Monday, February 6, 2012

Episode 12: Every Dog Has its Day

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Bane, Connor, Nadine, Aimee, Professeur Montaigne, Rehema, Charles, Rémi, Jean-Pierre
Word Count: 10,482<---I'm sorry I couldn't shut up!
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: After his near kiss, Rafe talks to Connor about Kaya to learn more about what makes her tick. Flashbacks to when Connor first met Kaya and how he came to be a part of the Greymane Pack. Rafe tells Connor stuff he learned about from Bane and he wants to take immediate action. After settling Connor's mind, he finds Kaya in the gardens and their cat and mouse game takes an interesting turn.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity, drug use -- non-authentic sets (after setting everything up my game wasn't being nice so I just took shots.)

“So what’s the story with you two?” Rafe asked as he and Connor did laps around the manor. “I mean you and Ky. You’re best friends but have you ever…?”

Connor let out a deep chuckle and looked over at Rafe. “Kaya and I met in high school and she saved me from becoming a monster; exposing wolves to everyone. We’ve been friends ever since.”

Rafe stopped and sat on a rock next to the bushes lining the garden to catch his breath and Connor ran ahead a little before turning back for him. “You didn’t answer the question.” Connor gave him a straight smile and shook his head. “You ever wanted to? I mean you had to have been attracted to her at some point right?”

He rubbed the tattoo on his arm and smiled. “What Kaya and I have transcends sex. She is THE best friend I’ve ever had and she means the world to me. I’ve killed for her and I’d die to protect her; keep her safe. It was the vow I made to Lobo when he accepted me into this pack and it’s one I take seriously.”

“And yet you keep avoiding the topic.”

He laughed and dropped into the grass beside him. He looked up towards her bedroom window before turning his attention back to him. “Yeah, she’s attractive any man would have to be blind not to see that. Maybe when I’d first met her I had thoughts of it but we developed a deeper and much more meaningful bond. Rafe man what is this?” he asked sighing a little before taking a drink from the water bottle at his side. “Why all the questions about Ky?”

“Curiosity; I figured since you and I were friends we could talk about her. I mean it’s…you know and and she…”

“You like her, I know that already. What I don’t know is what you’re after.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ky’s a special girl. She’s not like the bar skanks you’ve had one nights with nor is she some groupie out for a quick fuck. Unfortunately that’s how guys see her and how some treat her. She’s dated so many losers in the past it’s no wonder why she’s chosen to stay single for so long. If you’re looking to use her…”

“NO! No it’s nothing like that. Look I like her a lot but I have no idea if she feels the same way for me or even sees me like that. Besides how do you know what kind of girls I’m into anyway?”

“You serious?” Connor grinned showing off his pearly white veneer. “I’m an observant guy whose senses were only heightened by my lycan nature. Several things point towards your appetites for women. For one; the girl you met, the one from the woods, she had bar skank dripping from her dyed blonde roots, imitation leather shoes and faux fur wraps. Not to mention the knockoff perfume you yourself were drenched in. She smelled like every groupie I’ve ever met. Two, the way you attempted to use your ‘charming nature’ on Ky the first night you were here points to a man that’s used to having his way with women. And three, it takes one to know one. I can spot another playboy.”

“Ok even if that were true, I’m not doing that now. Not with Kaya. She’s different; she’s…”

“The first one to run from you instead of fall victim to your pick up lines? That’s Kaya for you. She has a way with people.”

“I’m really trying with her. She’s the first person that’s made me feel like I can be myself and not have to wonder if I’m being used for cheap thrills. I stumble so much when I talk to her like a fucking newborn deer. And yet she keeps telling me my heightened senses are just messing with my emotions for her and maybe that’s true but…I’d at least like the chance to figure that out you know?”

“And that’s where you’ll run into speed bumps. One named Bane the other Lobo; not to mention Ky herself; she can just be plain, old-fashioned stubborn.”

“So I’ve noticed,” they laughed in unison. “So you think you could put in a good word for me?”

Connor laughed louder as he stood and punched his arm lightly, “What are we? In Junior high? Come on let’s keep moving.”

Paris, France – Mid 18th century

“Bonjour classe!” Professeur Montaigne smiled as he stepped in front of the science room. “Veuillez saisir votre associé, ouvrez vos livres pour paginer 83 et pour résoudre les trois questions de laboratoire.” (Please grab your partner, open your books to page 83 and solve the three lab questions).

Kaya sighed as she realized Rémi was again nowhere to be found. How did he always know when labs would be assigned and why did he find it necessary to ditch her when he knew it was a 2-person job? Asshole she thought as she turned her book to the assigned page. Reading over the complicated task of creating a chemical reaction from Iron and Copper Sulfate her gaze quickly turned to the rugby team outside.

“Zhere is one of you zhat has no partner,” Prof. Montaigne said standing and addressing everyone again. Kaya didn’t look up; in fact she did everything she could to avoid his gaze. She wasn’t in the mood to babysit nor did she want to be made an example of.

“I don’t zhink you hid quite well enough, Kaya, he’s coming zhis way,” Aimée turned with a smile.

He moved towards her with a student in tow and smiled. “Mademoiselle Kaya! Where is Monsieur Rémi?”

“Je ne sais pas, Prof. Montaigne,” she shrugged. (I don’t know)

“Well, you are in luck. Today you will lab wizh our new student,” he said pulling a redhead in front of him and sighing. “Zhis is Connor; please help him become acquainted here.”

Kaya looked him up and down and smiled. He was short in stature and his head looked rather large and disproportionate to the rest of his body which was pale and scrawny. His bright green eyes were hidden behind bulky brown glasses that appeared thick and frosted and were held together with a piece of white surgical tape in the center. His hair was short and messy and looked as though it hadn’t been brushed or washed in forever and the bright color of the red only made his skin seem pallid. A strong scent of chocolate or cocoa wafted from him and she found herself inhaling the air he displaced around her as he shifted his weight on his other foot.

He wore a pair of suspendered pants behind a shirt that said “I’m with genius” and the shoes on his feet with dingy and worn at the toe. “Bonjour,” she smiled. “I’m Kaya. It’s nice to meet you Connor.” She froze as she realized she’d introduced herself out of his native tongue. “I’m sorry, do you speak English Connor?”

“Oui! I…I mean yes,” he replied nervously as she slipped his books under the desk and started towards their lab table together. He pulled out a beaker and unlatched the cabinet beside him and looked for the ingredients to the first problem. He glanced over his shoulder at her and tried to pretend as though she wasn’t intimidating him.

He sat the items on the counter and his finger accidentally brushed hers causing him to jerk back, knocking over a few of the bottles he’d retrieved from the chemical cabinet. “Watch out!” she yelled pulling him away before they could touch him. Using rubber gloves, a metallic sample tray and sponge she swept the spills into separate containers and he helped wipe off the surface of their workspace.

“Sorry. I’m a bit of a klutz.”

