Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Episode 74: Pack Mentality

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Vaughn, Karri, Emmett, Finn, Xander, Eoghan
Word Count: 2,905
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Karri is confronted by her brothers Emmett and Finn concerning the reason she left home. Xander comes face-to-face with Connor's fury. And Caleb finally makes it home from his hunting trip.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

*Note: Pronounciation guide - The name, Eoghan, comes from an old Irish word meaning “born of the yew tree” and is pronounced “Owen”. In addition, the name Siobahn, comes from an old Irish word meaning “god is gracious” and is pronounced “Shavon”.*

The commotion caught her ears and Kaya stepped into the hall, pushing through the few wolves still crowding the small area. She glanced at the men at her door and then to Connor who stood fists clenched, brows furrowed in a deep v and growling. Sighing, she moved closer, keeping the redhead at her back in an attempt to shield the strangers from what could quickly become a losing battle with a wild wolf. “I’m the Luna here, what is it that I can help you with?”

“As I said, I want me sister, nuthin’ more.”

“Please, let’s step into the office for more privacy,” she motioned in the direction of Caleb’s study. “Find Vaughn, have him meet me,” she whispered into Amanda’s ear.

“Yes, Luna.”

Shutting the door she circled around the men again keeping her eyes on them at all times. “May I offer you a drink?”

“Nay. We’ve only come tae…” the door opened, interrupting Emmett and Kaya sighed with little relief as Vaughn, along with Connor and Charlie, stepped inside the room. Vaughn glanced between the two men and then to Kaya.

“Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet the first Alpha of our pack, Vaughn and my two Betas Charlie and Connor.” The men nodded in greeting but Kaya could see the frustration on their faces. Vaughn moved around the desk towards his pregnant daughter-in-law while Connor and Charlie remained strategically positioned behind the men. “This is Emmett Macgrath. He says he’s come for his sister whom he believes we’ve kidnapped.”

“Ye have. I have it under good authority she is here and I’m not leavin’ without her.” Again Vaughn looked over their faces, examining each man closely; an act that wasn’t lost on Emmett. “Where are me manners? This is me younger brother Finn,” he pointed towards the man with purple hair. “And now that that’s out o’ the way, do ye think we could get down tae business, luv? Me Da is willing tae offer whatever it takes tae get his daughter back safely.”

“What’s your sister’s name?” Vaughn asked keeping his eyes on the wolf.

“Karri…Karri Siobhan Macgrath.”

“Karri…” her name slipped through lips that barely moved as Connor inched closer towards the men in the room.

“Aye. Ye know her?”

“Yes. Karri is here but she’s no prisoner. Connor.” He nodded as Kaya spoke and exited the room. “I don’t know who told you we were holding her hostage but…”

“Her fiancé, Xander Richardson,” Emmett interrupted.

“You’ve been misinformed,” Kaya finished, eyeing the wolf standing closest to Charlie. “And I’m sorry, fiancé?”

“Aye. He said this tae me Da, our Alpha, a man he knows is not tae be trifled with. Why would he lie knowing what would happen tae him?” Emmett asked, his voice raising in timbre as he took one step forward.

“That’s a question for you to put to him. As my daughter has stated, we are not detaining anyone against their will,” Vaughn replied, his voice level as he stared at the man, making him regret his tone. “If your sister is here it is because she wanted to be.”

“I guess we’ll know the way o’ it soon.”

The door opened again and in stepped Karri and Connor. “Emmett…” Karri gasped and froze in place. He spoke to her but she could hear absolutely nothing as she stared into his cold, green eyes; eyes that were even more piercing than she remembered. And as he stood, towering over her in a non-threatening stance, Karri couldn’t help but shiver and step away until she was safely behind a glowering Connor.

“What are you doing here? Did Dad send you?” Karri’s voice was weak and she wasn’t sure if she had spoken the words out loud or in her head. Tucked securely between Connor and the door she was fighting hard to control her trembling and the rapid beating of her heart.

“The hell do ye think?” Emmett asked turning to face his baby sister. “We’ve come tae take ye home, Karri.”

“I don’t want to go home.”

