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Episode 43: Fetch

Genre: Horror
Characters: Lobo, Ulrick, Isabella
Word Count: 4,265
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Ulrick faces his greatest fear as he walks into Gideon to reclaim his mate. Surprisingly upon entering he is not met with any hostility or signs of aggression. He finds Isabella and convinces her that he will not allow her to dismiss his wolf any longer and takes her back to Greymane in hopes of completing their bond.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Ulrick stood in the dark woods behind Gideon Manor hoping to catch a glimpse or a whiff of his mate. She was in there, that much he knew for sure. He could sense her the closer he got near enemy lines. The wind howled around him as he stood motionless among the cherry blossom and cottonwood trees. Leaves blew around his feet and a slight chill filled the air surrounding the foreboding manor not twenty yards away from him.

“You shouldn’t be out here you know?” He didn’t turn when he heard Lobo’s voice. Instead he kept his eyes pinned to the top right window of the large mansion waiting for his mate. “If Luther sensed you near he would have you captured or killed Rick.”

“He has my mate, Armand. Surely he knew it would entice me to show at some point. I’m fairly certain he was hoping for it and perhaps even waiting on my arrival. I can’t leave her there, I won’t. I’m just so infuriated knowing that all this time she was here; this close.”

“I know.” Lobo slid his hand over Ulrick’s shoulder with a nod. He understood how his friend felt and wished there was a way he could help him. The trees again rustled behind them and this time drew Ulrick’s attention.

Large yellow eyes peeked through the bushes and his eyes quickly met Lobo’s. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t set foot on Gideon territory without horrible repercussions as we’ve seen, so I brought you some back-up instead. You ran off so quickly I didn’t get a chance to tell you. Move swiftly, move silently and work with these men to find your mate and bring her home. I will try and remain as close as I can Rick just don’t keep me out here all night.”

Ulrick smiled and thanked his Alpha. And with a wave towards the men in Lobo’s company, he motioned for them to rush forward. All at once five Greymane seasoned wolves trampled the Earth just outside of the Gideon lines moving over the large reservoir that separated them from the Sutherland’s. Ulrick didn’t bother to shift. He led the group up to the back entrance of the property and ripped the hinges of the old metal gate from the wrought iron fence and watched as the animals hurried through. Everyone knows what we’re here for?

We’ve been briefed. We’re ready to grab our wolf and get out. The word “briefed” stuck in Ulrick’s head and he wondered just how much Lobo had told the others. But hearing the man refer to Isabella as “our wolf” indicated that he hadn’t divulged who exactly she was. He wouldn’t question that either considering only recently the Alpha’s daughter learned about his mate. Lobo was a trusted friend and kept his secret as he’d begged of him. No one knew of Isabella or their situation and it was how he wanted it. With the lack of a bond between himself and his mate, he didn’t want to entertain the hundreds of questions as to why they weren’t complete nor make her out to be the bad guy in the pack.

Although with her being a welcomed guest at Gideon, he knew that perspective was sure to change. The wolves had her scent and with Lobo so close to the area they could also get a feel for who they were looking for. Spreading out, they entered the manor and moved in separate directions in search, Ulrick took the east wing and upper corner that he suspected was the guest quarters.

He crept slowly along the narrow corridor, keeping to the walls as he moved to reduce the amount of noise the marble floors made beneath the soles of his shoes. Nearing the end of the first hallway he could feel her. A warm smile pulled the corners of his mouth upwards and he abandoned his caution to find her. He didn’t bother to knock; he simply squeezed the handle between the cool palm of his hand and entered the last door in the passageway.

The room was elegantly decorated in gold and blue tones. Everything in the room appeared of the Victorian age, Luther’s favorite it would seem as most of his mansion had traces of the Rococo and Baroque eras. The sheets she lay in were sewn with pure gold thread and silk ensuring a comfortable night’s rest. Her pillows were goose down as was the duvet that covered her. He inhaled a deep breath and realized it was her on the bed, sleeping peacefully. I’ve found her, meet me at the back entrance and we can prepare our exit, he called to the pack as he sauntered forward. Ulrick reached out his hand and slid it over the bare skin of her exposed arm and Isabella began to stir. Her eyelids fluttered open and all at once she saw the blonde dome of her mate as Ulrick leaned in to her and gently kissed her mouth.

