Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello everyone!

The time has come unfortunately to do this but today is the official announcement of my hiatus. I have too much going on in real life and it’s what is causing the block I’ve been having on my writing. Between Codename: DangerAfter MidnightCold BloodedThe Midnight Kiss (a new story I’ve been writing/unpublished), The Chameleon (also unpublished), working on two novels (Secrets Kill & Call Waiting), buying a house, working on completing another degree to start working from home and planning a family with my husband it’s just become overwhelming.

Wow! Am I really doing all that stuff? No wonder my brain’s clogged! My brain also refuses to take a break from anything and keeps thinking up new stories all the while I’m protesting until she wins (hence TMK and TC!) My Mom has also been in and out of the hospital and I’ve been doing a lot of running from my side of town to hers (40 minute drive without traffic) to see her and take care of what she needs.

I have also unfortunately discovered an issue with my game. After downloading a community lot (which was subsequently uninstalled) I have been hit with the “Materializing Materials” bug. For those of you who aren’t aware, this bug occurs when a pattern has INCORRECTLY been converted from a Sims3Pack to a Package file by its creator. What it does is prevents you from the ability of recoloring ANYTHING whether it be clothes in CAS or a car in Build/Buy mode. So it seems a complete uninstall/reinstall of my games is in order and we all know that to be an arduous and aggravating job!

I will continue writing in fact my plan is to work on the stories without the pressure of “publish now” that also adds to writer’s block. The current progress on the stories is as following:

Codename: Danger - 3/8 chapters written, none with shots.
After Midnight - 2/28 chapters written, none with shots. (Sheesh this one has really fallen behind.)
Cold Blooded - up to chapter 51 written, 6 with shots. (Currently published up to Chapter 38.)
The Midnight Kiss - 6/10 chapters written, none with shots. (Started 03/04/14.)
The Chameleon - 2/10 chapters written, none with shots. (Just started yesterday.)

As my work progresses, I’ll update accordingly as I’ve always done to keep you all informed! Thank you everyone for your understanding and taking the time to read my stories. You have all been an incredibly huge support and I appreciate each and every last one of you!

~ Daijah


  1. *giant hugs* I know exactly how you feel... but wow. You have a LOT more going on than me and I actually kinda feel bad for saying that my lifes got too busy. I am not surprised that you're struggling to find time/energy to get all that done. Your stories will be missed, but it's not the end and we have something to look forward to :)

    Have a good rest and I hope your game gets sorted and your mum gets better asap <3

    1. Thanks Gemly! It's kinda brutal and to be honest I never really feel too busy. I think it's my brain playing tricks on me. Letting things build until it explodes and laughs at me. It usually abandons me after giving me a story idea. She hates me for some freaking reason. Yeah life is crazy! I hope yours settles again soon so you can concentrate on the good parts :)

      Thank you for the well wishes for my Mom, she'll appreciate that! Especially since she's trying to stay out of the hospital (and I don't blame her that place is hell).

  2. Ugh, the dreaded Materializing Materials error! I nearly ripped my hair out with that one!

    Honey, I'll miss you, but I understand. Life can get really hectic sometimes and it's okay to try to limit the scope of what you're doing. However, the self-centered part of me hopes things settle down soon. I'm such a fan of your work!

    Pop into Tumblr and say hi sometimes, huh?

    1. I know! And I know it'll be the last thing I delete! I just don't get why it didn't leave when I uninstalled the stupid lot it came with! It's the most annoying error ever! But I can't blame anyone but myself. I couldn't get the lot to install with my CCM and I made myself a promise to never use the launcher again. BUT going against MY OWN DAMN ADVICE I used the stupid launcher to install and wouldn't you know? Now my game is fucked. That'll teach me! I haven't needed to use the launcher in over 2yrs but I REALLY wanted that stupid lot! UGH!

      Yes it can! I never really noticed I had gotten so busy until I sat and wrote all that out and realized I MIGHT have one too many ongoing projects. Even with CND and AM on their last season and Beauty over and done, my time hasn't freed up in the least. Thanks Karri :) I'm too much of a glutton for punishment to ever give it all up and the She-Brain knows it and uses it against me. Look, she's cooking up a new story as I type. What a bitch!

      Lol ok :) I still feel like a babe in the woods with that thing. I'm still amazed I have ANY followers although they do seem to drop like flies every now and again only for the number to jump the next day. It's a rollercoaster ride for my followers but I don't blame them for leaving. I don't really use it like most Simblrs do.

  3. after midnights3 is my most fave story ever. im a HUGE HUGE fan. i've been coming to your blog everyday hoping to see if you have updated. please please please please dont abandon this story :( i even dreamt about your characters before lol. im stressed with uni and your sim blogs give me solace.

    1. Thank you Nonny! I'm so glad you love this story so much the characters invade your dreams LOL I get that sometimes too. In fact it's why I know I'll not be able to rest until the story has a decent conclusion. But fear not. It will continue. I'm super excited about some of the events coming up soon and I can't wait to be able to focus once again on the road ahead! Don't let the stress get you too much! It's a killer, seriously. Hopefully Kaya, Caleb, Connor and the rest of the gang will return soon enough to help ease your college blues!

  4. but yeah now that you've enabled the anonymous option.. i can start posting stuff now :) I LOVE YOUR WORKS. TRULY. MADLY. DEEPLY. you are an emotionally intelligent genius with a beautiful flair for writing.. always wished the chapters would never end each time you updated. and i would be like "hooray" if the chapter was a lonnnnnnnnnnng as one. typical day for me after school -> get home, uni assignment, dinner.. and then i grab ice cream and sit myself in front of the computer and log onto your blog. NO KIDDING. it is a daily ritual for me. it's been 2 years since i started reading your blog? can't remember when to be exact.. but yeah ever since after midnights 3 started and then i've been reading all of your other stories :) but after midnights3 will always be the one closest to my heart :) hope it will never ever end P.s it SHOULD be made into a movie i swear. its so intense.. waaaaaaayyy better than that twilight bullshit lol xoxo

    1. Having the Anon option is nice. It gives more options for my readers to post and that's always great :) Although there are times where I get the occasional spam, for the most part it's not been abused. Aww! That so nice to hear, you have no idea! Thank you for that :)

      I always think I make chapters too long. Like when I first started writing they seemed to tip 15 pages in Microsoft Word and I just KNEW people did not want to sit and read that much. I've done my best to keep them about 8pgs or less since then but it's great to know that long chapters are appreciated also!

      Wow 2 years? That's awesome Nonny, and it's really great to meet you! I'd be blown away if anything I wrote ever made it to the big screen! That would really be nuts haha but I appreciate the sentiment, truly!

      Thank you for reading Nonny :)