Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Episode 57: Beware of the Dog

Genre: Horror
Characters: Caleb, Connor, Charlie, Sophie, Byron, Lucy, Sammy, Joseph
Word Count: 5,931
Rating: R
Type: Series
Summary: Byron sees Lucy again and she comes very close to revealing her brother's intentions for the wolves of Willow Reed. Meanwhile the pressure is on for Byron as Luther demands results. Caleb busies himself with learning how his new shift works while Charlie ensures Sophie comes through on a promise she made him. Connor goes out for a hunt with Caleb and meet with two men who may not be so easily scared out of the woods.
Warnings: Language, suggestive material, violence, strong sexual content, adult content, adult situations, nudity

Lucy rolled over to find herself atop Byron’s chest and a large smile on his face as she looked up at him. Her long black lashes fanned twice as she blinked the sleep from her eyes and she sighed and rested her head against him again. “You’re still here,” she remarked with a low moan and traced circles across his chest.

“Of course I am. Was I not supposed to be? Or did you think everything that happened last night was all a dream?”

“Mmm a dream. No one has that kind of imagination.”

“Well obviously one of us does,” Byron smirked and wrapped his arm around her back. “I mean it all happened just as you dreamt it. And trust me there’s a lot more where that came from.” Rolling her over, he growled and firmly placed his lips against hers. Lucy wasted no time curling herself around his warm body, moaning into the kiss as he deepened it.

Her legs gripped him like a vice and Byron slowly rubbed down her thigh, squeezing the soft skin roughly in his opened palm. Claiming her lips hungrily, Lucy suckled his tongue as it flicked out over her mouth and lowered herself deeper against the pillows. A vision of the man on top of her made a smile form on her lips and part slightly as another moan was produced from her throat. He knew how to make her squirm and worked his hands like the touch of a god! She had given him total control over her body the last few times she’d met with him. 

Hiding away in a hotel room a whole city away kept their meetings private and they were both all too eager having these moments to be together. Still the thought of it ending or one of them being caught lingered in the back of Lucy’s mind. She had no idea how she would explain it to her brothers, nor did she want to even try. Had either of them the knowledge of her secret rendezvous with one of their mortal enemies, she would undoubtedly be hogtied and flogged or worse; disowned. “What are we doing here?” she groaned and closed her hand tighter in his silky, brown mane as his tongue licked down her neck towards her chest.

“If you have to ask Lucy, then I’m not doing it well enough.” He replied and rolled her over until she was sitting atop his lap. With a quick swipe of his left hand he had the plastic slip of the condom removed and thrown to the floor and smiled up at her as she gasped in surprise. “Why don’t you take the helm this time?”

“No that’s not what I meant,” she responded and tried to free herself from his grip. “This, all of this, what are we doing here? I mean, do you ever think what would happen if my brothers or someone from your pack caught us?” 

Byron sighed and finally released the hold he had on her thigh. Lucy took the opportunity to swing around and dropped onto the mattress beside him focusing her gaze at the hazel eyed hottie while he stared up at the ceiling. “I have thought about it but, I don’t let the fear of ‘what if’ cripple me from coming out to see you. If I did that then I’d never part the threshold. Are you having second thoughts about us? Because if you are, I could always persuade you back to the dark side,” he smirked and tickled his fingers along the flesh of her leg.

Lucy giggled and pulled away again with a sigh. “There’s too much risk, and a lot at stake here if we’re found out Byron. My brothers, my family; we were raised to despise everything you stand for. We were created specifically to kill without prejudice and eradicate the threat of your kind. And what we’re doing is…”

“Do I seem threatening to you Luce? Have I given you any reason not to trust me or to fear me?” She shook her head no and he continued. “If you don’t want to see me anymore I understand. The last thing I want is for you to have ill-will with your brothers because of me. But just know I’ve not been this happy with anyone in a very long time. I treasure what we have together and always will.” He quickly gave her bottom lip a peck before swinging his legs over the side of the bed. 