“Rick? Rick what are you doing here?” she asked in whispers as she sat up on the edge of the bed. “Do you have any idea what would happen if…”

Ulrick lifted Isabella into his arms and quieted her with another kiss. Her arms swung around his neck and she nearly climbed up his chest as the embrace lingered. Her tongue was slick and warm and he felt whole again with her body so snug against his. As she tried to pull away, he leaned more forward trapping her lips between his swimming in the angel soft fragrance of her shampoo. He’d missed this; her. And even through the anger his wolf felt over her abandonment he couldn’t let go of the kiss. He wanted her to know how much she was desired and how much he had needed her. The kiss was surely an indicator.

When finally he pulled back, Isabella blew out a deep breath and smiled. “A girl could get used to that sort of thing.”

“It’s what I’d hoped.” She looked so beautiful in the floor length pink satin nightgown she wore. Her hair was up which was something new for him. Often she left it around her shoulders to hide more of her scars. But it had been a while since he’d seen her in her bedroom, perhaps this was the normal way she slept. Either way he was very pleased to be in her presence again and couldn’t hide the smile that had taken over his expression. But taking a look around the room his anger was quickly renewed.

Everything appeared as Kaya had mentioned. Isabella wasn’t a prisoner here. She wasn’t chained to the bed or locked within a cold, dark cell in Luther’s basement, no. She was living in style. Her bedchamber was dripping with excess and she had the freedom to come and go as she pleased. He backed away as sudden rage took over and his wolf fought to the surface. He wanted an explanation but now wasn’t the time. They had to get out before Luther discovered him on site. There was no telling what the Alpha would do with a Greymane wolf to toy with. “We have to move,” he growled gripping her hand tightly within his. Ulrick tugged Isabella towards the door and felt her pull away as he moved.

“I can’t leave, not yet. I haven’t gotten what I came for,” her thick accent coated her words and Ulrick turned in shock towards her.

“And what the hell is that exactly Izzy? I’ve been racking my brain for nearly two months trying to figure out where you could have gone only to learn that you were here in Willow Reed living with Luther Crowley. Luther fucking Crowley! Do you have any idea what I’ve been through because of you?”

“Rick it was never my intention to hurt you but I had to come. Luther is in the position to help me get what I want. You must understand. For the first time in centuries I am this close to getting my revenge and possibly saving our bond. I have to stay here. I need to stay here.”

Ulrick chewed on his bottom lip and tried to still himself in order to speak calmly towards the woman he loved. It was a battle he was quickly losing but he had to try for her. “I have waited years, decades, nearly two centuries to get you to bond with me Isabella. I have been very patient with you because I know you have your concerns about completing our mating with your wolf at such a low capacity. I have tried to convince you of my love, loved you more when you hated yourself to the point of becoming a shut-in and even sacrificed the idea of children with you because everything seemed too painful for you to bear.”

“But now standing here, seeing you in Luther’s home and listening to you tell me he has what you need…I don’t know if I can be considerate of your feelings any longer because you sure as hell have not considered mine! You are my goddamn mate Isabella. I am YOUR wolf! I am YOUR protector! I am YOURS! Everything you feel I feel. Everything you want I want. And everything I need is you. I will not let you continue on this path any longer. A few centuries felt like a drop in the bucket considering how long we’ve lived but if you think for one second I can or will do it again you’re dead wrong. You’re coming with me one way or the other Isabella Yesenia Cruz.”

He stood impassively in front of her with his hands folded into his chest. The look of terror on her face haunted him for a brief moment but he shrugged it away as his more dominant half became prevalent. She was his mate and he knew for certain she could sense how angry he was in this moment and it scared her. There would be no backing out of this, he had made up his mind to take her and now it was only a question of whether or not she’d come peacefully. She gingerly nodded her head and slipped her feet into the fuzzy slippers on the floor. He again took her hand and quietly exited the bedroom.