“It’s ok Connor. They didn’t burn you did they?”

He shook his head no and readjusted the glasses on his face. “I’m fine, really.” He blew out a breath and listened as she read the directions for their problem. He gathered up the items and placed them on the table before pulling on his labcoat and began performing the first reaction. “I…uh…I’m not a new student here.” He nearly whispered to himself as a shy smile formed on his lips. “We have anozher class togezher.” His accent was thick and masked his words a little.

“Three others to be exact Connor.” She smiled at the shocked expression he tossed her and the way his cheeks filled with blood. “What? Did you think I never saw you before? Your eyes burn holes in me. And they are the perfect color green. I’m not self-absorbed Connor; I’d probably surprise you.”

He swallowed hard and turned his attention back to the chemicals in front of him. She laughed to herself as he tried to focus on the task. His body temperature changed, she could sense it a little. And the way his fingers trembled as he held the bottle only served to confirm his anxiety. “P-p-people like you never notice people like me.” Kaya noticed the way his voice squeaked at times and attributed it to his growing into puberty. It was actually endearing and made him seem sweeter though she could also see why he kept to himself and barely spoke in class.

“People like me? Tell me Connor, what kind of person am I?”

“Bonjour Kaya!” Aimée smiled as she approached them. “Merci for letting me borrow your notes, I placed zhem back on your desk for you. Zhey were a big help!”

“You’re welcome Aims! Just let me know if you need anything else.”

“Did you see zhe way Prof. Montaigne brought up zhe lab today?” She began mimicking him and Kaya joined in.

Connor watched as she and Aimée became absorbed in conversation, joking and smiling with one another. Aimée was like him; a nerd as they would be termed. Her hair was a mess and bunched together under a yellow headband that didn’t match anything she was wearing. Her glasses were thick; thicker than his but had the signature geek appearance, taped on each side. They were pink as though she was trying to make a fashion statement. Her shirt was buttoned to the very top button as though she was afraid of showing even an inch of flesh and her skirt was crooked.

“I’ll catch up wizh you at lunch!” she said and brought Connor back to the present as Kaya turned back to him. 

“Sorry about that Connor.”

“You know Aimée Beauvais?”

“Oui. She and I are friends,” she laughed. “Why? Does that surprise you?”

“Non, a chimpanzee riding a tricycle surprises me. You’re just a puzzle I haven’t quite solved.”

She laughed and shook her head at him. “Well I can be grateful that I’m not surprising otherwise I’d probably be the chimp but why am I puzzle?”

“Well it’s just zhat…you’re…”

“Oh right, you were going to tell me the type of person you thought I was.” She leaned forward and rested her face on her hands. “I’m dying to hear this.” He looked nervously at his hands before raising his eyes again. As he opened his lips to form a word the bell for next class sounded and he breathed a sigh of relief. “Maybe some other time? See you in math, Red.”

“Red?” She giggled and pointed to his carrot top and he smiled. “Red it is zhen!” his voice squeaked once more.

“Belle!” a thick accent hissed behind her as she started for her locker. She didn’t turn to acknowledge him. In fact she pretended as though she didn’t hear him at all and waved at Connor instead as he passed her heading to the next class. He stopped across from her to his locker and smiled. The teen came and wrapped his arms around Kaya’s waist. “Did you not hear me calling you?” he kissed her cheek and frowned in Connor’s direction.

He grabbed his books and rushed off down the hall and Kaya turned and smiled. “I heard you, I just thought we were ignoring each other today.”

He sighed and pulled her into his chest. “Is zhis about science lab? You know how much I hate zhat class Ky.”

“Yeah enough to ditch me every time Rémi! But that’s ok, I had a great lab partner today.”

“Is zhat so? Who?” Two of his teammates came and stood behind him and his blue eyes shone with jealousy as he looked at her. “Zhat redheaded geek you smiled at? Him?”

“He’s not a geek! He’s actually a pretty interesting guy. I bet you could learn a thing or two from him.” She said pulling away and grabbing her math book. His friends laughed behind him and she smirked. “I have to get to class, I’ll see you later Rémi.”

The day seemed to drag on and for the majority of her last lecture Kaya’s attention was again outside the window. She glanced up at the clock and smiled noticing there was only ten minutes left in the day. She was anxious to get home and learn more about her transition. She hadn’t spoken to her Dad in nearly a week and since she’d been sent to live in France for the duration of her school years, she knew it would be a while before she saw him again too.

But that was Armand Villalobos, always worrying always making plans to keep her safe even when the threat was something as simple as a new wolf in town that belonged to no pack he’d ever heard of before. He thought the best way to keep her safe was to stow her away with a friend of Greymane’s in Paris. And on top of that she would receive the best education possible and get a nice break from the hectic day-to-day of the pack.

Maybe he knew what was best but her life was very uninteresting living in a strange land with people that treated her like a Princess because they feared Lobo’s reach. She didn’t like being made to feel like royalty; she was a normal person and wished everyone saw her that way. She laughed to herself as she thought about Connor and how he said “people like her”. He saw her differently too…was she snotty because she dated the big man on campus?

She’d always made it a point to get to know people from all walks of life hence her relationship with Aimée, someone the school made fun of until she started hanging out with Kaya. Aimée was a fun person; sweet, down-to-earth and smart. She deserved a chance to be recognized for who she was and she treated Kaya the same way, as a person, not a “popular girl” who needed her feet kissed every two seconds.

The bell rang and Kaya gathered up her things and started for the courtyard. Several students rushed by her towards a gathering crowd near the front of the school. She looked towards them and heard them yell.

“Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!” The crowd chanted as she moved closer. Connor! She could smell that same cocoa scent from earlier before she was able to push her way to the front of the group. He was lying sprawled underneath the mass of muscles that she was quickly able to determine was her boyfriend Rémi.

Before she could utter a word to get him off Connor, she heard a rumbling loud enough to threaten nearby animals but only audible to creatures sensitive to growls and warning howls. She narrowed her eyes at the redhead on the ground and saw his eyes do something she’s only seen her father's and those in her pack do; reflecting the sunlight. Shocked, she recognized the makings of a pup within Connor’s face and knew that if Rémi didn’t stop soon, he’d have no choice in the matter. 

Connor caught the next blow Rémi threw at him and began squeezing the jock’s wrist, crushing it in his hand. Rémi winced in pain and dropped to his knees as Connor towered above him. Kaya gasped he was strong and it seemed to surprise him just as much. She whistled only loud enough for him to hear and a growl started within the pit of her belly. He looked at her, his eyes returning to their normal hue and backed away from Rémi.

He pushed out of the crowd and started for the curb and Rémi pulled up and ran after him. Before he could strike him again, Kaya turned him to face her and sent her knee into his crotch. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Ky…” he groaned as he curled into a fetal position on the ground in front of her.

“Stay the hell away from him and me! Asshole!” She ran to catch up to Connor just as he jumped on his bicycle and started out of the school lot. “HEY!” she yelled but to her dismay he didn’t stop or turn to address her. His legs pumped furiously as he rushed from the school.