Preparing to stand, he found Lucy’s arms wrapped around his chest pulling him back down beside her and turned to peer into her eyes. “I don’t want this to end. But we need to realize that this is far more dangerous than either of us truly know. My brothers have been planning something since our return to Willow Reed and I fear that once everything is in place, you, your pack and every wolf in town will cease to exist.”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“I-I can’t tell you. But believe me when I say it’s not safe for you in Willow Reed any more. You should get out while you still can. I’d die if anything were to happen to you because of me.” Her hand brushed over his cheek and she chewed her bottom lip as she stared into his eyes. The seriousness in her tone and the fear he saw laced within her features sent a chill down his spine and he nodded his head as Lucy withdrew from the bed and began tossing her clothes on. 

Byron hopped up behind her just as she’d straightened the skirt of her dress and pulled her body against his. “Don’t worry about me Lucy, I’ve lived quite a while, I can handle whatever comes.” His mouth took hers again in a sweet, yet passionate kiss and she sighed against his lips; her body trembling slightly. “Same time tomorrow?”

“I’ll be here with bells on,” she grinned and brushed her hair into place. “Byron, I-I love you,” she whispered quietly exiting the door.

He waited until he heard the elevator door open and close before moving towards his things on the dresser. Pulling his phone from the crumpled pants on the floor, Byron quickly dialed Luther’s number and waited for his Alpha to answer. “She’s close to revealing herself. I can tell you whatever this ‘event’ is, it’s huge. It’s something that can quite possibly decimate the entire town.”

Good job. Keep working on her. We have just three days to get everything in order and I need to know what she and her brothers have cooking before we know how to proceed. Three more days Byron, get it done!

“I’ll get it done, no worries.” He hung up and dropped the phone to the countertop. Padding back across the room, Byron sank into the soft comforts of the wrinkled up sheets and sighed as his thoughts turned to the woman whose scent lingered in the fabric beneath him. Words could not describe the sudden pain that wrenched his gut and left a sour taste in his mouth. Lucy was everything and he hated thinking how hurt she would be once the truth surfaced. But he was loyal to his pack. Despite how things were shaping up between him and the hunter, he could not betray his Alpha for the emotions she made him feel; he wouldn’t. Byron too was falling in love and yet duty to his kind was more important. He was playing a dangerous game.

Charlie laughed as he watched his brother pull himself from the dirt for the fiftieth time in a row. All morning long Caleb had been trying to figure out how to get himself to transition into the larger beast he’d become the night Bane was killed but finding it much more difficult than he’d imagined. “You’re doing it wrong!” Charlie shouted from the porch as his brother again dropped to all fours. “That thing walked upright, not like a normal wolf.”

“While your cheerleading is welcomed Baby Brother, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t call me a ‘thing’ or laugh when I eat dirt. It might help me concentrate better.” Caleb shouted back and shook his head clear once more. He growled fiercely and watched the black fur cover the back of his hand and felt his talons rip from the tips of his fingers yet still he was only gaining his common wolf form. “I don’t get it. It seemed damn easy to do that night and yet I can’t even get a finger to shift.”

“Perhaps it was because that night had a far greater impact on you than just standing around the backyard. Kaya was in danger and your wolf was pissed off. You should try maybe focusing on her or honing your emotions a little better.” He took the three steps in one quick stride and started down the hill towards his brother, stopping a good distance before reaching the area Caleb practiced. “Why are you trying to do this anyway?”

“Because I think it’s important that I get a handle on this beast before the forced shift next moon. Just in case he shows his face again I have to be able to control him. I don’t want to hurt anyone else and practice makes perfect right?”

“Yeah but so close to the manor? What if you do get this to work and scent Connor inside and go after him again? We already know the only person capable of controlling you is your mate and she’s not available to do so at the moment. Have you even talked to her lately?”

“Kaya is busy and I promised her I wouldn’t interrupt her time with her Dad. Besides she cut off communication with me; I can barely get a read on her emotions and it’s normally right as she’s falling asleep for the night. I get these glimpses of her dreams before it all goes dark again.”

“You’re worried about her.” Caleb sighed and tossed a rock from beneath his hand as he dropped onto the ground in front of his brother. “Maybe that’s what’s blocking you from communicating with your wolf. Stop worrying about Kaya and focus on yourself; she’s a big girl and can handle herself.”

