Wolf Council

The Wolf Council was created to institute law and order in the chaotic world of the wolves. Headed by Damian Bloodworth and Odessa Pierce, the council established the rules of war and an even division of territory. Included in the member roster are Armand Villalobos of Greymane and  Luther Crowley of Gideon.

Each house is assigned a seer from the Mystics of Sangria that are used as tools to ensure the other house is staying within their boundaries and following the rules set-forth by the Council. When word of a superior being gets out, the Council will have their hands full to try and maintain balance between the clans' Alphas and prevent an all out battle.

Damian Bloodworth is a man with ambitions. Though he has been the leader of the Wolf Council for over 3 centuries, he strives for more. He has perfected the amicable settlements between packs and negotiated several treaties within the community to prevent bloodshed. A man admired by many, he desires to be the best.

Odessa Pierce, Damian's wife and the Council's 2nd in command, is the ground that Damian stands on and the person that can keep him in control when his true form shows itself. Though Odie is happy where she is, she encourages Damian to go after his dreams and does everything in her power to ensure he accomplishes his goals.

Aleister Sandoval is the softy of the group. He understands the desire that drives the Alphas and aspires to maintain the peace and  harmony that each territory has settled in as best he can. With the looming possibility of war, Aleister will find that walking softly is not always the best approach.

Lorena Kemp is a vixen determined to further her own ambitions within the Council. Constantly pushing for change and trying to get things her way, her overanxious and bossy nature has gotten her into many heated confrontations with Odessa and Aleister. That change she's so eager to see may come in a different form if she doesn't learn to play ball.