She looked down at her feet, grateful that she was wearing a pair of tennis shoes and quickly ran towards the woods. She followed his scent as she tried to reach him before he got too far. “Connor!” she yelled as she jumped from the clearing.

“Ahhh!” he screamed and fell from his bike to the ground. “What!? Why would you do zhat? You scared me!”

She laughed and helped him to his feet. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to but you wouldn’t stop.”

“What do you want?”

“I think you know the answer to that.”

“Look I don’t know what you zhink you saw or…” She flashed her eyes at him and he did a double take and took one step towards her. “You’re a…?”

She nodded and smiled. “So don’t pretend like I imagined it ok?” She looked behind her and sighed. “Where ya headed?”


“Want some company?”

He nodded and picked up his bicycle. He moved his stuff to the front basket and she jumped onto the back and held on to him as he rode her towards his place.

“Mama? Mama I’m home,” he shouted stepping into the simple decorated home. “She must be out back; she spends a lot of time in zhe garden. Un moment,” he smiled.

He excused himself and went towards the back door to find her and Kaya made herself at home looking at the what nots and collectible nesting dolls scattered around the room. She ran her finger across the top of one of them and it started twirling.

“My Papa bought zhat for her just before zhe accident.” He sighed as he rejoined Kaya in the living room.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t…”

“It’s ok. It’s her favorite piece. Reminds her of him.”

“Was he a wolf too?”

“Is and oui, bozh of zhem are.”

“I’m sorry you said ‘accident’ I thought…”

“Non, he is still alive. He just doesn’t live wizh us any longer.” He pointed to a spot on the wall that was clearly the result of an overzealous wolf unable to control his rage. The entire wall had been scratched up and carved out by force. “It wasn’t long before he turned zhat fury to my mozher. I wouldn’t let him hurt her. Before he got zhe chance, I used a large piece of Truesilver, shoved it into his belly. After zhat he didn’t want to be around us anymore. What about you? How long have you known about what you are?”

“Since I was a little girl. My Dad is the Alpha of one of the larger packs back home,” she paused hesitant about whether she should tell him which one it is. She knew Greymane was a big deal back home but didn’t know how far the wolf community had heard of them. And if it was international, telling anyone about who she really was may place her in the very danger Lobo was hoping to get her away from.

“You don’t have to tell me,” he smiled noticing her caution. He nodded towards the hall and she followed him to his room. “Merci beaucoup.”

“For what?”

“Stopping me from becoming my fazher.”

“Yeah well I’m sure Rémi would have deserved it. I’m sorry about what he did.” She took a seat beside him on the bed and he nervously slid away. “I don’t bite Connor. Not yet anyway.”

He laughed and rubbed his hand through his hair. “Désolé, I am just. I’ve never had company over before and no…” (Sorry)

“Girls? Why not? We’re people too!”

“Well, I’m not exactly zhe best looking guy at school and people tend to frown on science nerds.”

“Probably because they are intimidated by your big minds.”

“I seriously doubt zhat is zhe reason Kaya. I zhink it might be because of my affinity to use big words and analyze zhings zhat no one cares about.”

“But that’s never an issue between friends Connor. Even if you bore them to tears, they’d still listen.”

“I…don’t have any friends.” He sighed and kept his eyes forward. “I zhought zhat was what we we’re talking about.”

“Then what am I?”

“Besides zhe person zhat stalked me home?” he looked at her shocked that those words left his lips and was about to quickly apologize when she laughed. He felt himself relax a little and joined her in laughter.

There was a brief knock before his mother stepped inside with a bright smile on her face. “Frogger, zhese are for you and your little friend.” She placed a tray of snacks on his desk and turned to take Kaya in.

“Mozher I’d like you to meet Kaya, Kaya zhis is my mozher Nadine. Mom, she’s one of us.”

“A wolf?”

“Oui Mama. Kaya’s Papa is an Alpha in America.”

“America?” She smiled at Kaya. “Your fazher, would I be able to speak wizh him?”

Kaya turned to Connor before addressing her. “Oui Madame. I can send word to him for you. Is there anything in particular you wanted to say?”

“Yes, I’d like you to ask if Frogger can come wizh you to America when you return home.”

“I will ask Madame,” Kaya replied and turned towards Connor, “Why ‘Frogger’?”

“You don’t hear it? Zhe croaking in his voice? And zhe opulent green in his eyes doesn’t help his cause much,” she laughed.

“You gave me zhese eyes Mama.”

“Sure, blame your dear Mama, Frogger. I gave zhem to you because I love you! You are my sweet little toad, non?”

Kaya burst into laughter at the red color filling his cheeks as his Mom placed her hand over her heart expressing her sincerest love for her son. “It’s cute but I think I’m gonna call him Coco,” Kaya smiled.

“Qui?” he paused and looked towards her. (What?)

“MON DIEU! You smell it too?” Nadine asked. (My God)

“Smell what?” Connor asked looking at both women confused.

“You smell like chocolate Connor,” Kaya said taking in another whiff.

“I do not!”

“You do Frogger! It’s his skin cream, Kaya. He needs it for…”

“Didn’t you have to get back to zhe garden Mama?” Connor interrupted her before she could embarrass him again.

“Oui, I shall leave you to it zhen. Kaya if you’re staying for dinner, we are having Bouillabaisse. You are more zhan welcomed to.”

“Merci Madame Nadine.”

Connor watched her leave and looked at Kaya. All sense of his nervousness seemed to dissipate. The idea that they were connected in spirit because of what they were allowed him to feel more at ease with her. The things he’d thought of her, the type of person he’d believed her to be couldn’t have been any farther from the truth. “So the wolf thing is why you were so shy around people?”

“Oui. I can never tell when somezhing might happen. I feared harming anyone as my Papa has so I kept to myself. But you…why would you want to be my friend?”

“Why not?”

“Because I am me and well you’re one of zhe most popular girls à l'école. Even my own Mama calls me a Frog!” (In school)

“Connor you’ll come to find that judging someone because of their appearance isn’t who they are most of the time. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself how people become popular? To some it might be out of fear of going against the tide. For others, they might just have a great personality. And besides the fact that we’re kindred, I think you’re a great guy and your sense of humor is incredible. Who couldn’t befriend someone like you?”

Willow Reed – Present Day
Rafe stopped at the back door of the lot and waited for Connor to catch up once more. He looked towards the music room and noticed Bane staring at him intently. He made a dragging motion with his thumb across his throat and pointed at Rafe before backing up and removing himself from view.

“Hey not bad man, just think three more days and you’ll be a full bloodied one of us!” Connor said dropping to the ground and sipping from his bottle again. “You have any questions or anything? And I know if you’ve talked to Kaya you do. If it was anything like when we spoke, you have to be nervous as hell.”

Rafe laughed and took a seat beside him. “Well she was pretty candid about what I should expect so I can’t say I’m looking forward to it.”

