Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lights, camera...ACTION!

Hello all!

Well after building my dream rig on February 6, being told it wouldn't rush shipment on February 11 as I'd hoped and then sitting and waiting through the Longshoremen's strike in Long Beach, California and then not getting notified of the build until February 24 and THEN having to sit and wait all day today March 3 for the delivery (Seriously, 7:00 p.m. delivery time?? Way to put me at the bottom of the list!)-- IT'S FINALLY here! (Damn, run-on sentence much?)

That's right! The birthday present I've been dying to get my hands on has finally arrived, in style...and bulking mass at that. I am so VERY pleased to announce that this beautiful piece of machinery is now in my home and currently updating as I type.

Shots of the Beast:

Weighing in at 55lbs and 22 inches of pure bliss! The TOWER of POWER, the MACHINE from my DREAM, ladies and gentlemen it's...Red Lightning! (That got weird fast). And really it's blue but um...The Beast from the East is probably more appropriate. Unfortunately, I ordered RED LEDs and they gave me BLUE. I wanted everything to be red & black (hence the keyboard and mouse). But I guess that's my only complaint thus far. Other than that, it's kicking ass in every stress test (WOOHOO!) I put it through every stress test I know (Furmark, Memtest, CPU/GPU, Prime95, Realtemp, OCCT, Hitachi & HW) and it passed with flying colors!

Corsair CX750 PSU
LG 14x Blu-ray
Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3
Nvidia GTX 980
Asetek 590LX 360mm Liquid CPU (push/pull)
24" ViewSonic VX2452mh (2ms response time plus game mode)
Windows 8
Overclocked ;)

(x2) since the hubs wanted one as well. The only difference in the systems, he has a Thermaltake case and I have an AZZA Fusion

And a bonus shot of Jason's:

Jason's was correct...all blue and black. Le sigh :(


And it is OUT with the old! Ignore the wire spaghetti under the desk...I haven't gotten around to tying/taping/concealing. (UGH! STOP LOOKING!) 

Goodbye my dearest Widow. You were the perfect companion for 7 years but I have found another.

Ok, so I couldn't say goodbye forever. I'm using the old rig as a streaming PC. It sits between me and the husband.

Welp! After I finish all of the updates and such, I'll start the long process of moving CC and installing my games. Hope all that goes off without a hitch (fingers crossed). And then it's update city for me :D



  1. Ahhhh pretty, oh so pretty. You are going to have so much fun on that bad boy. I don't have one, but I remember the joy when I got my desk top last year. I love all the lights that are on yours, I wished mine did that.

    1. Thank you! It is was the best present ever, that's for sure :) I can't wait to get in game and check out the difference of everything. I'm coming from an Nvidia GTX 260 (which was the top end video card in 2007) to the top end card of 2014 so...should be interesting :D

      The lights are nice. I LOVED lighted keyboards and you can get them for a decent price at Best Buy or other office supply stores. Razer has one out now called the Black Widow Chroma that's all rainbow illusion...so pretty! (But I think that one is like $200).

    2. hehe, I know what I'm going to ask my husband for my next birthday gift. ;)

    3. Nice :D I hope you get it!

  2. I cannot wait to see the pictures!

  3. Oooo, shiny shiny!!!
    Have a blast hun, I know the joy of getting anew PC after waiting for what feels like and eternity!!!
    Now, go play!!

    1. Oh man! And the constant delays only made it worse! But I've been enjoying "The Beast" quite a bit :D so fast and powerful!