“What? Have they brainwashed ye?”

“No, of course not, Emmett. I just…I like it here.”

“Karri, come on. Everyone misses you. Ma’s a wreck. Most nights she has trouble sleeping wondering where you’d gotten off to. And don’t even get me started on this tight wad…” Finn smirked, stealing a glance at his older brother as he spoke for the first time since entering the manor. “It’s a frickin’ madhouse back there without you. Why don’t you want to come back? I mean what do you like so much about this place that you can’t have back home?”

“It’s hard to explain, Finn, neither of you would understand.”

“Try us,” Emmett huffed.

“Alright, fine. Freedom.”

“Freedom? The hell’s that even mean? Yer an Alpha’s daughter. Ye have all the freedom in the world, luv,” Emmett replied, crossing his arms into his chest.

“Maybe you do, you’re the golden child. I was not so lucky.”

Ah quit acting the maggot. Ye and Finn had it easiest,” Emmett continued to argue, looking between his brother and sister. “Don’t tell me this is about that silly sports thing ye were always goin’ on about? Da told ye why ye couldn’t join up with that rovin’ band o’ geebags. What would happen had ye gone and shifted in the middle o’ the ring? Headline news for sure. Bleedin’ hell, luv, is that why ye run off? Xander…”

“Xander doesn’t know the first thing about what I want!” Karri asserted, stepping a little from Connor’s side.

“He’s been rather worried about ye. He just wants ye tae come home.”

“Is that what he’s told you? Because since he’s been here, he’s been aiming to make my life a living hell!”

“Charlie, find Xander. I want to get to the bottom of this,” Kaya ordered, glancing between the siblings. “It appears whatever rumors are being spread are all originating from the same person.” Several moments passed before Charlie returned with Xander.

He glanced around the room, the sound of his pounding heart echoed against his chest as he situated himself near his pack allies Emmett and Finn. “Did Eoghan come with you?” he asked, sighing in relief at the answer.

“No. He was hoping we could negotiate for Karri’s return ourselves,” Finn answered. “But we’ve been getting conflicting stories about her. Why would you tell us she was in danger when clearly she isn’t?”

“Because since my arrival, I have been met with nothing but hostility. It’s not a good environment, especially for a rogue female wolf.”

“Hostility? Really? Tell me who and I’ll gladly shake their hands,” Connor snapped, never taking his eyes off Karri’s intended.

“Point in case,” he replied, motioning towards Connor.

“You came here with one goal in mind,” Karri started, clenching her fists at her sides as she yelled at him. “What exactly did you think was going to happen?”

“I don’t know. Maybe that my fiancée would want to come back home with me where she was safe?” Xander yelled in return.

“So your plan was to what? Drag us through the mud, portraying us as the bad guys so yours and Karri’s packs would come running?”

“Luna, I meant no disrespect to you or your pack…”

“As you continue spreading the same vicious words and rumors, you mean?” Kaya asked, flashing a bit of rage towards the man who fell silent. “Was it your intention to start a war?”

“Not at all. I only wanted what was mine.” 

“Karri is not your property,” Connor snarled, making no effort to mask his anger with the entire situation. “And listening at the way you expect her to jump when you say, it’s no wonder she ran. I’ve been in a room with you for less than five minutes and I’m struggling to keep from ripping your fucking head off.”

With his hands up in mock surrender, Xander took a step forward only to be met by a rumbling growl that rolled deep from within Connor’s chest. “Connor,” Kaya cautioned, gaining his attention for a brief moment before he was back to staring down the man in front of him. “Please, let’s everyone relax and have a seat.” She waited for the group to get comfortable. Emmett sat across from Kaya with Finn beside him, but Connor and Charlie remained standing with Karri close by.

“I never meant to cause such a raucous. Karri, you are the love of my life. When you took off, naturally I came looking for you. And finding you here…I immediately assumed the worst, I’m sorry. But seeing how much your family wants you back again, don’t you want to come home now?”

Karri inhaled and exhaled deeply, hugging her arms closer to her body, she moved a few feet towards her siblings and smiled stiffly. “Ma, how is she?”