“You can’t take her at her word, she’s a girl. She has a low threshold for pain.”

“Yeah? You better not let her hear you say that.”

“Ha! She scare you Rafe?”

He shrugged. “She’s…,” he sighed. “Something else. Hey what do you know about Bane?”

“What do you mean?” Connor asked before readjusting and resting deeper into the fresh cut grass. The sun was shining on him and he placed his hand over his eyes and peered up at it before giving his attention back to Rafe. “Did he say something to you again? You really need to just ignore that asshole or come up with some great one liners like I have. He really doesn’t like new people. If you ask me he feels as though he wasn’t born to follow but not everyone has what it takes to Alpha a pack, and Bane is one of those people.”

He looked back towards the music room to ensure he wasn’t within hearing distance; not that he knew what the range was on older wolves. He leaned towards Connor and whispered. “How long have you known him?”

“Not long really. Close to twenty years I’d say. If Lobo hadn’t told the pack specifically no in-fighting I’d have kicked his ass for taking advantage of my girl like he did. I blame myself for that though; it was like he took my words as some sort of a challenge. You know the only reason he’s like that is because he sees you as a threat. In some ways, wolf ways, that’s a major compliment. Though I suppose it could also be dangerous, especially where he’s concerned.”

“Yeah tell me about it. What do know about Mike’s disappearance?”

“Mike? Mike Reed?” Rafe shook his head. “Mike left because he and Bane weren’t getting along. He got sick of the constant dick wagging contests and just disappeared.”

“What if I told you I knew what happened to him and he didn’t leave the band like everyone thought.”

“What do you mean?”

Rafe again glanced over his shoulder and leaned further into Connor. “Bane told me he was behind Mike’s disappearance. He said he killed him and buried his body somewhere.”

“What? That’s crazy Rafe!”

“Is it? Then why would he tell me that?”

“To scare you away from Kaya. You haven’t made it a secret that you’re attracted to her. I saw and I know he has too.”

“Ok fine then I suppose the shit he said about killing his best friend and blaming the death of some other chick on him was a lie too?”

Connor shook his head in disbelief. “I don’t…”

“What do you know about him really? I mean can you honestly look me in the eyes and say without a shadow of a doubt you don’t think he’s capable of those things? Do you believe with all certainty that he could NEVER do anything like that?”

“Dude if what he told you was the truth then…we have to tell Lobo.”

“I can’t I don’t have any proof. It’s my word against his and I’m the pup in this place, who’d believe me?”

“So then what do you suggest?”

“Well he told me that on occasion he picks roses from the place he buried Mike’s body. I say we wait until he does and then we’ll know where he stashed him.”

“Picks roses? We are talking about Bane right?”

Rafe nodded. “He said the roses are for Kaya. That she has no idea where they come from and she thinks it’s sweet he brings her flowers like that.”

“Sick fuck!” Connor said growling at the idea as his eyes flashed. He jumped to his feet and started for the manor door.

“Con wait!” Rafe yelled and pulled him back. “Lobo hates it when the pack fights and like I said there’s no proof yet. Let’s just wait it out, get what we need and then expose him for what he is.”

“Fine. But if he touches Ky again, I’m gonna have his fucking head on a stick!”

“Duly noted and I’d gladly help,” Rafe nodded. “Hey do you think it would be possible to I don’t know get out of here for a while? Maybe a day or two and just see my apartment again.”

“Dude that’s totally up to you. I have no say in what you do or where you go. But if I were you I’d talk to Ky about it first.”

“Where is she?”

“Beats me. She just said she was taking a break today. Try the gardens or the stables.”

“I have no idea where the stables are.”

He laughed again. “Follow your nose Rafe. It’s about time you put those senses to good use. If you want to see her bad enough, I’m sure you’ll find her.” He smiled before turning and heading inside.

Follow my nose, he thought as he turned and sniffed the air hoping the breeze would carry her scent to him. “Come on Rafe, you can do this.”

Egypt – Late 18th century

“You think it’s going to hurt?” Kaya asked turning to Connor’s less than amused expression. For the last half hour he sat watching her toy with the food on her plate and create masterpieces from her mashed potatoes. She was becoming a pro at it. The first was a facsimile of the Eiffel tower, a place he enjoyed taking her to on trips as a teen in France. They often found themselves skipping class just to hang out under its iron lattice waiting for the sun to set so they could test their skills. The next was what he assumed to be a pyramid, perhaps she could see one in the distance as she let her eyes wander around the fiery orange glow in the sky.

“I know it is. You know that the entire body morphs? It’s not going to be an easy thing becoming a…wolf,” he whispered the last part. “But it’ll be worth it Babe.” 

“Daddy said that every bone takes a new form. Every hair follicle changes and you can feel them expand your pores. All of the skin on your body feels as though it’s melting and right when you think the pain is over, your spine bends into a new shape.”

“Your Dad is just trying to scare you Kaya. He told me that it was an easy transition.”

“And you believed that? He likes you and so he lied to spare your feelings Connor. You can’t honestly think it’s that easy! Otherwise how do you explain the ones that prefer to stay out of form until forced?”

“They don’t know a good thing when they have it? I don’t know. But I do know that it’s a remarkable thing and we’re special because of it. Are you having doubts that you’ll survive it or something?”

She spooned the potatoes again and dropped them to the plate with a loud clank before pushing it away. Connor winced and she smirked realizing she was grinding his nerves. “I don’t really have a choice in the matter do I? I know I’ll survive it I just…I’m excited Connor really don’t get me wrong. I’ve been looking forward to this day since Daddy told me what I was. But I can’t help but faint at the idea of that much pain.”

“Well lucky for you, you have a sweet, sexy and funny best friend to go through it with. It may have been luck we stumbled upon each other but I like to think of it as destiny. You helped me at a time I needed it most and I’ll be there for you!”

She smiled to herself thinking about the scrawny teenager she’d met nearly a decade ago that had a thick accent and even thicker glasses and squeaked when he spoke. He didn’t need help, just a friend or someone to talk to that understood what he was going through. She’d been that for him and their friendship became something unexpected that left even them surprised at the closeness they’d developed. She pulled her tea closer and stirred the mint and lemon into the warm, spiced liquid before raising it to her lips for a sip. “Sexy huh? You sure you’re not overthinking that one?”

He cleared his throat and brushed his hand over his jacket primping himself as he winked at a woman seated at the table across from them. She’d been eyeing him since he sat down and he was making sure she knew he’d noticed her eyes on him. “Pretty damn.”

She laughed and turned her focus from the other table. “You know someone would say you’ve become the ‘popular’ guy you once accused me of being.”

“Well thanks to you and a nice after school gig I got the courage I needed to grow into the man you see today! What? You think my confidence is too much?”

“No, it’s just right and one thing women find extremely irresistible. Plus you know I’ll knee your nuts if you get out of line!” She started making circles in her drink with her spoon and Connor shook his head.

