close this whole time and he had no idea. She wouldn't leave Venezuela for him but for Luther...yeah...Rick's feeling like shit.

      Kaya is constantly learning things about her father that makes her see him in a new light and none of it so far has been good. It's too bad he hid it but he has a reason for that. As Kaya has done with Connor, Ulrick being Armand's best friend asked him to keep his mate Izzy a secret and he did out of respect for his friend. Kaya's lied to both Connor and Armand a few times to protect them just in that way also. She'll hear why Lobo did what he did.

      LOL yeah it was fun :D These two are very comfortable with each other. I'm sure it goes well beyond just the wolf thing. :) The girl definitely didn't mind one bit and Connor was ensuring she enjoyed herself, every last second of pleasure :D HAHA she did ask him if he was going to be done soon and he flat out told her no. She was pressed for time and didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to her bestie! Connor's a great multitasker it seems :)

  4. LOL, that scene was wow. They're extremely comfortable with each other to be able to have a conversation while he's banging some chicka on the couch. But I suppose that would happen when you've been best friends for a few hundred years and one of you is a womanizer.

    I hope Rafe is alright, but I suppose he'd be more safe in Shadowvale that Kaya would be seeing as he's both a wild wolf and was pack leader previously. But I suppose us readers will just have to wait to see.

    Hopefully Ulfrick doesn't doesn't do anything rash now that he knows just where Izzy is. He must be feeling super betrayed by her actions. She needs to get off her high horse and let him love her despite her flaws!

    Did you change your skins? They look different to me.

    This chapter cheered me up big time! I fell down the stairs yesterday and tore a tendon in my foot so I've been assigned bed rest from my doctor.

    1. Lol! Very true :D As open as Connor is about his sexuality, there's no way she wouldn't have encountered this over their duo centuries together. It's just normal to them :P

      Yep! Kaya is walking into dangerous territory whereas Rafe's wolf is calling him home. He's heading back to get answers so may not be in any real danger. Kaya was crazy to go alone but understandably as always the good of her pack comes first.

      Izzy is too afraid of being seen as a monster and even after all these years she hasn't let it sink in that despite her outward appearance she has a man that loves her and would do anything for her. Rick is feeling alot of emotions the foremost being anger and rightfully so. What Isabella did is one thing that may not be forgiveable!

      Connor's original skin got lost and he now has an Evie. I hate it but changing it to anything else DRAMATICALLY changes the way his face looks sadly. The Frontbum doesn't have ridge details, loses muscle details and doesn't show genital details (like the evie hence his...cartoonish looking dick). I am hoping to find his original skin but damned if I can remember what it was. OH! DUH! I could always just redownload him from my saved Mediafire file...

      Ouch!!! I'm so sorry to hear that! :( How high up were you? I hope you get better soon :) Though it does mean you get waited on hand and foot (no pun intended). Then you may not be able to enjoy your Thanksgiving. I will work on shots for the next chapter ASAP to give you something to do :P

      Happy Thanksgiving!

    2. That attitude of Izzys bothers me. It's been a long time since the incident that scarred her and during that time Rick has done nothing but try and show her he loves her. >:| She must seriously have some low self esteem if she thinks that her mate would stop loving just because her face and body is scarred.

      If the skin is the in the mediafire download then go for it! Though Conner's face looks amazing with the evie despite the cartoon dick. xD But that's easily ignored considering it's usually buried to the hilt in some blissfully delirious woman or covered by clothing.

      As for my foot, I completely missed the last two steps and I just landed horribly on my foot. But it could've been worse, I could've broken it! And now I get to stay home, eat pie, watch movies, and be completely wacked out on heavy duty pain killers. All while being waited on hand and foot. :)

      That would be fantastic considering I'm not supposed to leave my bed for the next two weeks. Unless necessary, of course. What a time to be single, eh?

      I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

    3. Very true. She has a low self-image of herself and hasn't been able to climb out of that "I'm a monster" mentality since her injury. Even with Ulrick constantly professing his love and telling her how much he'd be there no matter what she still believes herself hideous. It's sad that was all she thought she had but she hates the idea of sharing those emotions and that pain with her mate in if he wants to help relieve it.

      Haha! That's true :P I just thought his nose looked a bit...fat. I tried reshaping it but it didn't look right still. But you're right about that he is rarely seen in all of his glory as such :)

      OUCH! Wow! That sucks! And yes very lucky you didn't break it! That's a damn good time though (aside from the foot). Getting service as you wait in bed! Sounds like a slice of heaven. TWO WEEKS?? When you do something you go all in huh? :P

      Thank you I did and I really hope you've enjoyed yours as well :)

  5. First of all Happy Thanksgiving!



    Okay I have to admit that that scene with Connor was a little weird and over the top. Idk if that's considered "normal" in the wolf world but it seems like he should have had more respect to stop fucking some skank so that he could talk to Kaya about this serious matter. I mean, he's supposed to be her best friend and she's going off on a very dangerous mission BY HERSELF. That doesn't bother him? Sadly, I think I lost a little of respect for Connor just now.

