Friday, June 26, 2015

Status Update

Hello Readers!

I know you thought I up and disappeared (again). But NOPE! Can't get rid of me that easily. Yes, I am still around. Here I was sitting thinking that now with one story ended, things would get better, easier and more manageable with 2 active stories. HA! Boy was I wrong. Welp. Basically things seem busier (how in the heck does that happen?)  or maybe with one less thing on my plate I am just now noticing? *shrugs* Either way, I have gone from one mishap to the next (computer freezing, reorganizing/redecorating my home, food poisoning, modem death and a tiny, smidgen of brain fart/writer's block). BUT I am back and at work on both After Midnight and Cold Blooded. Currently, I am building sets for the next updates (fun, fun).

So. Until then, enjoy a small preview of those aforementioned lots.

~Daijah much for gender neutral? :O Spoiler alert! I guess Amanda was right after all!

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