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Episode 50: Put it to Rest

Genre: Horror
Characters: Kaya, Rafe, Charlie, Connor, Caleb
Word Count: 4,747
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Caleb defends Kaya against the hunter's threat and makes the man pay for his intrusion. Connor and Caleb are bonded through blood when the two go on a hunt for others trespassing in the area. Caleb makes a decision to give Kaya what she needs to be comfortable in his presence and the two come to an accord.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, adult content, adult situations, nudity

“Git up! MOVE!” he shoved the barrel of the weapon into Caleb’s temple until he’d climbed to his feet and moved a good distance away from Kaya.

“Look she’s hurt she needs…”

“Shad’up! Don’t thank I don’t know what you is Boy! Any normal person that trap woudda sawed straight through the bone to the uddah side; removed that foot clean offen her leg! But no she’s a monster and I’m willin’ to bet so’s you! So I don’t wanna hear ya gums flap!” He spit a mouthful of chew off to the side and licked at the spittle that had drawn a line down his lip and smiled at her. “She’s certainly a purty ‘un! She’ll make a fine addition to my wall!”

He kicked the trap and Kaya screamed to the top of her lungs as the metal teeth ground deeper into her bone and flesh causing Caleb to snarl and take a step towards the gunman. “Now what did I tell you boy? You wanna see me blow her purty little face in afore I get the chance to see that monster ‘neath her skin then you keep tryin’ me Son. I won’t hesitate next time to blow her brains in now GIT BACK!”

Caleb glanced in Kaya’s direction and tried to ease her fear with a look. He darted his eyes quickly to the hunter and back to her again and prayed she would be able to follow his motions and let him in. Kaya if you can hear me, stay calm just keep breathing Baby and I’ll get us out of here. He took one step forward again but this time unnoticed by the hunter as he reached for his walkie talkie.

It hurts! It hurts so bad Caleb!

I know Baby but you’ll be fine, I promise.

“Confounded static! Ain’t you monsters never heard of technology? Can’t never get no signal when ya need one.”

When I charge him, cover yourself. I don’t want him to aim wildly and hit you.

Caleb be careful. If that gun is loaded with Truesilver…

Don’t worry Kaya I’m not going anywhere, he smiled in her direction. We’ve only just begun.

The moon slowly rose within the dark sky painting a bright blue glow on the surrounding flora. Nightlife was starting and a howl ripped through the air behind the man telling of the presence of others in the area. He turned in fear in the direction and cocked the hammer of his weapon sliding his finger over the trigger. Just as he steadied himself to take aim Caleb lunged forward. A shot rang out and Caleb quickly lowered his body to collide with the man’s ensuring the bullet missed Kaya.

His fist closed and he slammed a hard right into the hunter’s face and watched as his body collided with the ground. Before the man knew what was happening, Caleb was on him, pummeling fist after fist into the softest parts of his core. The man cried in anguish and gripped the butt of his weapon preparing to take aim. 

Quickly Caleb wrenched him around, pulling the man’s arm behind his back in an arm lock until he heard a snap. The man’s shoulder popped out of the socket beneath an excruciating cry from his throat and the weapon fell to his side. “Please,” he begged only causing Caleb’s wolf to growl in response. “I have a wife, I have children.” 

“And they will mourn you.” Caleb flipped the man to his back and looked him in the eyes. The hunter shrunk beneath his crazed stare realizing he’d soon take his last breath. Caleb’s hands wrapped around the hunter’s throat and he began squeezing the life from his body. His claws had extended and his wolf demanded blood but he refused to give in to the cries of his animal side and end this man quickly. This was personal. He had come into his home, threatened his family, attempted to kill his mate and took pleasure in doing so, there was no way he was going to ease his suffering. The stronger the scent of Kaya’s blood became, the tighter his fingers wrapped around the man’s throat. He could hear him choking on blood; the crunching of his spine beneath his grip delighted him and he watched as the light in the man’s eyes faded slowly until the last beat of his heart.