    Idk, this doesn't look good for Kaya. As I mentioned before this is very dangerous and I know she had to find Rafe and all but hopefully she doesnt' find more than she bargained for. I wish her the best of luck and wish she had some kind of back up just in case. This situation needs to be handled before it's too late. Regardless of what Rafe did when he was Caleb, she must bond with Rafe. I think that will be the only solution to this.

    I know Ulrick's heart was broken when he found out his wife is at Luther's. I really feel for the guy. He needs to get his stuff together and find out a way to get her back to him and bond with her. Otherwise, I don't see this going well at all.

    Good update, a little short, but good.

    Oh btw when will you be starting your new story? Also are you still going to finish Wasteland?

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!

      Lol! As I was writing it I said "this is weird...and funny...and weird" but it was an odd chapter and I had to sneak the sex in somewhere (yep I'm stuck on that sadly...) I think it's mostly that Kaya and Connor know one another that well they are comfortable with it. They have seen each other naked a few times and have even come close to the act themselves they are fine with it. Plus it's not the first time she's walked in on him. That's true though the sex may have played down the seriousness in the scene but Connor knew that even if he wanted to she wouldn't let him come with her. Either way she's getting help whether she wants it or not.

      Very dangerous and considering she has Alpha blood in her, the savages are not going to look too kindly on her being in their territory. As Lobo mentioned before she escaped once and ended up killing one of them, I'm sure they may be looking for a bit of revenge themselves!

      Her wolf is crying for their bond for sure and one of the reasons she has to find him. The bond separation is getting to be too much. Rick has gone through this and as Lobo was talking to Kaya he was pretty much telling Lobo that the pain will never go away. Kaya wouldn't want that and will do what she can to keep that from happening to herself.

      Ulrick is thinking up a plan as we speak...hopefully. He should use caution but at this point he is enraged. Angry at Luther for being able to get her out of Venezuela and angry at Isabella for agreeing to his terms and accepting his help. He needs to bond with her and perhaps should even force it, but he wants them to do this on mutual terms :(

      Ha yeah they are all seemingly much shorter these days. I write on average about 4 pages per chapter now when before I would have around 16-20. Going from 12k words per chapter to about 4k is a HUGE difference but I didn't want to time steal from everyone's life :P

      Secrets Kill is still in the plotting stages and I've done about the first 6 chapters of writing/shots for Beauty (I want to get to at least 10 before releasing the first just to have a headstart/clear vision of where to go) Yes I want to finish Wasteland. I scheduled that story to end at 30 chapters and yet for some reason I really drag on it (and just finished one that had what's the deal??) But I do fully intend on getting to the end of that story. Thank you for your interest in them :)

  6. Sorry it's taken me so long to catch up with my reading...

    I'm worried about Kaya going after Rafe in Savage territory, but I'm so proud of Lobo, trusting her to do what she has to.
    Poor Rick! I've been waiting for this secret to come out, and I can't wait to see what happens with that.
    And Connor, lol...awesome.

    1. No need for apologies! And thank you for taking the time to catch up!

      Kaya has no idea what to expect going out there alone. She knows these wolves don't play and after her last time in their woods knows that she shouldn't go traipsing off into danger but she can't help it when it concerns her mate unfortunately. Lobo is really trying to get their relationship back on track and hoping that this act shows that. But the fact that she had to learn about Rick's mate this way takes them back a step too :(

      Rick is hurting and wants to get to Izzy as soon as he can but hopefully he thinks things through and doesn't just go rushing in guns blazing!

      Connor :P he seems to be great for comic relief (among other things)

  7. Ulrick is nearly a broken man, so sad. He's right though, she went where she thought she could get what he couldn't give. Truth hurts.

    Connor is a bad dog. He needs to be tied up and not allowed to roam free anymore.

    Kaya's journey will be quite the adventure I am sure. I can understand why she wants to go alone, but I think it's a big mistake. Perhaps her willfulness will keep her safe.

    1. Ulrick is very upset right now. It's not good watching him go through this, trying to find his mate and knowing that she is so close now only hurts him more. Yes, coming to that realization is what did him in. He hates that she believes Luther is the man that can help her with her problems.

      HAHA Connor :D He does need to be taught some new tricks. Then again...

      Kaya chose to do this in a very dangerous way. While it is noble of her wanting to protect the others in her pack, it was a silly decision also considering she knows how hard it was escaping those animals the first time.

  8. Don't really have a good feeling about Ky going there alone after what happened last time. I would like to say she should know better but Rafe is her mate and I can't say I would'nt do the same in her shoes.
    Poor Ulrick, not the way I was hoping he would find out about Izzy/sigh.

    Lol, Connor was mulit tasking!!=b...edenz~

    1. Kaya is too afraid of getting more members of the pack hurt just to go after Rafe. Plus she feels if a pack of wolves show up in numbers in Wild Wolf territory it would appear more of a threat than a solo wolf looking for her mate. She's hoping the odds are in her favor.

      Yeah it was bad how he found out but at least he knows now :(

      LOL Connor is a man of many talents :P