Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Episode 73: Puppy Chow

Genre: Supernatural/Drama
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Lobo, Luther, Joey, Ulrick, Giselle, Byron, Lucy, Isabella, Emmett, Finn, Miles
Word Count: 3,700
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Ulrick deals with a possible problem with Night Shift while avoiding Isabelle. Luther and Giselle trade tit for tat. Karri's family comes to town and it's one reunion she was not looking forward to. Meanwhile, Caleb again meets with his mysterious friend for an update on Byron's whereabouts. Also, Kaya checks in on Joey's prognosis and is happy to learn he is improving.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Wake up, we have to go,” Byron’s voice echoed against the hollow walls of the bed and breakfast, rousing Lucy from slumber. Without a sound, she quickly began gathering up her belongings. “Leave it!” he hissed and grabbed her abruptly and together they rushed out the door, disappearing into the woods behind the establishment. Running as fast as they could they pounded over wet mud and dried leaves, putting as much distance behind them as possible. “Move!”

“I am moving!”

“Hurry!” Darkness grew quickly, distorting her already blurred vision. Lucy’s breathing labored in her chest. Her lungs were on fire. Ducking beneath a low hanging branch, she pumped her legs faster, sloshing through more muck as Byron kicked more mud at her feet.

“Someone’s coming!”

“And they will catch us if you don’t move faster,” he growled and yanked her harder. Lucy’s hand tightened around Byron’s as he practically dragged her behind him and she struggled to keep step. Adrenaline pulsated through every vein in her body as a painful cramp tore through the muscles in her leg. She knew there was no stopping—no turning back…not unless she wanted to be tortured for the rest of her days before filling the belly of some hungry animal. 

“Alpha,” Caleb was addressed as he entered the now empty room. He inhaled the stale air and turned with a frown towards the man behind him. “They were here recently. I suspect they took off just moments before we got here, the bed is still warm.”

The tracker’s words were confirmed when Caleb noticed their items sitting on the dresser beside him. “Well they can’t have gotten far. Take as many men as you need and hunt them down. I want that spineless bastard and his bitch in chains by the end of the night!”

“Cozy. Is this your room?” the man asked as Giselle led him into the master bedroom. 

“It is. We’ll have complete privacy, don’t worry,” she lied. In reality, she was expecting Luther at any moment. A smile teased her lips as she thought about giving her mate a taste of his own medicine for his antics a month ago. If he really expected that she’d let bygones be bygones, he really had no idea with whom he’d chosen to lay.

Pulling the man’s shirt over his head, her tongue blazed a path down his neck to his chest and she teasingly bit his nipples as her fingers fumbled with his belt buckle. She felt the man’s cock throb beneath her fingers and moaned as she snatched the leather cinch from his waist, finally exposing him for her enjoyment. 

He hastily tore her dress from her shoulders in one move and tossed her to the couch in the middle of the room. She was completely nude underneath and his breath hitched as he took in her body. “Gorgeous…” he exhaled and fell to his knees in front of her. 

His hand slid beneath her, dragging her to the edge of the sofa and he lowered his nose to her exposed crotch as he gently parted her legs. Burying his face in the sweet, wet paradise in front of him, the man wasted no time darting his tongue out to taste her. Giselle whimpered and he felt her clit tremble beneath his lips and smiled inwardly. Her body convulsed involuntarily and she reached back to brace herself against his quickening tongue lashing.

His skills were unrivaled, even by her own mate. The man had mastered the elusive balance of pleasure and domination and she felt herself quickly drawn to the edge of an explosive climax. Sucking her clit between his lips, his tongue swirled over the stiff bud and Giselle felt the heat rising in her womb as the pressure built between her legs. Gently, he slid his index finger inside her as he licked her clit and she responded by squeezing her muscles down around him hard, bucking her hips against his mouth as he pumped the finger in and out of her. 

