Friday, May 16, 2014

New episode this Tuesday!

Episode 63: Heads or Tails


A startling discovery...

Those sexy wild wolves and...

This guy?

Join them for more of their unraveling saga! All new this Tuesday!


  1. I kinda LOL-ed at --This guy?--

    Yay to intrigue and sexy wild wolves. The rest is extra, you know me! *Caleb drool* Baby is sporting new hair... *add to drool already on the floor*

    *Evil laugh*
    Now I just can't wait!

  2. Lol! And he's looking as wicked as ever!

    Oh yeah! That new hair on him makes him drip sex (well more than before). It's just too much. It's gotta be a struggle for Kaya not to keep his ass tied down to the bed.

    Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow...