Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where have the wolves gone?

So as I may have mentioned over at the Codename: Danger blog, the same can be said for this story as well. There's a mental block on these two for some reason that's keeping me from being able to do what I need to write them. The material is there, there are pieces written and even step-by-step plotted out but finishing whole chapters has seemingly become a chore that my mind just simply cannot do no matter how much I try to force it. I don't know if it's BECAUSE I'm trying to force it or if there's another underlying reason. I mean other than the fact that this and Codename: Danger are soon following in the path of Beauty I don't know why they are being stubborn. They knew when they were ending just like Beauty did! Although After Midnight has a little ways to go before hitting its ending, it's there looming in the future like a masked killer with a knife and Kaya, Caleb, Connor, Charlie and the rest don't seem to want to walk down that dark alley. I'm trying, I am! I just wanted to let you know where my head was progression wise! I won't let this cursed block stop me for long! Thank you for your patience and understanding :)

~ Daijah
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