“Oh fuck!” she gasped and jerked forward. His tongue drew circles around her pleasure spot before his lips closed around it again and he sucked hard. Soon, his index was joined by his middle finger and Giselle let out a yelp followed by a deep moan as his tongue brushed over her hardened clit and her fingers closed in his hair.  “Faster,” she demanded, yanking handfuls of his bright yellow locks. His tongue moved over her soft folds in an increasing frenzy, eagerly lapping up her juices as fast as they dripped from her. 

He could feel her muscles clamping down on his fingers harder and faster and he knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Applying more pressure with his fingers, he drove quicker still, frantically licking and sucking her throbbing button. Suddenly her body went rigid as the dam broke and she screamed, thrashing her hips back and forth as if she was riding a bucking bronco and the man had little trouble keeping pace.

Slowly she came down, looking at him through a haze of blurred tears as her head lolled on the back of the couch. “You wicked little man. You weren’t supposed to do that so quickly,” she grinned. 

“And here I thought it was my sole purpose in life,” he replied, wiping at his chin and the clear fluid drying there. Pushing him away, she ordered him to play with himself as she slipped a finger between her thighs. Sliding one, then two fingers inside herself, Giselle’s eyes closed as her play thing watched her masturbate. “Mmm,” she moaned, squeezing her breast in her hand. Her fingers closed over her nipple and she bucked as her fingers pumped deeper into her slick pussy.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he moaned as he stroked himself. A deeper grunt escaped his lips as Giselle’s mouth fell open in a silent cry and he felt drips of precum touch his fingers. Using it as lubrication, his fingers tightened around the base of his shaft and he jerked harder, waiting to see her orgasm. Giselle’s legs shook and she moaned in ecstasy. Heat flushed the man’s balls and his main focus became releasing the building pressure within them. Faster and faster his hand moved and he begged the ebony goddess on the sofa in front of him to climax.

The door opened and Giselle’s eyes moved to her angry mate. Luther made it towards them in one movement; neither one had time to react. And before the man could utter a sound, he felt the bones in his spine shatter beneath the intense force of Luther’s heeled boot as the Alpha repeatedly stomped on his prone body. Giselle slid from the couch to the floor watching as her mate turned the man over and pounded his fist into his face until his nose broke and several of his teeth fell to the floor.

Once he was satisfied, he turned towards her, a smile twisted her crimson lips and he snatched her from the floor by her neck. “You think this is funny?”

“You didn’t seem to mind when you were fucking your little whore in this very room! What’s good for the goose,” she sneered.

“Is that right?” He flung her to the ground and she landed hard on her stomach. Giselle tried to turn over to face him but he placed his boot on her neck as he hurriedly tore off his clothing. “It seems you have a hard time coming to terms with the fact that you’re mine and I can do as I damn well please,” he snarled, lowering himself on top of her as she lay staring at the man leaning against the wall. “This mark on your neck is all the explanation you’ll ever need as to why I do what I do.”

He gripped her around the throat and pulled her head up as he growled against her cheek, his hard cock jutting, its head purpled with lust. “Luther, wait,” she begged, trying to adjust herself beneath him. Without another word, he roughly drove himself into her sopping cunt and she screamed loudly, shutting her eyes as the pain tore through her lower body. Pulling back, he drove his full length deep inside her again, growling as he rammed her repeatedly.

She clawed at the floor as he pounded her mercilessly, his thick cock stretching her wide, his heavy balls slapping at her aching clit. Giselle felt the makings of another climax growing inside her. “Fuck!” she screamed. And as she yelled, Luther grabbed her by the hips and violently shifted inside her, making her choke on her cries as he shoved himself harder. Spreading her moist, butterfly lips, his finger slipped across her swollen clit and her mouth fell open in a desperate sigh.

Reflexively she tried to move to pull away from the intense sensation scuffing her tender area. But her struggle only served to excite Luther more. His engorged cock head pressed to her hilt and he pulled back and slammed into her again. Long, hard strokes in and out, plunging deeper each time. Lost in orgasmic chaos, Giselle lifted her ass and pushed back against him. Screaming like a banshee, her body ignited with heat and she spasmed under him. Luther felt her body go limp and he held her tighter against him. And with his cock slick with her ejaculate, he plowed into her faster. 