“‘Focus on her, stop thinking about her’ geez make up your mind already.”

“Uh well…”

“Look I know you’re trying to give me a pep talk and all Charles but I hope you don’t think there’s any possible way your advice will help me any. Kaya’s the love of my eternal life. I will NEVER stop worrying about her or wondering what she’s doing when she’s not with me. And the fact that she’s closed me out…”

“You think her Dad is turning her against you.”

Caleb nodded again and lowered his eyes to the dirt. “He hates me and for good reason. And there’s still the possibility that Kaya can be persuaded and break our bond. I can’t let that happen. But if I call her while she’s there I’ll be breaking the promise that I made to her and that can have damning consequences too. So here I sit, and wait and in the meantime try to balance out my other half so I don’t have to see her scarred up because I’m too much of a monster in that form.”

“More like scary man-beast but yeah.”

“You know you really suck at pep talks Charlie.” Caleb grunted and tossed a blade of grass over his shoulder. “I know my new form is somewhat intimidating and I’m sure I scared the living crap out of Kaya.”

“Kaya’s not scared of you, even when there are times she should be. That says a lot about what she feels for you.” Connor’s voice interrupted the conversation between the brothers and he slowly worked his way over towards his new Alpha. “Lobo is a good man. He knows that Kaya’s in love with you and he won’t do anything to risk losing her like for instance, bad mouthing her mate to the point she won’t want to deal with him. You should take Charlie’s advice, stop worrying about her. Keep doing whatever she needs to be happy and it’ll all work out in the end. There’s no way she’s giving up on you or the new life she’s chosen here, I’m proof of that. She wouldn’t have asked me to join her pack if she had second thoughts about being with you.”

“Thanks Connor.” Caleb replied as he pulled himself from the ground. “You know her better than anyone and I appreciate your candor.” 

“Anytime.” Connor’s eyes danced between the two Savages and he sighed as he glanced towards the lone path leading into the woods behind the manor. “So uh Charlie, I was hoping I could take you up on your offer to see the reserve. Get some real food in my belly. It’s been a month since I’ve had the taste of fresh meat on my tongue and I’m about to go stark raving mad.”

“No problem. Let me grab a change of clothes and I’ll meet you in the rose garden. Is Eli joining us?”

“Eli is on the phone with his girlfriend back in Willow Reed. He’s acting like a love-crushed high school teenager; I doubt he’ll even realize I’ve left let alone the time of day.” Caleb laughed and watched as Charlie started for the house again to grab a pack.

“Hey Charles why don’t you take it easy, I’ll show Connor the ropes.”

With shocked and confused eyes, Charlie turned towards his brother and motioned with his hands between the two. “Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“What? You think I’m gonna hurt my mate’s best friend or abandon him somewhere in the woods? What kind of man do you take me for? I’d like to talk to him about Kaya for a bit and a run would be a nice escape on top of that. What do you say Connor? Or are you thinking my motives devious as well?”

Connor chuckled lightly and shook his head no. “I’m not scared of you either Caleb, I can handle my own. Besides you and Kaya are still working things out. If something were to happen it would only set you two back even more. I don’t believe you wish me harm.”

“See that Charlie, nothing to worry about.” Caleb smiled and squeezed Connor’s shoulder beneath his hand. “We’ll be back before dawn. Make sure everything is ready for Kaya’s return tomorrow please?” Turning towards the house, Charlie watched as the two men disappeared down the dirt path and into the shrubbery. 

Entering his room he heard the shower running and smiled to himself as images of his nude beauty flooded his mind. “Charlie is that you?”

“Of course it is Love. Sorry but I scared the pool boy away. You’re stuck with old Chuck.”

“Damn. Diego was just showing me a new technique with his tongue too; highly impressive work I might add.” Charlie laughed and dropped onto the chair beside the bookshelf as he heard the shower turn off. 

“So I was looking over the bookshelf earlier and found something interesting. We’ve marked off every position in the Kama Sutra except…” Sophie poked her head out the door with a devilish smirk.