Caleb stood over the man’s corpse and his gaze fell on Kaya who had all but passed out as she lay trapped within the cold, metal teeth of the hunter’s trap. Starting towards her he kicked the gun away before falling to his knees beside her. “I’m gonna open the trap Ky and when I do I need you to pull your leg free alright?”

“I can’t it hurts too much I can’t move it,” she cried and begged as he knelt down beside her.

“Look at me Kaya, yes you can; you can do this. You have to otherwise if this thing snaps back again it’ll take your leg off you understand?” She nodded her head and sniffled as she sat up preparing herself to move. “Alright on the count of three. One…two…three.”

Caleb flexed his muscles and pried the metal teeth apart, his hands burning as the Truesilver singed the flesh of his palms. Kaya moved as quickly as she could and freed her crushed limb from within its steel jaws. She collapsed back into the dirt and Caleb dropped the trap and hurried towards her. Lifting her into his arms she immediately cradled herself against his chest crying uncontrollably onto his shoulder. “Is it bad?” she asked too afraid to look at the dangling flesh her leg had become.

He brushed the hair out of her face and gently kissed her forehead watching her eyes tighten as she winced in pain from the movement of his body. “It’s nothing a good pair of socks can’t hide.” He laughed and made her giggle at the silliness of the idea. She looked up at his smile and he leaned over nuzzling their noses together. “You’ll be fine Kaya. I’m gonna move now and get you home but I’ll try and make the trip as smooth as possible ok?”

She nodded her head and he got to his feet and started up the trail towards the pack house. Howling just before they exited the cover of the tree line, he alerted the pack of their presence and the situation. Immediately three wolves were at their side assisting with getting their injured Luna inside the clinic for aid. 

Resting her gently on the table he stepped to the side to allow their doctor to get to work but his eyes never left hers as he paced the room frantically. “Here chew on these,” she sighed handing Kaya a pair of yellow and red pills to swallow. “They’ll help numb the pain a little.”

Quickly swallowing the tablets she leaned back against the table noticing the large metal tool the doctor held in her hands and held her breath. Her eyes moved to her mate hearing the constant shuffling of his feet. “Caleb?” Kaya cried through the pain as the doctor set her bone and drilled the slugs to hold it in place before the medicine could take effect and push the Truesilver from within her veins. He stepped closer to her bedside and she reached for his hand. Giving her what she wanted he caressed her fingers gently against his own calloused flesh and smiled feeling her want him closer. “Be careful out there.”


She lightly chuckled hearing the surprise in his voice and simply pointed to her head and smiled. “Come back in one piece please. I haven’t finished with you.”

“Kaya, I told you before I wouldn’t even dare dream of leaving you. I go for us, you know that. And I know you are unsure about a lot of things right now but I trust you believe me when I say what I feel for you is real. I will make this better for you, for us. And when you know me; when you truly know who I am I hope you let me be the man you want. I need to be him for you.” 

He leaned over and kissed her and was pleasantly surprised when he felt her lips spread and hungrily accept him. He hesitated in his actions; he didn’t want to leave her now. Not when she finally allowed them this closeness his wolf had been craving. He wanted to stay locked in this kiss for as long as she’d allow. For the first time since his shift she accepted some form of intimacy from him and eagerly returned it. He sighed and reluctantly pulled away, “I’ll see you soon,” he whispered and stepped from the room closing the door behind him.

“Wait where are you going? Kaya’s hurt and she needs you to remain close!” Connor growled and gripped Caleb’s arm tight in his hand.

“No! What Kaya needs is for me to rip the heads off of everyone I find on our fucking territory until the sky rains blood on us all! None will survive this night Connor! I’ll see that they all pay for her suffering and you’re either with me or against me but you’d better decide quickly. I’m not letting anyone step foot out of Shadowvale tonight!”

Connor glanced towards the clinic doors and heard Kaya’s pained screams. His eyes burned yellow and he looked back towards the Alpha noticing the same anger and fire burning within him as well. “I’m with you.”