Giselle wailed loudly in unintelligibly snorts as she continued pumping her hips, meeting his every thrust. “You wanted him to watch you get off, now he has a front row seat,” Luther grunted in her ear, thrusting himself inside her harder. “And when I’m done with you, I’m gonna boil his balls in soup and feed them to you.” The man’s eyes opened wider in fear as he sat paralyzed on the floor in front of the fornicating couple. Giselle smirked, bit down on her lip and begged her lover for more.

Night Shift’s Kaya with baby bump, Ulrick read the headline again and again as if the words on the page would somehow change. He’d just finally calmed talk of Bane’s “murder” and Rafe’s replacement with Caleb and was already knee deep in more tabloid gossip. “Which member impregnated lead singer, Kaya Villalobos?” he spoke aloud, turning to the article in question. The page had a diagram with her face in the center and potential fathers in a circle around her. The rag had made it into a game, even including the late drummer, Bane Lockhart and missing bassist Mike Reed.

The phone had been nonstop ringing since the news broke and everyone was under the assumption the recent missing in action band had placed tours on hold for the singer’s personal life. Ulrick grunted and tossed the magazine to the desk, trying again to work on the press release concerning the band’s upcoming appearance to promote their newest album Edge of Chaos.

“Ulrick?” Isabella called from the doorway. She stood in silhouette, draped in a silk nightie and a smile. “Are you coming to bed?”

“Not right now,” he sighed, briefly looking at her before redirecting his attention to the stack of fan mail and the blinking blue light on the top of his cell phone. “I have too much work to do. Why don’t you get some rest? I’ll be in a little later.”

Isabella waited a moment, timidly playing with her fingers as she watched him. For months now she had been trying to talk to him about the visions he’d witnessed through her. The memories she’d tried to keep buried had poured out of her in one large eruption. And like a snake it crept between them, slithering and entangling her in a grip so tight she could barely breathe. “I was hoping…we could talk,” she tried again, this time taking a step into the room.

“Later, Izzy. I just want to focus on one thing at a time, alright?” Without another word she backed away and headed to her room. He knew it was a conversation that needed to happen. But every time he looked at her he saw her betrayal. It became hard being in the same room with her for more than a few minutes. She was his mate and he couldn’t stand the sight of her.

“You can’t avoid her forever,” Lobo’s voice caught Ulrick by surprise and he glanced slightly over his shoulder towards his friend.

“No. Just until I can get a handle on these emotions.”

“Was what she did really so bad that you can’t forgive her, Rick? She’s your mate; your perfect mate. You have no idea how incredibly special that is.”

“I do.” He replied with a sigh, dropping over on the desk in front of him. If his Alpha had any idea whatsoever about Isabella’s misdeeds he wouldn’t be advocating for her forgiveness so much. All this time Ulrick believed her refusal to bond had been because she didn’t think she was good enough for him and didn’t want to saddle him with a lame mate. But in reality, it was much worse than that. She’d killed an Alpha, HIS Alpha, Douglas Greymane himself. He didn’t know how they were going to get through that. “I just need time.”

“She’s sorry, you know? It’s written all over her face.”

“I know she is. But something like this can’t be erased with a simple apology,” he replied, turning with a look that begged they move on to another subject. Lobo nodded and planted himself against the wall. “In other news, it looks like someone is going to be a grandfather.” Ulrick tossed the magazine to the table in front of Lobo to see.

Lobo stepped closer, picking up the publication with a smile seeing his little girl on the cover. “Yeah. Twins she thinks.”


“The pack doesn’t have a physician at the moment. She went to see a human doctor who told her she was four months along…it’s been six weeks. Anyway, Kaya said she hears faint heartbeats sometimes in rhythm and sometimes not so she has determined it’ll be twins.”