“Like I said, she’s worried that her only girl has gotten herself into something that she can’t get out of. She wants you back, Karri, she misses you,” Finn replied with a sigh.

“Then…then I’ll come back with you.”

“Karri, are you sure?” Kaya asked, sensing the distress as Karri announced her plans.

“I’m sure.”

Xander glanced at Connor, a half smirk tugging at the corners of his lips as he mouthed the words ‘I win’. Anger washed over Connor as he noticed the smug look and before anyone could react, he had Xander on the ground by the neck. “I should rip your fucking throat out!” He roared in a booming voice. Xander struggled to break Connor’s hold, fighting beneath the wolf’s tight grip as he looked to Karri with pleading eyes. 

“Connor!” Kaya yelled, jumping to her feet. “Let him up!” Connor continued to growl, ignoring his Luna as he persistently choked the life from Xander’s lungs. Emmett and Finn both stood, contemplating their next move and whether or not they should step in, instigating a small war in this very room. Ultimately, they chose the high road and let the two men settle their differences. It took Karri placing a calming hand on his shoulder for Connor to break his hold and allow Xander to stand. He backed away, keeping his eyes on him. Xander rubbed at his neck, his shallow breathing pushing his chest in and out in rapid pants.

“THIS is what I’m talking about!” Xander finally spoke looking back and forth between Connor and Karri. His voice was rough and inaudible due to the pressure still gripping his throat. Whether he realized it or not, Connor came extremely close to crushing his windpipe. Had it not been for Karri, he would have ended him without a care. “You don’t belong here with these…people. Can’t you see how dangerous they are? Attacking without provocation?”

“Come a little closer and I’ll show you provocation,” Connor taunted, standing protectively in front of Karri, his unrelenting anger pinning Xander in place. The threat in his words hung thick and there was no mistaking his intent. Xander took a step and Connor matched it. 

“Everyone just calm down!” Kaya shouted over both Connor and Xander causing all eyes in the room to fall on her. “Karri, the decision is yours and I cannot change that. But as Luna of this pack it is my job to do what’s best for everyone here which, at present, includes you. I don’t want things escalating to the point of war but, if it comes to that…You want your sister, you can have her,” Kaya replied, looking towards Emmett. Both Connor and Karri glared at her with equal measures of anger and confusion, until she spoke again. “When your father drags her kicking and screaming from this house.”

“Ye really don’t want him coming himself.”

“I really do.”

“Karri, reason with ye friend. Ye know just as well as I that if Da comes it’s not going to end well fer any of us.”

“Well let him come,” Charlie spoke up. “He’ll have to go through us before he can get to her!”  

“And he’ll be cleaning up a mess,” Connor added with a scarily calm tone. His words and his eyes were directed towards Xander. 

“Guys!” Kaya backed them down with a motion of her hand. “I have to agree with my Betas on this one. If he wants her, he’ll have to come in person to get her. Now it’s obvious there has been quite a bit of miscommunication here and I would like the chance to speak with your Alpha to clear the air. Just a friendly, little chat. I want the Macgraths to know that we’re not unreasonable people, but, I do warn, if it’s a war that he wants then it’ll be a war that he gets! For now, Charlie, Connor, would you two please escort our three guests to the trail and see to it that they leave in the same condition in which they arrived?”

“Kaya,” Karri turned, short of exiting behind her brothers. “I appreciate the way all of you took me in and accepted me but I don’t want anyone putting themselves in harm’s way for me. My father can be somewhat of a traditionalist and, at times, that makes him come across as cold and merciless.”

“I know men like that, Karri. And I didn’t get to where I am without pissing a few of them off myself. What it sounds like you are suggesting is to just  give yourself up? Well that’s not happening. Now I don’t know the particulars of why you left home, but I can read body language well enough to know it’s not a place you want to return. And I can’t in good conscience allow you to be swallowed up in something that makes you that afraid. Besides…I’d never hear the end of it from Connor,” she smirked, lightening the mood enough to draw a smile from Karri.

“But, why risk it? Like you said I’m a big girl, I can take whatever punishment awaits me. The pack has enough worries of its own than to have to be dragged into something else because of me…an outsider.”