Taking form the wolves led by Caleb rushed towards the trail following the scent of the last hunter Caleb had slain. Finding the remains, tattered clothing, blood and ripped flesh, the wolves rushed in different directions towards the surrounding woods each taking a path in order to trap anyone still in the area. Connor remained at Caleb’s side as he was unfamiliar within this territory.

Together they rushed over the log and past the cavern he’d taken Kaya to. Listening intently to any unusual sounds, their senses were on overload as the sudden scent of smoke consumed them both. Ducking under a large hydrangea bush, the two came upon a small camp just at the edge of the Eastern falls. Caleb motioned to Connor to take the left and he circled around right so they could get the drop on the men standing just center of a large fire raging between the tents.

“Dammit Roger, where the hell is Chuck? He should have been back by now! I tell you we need to go lookin’ for him!” One of the men argued at the other watching his indifference over their missing friend.

“Look here Wayne, I don’t know ‘bout you but I ain’t ‘bout to go slinkin’ around these here woods at night knowin’ what’s out there. Chuck said he’d call if he spotted sumthin’ so we’re gonna wait until he does! I don’t know why he always gets the notion to come up here so damn late in the day in the first place but I sure as hell never volunteered to be no wild animal’s snack! Now you sit there and shut yer mouth. Chuck’ll call.”

Caleb rushed forward to get behind their tent purposely rustling the bushes in the area he moved from in order to draw their attention. And with an unspoken trust between them, Connor zipped from his position on the left and clamped down onto Wayne’s throat tossing him violently to the ground. 

Caleb revealed himself as he noticed Connor positioned over the man’s body as he slowly tried to crawl away to safety. Not allowing the other one to use his weapon, he charged and threw him back against a tree hard, knocking the wind from him. Caleb immediately grabbed Roger’s ankle and tossed him once more in the other direction. The man’s head bounced off the ground with a sickening thud, cracking his skull open. Blood instantly covered the area and moments afterwards Caleb could sense his heartbeat stop.

Looking again in Connor’s direction he noticed the red wolf had also made short work of the man beneath his paws. He had ripped his throat out spewing blood against the tents and soaking the dirt under their bodies but he hadn’t stopped there. Connor went another step and ripped both arms from his victim and tossed one in various directions.

The sight of the tattered body filled him with a sense of pride and he moved towards Connor watching for signs of anyone else. I should head back to Kaya I need to be near her now. If you want you can wait for the others or start back with me. They’ll be out here for a while; I gave them specific instructions.

Connor looked towards his new Alpha and snorted. Let Kaya know we’ll clear the area of traps and anyone else that poses a threat and I’ll see her soon. Caleb smiled beneath his dark fur and left Connor standing in the center of the camp amid the blood and body parts. 

Finding Kaya in their bedroom he smiled at her as she shifted in the pillows to look at him. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I wasn’t asleep. I was…”

“Worried?” he smirked and stepped closer towards the bed. “About me?” She nodded lightly and it made the smile on his face grow wider. “I told you I’d return in one piece.”

“Yes but you turned off your senses; I didn’t know what was happening out there.”

“I know. I didn’t want you to panic if something happened or feel any more pain than you already are.”

She nodded her understanding and her eyes fell to her cast. “And what about Connor?”

“He’s fine. He’s with the others clearing the area. How are you feeling?” He asked noticing the cast on her lower leg. “Doc fix you up?”

“There’s a rod in place for now. The Truesilver from the trap is still beneath the muscle and weakening the bone preventing it from repairing itself. Gina wants to be sure the poison drains out of my system and heals properly before removing it.” She rubbed at the cast and frowned. “It really hurts and it got me thinking, I’ve never in my life broken a bone before.”

“I’ve had plenty of those so I know they’re no fun. But luckily being eternal creatures we heal quickly. The pain should subside after you get some rest.”

“And if not I have these,” she sighed pointing towards a bottle of pills on the nightstand. “Dogroot now conveniently in capsule form.”