Where are you? Lobo called as he waited within the hedges just past Gideon place. I see the others but not you.

I have her and we’re coming down the stairs now. Another two minutes and we should be out of here. Isabella pressed herself against Ulrick’s back, clinging to his shoulders as he guided her down the narrow halls and towards the back entrance of the overly decorated mansion. She breathed deeply as a sense of loss overcame her and looked back at the door leading to Luther’s office where she sat listening to him explain how they’d go about their plans. She wanted this, truly believed it was something she needed and now she was just going to walk away from it.

“Rick wait,” she whispered and paused in her steps.

“Izzy I’ve already told you…”

“I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I can be the woman that you need. Mi amor, me lanza por favor, déjame ir,” she begged as tears pooled in the bottoms of her eyes. “I am but a burden to you. Break our bond and find someone you can truly love; someone that can make you more of the man you need to be.” (My love, please release me; let me go.)

Ulrick calmly brushed away her tears and pulled her into him. The power of her plea broke him and he tried to keep himself composed as he looked at the woman he loved in tears and defeated. She was lost. So different from the headstrong woman he’d met in Venezuela all those years ago. She let her scars wound her deeply and he could see just how much she’d abandoned once her outer appearance changed. His mate felt vulnerable and alone no matter how much time he spent with her. She looked at herself as damaged goods. A wolf without the capability of fully shifting again and scarred monstrously in her human form.

In his mind there was only one way to fix her; only one way to get back the woman she lost and make her whole again. “You have a beautiful soul, Izzy. Those hunters with their weapons no matter how hard they try there is no way they could ever scratch the surface of that. No manmade tool would ever be able to pierce deep enough to tarnish your beauty. I never fell in love with your face and I don’t see you as being half the wolf you were. When I told you that I loved you I meant who you are in here,” he slowly ran his finger down her chest and used the same index to lift her chin so that she looked at him. “Te quiero, siempre y para siempre.” (I love you always and forever.)

He leaned forward and kissed her again looking deeply into her eyes making his intentions clear. Isabella parted her lips slightly to meet his. Her eyes closed as the warmth of his breath fanned across her face and she swallowed hard as she felt the magnetic tug of his wolf. Ulrick’s tongue traveled carefully across the soft inner edge of her upper lip and she moaned wrapping her arms around his neck. He positioned his head so that their mouths tilted at an angle ensuring their lips maintained contact.

Forgetting where they were, he moved his tongue deeper into her warm, wet mouth touching the tip of his tongue with hers. Briefly he slid it across her teeth stretching it further into her mouth, meeting hers again and swirling around it in a seductive dance. Ulrick explored the inside of her mouth as if kissing her for the first time. His tongue touched every corner of her lips, cheeks and tongue.

Moving more aggressively, he squeezed Isabella tighter, lustfully showing his arousal and encouraging her eager participation. Her hands slid down his chest towards the hardened shaft now pressed firmly against her belly and he groaned as she stroked him through his pants.

As he pulled away, his eyes opened and witnessed Isabella’s desire written across her face. Ulrick smiled and kissed the hollow of her throat and the side of her neck working his way towards her ear. He pulled her right earlobe between his teeth briefly before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it for a moment watching the goosebumps form on her skin.

Leaning forward he whispered in her ear softly, “Tonight’s the night Isabella. Tonight I will make you mine,” he began kissing below her ear and down her neck again sending shivers down her spine. Her eyes closed and her head fell back exposing her full neck as she willfully surrendered to him.

Without another moment lost, he tucked her into his body and swiftly rushed from the mansion. “I was beginning to worry,” Lobo smiled as he took in his friend’s face. “Isabella…” his eyes moved from hers to Ulrick’s and back again as he thought of the best course of action. “We will have to speak, you know that; but later. Right now I think it’s best we get out of these woods and you safely within the gates of Greymane.”

