Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Episode 65: Curiosity Killed the...Wolf

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Caleb, Charlie, Sophie, Damian, Odessa, Aleister, Kendrick
Word Count: 3,133
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Damian and Odessa continue plotting as the lycan community are on the verge of war and inadvertently fire the first shot of the battle. Caleb is awed by Kaya's new hair. Meanwhile one of the wild wolves comes across a discovery that will affect everyone back in Willow Reed.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Things are almost near completion,” Damian remarked to Odessa as she sat on the edge of his desk. It had been two weeks since his last progress update from the witches and Damian had grown tired of waiting. They were planning something, had to be. It normally would not have been such a long pause in between communications before he heard back. With the First Witch awakened, he knew it was only a matter of time before the packs were alerted and gathered. He had done all he could to pacify the masses; spinning lie after lie about everything being under control. When in reality, the lycan community was about to tear at the seams with Damian at the helm!

He was on a thirst for power. A thirst that would have him standing at the feet of the Supreme Alpha in due course, if the First Witch worked as promised. But Lexi was not returning his calls. Three messengers had been dispatched to her hovel in the woods and none had yet to return. Damian snapped around to face Odessa and circled around his desk as his mate’s loving eyes followed. “We have to be ready for anything. There are 13 packs in the Northern territories, several of which have already begun making alliances. We must be prepared to quell the uprising before it reaches our front doors.” 

“Don’t worry,” Odessa replied with a smirk. “One of our biggest threats has already been dismantled. Greymane lost its Beta to the wild wolves in the south. And Luther is too busy chasing his tail to concern himself with Council matters. Soon we’ll have everything you’ve ever desired and then some.” Aleister lurked outside the door of the meeting hall. On his way home, hushed voices drew him closer and he hid himself against the wall, listening to the Elders as they plotted.

“Power, territory; the fate of the entire wolf community in the palm of my hand and every one of those sniveling, little creatures bending to our will,” he snarled and turned with a smile towards Odessa. “Can you imagine? We’d be unstoppable!”

“You mean IF we even find this Supreme one.”

“Are you having doubts about the First Witch?”

“Aren’t you? I mean I imagine that like wolves, witches stick to their kind. You can’t expect that she will so willingly offer up the most powerful weapon in their arsenal to us. We have nothing to offer her.”

“You mean besides her life? Even as we speak, she has a few CCs of wolf venom rushing through her veins. The only thing that will save her is the blood of the Supreme Alpha. If she wants to live, she’ll find him for us.” Damian smirked, pulling Odessa into his arms. “Don’t worry, my love, everything will go exactly as planned.” 

“And what if we’re met with resistance?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. Anyone who tries to stand in our way, will die.” Aleister fell forward, pushing the door enough for the hinges to creak and Damian turned towards the sound.

His eyes opened in shock as he caught sight of the man eavesdropping on their conversation and Odessa pulled herself away from her husband and stared like a deer caught in headlights. “Stop him!” she yelled and Damian swiftly rushed after him.

Aleister quickly darted out of the building and down the side of the hill towards the woods. Moving cheetah-quick, he wasted no time distancing himself from the area. Panting hard, his feet pounded the ground. The thick underbrush of vines worked against him, making it nearly impossible to move. Branches flew in his face as he ran. His fear was blinding. The sound of his frantic heartbeat pounding in his ears grew louder the faster he jogged. Sweat poured into his face, burning his eyes. 

The dirt beneath his feet was gradually moving faster as he picked up speed. The night air was freezing against his flushed, red cheeks. They were after him. And Aleister knew if he stopped, he was dead. Quickly he checked for them over his shoulder. He could barely make out the shapes of Damian and Odessa on his heels. The blazing yellows of their eyes grew brighter as they gained on him. His heart was beating faster. The wind was blowing angrily around him, nipping at his face and making him shiver.

Stopping momentarily to catch his breath, he checked the area around him trying to decide his next move. He needed to get to the safe zone and away from them before they caught him. He needed to warn someone before it was too late. Suddenly he heard a growl that turned his head. Damian had shifted and was barreling towards him at full speed! Aleister was frozen, too afraid to move. Finally pulling himself together, he ran as fast as his legs would go. But he could feel the hot breath of the wolf on his neck. 

His arms churned and he wheezed as his lungs burned in his chest. Taking a sharp turn, he shot towards a canopy of trees to take cover and found himself falling face first to the ground. A fallen log lurked beneath a deceptively shallow layer of leaves and tripped him. Hurriedly getting to his back, he turned in time to see Damian’s large, black wolf lunge for him. The last thing he remembered was the sharp ripping of his flesh as the beast sank its teeth in.