“Waste of food; waste of money.” He sighed and pulled up from the table. “Come on, I wanna take you somewhere.”

“Where?” she asked looking up at him tentatively but not making a motion to follow.

“Now if I told you that it would ruin your surprise. You didn’t think I brought you all the way out here for food art did you?”

She laughed and he shrugged and started for the stairs.

“Wait up Cocobear!” Kaya yelled and ran to catch up with him down the street. They stopped in front of a large Egyptian structure and he threw her a smile before starting up the walkway. He held the door to the parlor open for her and she slipped inside. 

She took a sniff of the area and turned to look at him with a frown. Something about the building was off. There was a dizzying haze of gray smoke leading trails down the long hallway and it smelled of curry, cinnamon and other exotic spices. “Where  are we? And why are we here?”

“Well since you so graciously decided to share your birthday with me, I thought it would be fun to do something together that we’ll both remember.”

“I did? But you don’t share your birthdays with me!”

“What? Of course I do!”

“Connor, taking me to a strip club with you is NOT what I’d call sharing.”

“Ok fine, what about the dinner afterwards? You got to eat right?”

“Oh don’t even get me started on how foul that whole thing was! Watching you devour sushi off a naked woman’s body was not my idea of sharing.”

“Well then I’ll let you make it up to me,” he said flashing her a devilish grin and pulling back the curtain in front of her.

She took one step forward and was greeted by a woman wearing a thick line of black chalk around her eyes. She was wearing a purple silk robe tied together at her waist with a gold rope that hung loosely around her chest and hips. She smiled and the red stain on her lips shone in the dim light of the small room. Her arms were stained in strange markings made in ink and her bare feet carried similar etchings. “Hello and welcome to Pazyryk’s Body Art. I’m Rehema, please,” she motioned towards another set of curtains.

Kaya turned and peered into Connor’s smiling green eyes but before she could utter a word in protest or question he pushed her through to the next room. She looked around at the wall designs, drawings and carvings representing the types of paintings one could have placed on their body. Connor walked along the wall as he decided which of the designs he wanted to make his. “Anything strike you?” he smiled towards Kaya who was standing near the door with her arms folded across her chest.

“What is this Red? You’re going to have one of those things cut into you?”

He laughed finding humor in her words and slowly sauntered towards her. “First of all they don’t cut them into you; they only do that on the islands. This is poked under your skin with the sharp edge of a stick or tool made from animal bone.”

“Oh because that sounds so much more fun!”

He smiled trying to contain his laugh and held her hands in his. “And second, I’m not getting one alone.”

“Wait what? You think I’m going to do this too? Are you crazy? You might have a date with pain but not me! I’ll watch but there’s no way I’m going to do that.”

“Yes you are I’ve already paid for this. It’s my birthday present to you!”

“I’d suggest you ask for a refund Red because I’m not doing this.”

“Sir? When you have decided please join me in the green room so we can begin the process,” Rehema smiled and excused herself to allow them privacy to discuss the matter.

“So what’ll it be? Hmm how about a flower. It’ll fit you perfectly.” He looked at her and she sighed her protest. Before allowing her to speak once more he begged and a small pout formed on his lips as he whimpered.

“Why do you want to do this?”

“Because it looks pretty fun and you’re the one always complaining that you’re bored.”

“Bored because I’m waiting for the transition,” she whispered. “Not because I want to have animal parts stabbed into my skin!”

“Ky you’re making it sound worse than it really is! You saw Rehema! She has tons of these things; can’t be too bad right?”

“Uh…I have no plans of getting ‘tons’ of these things I don’t know about you!”

“Depends on the first one I guess. I know what I’m getting and it’ll look great on my arm.” He smiled and took her hand again. “Come on; let’s get to the green room.”

“I didn’t say yes.”

“Yes you did.”

They took a seat around a large pipe with bubbles and steam breathing out of the top stationed in the center of the room. Rehema handed them a tube and placed something she called “shisha” in the top of a bowl on the object. She then instructed them to suck in slowly and exhale the bubbles as they form. “The hookah will make you lightheaded at first but you should eventually reach a calm state and mellow a little. When you feel that euphoria which should take about ten minutes, we can get to work on the art you have selected.”

She exited the room again and Kaya turned to Connor. “We’re having drugs too? I guess we know where all that smoke was coming from now at least.”

“Think of it as a pain reducer.”

“I think when we get out of here I’m gonna kick your French ass.”

He laughed and nearly choked on the smoke he’d just inhaled. “KAYA! Hey watch this,” he smiled as he took in a deep breath and blew the bubbles out of his nose.

“Eww! You’re still such a nerd! That’s disgusting Cocobear! I can see why your Mom was so eager to get rid of you!” 

“Haha nice, and now I’m your problem Peaches. Hey be careful with that thing. The last thing I want is for your Dad to come looking for me because of this,” he cautioned as she began drinking in the smoke faster.

“You’re making me get branded like cattle. I think that’ll be reason enough!” she blew out a large bubble and smiled as she watched it dance over her head. Her eyes were becoming heavy and she could feel that “happy feeling” Rehema told them about. Her body felt as though it were floating and there were tingles vibrating under her skin.

“Well…you’ll keep me safe right? You always watch after me,” he smiled.

“Only because I like you but that doesn’t make you any less of a jerk.”

“Why thank you. And for that I won’t mention how pro you are at sucking stuff through tubes or how good you look doing it.”

She choked out a laugh and blew a bubble at the same time causing her to burp. Connor chuckled at her reddening cheeks and leaned back in his chair. “You know what? I’m telling Daddy everything and I’m gonna cheer my ass off when he comes after you!”

“I’d believe that if I didn’t sense the amusement behind your words Peaches. Just think of it as revenge for all those times you made me blush!”

She shook her head at him, “What am I gonna do with you?”

“You’d die of boredom without me. Other than that I don’t know,” he shrugged. “But you better figure it out because come next moon you’re stuck with me forever.”

The door opened behind her as Rehema returned. “We are ready to begin,” she said and led them to another room. “Which of you would like to be first?”

“The birthday girl,” Connor said quickly. “I have to be sure she doesn’t back down.”



She removed her shirt and laid face down on the table as she watched Rehema move a tray of tools towards her. Her apprehension wafted from her pores and Connor stroked a gentle hand through her hair to try and calm her tense feelings a little. “I’m gonna get you back for this Coco. I don’t know how or even when, but you can believe your revenge is coming!”

He chuckled as he listened to her slur her words as her eyes drooped to a close. He was feeling a bit light headed himself and moved closer to the table to watch Rehema work. He was curious about the process and the idea of getting an ink stain with his best friend was a real treat. “How long do these usually last?”

“Body art is permanent markings. The ink destroys the cells beneath the first layer of skin and helps hold the drawing in place. You might see it fade as you age because new skin is always forming but the ink will never disappear.”

“Great! Branded for life,” Kaya sighed.