“The one I told you I’d never do.”

“Correction, you said you never cared to try it because it required my complete attention and that was currently split looking for my brother. Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Caleb is home again and I don’t have a sandwich in my hand.”

“And so what? You think I’m gonna let you have your way with me? Dream on.”

Charlie smirked at his mate as he stood from his chair. In three large strides he was standing firmly in front of her and quickly snatched her svelte frame against his, slamming shut the bathroom door in one move. “Resistance is futile Sophie.” She smiled up into his eyes and sighed as his mouth connected with hers in a soft and sensual kiss. Gripping him tightly against her, she soon felt the makings of his hard-on snaking down her thigh the longer he held her in his arms.

Charlie lifted her up and Sophie’s legs coiled around him as he moved her towards the bed never taking his lips off hers. She moaned deeper as she felt his tongue swirl across hers, flicking the roof of her mouth as he took slow and sure steps towards the bed. Their kiss heated up until Charlie could smell Sophie’s arousal wetting her panties as she rubbed herself up and down his chest.

He sat on the edge of the bed, his mouth moving down to her breasts, kissing her passionately as she continued swaying against his erection. His rigid muscle twitched every time the warmth of her body touched over him and he groaned in pleasure as the head felt the pressure build. Using one hand, Charlie slid the thin strap of her panties to the side and pushed a finger into the moist folds of her pussy. Sophie gasped loudly as his middle finger slipped easily into her silken tunnel up to the knuckle and back out again to rub her clit. “I thought you wanted something else,” she moaned lustfully as he slipped back inside her body.

“Patience my Sweets, you can’t expect me to just go poking around before getting you nice and warmed up.” He grinned as he noticed the slight frustration on her face when he removed his hands from out of her panties. Standing up, he undid the button on his pants while Sophie danced herself out of her bra and panties. Charlie quickly scooped her up again this time allowing his cock to fully touch the warmth that teased him moments ago. He groaned loudly as Sophie rocked against him, keeping him from entering her with each motion. 

Charlie rested her on the floor, his coarse palms tickling up her thigh as he unraveled her legs from behind his back. “Two can play at that game Love.” Sophie trembled at the threat and he growled as he possessed her lips in a rough kiss, biting her lip purposefully as he pulled away. Tenderly seeking to quiet her fears, he softly caressed the back of her thigh and motioned for her to roll onto her belly.

It was his goal to awaken her body to the pleasures of anal sex and he wanted to be sure and do it right. Chances were that if he showed her how enjoyable it could be she would not be so hesitant to try it next time. Stroking her leg gently, Charlie rested behind Sophie whose bottom was perfectly raised to the ceiling and maneuvered his tongue up and down her thigh.  Paying close attention to the way she responded, he mimicked the same action on her other leg, taking in the scent of her soaking pussy every time he neared it. 

He rubbed his palm along the curvature of Sophie’s ass and she let out a low moan as she relaxed to his touch. Charlie slipped a finger through the moisture that had built between her legs, collecting enough on his fingertips to lubricate her rosebud. Sophie looked at him with lust filled eyes making his cock throb in anticipation. By now he had his whole finger in her ass now, working it slowly in and out. Placing a hand on the small of her back, Charlie guided Sophie’s ass towards him as he worked on adding another finger to get her used to the sensation. Her eyes squeezed shut as she felt him push them simultaneously inside the tight space and she squeaked out a pained grunt when he moved a little quicker. “Are you ok?” He asked, slowing his pace just a little.

She nodded her head and he retrieved his fingers from within her. Slowly and gently, he moved her to her side and lifted her leg over his as he lay down behind her. Breathing deeply, he watched her eyes shoot open and look up at him as she felt his rigid mass awaken against her. With an encouraging smile, Charlie moved his cock head towards her rear entrance and she gasped as he started slowly pushing it in. Sophie pushed back a little and whimpered slightly, her head fell against his shoulder as he thrust forward. “Charlie!” The strength in her voice as she yelled his name made him stop dead in his tracks.