Caleb smiled at her joke and started for the bookshelf near the corner of the room. “I could always take your pain away as well, if you wanted me to.”

“You’d let me give you all of these aches and pains and let me shut myself off from it?”

“Of course I would Kaya, gladly!” She looked him over once before nodding her head negatively. Looking over the selection he found one of his favorites and moved his hand over it. “Do you like Shakespeare?” Caleb asked as he pulled a thick, leather bound book from the middle shelf and started towards her. 

Watching as she settled into the pillows and move to the other side of the bed he carefully rested beside her and waited again for her to adjust beside him.

She thought over the first time she’d heard that question from him and smiled. “I do; he produced some very interesting stories and a few make me wonder if he was perhaps referring to our kind in his telling. Is that what this is?” she asked pushing the book in his hands to reveal the title.

“It is. I wanted to maybe read a little Romeo and Juliet to you.” Her gaze instantly shot to his with recognition of the story and he shook his head dispelling any thoughts she may have had about the selection. “I don’t think it has any significance to us, at least I hope our love isn’t doomed to end in heartbreak. It’s just one of my favorites.”

“Well you have to admit there are some similarities that seem to reflect our situation. You’re from a pack that mine doesn’t approve of. And though we’re destined lovers there’s a lot of pain and conflict that comes with being together.” He watched her eyes as she spoke and she sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and turned away from his penetrating gaze. “I don’t think I want to hear this right now.” Kaya sighed and rubbed her fingers across her temples trying to relieve the slight pounding she felt within them.

“I could grab a different novel for you then. There are plenty of them on the shelf to choose from,” he motioned towards the wall at the large bookshelves decorating the space beside the fire place.

“No ok? I don’t want to be read to like a child in need of a bedtime story Caleb.” She grabbed a pillow from behind her and slipped it under her leg to elevate it a little and leaned deeper into the headboard.

“Uh, ok.” He closed the book and slipped it onto the nightstand behind him. “We could maybe just talk some more if you wanted to.” The look in his eyes was hopefully but that anticipation was quickly dashed by Kaya’s next words.

“No, I’m really just tired. I think I’m gonna try and sleep.”

“Ok, I’ll call for Alex and Andrea to come and watch over you.” Caleb sighed regretfully and started to pull away. Kaya placed her hand against his chest pushing him back down against the pillows.

“No, wait. Will you stay with me, please?” She smiled tenderly and hooked her hand over his arm to stop him. Their lips came to within an inch of touching and Kaya sucked her bottom between her teeth watching his eyes for the answer. Caleb breathed in her scent, staring at the seductive way she nibbled on her lip and nodded his head mechanically. 

Kaya scooted closer and rested her head against his chest. She looked up at him as she felt his arms circle around her waist and he smiled down at her. It wasn’t much longer until she passed out. Caleb kissed her forehead and delicately stroked her hair down over her head as he watched her sleep. “I love you Kaya,” he whispered and made himself comfortable beneath her body.

“I love you too Rafe,” she mumbled sleepily in a half awakened state. Caleb looked at her and sighed. His arm draped over her waist and he tucked her more into his body and soon joined her in slumber.

Kaya’s eyes fluttered open and she smiled and stretched against the body lying beside her. A small tinge of pain ran through her leg and she winced and huddled back into the comfortable ball her body had been previously. “Need me to grab the doctor to have a look at you?”

“No Rafe I’m fine…Rafe?” Doing a double take she glanced up again at her bedmate and the smile that had formed on his face. “Caleb? What is this?”

“Well like I told you before you got hurt at the cave that if you needed to see him I could do it.”

“What? You did this on purpose? Is this supposed to be a joke or something?”

“No, Kaya not at all,” he tried to quickly explain. “You and I aren’t in a good place right now and I can feel how much pain you’re in seeing Caleb. I know more than anything how much you care for ‘Rafe’ and I thought it would be easier to try and help us heal if you could be with him. I needed to do this for us Kaya. I want you to be as comfortable as possible when we’re together and if this is what it takes so be it.”