“But the design you’ve chosen is just that. The Camellia because of its delicate soft, round petals and gentle curves is considered a symbol of desire, passion, and elegance. It gives a sense of yearning for perfection and excellence. While the lilies represent intelligence, leadership and a sense of commitment or union. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and change. You’re becoming a new person, someone better than your former life. That kind of transformation should be permanent!”

Connor hovered over her as Rehema dipped the tip of the bone blade into a pink and purple ink and began threading it under Kaya’s skin. She screamed in pain and Connor moved around to hold her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He smiled sincerely and confirmed his presence. “I’m here Ky just close your eyes, it’ll be over soon.”

Willow Reed – Present Day

“Happy Birthday Mom,” Kaya said as she placed a fresh bouquet of roses on her gravestone. “I hope you’re celebrating like you should.” She looked up at the sky and smiled. It was remarkable how it always seemed to be sunny on her birthdays and Kaya enjoyed being able to spend the time in the garden with her because of it. Maybe it was the spirit of her mother that made the skies remain clear and the flowers to bloom extra tall and elegant. The wind picked up and brushed gently across her bare skin caressing her in its warmth as she rubbed the dirt from her knees and stretched out.

“It’s not much reason to celebrate here though.” She sighed and lay back in the grass allowing the cool wind to blow strands of her hair across her face and the warm sun to dance on her skin. “Dad is gearing up for a showdown with Luther and has already told me he doesn’t think he’ll be coming home this time. I can’t lose him too. He wants me to be ready to take over the Pack if anything goes wrong. He said I was destined for great things and everything will be fine I just have to believe in myself. I’m not ready for any of this, Mom. Dad has always been there. He can’t expect that I’ll be ok with his decision to run off to a fight he’s almost certain is his death!”

Rafe had followed his nose as Connor told him. She wasn’t at the stables as he said and he smiled realizing that. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with an animal three times his size and he didn’t want to have to put on a smile to talk to her while suppressing his gag reflex because of the stench of manure. No, she was in the gardens; her Mother’s gardens to be precise. A much better place to hold a conversation and he can compare in his mind the way her beauty topped that of their surroundings. He stopped behind the shrub as he heard her speaking and quietly considered whether to stay or leave before turning on his heels and making his retreat. 

“You can come closer,” she called, smelling him near her.

He turned back around and stepped from behind the bush. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude, I was just leaving.”

“It’s ok,” she said standing and moving towards him. “You were looking for me?”

“Yeah, but it can wait. Uh…I’ll see you back at the house.”

“Rafe?” she smiled as he turned back towards her. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really, Kaya, we can talk when you’re done.”

“Rafe!” She folded her arms into her chest and he turned away. He took one step towards the area he found her resting in and looked back at her.

“So what happened to her?” he asked nodding towards the small garden decorating the headstone under the large Cherry Blossom tree.

“To who? My Mom?”

“Well I mean you said she died during childbirth but…I mean…was she human?”

“No. Well, technically yes.” She motioned for the bench and he walked over ahead of her and sat down waiting for her to join him. “Her wolf gene sat dormant, but she would have become kindred.” She took a seat on the rock beside him and looked down at her feet. She sighed as she mindlessly kicked at the small pebbles that encased the flowers making up the small garden near the pond and thought about her and moments she wished she’d had. “My Father would tell me about how the two of them were soul mates and destined to be together. He truly loved her and she him. And he knew she was the one meant for him from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Can you imagine that?”

“Yeah, I can,” he replied keeping his focus straight ahead. “What was her name?”

“Kaelani, ‘Quiet K’. My Dad joked about how I couldn’t have come from her because from the moment I was born I was a noise maker…destined to become a rockstar or singer while Mom on the other hand enjoyed moments like these. She lived for the chance to sneak away and enjoy a book quietly in a garden somewhere or write poetry in the library. It would have been nice to get to know her.”

“K, I’m sorry if I brought back bad memories I…”

“No it’s ok Rafe,” she smiled and brushed the hair behind her ear that the wind constantly blew into her eyes. “I love talking about her. It helps me remember things my Dad would tell me; helps me remember her. I come here to be with her and before now I was the only one. You’re the first person I’ve ever been up here with.”

“Oh yeah? Not even Connor?”

She shook her head no and looked straight ahead. “He says he doesn’t want to intrude on my ‘personal time’ with Mom. It’s sweet of him but I don’t really have personal time just moments of reflection really. It helps to clear my head though.”

“And you need to clear your head now because of Lobo?” She turned and her expression was less than friendly hearing him address the conversation she held in private to her Mother. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have…” He stood to leave and she followed him to the edge of the bushes and gripped his arm to stop him.

“It’s ok Rafe, I’m sorry I just…,” she sighed and fidgeted with her fingers a moment before looking back into his eyes, hers taking on a more sorrowful gleam. “Yeah it’s because of this thing with Dad and whatever he’s into with Luther. He thinks it’s the end which means that soon…”

“You’ll be the Alpha and you still doubt your ability to lead.”

“Not only that. I’ll be an orphan, having lost the last of my bloodline.”

“Well speaking from experience, being an orphan’s not so bad. And you won’t be alone, you have tons of wolves in this pack all looking up to you and there for you when needed, and you have me.”

“Right,” she smiled. “The new blood that has yet to transition and can’t control his temper; just what every girl needs,” she laughed.

“Well I also have a killer smile and awesome bod PLUS I am musically inclined! That’s gotta earn me some points.”

“Maybe.” She looked over his shoulder and sighed. “You came out here to find me for a reason didn’t you? Did something happen?” He shook his head no and turned his gaze a moment. “Though I’m pretty powerful, I’ve yet gained the ability to read minds Rafe!”

“Wolves can do that?”

“No…Rafe, that was sarcasm,” she smirked. “What’s on your mind? And don’t tell me it’s ‘nothing’!”

He drew in a breath and she nudged him again until he finally cracked. “Ok I hate it here, there I said it.”


“Wait that may not have come out right…what I meant is…”

“No, Rafe it’s ok.” She looked at him for a moment unsure of how to respond. She’d done everything she could think of to ensure his visit wasn’t unpleasant including sneaking to his place for some of his personal items to make him more comfortable. She scratched her head and tilted it slightly to the side as if that would make his words clearer and tried to figure out the issue. “Is there anything I can do to make it better? I mean…it’s just a few more days. Do you need something else from your home?”

“No, I don’t need you to bring anything else here and honestly? You’re the only thing keeping me here now. I keep butting heads with Bane and it seems Ulrick is too busy to care. And though Connor is great, he stays to himself mostly on days he isn’t drinking himself into a stupor or asked by you to do something with me. I really just came to tell you that I’m leaving. I have to get out of here before I go stark raving mad. I want to see the city again if these are my last few days as a human before my life changes completely.”

“Right...of course...I understand. Well Rafe...just; be careful out there and if you run into anything, you know where to find us.” She brushed past him and started for the manor.

“Wait, is that it?”