“Did you get in touch with Kaya?” Ulrick asked and slipped his arm around Isabella’s waist as the pack rushed from the woods.

“I called to tell her about Connor but she never answered her phone.”

“I’m sure she’s fine. You shouldn’t worry about her.”

“That’s a father’s burden; no matter how old she gets, I’ll always worry.”

Isabella smiled but it was quickly replaced with a look of fear as she felt the pulsing of her mate’s wolf. Ulrick was angry, he made that fact apparent when he pulled her from slumber and dragged her through the woods towards home. Home, that was as foreign a thought as anything else to Isabella at this point. All she thought was important to her at some point crumbled and vanished in the ashes of her previous self. Her wolf was no longer able to be whole. She could no longer shift into animal form after what those hunters did to her and because of this her ability to elevate her lover, her mate was gone as well.

Ulrick would be weakened if he took her. He would be vulnerable to attack and she would not be able to protect him. He was stronger by the mating alone but the bond would kill his wolf as hers lay corroding within her human form. She could not bear the thought of hurting him like that. Lycans are what they were born to be. He was an animal by nature and she would not let the hunters claim another victim, another victory because of her. She turned her back to him only to feel his rough grasp grip her and turn her back around towards him. “There will be no more of that Isabella.”  He stepped closer to her beside the fireplace and immediately scooped her into his arms.

There was so much he wanted to ask, needed to talk about. But the moment Isabella wrapped her arms around his neck nothing else seemed as important as having her. He knew it and now his wolf was screaming it. He met her lips in a sensuous kiss and she moaned the closer he pressed against her. “Rick?” her eyes opened slightly, the lids hung heavy with lust.

“Te amo, Isabella.” Slowly he lowered the straps of her gown and watched the slinky material slip from her curves and pool around her feet on the floor. She kindly helped him from his top and took a step back to admire his muscles for a brief moment, a sight she’d deprived herself of for years. He hurriedly pushed out of his jeans and boxers, lifted Isabella over his shoulder and guided her towards the bed.

She reached up to undo the bun in her hair as his lips came down on hers again. And as she fumbled with the pins, Ulrick’s hands slowly tickled down her side causing her to jump every now and again. “No leave it up,” he sighed against her neck as he slowly lowered her to the bed. “I want to see every inch of you.”

He kissed his way down her chest and over her breast. She cringed feeling his tongue slink over the skin on her side and chewed her bottom lip as his hand cupped her breast. Popping her nipple into his mouth he gently licked across the scarred flesh and kissed across the sides taking care to show every inch equal attention.

Sensing her discomfort he pulled back and looked her in the eyes. And with a smile on his lips and love in his voice he told her, “You are so beautiful.” She smiled in return and he continued kissing a path towards her other breast. Quickly her body began to feel relaxed and she laid there, her hands searching through his hair while her mind slowly awakened to the pleasurable sensation of a man’s touch, her man. He brought her to life as he took his time touching and tasting every part of her body.

A warm smile formed on his lips at the sounds of her moans. Ulrick made her feel beautiful and the glow that had taken over the normally pained expression of her face was evident enough of that. It encouraged him to continue taking her into the highest possible elevation of pleasure.

His thighs rested against hers, and his hot cock nestled between her soft thighs. She looked up with a frown of hesitation but quickly shrugged past it as erotic memories of being with Ulrick flooded her mind. He lifted himself above her and his strong hand gripped her ankles spreading her legs apart. His thick fingers lightly caressed her legs and he scented the heat of her arousal as he guided his cock towards her warmth.

Isabella’s clit tingled as his body moved closer to her and she felt her pussy stretch to suit his thick cock as he slid inside of her. Her fingernails dug into his ass encouraging him deeper and moving very slowly, Ulrick lifted her leg over his shoulder and pushed as far to the hilt as he could. “Ahhh,” she moaned in pain feeling her body respond to his like it was the first time.