“Look at the proud grandpapa,” Ulrick laughed, watching Lobo’s face light up. “Those pups are spoiled and haven’t even growled their first sound.”

“What can I say? This was a day both Kaelani and I had been waiting for,” he replied with a sigh. The mood in the room changed significantly and he sat the magazine back to the table.

“I guess I’m pretty excited too, I get to be an uncle again. I was hoping to get the story out myself at the appropriate time; allow the parents a moment to enjoy the news. But, unfortunately, some tabloid paparazzi beat me to that. Now I’ll be on the phone the rest of the night calming the storm of reporters. Last one I spoke with asked if one of the band members impregnated her and if so, was it Connor or Rafe and is that why he was replaced.”

“Your job is one I’d not wish on my worst enemy, Rick. I’ll let you get to it then.”

The door to the room opened again and Caleb looked up and watched as Miles carried Lucy inside with Byron leading the way. He dropped her unconscious body to the floor at his Alpha’s feet and kicked Byron’s knees from under him, making him fall as well. “What happened to her?” Caleb asked, glancing at her face and noticing the large bruise on her eye.

“She wouldn’t come quietly,” Miles replied, taking a step back. “This one told her to run, I had to stop her.”

“Understood,” Caleb nodded, turning his attention to the runaway wolf. “Byron. I bet you didn’t think we’d be here so soon, did you?”

“I’m sor…”

“Don’t! Do not insult me by claiming to be something that you’re not.”


“Or that. I didn’t come here to be disrespected. You were never really here, Byron, we both know that. You were on the run the entire time, from one Alpha or the next. You betrayed Luther. Who could expect you to be loyal? I guess the blame is on me though. I could see who you were, what you were. A coward. A lying, deceitful piece of shit and I didn’t want you or this hunter bitch of yours anywhere near my pack. The only reason I agreed to the howling was because of Kaya. If I had it my way, you both would have been lying in a ditch somewhere for the rats to feed.”

“I never meant to…it wasn’t…”

“You ran, Byron. In your opinion, does that make you look more or less guilty?” Byron’s eyes fell as Caleb leaned forward, his hands clasped in front of him as he again looked over at Lucy.

“Guilty? Alpha, please you gotta understand…”

“Tell me about the attack at the warehouse. Did you plan it from the start or was it something your little whore suggested later on?”

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Caleb squeezed his fingers tightly, trying to keep himself composed as he gazed at the shivering wolf in front of him. “I am talking about how a hunter attacked one of mine, nearly killed him and when we went to retrieve him, about twenty of your little hunter pals were waiting.”

“I-I didn’t…I don’t…I had no hand in that!”

Losing his battle for control, Caleb gave in to the wolf and sprang up from his seat quickly. His hand wrapped tightly around Byron’s throat, squeezing and constricting as he pushed the man towards the floor. “Someone set us up! Someone who knew the ins and outs of our routines. Someone with help from a hunter. Is it mere coincidence these people were working for the same bitch’s family you’ve been slipping your dick into?”

“I…I-” Byron choked, trying to force his lungs to expand for a breath. The desperation in his cry only made Caleb strengthen his grip. “Please…” 

“My mate is pregnant and she was there that night. You nearly got her and my child murdered. For that alone I’ll have your life. Tell me who helped you set this up and I might show you mercy. Otherwise, I will rip out your whore’s fucking heart and leave you here to watch her rot! Better yet, I’ll hand her over to my trackers. They’ve been out in the woods for a very long time, it’s been a while since they’ve been with a woman. Normally I’m not one for this type of thing but in her case, I’m willing to make an exception.”

“P-please, Alpha! It wasn’t me, I would never…Kaya is my friend! She is the only one who ever seemed to give a damn about me. I would never do anything to hurt her. Please believe me!”

Caleb stood with his arms against his chest, glowering down at the subdued wolf and sighed. If Byron had been involved he’d have cracked. Still it didn’t explain why he ran and how the hunters got so close to them without their knowledge. With all of their security measures in place, no one would have been able to set foot in the vale without alerting the pack. There were too many unanswered questions. Somewhere someone was laughing and he was determined to figure out who. “Take him. He may yet prove useful.” Miles moved forward and quietly dragged Byron from the floor.