She pulled up until she was sitting perfectly away from him. Her eyes roamed over his body and she examined every inch of him carefully. She stopped on his chest and a visible smile formed on her lips. “The tattoo was never there you know.”

“Yeah well neither was the hair but you can’t blame a guy for sticking with what works. But anyway last night you said something to me you’ve never said before, that you love me. The only thing is you said ‘Rafe’. And so I figured that since Rafe is who you want, Rafe will be who you get. Besides if it gets you to touch me like you did last night, it’s a definite keeper.”

She chewed on her bottom lip as her eyes continued their exploration of the man lying in front of her. She reached out and rubbed the fine hairs on his chest and giggled at the fact he was tickled by her gentle caress. Looking up into his eyes, she smiled and drew in a breath. Thank you, she thought to him and Caleb’s surprised expression told her he heard her clearly.

It was the first time in over a week she opened her mind to him completely and willingly. She could hear his heart pounding faster in his chest as he expressed his gratitude to her in the same manner. The idea that she was in fact warming to the new look was enough to cause a sudden excitement within the pit of his belly and his wolf joyously expressed it. “So now what?”

“Now it’s up to you. Anything you want or need just name it.”

She thought for a moment and took another inch backwards. “I want to leave.” Words he was not expecting crossed her lips and the delightful excitement he was just feeling died instantly. His heart sank into his stomach and he looked at her in confusion. “I haven’t seen or heard from my father in a while. He sent Connor here to take care of me but he has no idea if I’m well. We were still at odds when I left; well more accurately I left angry and he doesn’t know that I’ve forgiven him for what he’s done. I need to go and see him to tell him that no matter what has happened between us he’s still my father and I do love him.”

“I understand Kaya,” he smiled warmly and fought down the feeling of grief he felt momentarily. He understood but more so he was afraid that if he let her leave she wouldn’t want to return. Being back in her home element, in a place she felt most comfortable she may see just how crazy her situation had become and use this as an opportunity to escape and never look back. Escape, he thought and looked at her realizing she heard him. It was silly enough to think. She wasn’t his prisoner so why would that ever have been an issue. Perhaps it was because it felt as though with her here he had all he could ever need or want and didn’t want to lose it.

Kaya reached her hand for his and drew his gaze upwards. “I’ll come back Caleb. You’re my Mate and I want to be with you. You don’t need to worry about that.”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll speak to Charlie and have him look after the pack in our absence and…”

“I’d prefer going alone; or rather with Connor.” Again her words hit him like a ton of bricks but this time he didn’t try and hide the fact that he was hurt by her admission. “This is just something I have to do without you Caleb. My father lost the love of his life because of you; I wouldn’t expect him to be too warming to the idea that we’ve bonded and that I have essentially left the pack. I have to be the one to tell him and you can’t be around when I do. I’d hate to think what might happen otherwise.” He looked at her and nodded but the sorrow in his eyes remained unmasked. Kaya gently rubbed her hand over his soothingly as she tried again to alleviate him. “I hope you can understand.”

“Of course I do. I wouldn’t want to make your reunion with your father any more complicated than it will already be. I hope Connor can be the shoulder you need in my absence.” He said the name through clenched teeth and forced a smile as he did. He hated the idea of his mate leaving with another man, albeit her best friend, in the position he should be in as her Alpha but he did his best to be indulgent of her needs. “But before you go I want a kiss; a real kiss! I want us to both know where we are together and recognize this is what we need.”

“You are my Mate, Caleb. And if it makes you feel better to rub your scent on me before I leave to deter all others away, I understand.” He gave her devilish smirk realizing she picked up on what he was truly after and chuckled lightly to himself.