Sophie pulled away from him a little and exhaled a small breath as she opened her eyes again. “Baby?” Charlie asked as he watched her breathing in and out.

“I’m ok, it was just too much. I’m fine now though.” Hoping to take some of the strain off her hips, Charlie pulled Sophie towards the chair in the corner of the room and bent her against it. Rubbing her anal bud with two fingers slowly he ensured she was ready to try again before gently pushing the head of his cock inside her. Inching forward Charlie gradually buried himself inside his mate’s ass and after a few minutes he was a little more than halfway in. With her body finally starting to relax around his cock, he moaned and gripped her hips firmer in his hands as he prepared to increase the pace of his thrusts.

Despite Sophie’s initial cries of discomfort, she was beginning to really enjoy the roughness of his hips as he was fully slamming himself inside her now. Tiny tingles of pleasure floated up her spine as she bent over the chair being taken from behind by the only man who has ever made her orgasm before. Charlie smiled and grabbed a hold of her shoulders as he stood up with her still impaled on his cock. Dropping into the chair, he made her ride him as hard as she wanted as he rammed her from beneath, meeting her down strokes with very powerful upward thrusts. “Holy shiiiitt!” she wailed and bit her fingers as Charlie’s grip tightened around her thigh. Using her hip like a handle, he worked her deeper on his stiff rod listening to her cry as the pleasure increased between her thighs. 

His strokes got longer and harder but he never changed pace. Sophie’s head thrashed back and forth as her orgasm neared and her scream echoed in the room as she exploded on top of him, barely able to breathe as he continued pumping inside of her. Her muscles clamped tightly around his impaling cock as she trembled atop him. Slumping over the edge of the chair, Charlie laughed and followed her to the floor, readjusting behind her as she no longer seemed capable of holding herself up. Even with the apparent exhaustion that was hitting her, she still greeted each thrust with a moan of approval and back push of her own. And with her growing excitement he started getting a little rougher, slamming a little harder and a little faster. 

The delicate trail of Sophie’s spine and the ridges of her shoulder blades along her naked back held his attention as her ass cheeks slapped repeatedly against his thighs. She exuded sexuality. With exquisite perfection in her submissive position Charlie could see his mate as the sculpted goddess she was with graceful motion and subtle eroticism. He reveled at the sight of her smooth ass cheeks bouncing with every blow as he plowed harder into her tight rosebud over and over. Sophie moaned louder as her breathing grew heavier. She closed her eyes again and smiled slightly as she worked her hand between her legs towards her clit. 

He took the opportunity and really started to hammer her hard. Her moans became grunts as she was being worked on both fronts. She rubbed herself in pace with Charlie’s rhythm, speeding up her fingers as he did with his strokes. Her shivers never ended as she started to pant. Sweat ran down her spine and glistened beneath the chandelier.

Charlie grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them hard as he continued to pound her. She kept moaning louder and louder with each thrust as another quiver worked its way through her. “I want you to come with me,” Sophie panted and reached her hand back between her legs. She started to tickle and massage his balls with her fingers and Charlie quickly tried pulling away. It was the ultimate combination for him and she knew it. No matter how far away he was from climaxing, a little attention to his sack meant his end was nearing.

Charlie groaned approval but he didn’t want to come yet, this was feeling way too good. He thrust hard into her between each word he spoke, “Don’t…do…that!” he growled and swatted her hand away. But Sophie was persistent. She looked over her shoulder at him as she teased his sack again, the lust in her eyes too much to take.

“Oh god I’m cumming!” she yelled as finally her orgasm caused her entire body to tremble. Her moans mixed with her earlier teasing and the constant spasming of her muscles around his cock brought about those familiar feelings for him as well.

Charlie picked up the pace as her fingers continued toying with his balls, working him towards the point of no return. His mind went blank as the first jet of sperm ejected from his head. Growling in languid relief as more of his hot seed shot inside of her, Charlie gave it his all and slammed himself harder against her. After a few more pumps he collapsed on Sophie’s back as her legs gave out. Rolling over her side, he fell to his back, breathing hard as he tried to slowly come down. “So how was it?” Sophie asked as she climbed up onto his chest and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Well worth the wait,” he huffed and laughed as he caressed her sweat soaked hair from her face. Placing a tender kiss on her forehead, he watched as her eyes closed and smiled in satisfaction as she soon after started to snore.