“KAYA!” Amanda screeched as she rushed around the corner, “You are not gonna believe this!” She shook excitedly as she flashed a magazine in front of her Luna’s face. “I’m on the cover!”

“What?” Kaya laughed, prying the publication from the blonde’s clutches to get a better look. “Oh no.” Her expression fell as she read the front-page. “I never even saw that guy! What did he do? Hide in the trashcan?”

“Who knows?” Amanda shrugged, the smile on her face never fading. “But you look totally flawless! And I’m looking my usual, glowing self if I do say so,” she beamed moving around Kaya’s side to get another view, entirely oblivious to the soured look on her Luna’s face. “You HAVE to autograph this for me! I’m gonna frame it and hang it on my wall.”

“Yeah…sure,” Kaya replied, rubbing a hand over her belly as a sickening feeling overwhelmed her.

“Are you ok, Luna?”

“I’ll be fine. Can we do this later? I want to check on Joey right now.”

“Of course. I wanna show my sister. She’s gonna be SO jealous,” she grinned and skipped down the hallway. 

Kaya took a calming breath, allowing the anxiousness in her stomach to settle before opening the door to the clinic. “Hello, Luna,” Marjorie greeted her as she entered the room.

“Hey. How’s our patient doing today?” Kaya asked, shutting the door behind her. Circling around the bed, she took a seat beside Joey and placed her hand on his.

“Better, Luna. He’s starting to breathe evenly which is a good sign. The fever is breaking,” Marjorie answered, dragging a damp cloth across Joey’s forehead. “I can’t really tell you more since…”

“It’s ok, I understand. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for him, Marjorie. We’ll have a pack doctor again soon.” Kaya paused, thinking about Vaughn’s proposal. It would probably prove a bad move on her part, but at this point she was desperate. Making a mental note to speak to him about his friend, Kaya sighed loudly. “Is the Dogroot still working?” the girl nodded and Kaya smiled. “Good, that’s good,” she replied and squeezed his hand in hers. The door opened and Marjorie excused herself.

Kaya sat back in her chair and started talking to Joey as she had over the last week. Discussing the latest in gossip and any relevant news concerning the pack. At times she would see him flinch and hoped it was a sign he was waking. But it always turned out to be minor muscle contractions; today was no different. Joey’s condition had improved significantly from the first few days he was laid up, comatose and unresponsive. He now responded to certain stimuli, his fingers, toes and extremities were reactive and limber. The only thing they were waiting on was for him to open his eyes.

“Who is the Alpha o’ this pack?” Kaya heard someone shout and she looked towards the door. “I want tae speak tae whoever’s in charge,” the older of the two men stepped forward, glancing around the wolves standing in the foyer in front of him. He spoke in a distinct Irish accent and it was clear he came from Alpha stock. “Me name is Emmett Macgrath, and I would like tae discuss terms fer the safe surrender o’ me sister whom ye have been holding prisoner here for the past 8 months.”



  1. Look at my Mr. Yummy there at the end. :) We needed a close up of him DJ!!! LOL next time I guess. :)

    Wow so much going on. So Ulrick still hasn't told Lobo what Izzy did. Man...that's going to be hard. What she did is punishable by death. I forget, did she finally bond with him? Either way watching her die and at the hands of his friend no less will be a painful thing. I know Lobo can offer mercy, but what she did was major! I don't see a happy ending for them. Not really, but I'm sure you'll work your magic somehow.

    Byron...yeah, if he wasn't the one then how. The hunters are up to something and getting help. Maybe from the witches, that bitch Lexi. This smells like something she'd have her hand in. The Savages don't have a 'pack witch' but that doesn't mean Lexi and all her evil fucking ways isn't still trying to pull the strings. When does she die again?!?!?! Slow and painful right? My vote is for that stripping punishment the wolves do. Yeah...that sounds good.