He moved closer and slowly reached his hand towards her waiting to see if she would protest. When she didn’t flinch or pull away, he carefully positioned his hand beneath her chin and drew closer until his lips fell upon hers. Leisurely he opened his mouth and tugged at her bottom lip until she did the same allowing him access. Kaya moaned as she felt his tongue slip across hers and she fought back passionately with a swipe of her own. Caleb’s arms wrapped around her back and she leaned into him as he held her against his body. The two became engulfed by the kiss, frantically pawing at one another. Kaya sank her teeth into Caleb’s lips lightly and pulled away.

“You know,” she smiled and pushed Caleb into the pillows as she pulled her body higher against him. “It’s too bad about my leg. Otherwise I’d let you completely drown me in your scent before I left.” She felt his cock jerk against her leg and it widened the smile on her face. “I said it’s too bad Caleb! That wasn’t a green light.”

“I heard you but my mind and my dick think with two different heads. One bigger than the other I might add,” he smirked and rubbed his hand up her thigh.

“Yes and self flattery only seems to inflate it more!”

“That’s not the one I was referring to.”

Kaya watched the glint in his eyes and slowly caressed her hand against his cheek. “Last night I saw something that eased a lot of my concerns. I witnessed my mate protecting his home but more than that I saw your compassion, a side that’s only myth when it comes to your kind. We’re not doing well now, that’s true but I don’t want you to feel forced to be someone that you’re not. Rafe, Caleb whatever name you go by, whatever face you hide behind I will always regard you as mine.”

She leaned forward and took his lips again in all consuming kiss. Caleb’s tongue pushed against hers fervently as her body pressed tighter against him. He ached for her and the touch of her fingers slipping tenderly through his hair made his wolf happier than words could describe. Her words were his saving grace; the one thing he truly needed. Though he knew they still had a long road to travel, hearing her say those three little words meant that she was willing to give him a chance and he prepared himself to do whatever was necessary to be the man she needed.

He pulled her body down on top of him being mindful of her cast.  The way her mouth caressed his caused him to strengthen his kiss and hold her firmer. He lightly brushed her bottom lip with his tongue trying desperately not to overtake the kiss as much as he wanted to deepen his lips against hers; he let her guide their embrace. The swelling of his shaft beneath the leather pants he wore was a constant reminder that he was lying with his mate and she was eagerly rubbing her body against him. This was what they needed, something to bring them closer and Caleb would gladly hunt down any threat against his mate to secure her touch.

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  1. Ok now that I have gone through a box of kleenx as I mourn the loss of Caleb I'm glad she's more comfortable with having Rafe back.

    I get it I really do, its all visual for her and she's more comfortable seeing that face and for her that's a big thing.

    It was pretty bad ass of him and Connor to go take out those other hunters. I don't think we've seen that side of Red before. Those two have a long way to go, but they have Ky in common which will be the only thing that gets them (or more so Rafe) to play nice.

    That trip home should be interesting. Poor Lobo has lost the one thing he tried to keep so close. I'm glad she's forgiven him and he needs to hear that. If she can happen to rip out Lexi's heart while she's there that would make the trip all that much better. :D

    But back to Rafe. I can already tell a better comfort level Ky has with them and where they are. I know she was trying to accept Caleb and would have gotten there as she got to know him, but him being packaged differently makes that so much easier.

    Off to go cry more now.

    1. Aww I'm sorry for your loss! But you basically hit the nail on the head with your comment. Caleb did what he did for Kaya to make her as comfortable as he can with their situation. She was trying to get used to seeing Caleb and wanting him and being with him but it was hard as that was the nightmare man for so long to her. Maybe once they do heal well enough both parties can be themselves 100% of the time, who knows? But for now Rafe has to be his public face.

      Caleb and Connor's hunting trip was a MAJOR stepping stone for the two of them for sure. Caleb did say he owed Connor an apology. But this was more so a test for Caleb to see if Connor would be true to his word. Connor vowed his allegiance to Caleb as Alpha and he wanted to see if the redhead would be as loyal as he claimed.