Sophie’s legs barely moved under their own will by the time Charlie pulled his head from between her thighs. With the amount of begging and screaming coming from their room all morning and afternoon long, one would think he was in there butchering her if not for the sounds of utter bliss that followed. She felt herself half lifted and half dragged towards the bed and roughly tossed onto her back. Charlie loomed large and heavy above her, his face gazing down into hers. The tip of his dick lugged heavily against her belly as he maneuvered himself into position. Spreading her legs for him, Sophie offered everything she had eagerly, longing to feel his hard cock slide between the lips of her soaked pussy. It had been hours he’d teased and tormented her with the promise of a good fuck and now it seemed he was done withholding. 

Through eyes half glazed with ecstasy she watched as he reached down between his legs and grabbed a hold of his thick meat before nudging it forcefully at her labia. Sophie licked her lips in anticipation as Charlie rubbed the head of his shaft in circles around her intensely sensitive sex. Languidly he slid his cock lower between her ass cheeks and pressed it against her slick anus and then back up to her clit again. Growing impatient, Sophie pushed her hips against Charlie’s, trying to force him inside of her but he quickly backed away, grinning roguishly at her attempts.

“Dammit Charlie!” she growled in a huff, “Stop messing around and fuck me already!” The bastard smiled and then in one smooth, fluid motion he slammed his cock all the way inside her pussy until his balls pressed against her ass. She shrieked at the invasion, eyes wide open as the full length of his dick powered past the initial resistance of her clenching muscles and Charlie ground his hips against her, holding that position. His large, engorged cock rubbed delightfully against the neck of her womb, making her legs twitch and instantly she wrapped them around him.

“F-fuck m-me C-Charlie,” she managed to stutter as he gyrated his hips into her, thrusting harder on the forward strokes and powering his dick deeper inside her warm body. Sophie screamed, yelling orders at him for speed and depth and force as she clawed at his back. Charlie said nothing. He just bent his head forward, his mouth seeking hers as he complied to her every wish. Greedily she accepted his tongue, her hands snaking around his back and latching onto his firm butt.  And as her tongue battled with his, he began to make love to her slowly, deliciously and achingly relaxed, before powerfully driving himself into her. 

Reaching up, Charlie closed his hand around one of his mate’s breasts, squeezing and kneading as he drove into her. He completely filled her; his cock sliding smoothly in and out of from root to tip. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she gasped as he moved inside her, delightfully stretching her pussy. The bulbous head of his rigid dick pistoned along the length of Sophie’s silken canal. She looked down between the valley of her breasts and watched as the length of his shaft thundered into her. Such a lewd sight turned her on even more and she began bucking beneath him, meeting every thrust with one of her own until she felt him knocking at her cervix. 

Lifting her legs above his head, Charlie planted his hands on either side of her body and barreled deeper. “SHHHIITT!” Sophie roared, feeling his cock stretch the inside of her stomach and the first of several electric pulses charge through her loins. Her breath was coming in short, sharp gasps now, in sync with Charlie’s smooth, easy thrusts. She heard him groan and he leaned forward. His hand held her cheek as his tongue licked out and he planted small kisses on her face. 

Sophie’s hands slithered down his back to his ass, feeling it clenching and unclenching with each stroke of his cock and she dug her fingers into him, making him twitch his hips at the deepest penetration. She cried out each time the head rammed against her cervix, but that only served to make Charlie work harder as he attempted to plow himself a fraction of an inch further with every grunt-inducing stroke. 

Steadily he sped up making the bed complain noisily beneath them. The squealing of tortured springs became a rhythmic response to the sounds of their sex. Sophie bit Charlie’s shoulder, raking her nails along his back as she felt another climax approaching. “Harder!” she begged with wanton need. And soon his hips were slapping wetly against hers and she squirted a warm flow of liquid against him and onto the bed. Her brain struggled to process the intensifying pulses of electricity that her clit was sending it.

The relentless hammering of Charlie’s dick made her eyes roll into the back of her head. Sophie yelled and grunted with each powerful lunge of his hips, each stabbing thrust to the depth of her sex and each dull thud of the wooden headboard against the wall behind it as the bed rocked beneath them. “Ohh, fuck! Yes! Oh God! Charlie! Ahh,” she gasped.

Her legs closed around his back and she clutched him tightly as another tiny orgasm powered through her and his strokes slowed as her heels crushed him into her. The outer regions of her pussy contracted, holding his cock tightly. And the spasms of her climax rippled violently along her velvety walls. Charlie grunted and she felt his cock head jerk inside her as his hot seed flooded into her belly, triggering a fourth ignition of her already fried senses. Again she yelled as the orgasm continued to rumble through her. Each pulse of his dick and each short, forceful jet of boiling spunk spurting into her body elicited miniature explosions in her body as she writhed in exquisite torment beneath his heavy form. 