“So you and Kaya met when she was 14 right?” Caleb asked once the two cleared the path just behind the large rose bushes near the falls. Connor voiced his affirmation and Caleb cleared his throat as he continued his questioning. “Did the two of you ever uh…”

Connor stopped walking and turned to face the Alpha with the brooding glower on his face. Caleb couldn’t bring himself to say the words but the redhead understood where he was heading with the question. “What did Kaya tell you about us?”

“Just that you’ve been the one constant in her life and she trusts you over all others.” Caleb’s gaze dropped away briefly and he led Connor through a maze of underbrush closer towards the cave where he took Kaya. “I love her Connor. Long before I even knew she existed I loved her. I’d give anything to be the man she wants; the man she needs. I did something that’s truly unforgiveable and it kills me to know the pain I’ve caused her. I just want to make it right.”

“That’s the problem though. You can live for another four hundred plus years but there’s no making this right. You took something from her that she can never get back no matter how many sonnets you write or apologies you speak. The best way to gain her trust and her forgiveness is by showing her you’re not the man she thinks you are, the one that destroyed her home and family.”

“But I am that man and try as I might, there’s no changing my nature.”

“It’s funny to hear you say that because I’ve been wondering exactly what kind of ‘man’ are you?” The sound of leaves crunching startled the two men and they turned to look at the large row of ash trees that marked the beginning of the reserve. Emerging from behind the branches were two men, dressed in casual clothing and carrying what appeared to be camping gear. “You know I’ve heard so many rumors about the people who live in that large house up in these woods but I hadn’t believed any of them until my brother went missing about a month ago. The city sent out a ton of search parties but we couldn’t find him, not even a scrap of hair.”

“We’re surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. Any number of things could have befallen your brother. Have you checked the rivers and estuaries they empty into?”

“We had the rivers dragged and as I said, not even a scrap of hair.”

“The cliffs can be a very dangerous place if you don’t know the area. And considering the fact that you’re standing on private property right now, I’ll assume none of you know how to read. These woods are on MY reserve and hunting is strictly forbidden. If your brother jumped the fence to scavenge that is not my problem.” Caleb glanced at Connor who had also noticed the lack of camping supplies and the way they were dressed. They weren’t campers or hikers for that matter. They were here for a reason and whatever it was meant trouble.

“Well I disagree. In fact, I think this is your problem; yours and those people living in that manor. I’ve heard about the things that go on up there. The voodoo blood rituals and the sex orgies; for all I know you could have sacrificed my brother to some black magic god you pray to.”

Caleb laughed and took a step towards them as he did. And although it wasn’t very threatening, the two men took mimicking steps away from him spreading the smile on Caleb’s face. “Voodoo and sex orgies is that really what they say about me? My family and I are simple, nature loving people. We don’t practice black magic and we certainly don’t have orgies. You should come up sometime, see for yourself. Until then, get the hell off my property.”

He turned his back to them and started up the path again ignoring the angry glances he received from the two. “Something happened to my brother.” The man shouted to his retreating back. “And if it takes a lifetime I’m going to figure out what!” 

“That doesn’t sound good,” Connor remarked as they walked deeper into the woods away from the falls. Caleb shrugged but didn’t speak. He moved with purpose along the trail entering a darker area of the thicket that didn’t appear to be a common hunting ground. Tall willow trees created a canopy of leaves and branches that shut out light from the sky above making the area shadowy. Save the random chirping every now and again very few sounds could be heard from the surrounding fauna creating a hollowed cone of silence around them. Connor kept his guard up as Caleb continued trampling over large boulders into the muck oblivious to the ominous feel that Connor had. “There aren’t any animals out here.”

“Nope. We’re not hunting just yet. There’s something else I must take care of first.”

“Ok. Where exactly are we going?”

“You’ll see.” 