      In a way it was a new side to Connor but an old side as well. If you remember back to C49 where Charlie said Connor was odd, seeing Connor go wild may make a bit more sense. He said that Connor had the same feral instincts as them but seemed afraid of being that wolf. Well thinking back to when Kaya and Connor first met and the holes in the wall, it helps understand where Connor comes from, why he is so dependent/loyal to Kaya and why he doesn't want to be so out of control and ruthless: he doesn't want to become his dad.

      Hahaha well perhaps they can make a side trip? I'm sure there will be plenty to do though once the pair return home. Let's hope it all goes as planned though and they are not met with any undo disruptions :)

      Yes absolutely! They are laughing and joking around and sharing thoughts. Plus he got to lay hands on her unlike he could before without her cringing or backing away. Caleb truly loves Kaya and loves that he can give her what she wants to ensure her happiness. This version of him makes things a whole lot easier for Kaya!

      Aww *hugs* thank you for reading!

  2. CALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEB.........................................!
    No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, No, Noooooooooooooooooo!

    Damn it Dj, no wonder he was free to do the interview! Aaaaargh!!!!! She was warming up to him - dark him, sexy him, dangerous him - I was glad when she reacted the way she did... "Is this supposed to be a joke or something?" , but then it went the other way... *pout*
    I still have a feeling this will not work out for him. Kaya going back to familiar ground, seeing Rafe's familiar face... If she holds on to the past, she won't accept the future. I just hope that going to Greymane, to reconcile with daddy-pooch, doesn't make her cling to her old life, just because it is all she knows...

    It will be good for her to see everyone again........... so yeah, I'm torn!

    Connor, Connor, Connor!
    He's loyal through and through. No matter which pack he belongs too... Kaya is the one (alpha, LOL) he's loyal to. I'm glad he passed the test with Caleb, sorta, it's a bit scary how he fits in with the Savages! Great, such is their passion in all they do!

    I'm glad she's okay, more so that dumb hunter didn't shoot Caleb's anything off! Do not mess with perfection!
    Nice chapter and all that, but you already know how I feel about the last part...


    1. Hahaha I never thought about it that way :P

      Yes she was starting to warm to him. She was trying her best to get to know Caleb as Caleb and would have continued to do so no matter how hard it may have been. But Caleb, hearing her say "Rafe" when she for the first time expressed how she felt believed that he could make things more comfortable between them if he gave her the face she wanted.

      While they still very much have a ways to go, doing it together may be good for them in the long run. As long as they both remain committed to working things out. LOL "Daddy-Pooch" cute! :) She does feel a sense of "home" in Greymane and the manor she grew up in. But more and more there has been a feeling of dread for her in there as well. Now knowing the spot her mother died, a floor she often walked upon, she doesn't truly like being inside the house anymore. The only place I think she will miss is her Mother's garden. Hopefully this trip is exactly what they both need and will get them further into their relationship as she starts to move out of her old life and into her new pack.

      Kaya is undoubtedly the one person he is ever faithful to. He joined Greymane for her and now the Savages for the same reason. He owes her his life and believes it a debt worth paying. It is pretty crazy how quickly he will acquiesce (as we'll see soon). It involves much of his past life and what he would have been had he never met Kaya.

      HAHA Caleb would have never given him the chance. He was probably even messing with him a little in his head watching him stand there with his weapon.

      The last part? No, not sure what you mean exactly...drawing a blank. Yep. A blank it is :)

  3. Caleb/Rafe/Raleb/Cafe/Calfe/Rafeb who cares, still hot.

    I loved seeing *hottie* and Connor rip those hunters to shreds :) Kaya should be proud of her boys!

    I'm so glad Kaya is warming up to the idea of Caleb, even if it is in Rafe form. I'm sure she'll warm up to him enough for him to be himself again eventually, but she does need to straighten things out with her father. I'm interested to see how that goes, I can't see him taking too kindly too the idea of losing his daughter and Connor to the Savages, but he has no real right to stop them. He's hidden Kaya from the world once before, but that was for her safety, this time she's a full grown wo(lf)man, and it's up to her what she does. Plus, the fact that she's bonded to him makes her pretty much useless without him.