Charlie smiled at his mate, brushing her sweat-soaked hair from her face as he gazed into her eyes. He felt his cock slowly go limp inside her body as his breathing returned to normal. “So,” Sophie huffed breathlessly as she looked up at him, “Was that it?” she asked with a naughty smile on her face as she felt the numbness in her legs start to reduce.

“Give me a minute to recharge. We’re tearing these walls down tonight,” he laughed and gently kissed her lips.

“Can I turn around now?” Caleb asked, standing with his back to Kaya as she finished brushing out her hair at the vanity.

“Almost done,” she replied, giving the luxurious strands another stroke or two. “There.” She slipped from her chair and moved in front of him. Taking a breath, she instructed her mate to open his eyes and he smiled brightly, taking in the new color.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, leaving the comment hanging as he circled around her. “And you said you do this a lot when on tour?”

“A new color nearly every set. It’s fun, I don’t know. I just always liked the spontaneity of it when the media sees it, you know? They never know what color is coming down the stage next.”

“Uh huh. And what’s been your favorite color?”

“Red.” Caleb wrapped an arm around Kaya’s waist and pulled her closer. His fingers toyed with the strands of her newly dyed ‘do and she moaned softly as her eyes drifted closed momentarily.

“Aww look at that, someone likes to be petted,” he chuckled, causing her eyes to pop open instantly. A smile played on his lips before he pressed his mouth against hers and she sighed against them, feeling his hands lower to her hips.

“Hey!” she growled, swatting his hand away.

“Well it was worth a shot,” he shrugged as he dropped onto the sofa, grinning madly at her. 

“What?” she asked anxiously.




“You’re smiling at me!”

“I can’t smile at you?”

“Not like that.”

“Like what?”

“Like you have a secret!” The smirk on his lips twisted up even more and Kaya stomped her foot with frustration. “Come on Caleb!” 

“I’m trying to stop, I swear,” he laughed, placing his hands up defensively. “But you are just so damn cute when you’re annoyed.”

“That’s because you still haven’t said whether you liked it or not.”

“Of course I like it, I asked for it. And blue’s my favorite color. Besides, you think I’d say no to that question and risk facing your fury?”


“Hey, I’m just being honest.”

A picture frame fell to the floor and Kaya laughed as she climbed into Caleb’s lap. “Tell me again why Charlie’s room is so close to ours?”

“Because I thought it was best having our Betas nearby in case of emergency. The pack knows where to go if they need help. All of us in one location instead of all over the grounds.”

“Ah. Well perhaps we should have a ground rule about sex on days ending in a ‘y’; either that or buy sturdier furniture.”

“Haha what can I say?” he smirked before smacking his hand against her ass, “The Trent Boys know how to treat their ladies. You, uh, wanna give them some competition?”

“Is sex all you ever think about Mr. Trent?” Kaya captured his lips in a hot kiss before sliding away from him. Caleb groaned in protest and tried grabbing onto her to keep her longer but she successfully wriggled free. Her moods had been off lately and he wasn’t quite sure why. She was hot then cold, happy then sad; it was like a rollercoaster of emotions over the last two weeks. 

“Alpha! Come quick!” Kendrick burst through the door of the Alpha’s quarters, out of breath and covered in blood. Caleb glanced towards Kaya before charging out of the room after the wolf. He led the two Alphas through the woods, over the canyon that separated the Shadow lands from Mystic Springs and down the secondary trail the Savages used for hunting. Finally, he stopped just on the path before the huge drop off the cliff and motioned them towards the waterfall. 

Caleb started over first while Kaya remained with Kendrick at the top of the clearing. She saw him kneel over a crumpled mass of something and sigh. “What is it?” she asked, stepping on her tippytoes to peek around his shoulder. Caleb beckoned her closer and she knelt beside him as he pulled a blanket of leaves away. Lying on the ground in a hump against the rocks was the body of a man. A familiar scent hit her as she moved closer and she tilted her head to try and make out his features. 

He had been nearly ripped to shreds. Claw marks covered his torso and nearly every exposed area of flesh until his face was damn near unrecognizable. He was bleeding from every orifice and pieces of him had been chewed off. The fingers on one hand were all but mangled and the two that remained on the other were bit down to the knuckles; defensive wounds from what had to have been a vicious and brutal wolf attack. “Did you do this?” Kaya asked, turning to face Kendrick and he nodded his head no.

“I found him this way. The most I did was pulled him off the trail so he wasn’t discovered by anyone else and immediately ran to get you, Luna.” Caleb reached out to try and turn his head and get a better look at his face and the man’s eyes popped open upon contact. He jumped back in alarm and the man began choking up mouthfuls of blood as he tried to stand.

“Don’t do that,” Caleb admonished, pushing him back to the ground. “Your body will go into shock if it hasn’t already. Get the doctor!” he shouted over his shoulder towards Kendrick who instantly turned to follow his command.