“The short version, you’re family. And we take care of our own. Let whatever come. We’ll deal with it as we’ve always dealt with threats in the past.” Karri let the words sink in and nodded before thanking her and exiting the room. “Vaughn, if I could have a moment please. There’s another matter I’d like to discuss with you.”

“Let me guess,” Vaughn interrupted, “You want to revisit yesterday’s conversation?”

“Actually, I was going to ask if you could speak with Roberta. See if she would be willing to come and be our pack doctor. Joey’s getting better but it’s been slow and I’m hoping she might have other ways to get him to heal a bit quicker. Plus, the babies will be due soon. It would be nice to have a physician on hand in case everything doesn’t go as planned.”

“I’ll speak to her at once,” Vaughn smirked, taking a few steps forward. “Does this mean you’ve stopped wondering whether or not I’m angling for this to happen?”

“No. It means I want to ensure the safety and health of my pack. You, Vaughn, will always remain a mystery to me.”

“Well, Kaya, I can assure you, any scheme of mine will never cause unwarranted blowback.”

“What exactly does that mean?” The door opened before Kaya got a response and they both looked towards the person entering the room. “You’re back,” Kaya smiled as Caleb walked through the door to his office. She moved forward quickly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Missed me did you?” he smiled as she finally released him enough to move again.

“Maybe a little,” she admitted while he rubbed a hand over her belly.

“How are my Alphas in the making?”

“The little Lunas are fine. They’ve been resting most of the day. And I only threw up once,” Kaya replied, looking pleased with herself. Caleb glanced up at his father and finally spoke before placing his bag behind the desk and sighing. “Byron,” Kaya started, inching closer to the two Savages. “Did you find him?”

“Yeah. I found him.”

“Is he…”

“No. I didn’t kill him; yet.”

“Did he tell you anything about the warehouse and Joey?”

“He claims he doesn’t know anything about it.”

“And you believe him?” Vaughn asked, analyzing his son’s response.

“I threatened to take away the only thing he’s shown to care about and his answer never changed. Yeah, I believe him.”

“So what now?”

“Now, I go back to the beginning to see who else could have manipulated the hunters’ arrival in town and who else would want us dead,” Caleb answered, crossing his arms into his chest.

“That’s a long list,” Vaughn added, apologizing when he noticed the look on Kaya’s face.

“I know it is. But I also know that whoever is after us was trying to use Byron as a convenient scapegoat. I’m sure they were looking for him too. I have him. He and his hunter bitch are locked downstairs in separate cells. Which means they’ll have to find another place to throw the blame. I’m hoping when they do, they’ll be forced to reveal themselves.”

“And until then?”

“Until then, Byron’s remaining our guest.” Caleb sighed and dropped behind his desk. “So. Anything exciting happen while I was gone?”



  1. Well that was tense. Fucking Xander spreading rumors like a pussy trying to get his way. Seriously!!! UGH that douchebag needs to be killed. Why didn't you let Red kill him???? I do like that neither Finn nor Emmett moved to help when Connor jumped on his ass. LOL They must not like him either. hahahaha

    I know Ky doesn't like Vaughn, but I have to think that some of her big talk came from the fact he was there and could/would handle anyone that came trying to harm the pack. Not to mention Caleb. I know she can handle herself but in this instance most of her talk I feel was from the back up she knows she has from the men considering she's pregnant and can't shift.

    Well can't wait to meet daddy Macgrath. That should be an interesting talk and I can't wait for Xander to get his ass handed to him!!! Seriously he is full of himself if he thinks he's going to just pull strings to get what he wants. Messing with an Alpha no less and then he still can't keep his mouth shut. Talking about the Savages while on their territory. Um, he's not too bright is he???

    1. Xander is pretty um...what's the word I'm looking for...stupid. To make the accusations he did WHILE on Savage territory is just a sure way to get himself killed. LOL! Connor couldn't and wouldn't have killed Xander right there (at least I hope not). There would have been serious consequences had he done so and the Savages would be facing yet another enemy from a different side. But you're right, no one moved a muscle to aid him. The only two that seemed slightly concerned were Kaya and Karri.