    Then there's Luther and Giselle. What to say about those two??? There's a war coming and they are off trying to trump each other for sex. LOL They are a twisted pair for sure. I wonder if they'll come through things unscathed. His pack seems to be falling apart under his nose with Byron running off, but we haven't' seen the others so how knows.

    Aww Joey, hope he gets better. I still want to know what it was Ky asked Vaughn to do. When will we find that out Ms. Author???? Yeah I'm looking directly at you DJ for that answer. LOL And they need the pack doctor. She's about to have babies, Joey is in dire straits and no telling how many more might be injured. Hopefully this friend of Vaughn's will be just what they need.

    1. Lol! No worries. Finn will be in the next update and you'll get your close up!

      Ulrick has no idea HOW to tell Lobo. What Izzy did is punishable by death, you're right. And if she dies, that's the end of Ulrick too. She really screwed him. She should have said something before they mated and now they are both on the line for something she did. Yes, the two have bonded. It's how he was able to see her memories and why he's confused about his next step. On the one hand, he has an obligation to be loyal to his Alpha and come clean. And on the other, he has that same responsibility for taking care of his mate and protecting her from harm...sticky situation!

      Very good question. The hunters have been getting Intel and the obvious answer would have been Byron since he is sleeping with one of them. But that proved fruitless. The Savages have made quite a bit of enemies so it's hard to pick and choose just one. Lexi...you may be on to something there :P Although she wouldn't have much to gain from seeing the "Wolf Killer" dead...aside from some good old-fashioned revenge.

      Haha not much can be said about them. They are dancing while the world burns. BUT Luther's not just quietly celebrating in the shadows...he's been up to something :)

      Joey seems to be improving slowly which is a good sign. Kaya is hopeful he'll pull through and, like a good Luna, checks in on him often. Caleb, on the other hand, is handling things his own way. By tracking down the reason behind Joey's condition and torturing them to death.

      Um...what Kaya asked of Vaughn. That, we'll learn soon enough :P She will, however, ask Vaughn to bring the doctor on along. They are gonna need her for what's about to come!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. Okay, Luther and Giselle get my vote for Creepiest Couple Ever. I think they would probably consider that a compliment, though. I'd hate to see them at a swingers' party.

    Byron is being set up for a patsy and it looks like Caleb knows it. He's lived long enough to have pretty good instincts, it would seem. Still, who is doing it? I think Mica's guess of Lexi is a pretty damn good one; we haven't seen hide nor hair of her since Vaughn was revived, have we? Of course, there is also Jacobi, who could potentially have an axe to grind with Lucy and Harley and Byron, considering his half-breed status was kept from him for so long. But at the same time, that seems too obvious,and you are the queen of the Plot Twist.

    It was good to see Rick again. It's been a while! I hope he and Isabella can overcome the past together. They both deserve some happiness.

    OMG. Irish accent! Irish accent! My kryptonite! If you say Karri has one too and has just been hiding it I may have to clap my hands like a giddy school girl. Now I'm picturing Emmett and Finn sounding like Colin Farrell and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, respectively. Swoon.

    1. HAHAHA aww! But they're so cute...always one upping the other :P

      Yep! Caleb's smart. He knows Byron would not have been able to set anything like this up by himself and he also knows he wouldn't risk Lucy's life if it was found out. Someone else is behind the attack and Caleb's hunt is far from over. Jacobi being a wolf and being lied to making him lash out sounds reasonable. But he also loves his baby sister and wouldn't want to directly or unintentionally harm her. One thing is certain though, Caleb is not going to rest until he gets to the truth.

      It has been a while. Things just get away from me with this story, sadly. Ulrick and Isabella have a real uphill climb. And it may not be something they can conquer this time, unfortunately.

      Hahaha well unfortunately, Emmett and Eoghan are the only two with an accent. Father and son left the √Čire before the births of Finn and Karri so those two have been Americanized.

      Thank you for reading :)