Ulrick looked down at her and when it became clear she could take more, he leaned back. Using her legs as handles, he gripped them tight and yanked her hard against him. She shuddered as her pussy clenched tighter on his cock and he began to steer himself inside of her. Her hips moved slowly at first, pushing back against him as he pounded her into the pillows. But very quickly she found her rhythm and moved in time with his motions. He groaned deeply and lost it when she lifted her hips slightly off the bed allowing him to penetrate her deeper.

Their bodies joined in a slow and passionate writhing and the more Isabella’s body sank into the covers, the deeper Ulrick pressed against her. Her fingers balled into fists and she gripped the sheets of his bed as her body filled with pleasure. He held her up by one leg and hoisted himself on his toes to jackhammer his dick between her tight pussy lips. Sweat poured off his forehead as the heat of the fireplace increased their body’s temperatures but he never decreased his pace.   

Instead, his body awakened even more and he became more aggressive as his wolf finally touched its mate again. His grip tightened on her body and his arousal seemed to grow letting her feel his control. Ulrick’s thrusts became more intense and Isabella found herself silently screaming every time he drove into her.

The longer they went, the more Isabella felt her desire for her mate deepen. She wanted to play with him as he had with her. With one hand on his shoulder she rolled him to his back and slammed her pussy down against him shoving his cock back inside as deep as possible. “I don’t think so,” Ulrick groaned with a smile in his voice as he placed his hands on her ass to roll her back.

“Just for a little bit, please,” Isabella begged as she bounced harder on his dick pushing him further into the pillows. His hands came up and rested on her hips guiding himself deeper into her. “Yes! Yes!” She screamed. He groaned quietly as his cock was enveloped in the heat of her pussy and caught his lip between his teeth. Ulrick’s breathing changed and Isabella sensed he was getting closer to his climax but he would not allow her a win this time.

He flipped her to her back again and quickly sank balls deep inside her. Isabella chewed her finger to keep from screaming as he forcefully rammed his hips against hers. Her body trembled again beneath him as he brought her to another toe-curling orgasm. She moaned and produced a low squeaking sound as her body lost all control. Her breathing was ragged and she gasped for a breath when in seconds she felt those familiar tingles again; he was keeping her just on the edge of another orgasm and her muscles clenched involuntarily. Her eyes squeezed shut and every nerve in her body was filled with electricity.

He began thrusting slower, and yet each one seemed to have more power behind it as his body lost control. “Now Baby, take me now,” Isabella begged as her body convulsed beneath him. With one deep thrust, he buried his cock deep inside her and leaned forward. His hot breath blew against her throat as she exposed her neck to him again in submission. Ulrick’s mouth opened wide allowing his sharp fangs to lengthen and stretch from his gums. His jaw lowered to the softest part of Isabella’s neck and he plunged his fangs into her skin as he felt her do the same. His body spasmed on hers and he pumped his hot cum deep inside her pussy.

Ulrick dropped dead weight like a rock into the bed beside Isabella and blew out a breath. His world was spinning and he tasted her blood on his tongue as he felt his heart beat to the same rhythm as hers. He bent his strong forearm beneath his head allowing his bicep to form a warm pillow for her and she gladly moved closer. Feeling the short curly hairs of his chest lightly touch her cheek she smiled and rubbed her nose over his skin to scratch herself. “I’m sorry I didn’t have time to make the place more presentable,” he sighed as she moved deeper into his arms as he planted kisses along her neck and collarbone.

“There’s no need for that, mi amor. I know how romantic you can be.” She giggled as his slight scruff tickled her this time. Her fingers danced circles around the newly created mark on her neck and Ulrick grinned as his mate fell asleep in his arms.

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  1. They bonded? Properly? Finally? BLKAJDFLKASJDLKASJD I'm happy for them and I'm especially happy that Izzy was able to feel beautiful once again. I just hope that the feeling lasts more than just the night.

    Also what happened to Connor that needed Lobo to call Kaya? Did he finally find his lady wolf? Did he finally catch something from all his sexual escapades? Or did he do an Eli and scratch a groupie? Gah, I'm so curious!