She shrugged. “What else is there? I told you before that you were free to leave whenever you wanted. You’re not our prisoner and I won’t stop you from doing what you want.”

“You won’t?”

“No of course not. I’d never…” he rushed forward and pulled her into his arms and without hesitation his lips fell on hers kissing her gently as their mouths pressed tighter together. His body burned against hers as his aching desire was finally met. Her lips were every bit as luscious as he’d imagined and just the right softness. The way they caressed his caused him to strengthen his kiss and hold her firmer. 

She looked at him out of the corner of her eye and his eyes abruptly opened. He pulled back as he felt her hands wrap around the small of his back desire washed across his face as he looked at her. God she was gorgeous. Her brown hair was loose and hanging elegantly around her face heightened by the golden streaks in it and shined each time the sun hit her.

Her face was sullen with anxiety and grief yet her eyes held his and were bright with lust and kindness. Her breath caught in her throat and her lips parted. He leaned forward, his hands stroking her back gently pulling her steadily in. He smiled at her, closed his eyes and took her lips once more. 

He could feel every inch of her body pressed against him and was desperately trying to ignore the feel of his cock growing hard in his shorts as he leaned back in to continue the kiss. His body was not listening to his mind to ignore the enduring stiffness that now throbbed and ached behind its plaid prison. He knew he should move away before she felt it too but he lost himself in the sensation of her tongue tangling his.

He lightly brushed her bottom lip with his tongue and felt the coolness of her metal lip ring. Her hands rubbed higher up his back. Encouraged, he deepened the kiss and swept his tongue into her mouth slowly sucking on her lips as he did. “Mmm,” she moaned feeling his hardened length resting on her stomach. She was tempted to reach down and touch him but scolded herself for thinking it.

His lips’ warm embrace against hers lit a fire inside her body. Images of him flashed through her mind as he deepened the kiss again ignoring the stiffness in her hold. What am I doing? Her mind was racing; he moaned again and she felt herself relaxing more. Her doubts and fears gave way to the pressure of his tongue flicking at hers.

His hands gripped her waist and pulled her even closer as the embrace lingered. He moaned against her lips and each new peck pushed her head a little as their tongues danced together. His lip ring clinked against hers prompting him to pull away hesitantly and sigh.  

She drew back; her eyes closed as she released a breath and sucked in her bottom lip. “What was that?” she asked weakly and out of breath as her eyes slowly reopened. 

He looked at her with ardent need. Her heart was beating fast in her chest. She placed a calming hand over her skin trying to muffle the sound. He moved closer, his eyes smiling as his hands reached for her once more. “Me doing what I wanted,” he sighed pulling her back towards him.

She rubbed a finger across her lips and felt the slight tingle he left on them and inhaled. She pushed away and shook her head. “No. We can’t. We can’t do this,” she said turning and rushing back towards the manor leaving him standing in the middle of the gardens.

“Oh look, the pup is comin’ back with ‘is little tail tucked between ‘is legs!” Bane cracked as Rafe made his way back towards the den. “Bettah keep it there too, Mate. It’ll nevah go where ya were ‘opin’! Didn’t we ‘ave this conversation? I guess ya ‘ad to see for yaself! She doesn ’t want ya! Now stay the fuck away!” 

“LAY OFF BANE!” Ulrick growled backing him down just as quickly as he’d started up.

“Hey Bane? Why don’t you practice safe sex and go fuck yourself!” Rafe hurried off to his room and grabbed up the few things that belonged to him before storming to the front door. 

Kaya watched from the rooftop as he walked off towards the city.

He stopped and turned back towards the house, taking one last look and seeing her standing on the balcony. “I’m sorry Kaya,” he whispered before disappearing around the corner.

“He’ll be back K,” Connor said joining her on the roof. “He just wanted a break from everything. Besides after what he’s going through with Bane it’s for the best.”

“I know Con. That doesn’t make me worry any less. But that wasn’t what I was thinking about,” she sighed. “I think I did something stupid.” She turned and headed back inside ignoring his confused expression. She shut herself off in her room and dropped onto her bed with a sigh. “I’m sorry too Rafe.”

Willow Reed – Early 19th century

“Kaya? Ky Baby talk to me are you ok?” Connor stood and pressed himself against the wall listening for her. The silence was deafening as he noted the sound of his own beating heart. He held his chest and pounded his free hand against the brick wall of the cell. “Kaya? If you can hear me let me know something please!”

“I can hear you Connor.”

“Are you ok?”

“No,” she cried as she drew her legs into her chest. “It hurts; it hurts so bad. I can’t do this again.”

“It’s ok Ky, it’s all over now and you’re fine.”

“No I’m not. My body hurts it feels like I was pushed through a meat grinder and nothing fit back in the right places.” 

He let out a light chuckle and slid down the wall placing his feet flat on the floor and his back against the cool brick where he believed she too was sitting. “Come on it’s not that bad. If you could survive that tattoo we got a while back, you can survive this. And do you remember the time we snuck into the theaters and the door shut on my leg and you had to climb into the window and free me?” he asked trying to distract her. “I was begging you to just chop it off and leave it for the night crew to clean up. The frame went completely through the other side of my shin and I just knew I’d never recover.” 

She laughed. “Yeah, is was your 16th birthday and you were crying like a baby. I kept telling you it wasn’t as bad as you thought.”

“And it wasn’t remember? I healed up that night and was just as good as new. And no matter what you wouldn’t abandon me and run like I told you and the authorities caught us and threw us in the hold for a few hours.”

“It was the length of the show,” she smiled and pulled her head up. “They wanted to make sure we missed it completely.”

“I know! What assholes right? But I guess we did technically steal a show.”

“We? If memory serves you’re the one that kept hounding me to go along with it.”

“Yeah but you were supposed to be the voice of reason Ky! I always did dumb shit to impress you but half the time you talked me off the ledge.”

She stood up and leaned against the wall as her breathing slowed to a regular pace. “That’s because if something happened to you I’d have to clean it up. I was thinking about myself!”

He laughed. “Well I’m sorry my death would have been an inconvenience for you. I’ll remember to do it someplace where it won’t cause too much of a mess, deal?”


The door to his cell opened from the automatic timer and he rushed into the hall. “Where’s the key?”

“On the wall near the exit.”

He moved towards it and grabbed it from the wall to open up her cell. Approaching slowly he watched the last tear fall from her eyes as he scooped her into his arms. He wiped his thumb across her cheek and she sniffled and took in a breath. 

He smiled at her when she finally looked up at him and dropped to the floor. She rested her head in his lap as he caressed her hair back and comforted her. “I’m supposed to be the one helping you through this,” she sighed.

“Yeah well what are best friends for huh? I’ll let you do it next time.”

“Next time; I just hope it’s not as bad.”

“Yeah,” he swallowed hard and watched as her eyes closed and she began resting. He leaned over and kissed her cheek smiling at the way she touched the spot his lips caressed. “Rubbing it in” she always said when he’d asked why she did that. “I love you Ky.”