    1. Thank you :) From the influx of emails, PMs and comments this seems to be a major issue for a lot of people and the majority are in mourning it would seem.

      Haha she is very happy! It even became a turning point in a way for her knowing Caleb went after those hunters with a vengeance.

      Kaya truly wants to be able to see Rafe as Caleb and be with her true mate. She will try her hardest to learn everything from his perspective, step in his shoes and figure out why he thought that the murder of her home pack was the best move. Going home again is a move that must be made. She knew she had to face her father at some point. He has no idea what is happening with her and can't up and leave his pack without an Alpha to go looking either. While Lobo will hate the idea of his daughter leaving Greymane, he has always tried to teach her that she needed to spread her Alpha wings. It'll be interesting watching them try and interact and whether or not Lobo will be able to accept her terms. That bond has secured her fate and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it.

      Thank you for reading :)

  4. Rafe looks hot with that tatt and hair. She's a strong woman to not jump him..hurt leg and all.

    The fact that Connor is so willing to work by his side should say a lot to Caleb/Rafe but of course the dominant Alpha male is looking at the closeness between them and the fact that it's another male round his female. I hope he can adjust to that soon because Red has said and show numerous times now that he is not going anywhere.

    I hope the reunion goes well. I'm still a little pissed with Lobo but it's time to sooth things over.

    1. Lol! That is definitely a good look for him. Makes him look badass. I think Kaya was really tough not saying "forget the leg" and enjoying her mate. But she's also thinking about other things as well.

      Caleb knows he owes Connor a lot for taking care of Kaya. She makes it a point to tell him plain and simple, I TRUST Connor, I LOVE Connor and he's NEVER hurt me. Out of everyone in her life he's her only constant so Caleb knows in order to get good with Kaya he has to be good with Connor. They're a packaged deal. Now that they have bonded things should ease up a bit though.

      Kaya may have still been a little angry at her father too but when Caleb reemerged I think that all went out the window as she stared into the eyes of her mother's killer. Then in that one moment she could completely understand why Lobo did what he did for her. And now she wants to forgive him.

  5. "until the sky rains blood" Ohhhh I like that.

    1. Lol! That is very bad for the hunters though. The others may not stop with just the ones they find on their territory O.o

      Thank you for reading :)

    2. Haha, you thought I was done ^_^ *points below*

  6. Great scene. Loved it :)
    I hope all is ok when she gets home. Who knows? Maybe that nasty two faced self centered witch of a witch will get herself founded out. heh. :)
    Caleb changing to Rafe was odd.... I was thinking like Kaya was thinking *LOL* But I am at odds a bit with it. I really wouldn't think that Caleb would want to change to Rafe once he really knew who he was and all. Back when he was breaking away from that enchantment, it seemed that he was two different people. Which I guess he was really... I am rambling :) He reminds me of the M&M who would do anything for love. ;)

    1. Thank you :)

      Lexi definitely needs to get bit, hard. I've heard a few suggestions for her death scene lol. The next even gorier than the first. It certainly surprised Kaya, she thought Rafe was gone for good so seeing him was a shock but a pleasant surprise. Caleb is striving to be everything Kaya needs and wants even if it means being something/someone he doesn't want to be. Charlie will have words for him though and he'll figure out what works best for them as a couple and what will be better going forward. Lol! But he won't do that...or that...and definitely NOT that! :P

  7. Ehhhhh, as much as i love Rafe, I think I like her being with Caleb more. I know, I know, same person...but, Caleb is her true mate.
    The trip home should be interesting.....edenz~

    1. True, Caleb is the "real" form of her mate. He'll have to decide for himself if he wants to be true to himself or be true to his mate. Either way it's not going to ease the worries she feels about the situation. So it may be best to just bite the bullet!

      The trip will hopefully help her resolve some feelings but Caleb is really hating to see her go. He doesn't know if she'll come back to him or not and with everything that's happened since she's been in Savage territory, there's nothing really worth going back for!

      Thank you for reading :)