    1. Yes! Ulrick always knows what Isabella needs even without the bond. It was Ulrick's perfect day too! He has been waiting on that moment since he met her and now they are complete. The only bad thing is they are about to REALLY get to know one another and what he learns about her may turn his loyalties!

      Connor :) Lobo sent him after Kaya but what happened to him? Well we'll get the answer to that very soon. HAHA No he can't catch anything fortunately for him (and probably why he doesn't mind doing so much). Wolves are immune to human disease.

  2. I kind of missed seeing Rafe and Ky in this one but I'm glad he got her back. Loved it as always. Also I saw your comments on Among Thieves, up to chapter 10, if you've commented past that I haven't seen them yet, I'm glad you're liking the story so far and I replied to your comment on chapter ten. I'm actually glad you asked that by the way, I've been meaning to work the answer to that very question into the story and just haven't found away.

    1. Ah well you won't have to worry about that. They are in nine straight episodes. I've been trying to find a way to break them up so I don't drown everyone in "Kaya/Rafe" though (this was one of the distraction chapters lol). Ulrick wasn't going to rest until he had Isabella back. She's only lucky he didn't rip into her for her betrayal! Thank you :)

      Yes I read up to 10. I saw they were about 10 more and wanted to wait a moment before finishing those. I am going to read more today though. I have some catching up to do on a few stories :)

  3. Ulrick has her home. That is good and I hope it stays good. It almost seemed too easy though. Maybe it was pure luck and there is no other evil motive involved. I hope Connor did not follow Kaya out and about and now is in a bad situation. Would the wolves near Kaya recognise him by her scent or something?

    1. Home, just what Isabella wanted. Maybe her going with Luther wasn't such a bad thing after all. It did get her and Ulrick closer (even if that wasn't the reason behind it).

      Ha! You know me too well. NO ONE GETS A HAPPY ENDING...well maybe they do BUT I like to make it hard for them :D Luther knows that Isabella is gone though and is already working on getting a leg up again...he's always plotting!

      :) Well he was following the orders of his Alpha if that is the case. If Lobo tells him to do something, he does it. He tried to let Kaya know but she is ignoring his calls. If those are the wolves that find him, it's a possibility. But things won't go so easy.

  4. Aw, so awesome! I am SO HAPPY for Ulrick. I've felt so bad for him since you did the flashback chapter, and I'm SO HAPPY he finally got to bond with Isabella. Did I mention that I"m SO HAPPY about this chapter?

    Now, I'm off to fret about Connor until next chapter...

    1. Ulrick is over the moon right now. He has the one thing he's always wanted and the only person that can say she really knows him (well other than Lobo) since he is such a private person. Aww well very glad to finally give him some semblance of peace and happiness :D HAHA I think maybe once or twice. I'm thrilled it had that effect though! It's great thank you :)

      Aww...well hopefully he can take care of himself...but these are violent wolves we're talking about.

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    1. HAHA Nope! Rick left her without a say in what happened next. He got tired of waiting but the Luther thing pushed him over the edge. Izzy did want it but she hated thinking she would hurt him more being with him. There's also another reason she wanted to keep from bonding which we'll see soon. You are very right about that. Luther always gets what he wants, one way or another!

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  7. The whole time they were at Luther's my mind was screaming "stop talking at get out of there!" I should've known they'd make it out undetected considering Lobo was behind it. It's been a long time coming for Izzy and Rick. He's been waiting and she's hiding too long. Hopefully the anger that pushed him to the point of completing the bond now will also drive him to ensure she doesn't close up like she has been all those years.

    1. Lol! Yeah Izzy wasn't ready to go but Ulrick came with a plan and wasn't leaving without her. Lobo made ensure they escaped and took along a few other wolves to help. This was definitely long in the making but finally they were able to bond and be the unit that Ulrick has wanted since he first laid eyes on her. There's no escaping him now or ever again. Ulrick will do everything in his power to keep his mate open and honest and at his side. The only problem is what may come with having a mate so open...

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