“I love you too Cocobear. Thank you for being here.”

“I’ll always be here for you,” he smiled as he heard her fall asleep in his lap.

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    1. HAHA he was very much the nerd! Interesting to think seeing the hot, muscular man he is today! Their friendship has stood the test of time and now as Connor said they have transcended anything sexual to the realm of comfort and siblings.

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      It was go big or go home...but then Rafe did both. He was determined to show her with that kiss what he's wanted since meeting her and explore the feelings she has for him. There's NO denying that she has mutual emotions though.

      It wasn't the best time but everyone at Greymane understands and will ensure his safety...everyone except Bane that is.

      Thank you

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      You're right. For the fleeting moment her body was wrapped into Rafe's arms and pressed against his chest she was happy. She finally felt free of her concerns and got to see what she's been missing. But that only made the anxious feelings about the warnings she received worse!

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    Kaya and Connor's friendship truly stood the test of time. It's amazing that they never hooked up. I know they're attracted to each other, especially now that Connor is hot, but I can see why they never wanted to risk their frienship. They've know each other for centuries. Literally. And the fact that Connor made a promise to Lobo to protect Kaya, makes their relationship even more special. It would be nice if Connor and Rafe can become close friends. They seem to get along really well. It was also good that Rafe told Connor about Bane. He shouldn't trust him too much because he seems capable of hurting anyone that gets in his way. At least Connor will be more cautious around him.

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    1. LOL that fact will continue surprising a few people, wait until Rafe finds out! Connor wasn't going to hurt him because he knew what power he had...kinda. It surprised him when Rémi dropped him to the ground though because he wasn't intending to fight back or anything. Luckily Kaya was there to stop him from doing anything too scary or revealing. And very true! When enough is enough it can make a person snap! Connor's Mom is a very sweet woman and when his father left they were all they had so their relationship became very tight.

      A few near misses (which we'll see) but other than that they respected one another too much to ever risk broken hearts or sour feelings. They wanted something more than a few nights of pleasure and that's what they earned. Connor's promise to Lobo is what has kept them remarkably close. He watches her like a sister and as he said he has killed for her and will continue to do so (him saying that by the way was a warning to Rafe that if he fucks with her he'll join the ranks of the deceased.) He doesn't play when it comes to his girl and if it wasn't for the rule Alpha Armand issued Bane would have been toast a while ago. (Rafe isn't quite yet in the pack).

      Rafe and Connor's friendship is still blooming and now that they got the awkwardness about Kaya out of the way they can continue to grow and bond and become as close as Kaya and Connor are. Rafe would really benefit from having that type of friendship from him as she has. Rafe showed how trusting he is of Connor by confiding what he's learned about Bane to him. Having Connor on his side and on alert will keep the pack and Kaya safe.

      HAHA That kiss was a long time in the making but Rafe is moving slow to keep Kaya from running off...though that failed. He doesn't want to hurt her or make her resent and hate him so he wants to go at her pace even when everything inside of him is telling him to do more. When/if the day comes that the go farther I can't see furniture lasting very long around them!

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    1. HA! Yeah he was a huge geek and despite his outwardly appearance or shy disposition he and Kaya were able to connect and share a mutual interest! Just think, it was all fated. Had Rémi not stood her up for lab, they may have never spoke! But their friendship is great and they love each other unconditionally which makes it even better. Had they not made the bond as friends who knows? Maybe he would have been her mate haha ok I stopped :)

      Sorry about that! I thought a little tease was fun! Rafe certainly disagrees but hey! He bends to my will! (shudder to think of the day the sims return the lives I've sought to give them). The kiss was intense and Kaya found herself enjoying it more than she would like to admit. Damn that lip ring for getting in the way and making him stop because there's no telling how far he might have tried to test his limits! Don't worry he'll be back soon but you're right, she does know where he lives ;)

      Rafe and Connor will be like brothers. It was funny hearing him ask for him to put that word in with Kaya, but after chatting him up he realized he might be a good match for her so he may be accommodating :D Bane does need to be dealt with and as Rafe said only with evidence can that be so. Bane could have been lying as Connor suggested or if he was telling the truth that body could be ANYWHERE and with Mike having left so long ago I'm sure no one remembers his scent (maybe) to track down its location.

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    1. Hey Big! Rafe finally got to test his limits with Kaya and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it just as much...was just more afraid than anything else.

      Yes. LOL He stopped his Mom from telling what the cream he uses was for but that comes up again :P There's Cocoa butter in the cream he uses and so he smells chocolate and all honey buttery!

      Kaya is screaming the same thing! She does hope he stays safe and he knows where they are when/if he needs to return.

      Aww! I wish I could! I know how those can be (if anything like my family) 12,000 people I don't know among the 30 or so I do and LOTS of fighting! Good luck! And if you need, I'll send the packs your way to run interference :D

      Thank you! :)

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    It was smart of Rafe to tell Connor about Bane. They need to know what Bane is really like. I don't think that he has any sense of loyalty and he would switch sides in a heartbeat. He's only with them now because he wants Kaya. Kaya might have to kill him before it's over because I know he hasn't given up on being with her!

    Such a good chapter, DJ!

    1. Kaya watched her father in position as Alpha growing up. She noticed that a lot of people respect him, many out of fear, and that was something she wanted to prevent. She wants to be accepted for who she is not what she is (daughter of prominent Alpha/Beta of prominent pack). They are very sweet together! I think their relationship is great. They have a real bond that only strengthens with time.

      Yes! He was jumping for joy that's for sure! And lots of Kaya's nerves were on end for that moment also! Very happy you enjoyed that scene. he was afraid but he needed to show her how he felt and that kiss was VERY full of emotion.

      With Connor in the know, he now has an ally to help keep him away from Kaya and perhaps learn more about this psycho that seems to have it out for him. Bane doesn't have a real sense of loyalty. He doesn't think he was born to follow but he doesn't have the right attitude to be a leader (ala Luther) it would be only out of fear. Hmm kill Bane? Interesting theory! He is FAR from over though :D

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    1. I enjoy flashbacks immensely! Next one is Chapter 17, that should be fun :D Kaya and Connor are like brother and sister and love each other very much. There isn't a thing neither would do for the other to keep them happy and safe. They've gone through so much together, killed for each other and through it all kept sex off the table (though it was close there for a bit). They have a bond that'll only grow stronger with age.

      Rafe haha yes he finally threw caution to the wind and used what little nerve he had to get that kiss he's been dreaming and creaming about. You're right about his timing and that's something he'll beat himself up about (as you'll see). Bane will most certainly be on his ass for this though. It was one thing for him to spy Kaya and drool over her. It's something else entirely for him to put his lips on her!

      Rafe needed/wanted to get away for a while. Kaya running away after that kiss was the clincher though. He said he was only there for her at this point and seeing she wasn't going to return his affections told him he'd better get out while the leaving's good.

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