“No, there’s…no time for that,” the man coughed and looked up into Kaya’s eyes. He tried smiling but through the mask of blood, it came off a bit grotesque. When his mouth opened, she could see he was missing several teeth and his tongue had been severed on the left, making speech very difficult. At some point during his assault, he must have bitten down on it. “You’re…Kaya, aren’t you? K-Kaya…V-Villalobos?” he asked to which she nodded.

“Do I know you?”

“No. We’ve…never met. You…you look…just like your father. He’d…always promised…to bring you with him but…never got around to it.” Suddenly she realized where she’d smelled the man’s scent before. It was on her father’s person from one of his many meetings with the Wolf Council. “I’m…Al-Aleister S-Sandoval.” Another violent bout of coughing began and he nearly slipped into unconsciousness as he tipped over. Kaya leaned him up and he groaned loudly from the touch.

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be…I was…a goner before…I got here.”

“Why aren’t you healing? Who did this to you?”

“Damian…he’s coming for…everyone. He’s…out of control. It’s…up to you to…stop him.”

“Me? How am I supposed to do that?”

“Not…you, both…of you.” Kaya and Caleb exchanged glances as Aleister fell forward again. “S-stop him…before he kills us…all.”



  1. wow...I like Ky's hair. :) That damn counsel guy...he reminds me of Luther. He has this thirst for power but has no fucking clue who he's dealing with. Can't wait until he finds out that neither the first witch nor the supreme wolf will bend to their will! LOL...

    Hopefully Ky and Caleb heed Alesiter's warning. I don't see them taking that lightly.

    1. Woot! Thank you! I was gonna make it pink originally but figured that might be a tad too bright, lol!

      Damian is very much hell on wheels with a mate to match. It seems he thinks he's above it all. Poor Aleister caught the wrong end of that stick :( He is really a lot like Luther. Except Luther knows that Kaya and Caleb are Shifters. Damian has yet to find himself upon that piece of information...yet.

      It'll be a just day when he finds out messing with a man's family is the ultimate doom! He should have backed off when Lexi ignored his call. But poisoning the First Witch? Tsk, tsk, tsk. He'll be lucky to have a quick death!

      Those two are all about family. They will indeed listen to Aleister's words and get to work fortifying their home and getting the pack in fighting shape! Damian shot the first round in the war, now it's time to see how the Savages respond!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. *fans self* Well, Charlie ... er... *ahem* Never mind.

    Kaya's hair is a beautiful color. Of course, she could pull off just about any color and still look fab.

    Damian ... ugh. It's lucky that Aleister survived long enough to warn Kaya and Caleb that Damian's up to no good. These guys can never have enough power, it seems. Big egos all around. LOL

    1. Haha, he knows how to keep a smile on Sophie's face, that's for sure! :D

      Thank you! It helps that it's also Caleb's favorite too! Brownie points for her. It's nice that they are still working things out. They have become quite comfortable with each other. Every day helps :)

      Yep! They are immortal creatures but that's not enough for them! Nope. They have to make everyone bend to their will and bow at their might. It's a shame. Things were working out for them. But now they are pushing their hand a little much. It's time for that to end. Aleister held on long enough and that was great! His death will be avenged :)

      Thank you for reading :)

  3. Oooh, Charlie is becoming more and more of a sex beast with each update. Caleb better be careful or little brother is gonna start outshining him!

    I liked Kaya's hair quite a bit. I'd love to see some pink and purple too!

    I always knew Damian was no good. I hope that Aleister getting there in time to warn them was enough to mobilize all the packs somehow.

    Great update! You never disappoint!

    1. HAHAHA Caleb could never let that happen! He'd be more than willing to test the sturdiness of that entire manor to keep Charlie in his shadows! Charlie though, I gotta say I was quite jealous of Sophie! Ha! And she was all "Is there more?" Damn! Poor guy's gonna have a heart attack!

      Ooh! Purple! Hmm...I think we can throw some in there somewhere :P I like those 3 colors together too, blue, pink and purple. And then of course green, yellow and blue. Fave combinations :D

      Kaya and Caleb will be sure and let everyone they can aware of Damian and his motives. It's a sad thing but at least Aleister's death won't be in vain!

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. Would Charlie be offended if Sophie used some leashes and chains? ;)

    It is really sad that the Damian crew caught up with Aleister. Thankfully he was able to relay the important piece of what he learned.

    I wonder what Kaya's moodiness, that Caleb picked up on, is all about? Time will tell. ;0)

    1. Hahaha I think he'd be willing and happy to accommodate his mate!

      Aleister making it to Shadowvale to warn Kaya was great! Damian won't be able to hide his evil plans for much longer but at least now they wolves he intends to harm have a head start!

      Kaya's emotions have been a bit wonky. And old Caleb is more and more geared for staying in bed all day it seems. But as you said, 'time will tell'. Indeed it will :)

      Thank you for reading :)