Toppling over a fence marked with caution signs denoting the electric surge that powered it, Caleb rushed ahead towards an area overrun with smaller shrubs and pine trees and stopped in front of a carved out tree and sighed. “We’re here.”

Looking around, Connor noticed how deep in the shadow lands they had come and the obvious reasons people called it the “End of the Earth”. There was nothing around them for as far as he could see. No life seemed capable of sustaining in the swamps and there was only blackness encasing them and the murky waters in which they stood. “And where is here?”

“The Den; it’s where we store equipment necessary to keep our secret. You see killing off every person who stumbles upon us would be careless and dangerous. So we’ve come up with other ways to protect our privacy.” Caleb replied as he stopped in front of a small shack hidden by a large fallen tree that took little effort for him to move. “We have our methods for dealing with human poachers.”

The door pulled open with a loud groan as the metal hinges split apart and dried, crumpled leaves drifted to the ground from above them. A profound tang of sulfur coated the walls of the hidden building much to the point Connor could taste it. Caleb led the way inside as the infrared lenses within their eyes immediately went to work allowing them to peer into the murkiness before them. The smell of rotting wood surrounded them, swirling within the stale air that blew through the narrow corridor.

It was a maintenance tunnel for a boiler room that much was apparent to Connor as he followed behind Caleb down a flight of stairs that stopped at a door with dark, black bars in the window. “It’s been a while since this place has been used. Charlie kept a low profile and made sure that lunar shifts took place on site in the basement.”

“What’s this place for anyway?” Before Caleb had a chance to answer, the smell of old blood quickly found Connor’s nose and he frowned as the stench grew heavier the further into the room he went. “How many people have you killed in this place?”

“As many as necessary to protect my family.”

“Like at Greymane all those years ago?” The words instantly drew Caleb’s scowl but Connor didn’t flinch as the man moved towards him in a threatening pace. “What? You wanna hit me for telling the truth? Go ahead. But you should really reconsider your method for dealing with outsiders. Did it ever occur to you that the people you hurt, the ones you kill have family too? You said you did this to protect yours but what about them or Kaya’s for that matter? You murdered her Mom in cold blood and so many other members of her pack without care. You said you wanted to make it up to her then try another approach.”

“I’m doing this for Kaya!”

“Yeah you keep telling yourself that but when you know your mate would not approve, when does that excuse stop working for you? Kaya would never condone more killing.”

“Fine, what would you suggest then? Let them run freely around the woods until the day they ultimately discover what really lives here? That’s asking for trouble.”

“No, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away but killing them only makes it worse. You need a neutralizer. Earlier you offered to let them look around. If you gave the guided tour then maybe it will help put their fears at ease.”

“Invite the enemy into my home? Make them see us as people and not, witch doctors huh?” Caleb smirked as he considered the proposition. “Maybe. But that’s still no guarantee it’ll stop them from roaming my land.”

“But it’s a start and it will get the rest of the populace off your back if it works.”

“Alright Connor, we’ll try it your way and see how it goes. Come on let’s get out of here; find something to slake your wolf.”

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  1. Oh wow. Hot! HothothothothotHOT!

    And also, wow. Conner and Caleb... getting on?! Wuh? Am I on the right blog here? haha!

    Good to see two of the three main men in Kaya's life starting to get on, and Caleb listening to Connors suggestions!

    I'm not too sure about the guided tour idea, and how that might go down with the other savages. I can see something going wrong, or the 'townsfolk' (lol) questioning why so many men live in a mansion with so few women, when they're clearly not all related.

    1. It's very surprising but that's kind of what Caleb was hoping for. He needed to get Connor alone so they could chat and get a real feel for one another. It's a relationship he knows he needs in order to be with Kaya and one that she will never end. Lol it's great they had a moment and hopefully if Caleb listens to Connor's advice and it works out, it will strengthen their new bond.

      It is a pretty risky idea but it could be wise to keep them from snooping and seeing something when no one is prepared for them to be around exploring. Something could go wrong! That's like meals on wheels with those humans walking literally into the lion's den but Caleb and Kaya should be able to hopefully keep them in line. Hahaha no there are other women though and we'll see many more of them very soon.

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