      Kaya and Vaughn's relationship is a strange one. BUT he'll soon reveal himself to her completely and she'll finally understand why he's been behaving the way he has. She needed to show strength in that meeting. With Caleb gone, the only logical step for her was Vaughn, former Alpha of the pack but still just as (if not more) powerful. Had she not been pregnant, I'm sure she wouldn't have bothered to contact him. She can still shift though. It might be dangerous and even more painful but it's not impossible for her to do in her current state.

      Xander and Emmett have really talked him up. Not to mention Karri's fear of what he'll do when he arrives. I wonder if it's all bluster or if Eoghan is as big and bad as they say! One thing is certain, Xander is in for a VERY rude awakening!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Wow, Xander really does fancy himself invincible, doesn't he? He had to know it would come out that Karri being kidnapped was a complete and total lie. Must have been an unpleasant surprise when Finn and Emmett didn't jump to his defense. I get the vibe Connor isn't quite done with him yet, either. Hope you aren't too attached to your head, Xander.

    Sibling relationships are fascinating. You can clearly see that Karri and Finn were a team and Emmett was the (no pun intended) male heir, lone wolf. But Finn, no fair with the emotional blackmail, young man. You're lucky that you're hot.

    I will be interested to see how the meeting with Papa MacGrath and the Alphas turns out. Him, Caleb, and Vaughn in a room together? That could get...spirited.

    Connor made me swoon. That is all.

    1. Xander is high on something but if he's not careful, it definitely won't be life! I'm not sure what he imagined would happen once her family showed up to get her back. But judging by the shock when he walked in and saw them, I don't think he was expecting them to come at all. He was DEFINITELY relieved Eoghan hadn't come with. But he's starting to realize that his mouth has written checks his ass won't be able to cash and he has no allies in Savage territory!

      Haha poor Emmett. He had to be the responsible one while Karri and Finn could act out as they wanted (even teasing and pranking their older brother). Aww, Finn just wants his partner in crime back in action and to know she's safe and where she can be protected. Xander had the entire pack thinking the worst!

      Eoghan will be the star attraction next episode. Hopefully things don't go as scary as Emmett has warned they'll be and Kaya and he can reach an accord.

      LOL! You ain't seen nothing yet :P

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. I do not trust Vaughn! There I said it! Has he given me reasons to... NO!!!
    Now that I think of it, I kind of fear for the pups. My mind is twisting itself to thinking Vaughn + pups = BAD!!!!! Or at least potential for BAD. Why has he returned exactly when Kaya's preggers? Been squinting at this since then!

    Funny how that's all that came into my mind when I actually read this entire chapter (that had nothing whatsoever to do with him) and he was in like what? Okay, almost all pictures! But still, you get my drift! LOL, It is how it is, I guess...

    1. Hahahaha You and Kaya both! The man has two faces; one of which is only seen when he's around Kaya. Wow. That is a pretty interesting thought. It did all seem to coordinate just at the right time. The Seers (Lexi in particular) would have known this was coming when they went to release him. >:)

      Yes. Your mind is a scary, scary place. But you're right. He's always lurking. Like the ep when Caleb got back with Kaya from the warehouse. He hadn't spoken a word, but he was standing there; watching. Always watching. Always watching...

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. Hey Lady I am getting caught up with everybody's stories FINALLY. I love Kaya. I like the way she uses her strength to calm instead of whipping everyone up into a frenzy. Karri seems very unsure of herself but under the circumstances there isn't anything else she could be. I'm with Jean on Vaughn - he has a creepy sinister vibe.

    The shots are so gorgeous!!

    1. Woot! Kaya's hormones have been pretty wonky lately and she's been trying to tread lightly to keep herself calm and levelheaded so she doesn't shift and injure someone. Then again...it could make things better all around :P

      Karri is a bit unsure but she has a bit of a dark past and has not been able to be herself around this new pack. Her biggest fear is people finding out what she's done and sending word to her father. But, it would seem that Xander has beat them to the punch.

      Thank you for that and thank you for reading :)